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Path of Exile

GGG revealed in the official news of PoE 3.6 Synthesis that the long-developed PS4 version poe is expected to be released in March. Although the official did not disclose the specific release date, it is foreseeable that PS4 players will not wait too long. Buy the cheapest PoE PS4 Currency at Poecurrencybuy. We offer a full range of PoE game support for PS4 players, including build, guide, news and purchases of important currency and farming gears in the Path of Exile PS4.


About PoE PS4 Currency

There are multiple currencies in the game, they all have their own uses, of which Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb are the most popular currency.

Chaos Orb: Reforges a rare item with new random modifiers

Exalted Orb: Enchants a rare item with a new random modifier

About Item affix

Items can be found in various rarities, being imbued with special modifications that grant passive buffs to their wielder. These modifiers can also be crafted with currencies which enchants another modifier to the item or rerolls it.

Implicit modifiers can be changed with currencies such as Blessed Orb and Vaal Orb.

Explicit modifiers can be enchanted and rerolled with currencies such as Orb of Transmutation, Divine Orb and Regal Orb. When enchanted the item will gain affixes that can be further categorized into prefixes and suffixes.

About Character

POE has seven characters, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Marauder, Shadow, Templar, Scion. Different characters will have different basic attributes at the beginning, for example: Ranger is given 14 strength, 32 dexterity, 14 intelligence as the initial three attributes. Path Of Exile  allows players to create multiple characters under one id

About League

When creating a character, players can choose different leagues, Standard, Current League, and Hardcore mode for the current League

Standard League: Standard is the default league and has no modifiers.

Current leagues: GGG will usually make a big update in about 3 months, you can experience the latest unique gameplay in this league

Hardcore Current leagues: Hardcore has the hardcore modifier, meaning characters who die are moved to Standard. Hardcore is equivalent to permadeath in other RPGs, although characters and items are not automatically deleted.

In addition to this, the Standard League also has its own Hardcore mode, but you need to check Hardcore in the selection bar.


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New And Guides

[POE 3.6 Witch] Best Synthesis Bane Blight Occultist Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Easy, Fast, League Starter

This build is a budget version, estimated cost under 200 chaos a lot of builds show insane amount of dps wich you can only sustain for 1-2 seconds in perfect condition wich you can rarely ever achieve.some builds even suggest over 1 million dps budget builds and with over 20 exas invested you can hardly hit over 100k (hank the tank for example).


[POE 3.6 Witch] Best Synthesis Death’s Oath Blight Occultist Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Tankly, Fast Mapping, Farm Uber

This build use Blight + CWC ED + DO for single target. And leave the weapon choice upto you guys. Using wand+shield over the Grey Spire means less damage, no +4 max res, BUT about +1.5k ES, arctic armor and one more spot to get res, stats/focus crafts.


POE Synthesis 3.6.2 Patch Details

GGG will update the Path of Exile on a regular basis on Friday. To help players understand the detailed changes to the 3.6.2 patch, Poecurrencybuy has compiled some information.


[POE 3.6 Marauder] Best Synthesis Tectonic Slam Juggernaut Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Fast, Mapping, Massive AoE

Do you want to start the league with Tectonic Slam? This build will have more damage and less life than the EO version. Phase/Acro is there to try and help this but you will have to really focus on getting life on gear. and chaos res.


[POE 3.6 Shadow] Best Synthesis Divine Ire Trickster Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Cheap, Good EHP, League Starter

Divine Ire's beam has a fixed length and width, though area damage modifiers from all sources still apply. The range of the zap while channelling can be affected by area modifiers.


[POE 3.6 Witch] Best Synthesis Vortex Occultist Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Cheap, Fast Mapping, Endgame

This build is capable of to do all content with a very cheap gear and there are options for upgrades. You can killed all end game bosses with a low budget gear. The build is also very strong.

Path of Exile Top News


POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide

POE 3.6 introduces a new npc - Cavas. The theme of this league is around the cavas. Players need to help cavas find lost memories and explore the truth behind them. This guide is a simple explanation of the gameplay related to PoE 3.6 Synthesis. It is written to help players plan their routes reasonably and get the rewards you want!


POE 3.6 Synthesis Cospri's Malice Shadow COC Build

In the POE 3.5 League, the official of PoE had reworked Cast On Critical Strike Support(abbreviate to COC). Its CD changed from 0.5s to 0.15s and its frequency increased from 2/s to 6.6/s. So fundamentally COC has become a new game mechanism. Many players have chose kinds of COC builds in gameplay.


POE 3.6 News About Aura and Jewel

From mew information of 3.6 version of the official, we find a new jewel, which comes with 0.2% of spell damage leeched as energy shield. It is a built-in mod.