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Poe Launches Fan Art Competition until October 17th 2017

Path of exile Launches New Fan Art Competition until October 17th 2017, If your style of art takes a while to complete, don’t fret, you have time. In fact, you have until October 17th to complete your art piece and submit it to the team.


Path of Exile Xbox one Interview

Path of Exile Xbox one is free, and none of its optional microtransactions convey a gameplay advantage. all the content, including our latest expansion, The Fall of Oriath, is included for free. If you’d like to party with other players online, then an Xbox Live Gold membership is required.


How to Use Path of Exile xbox one Trade Board

As you progress through the story you’ll likely come across a wealth of content ranging from gems, weapons, shields and armor. If you find your stash getting pretty full, you might want to offload some of that equipment elsewhere which is where the Trade Board comes into play.


Poe Xbox One 3.0.1b Patch Notes Improvements

Path of exile Developer GGG has released Xbox One Path of Exile patch 3.0.1b, which offers various new features, improvements, and bug fixes aplenty.Among other changes, the update offers improvements to The Beachhead map and the Harbinger league.

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