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Server :
Bestiary SC
Delivery time:
5mins ~ 10mins
Delivery Guarantee:
AVG Price:
0.0108 $/c
200 c
Order Price:
$ 2.4 $ 2.16
What is Delivery Guarantee
30 Minutes Delivery Guarantee
If this POE Chaos Orb cannot be delivered within 30 minutes,
we will give you 50 Chaos Orb as the compensation.
Orders are not covered by Delivery Guarantee
1.Orders need to be manually verified.
2.Delivery Delay caused by yourself like internet Lags, etc.
3.Your order contains the currency which is not the Delivery Guarantee POE Chaos Orb.
4.Product Delivery Guarantee status is "Yes", you can enjoy that.
About Path of Exile Chaos Orb

Poe Chaos Orb trading progress

1.Our player will send you a friend request and invite you to a Party, please accept his request in game.
2.We will get into your hideout if you have one. If not, please go to Lioneye's Watch of ACT-1 after you join the party.
3.Make sure to give us some items as the offer when trading PoE Chaos Orb.


Poe Chaos orb Delivery Data

We have a large stock of Chaos Orb so we are going to total your order as rapidly as we can. Sometimes if we do not have sufficient Chaos Orb for your server, you may have two possibilities. You may wait until we have it in stock for your server after which we will proceed with delivery, or you can receive a Refund just before delivery. PoeCurrencyBuy has a fantastic reputation among elite players. Picking PoeCurrencyBuy for PoE Chaos Orb is usually a wise choice.

Challenge League SC
90% Poe Chaos orb Orders in Challenge League SC delivery Less than 5 mins, and 8% order delivery 5mins ~ 10 mins. if order delivery more than 30 mins we will give you some compensation.

Challenge League HC
80% Chaos orb Orders In Challenge League HC delivery Less than 10 mins, and 15% order delivery 5mins ~ 10 mins.

In Standard, 90% orders delivery Less than 10 mins, and 7% order delivery 10 mins ~ 30 mins.
In Hardcore, 80% orders delivery Less than 10 mins, and 12% order delivery 5mins ~ 10 mins.
Xbox Challenge League SC
In Xbox Challenge League SC, 80% orders delivery Less than 30 mins, and 12% order delivery 5mins ~ 10 mins.
Xbox Challenge League HC
In Xbox Challenge League HC, 70% orders delivery Less than 30 mins.
Xbox Standard
In Xbox Standard, 80% orders delivery Less than 20 mins.
Xbox Hardcore
In Xbox Hardcore, 60% orders delivery Less than 30 mins.


About Our Price

PoeCurrencyBuy might not be the least expensive, but we are the most sincere. Do you choose to take a likelihood ordering Chaos Orb for significantly less and risk becoming scammed, or having some amateur Currency Seller (who most likely spent all day spamming in-game) get you kicked? Yes, we charge just a little more per Orbs, but it’s worth it. For instance, in case you order Chaos Orb while we are out of stock, we’ll let you know initial. If a little of a wait is okay with you, we’ll work our hardest to raise the Orbs within per day, or occasionally a couple of hours. And if while waiting for the Orbs to arrive rates go down we’ll offer you more Orbs to match the economy. But if prices go up, we will not charge you a penny much more. Ask our competitors to complete that, and they’ll most likely laugh at you.


Our reputation

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For example, you can click Poecurrencybuy reviews on Trustpilot, and see that Poecurrencybuy has received a large number of excellent reviews from customers.


What is Poe Chaos Orbs

Poe Chaos Orbs are useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers (plus the variety of modifiers) on a rare item. Chaos Orbs tends to make for unpredictable benefits, so receiving a distinct modifier isn't easy. Working with multiple Chaos Orbs on a piece of equipment in the hopes of getting no less than a couple of fantastic modifiers is called 'Chaos spamming.'These Orbs also play a vital role in trading. They are the "silver standard" inside the player-driven economy and are usually utilized to buy low to mid-tier items. 


4.9 out of 5 (from 1726 gamers' ratings)

Lastest Complate Orders

  • @ Custorm
    894 x Path of Exile Chaos Orb
    I plan on using your services again in the future. - Apr/20/2018 00:50:16
  • @ Elliott
    28 x Path of Exile Exalted Orb
    This site is awesome!!!! I have used it a couple and every time has had great results. I only wish my order now was done, lol. Thx a bunch Website, your the best!!!!! - Apr/20/2018 00:12:56
  • @ Brook
    26 x Path of Exile Exalted Orb
    awesome guy, patient and fast - Apr/20/2018 00:09:47
  • @ Custorm
    8 x Path of Exile Exalted Orb
    The great madden coins in the world! Quick and trustworthy tranaction and instantanios delivery. - Apr/19/2018 00:16:27
  • @ Adam
    25 x Path of Exile Exalted Orb
    This is my third purchase from the site, I have to say I keep coming back with a bigger and bigger order. Glad to have them around, legit services, not intended for those who are impatient, it does take time to acquire gold, or items, just like playing the game yourself! A++ - Apr/19/2018 00:10:55
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  • I have been using PoeCurrencyBuy on and off since about 2017. I work 70 hours a week and do not have the time to farm up Poe Currency or level new toons, that's where PoeCurrencyBuy came in and always did an excellent job!
    Mar/19/2018 @ A old customer
  • I just a problem with the path of exile 3.2 builds, I ask from [email protected] I got a lovely reply!
    Mar/01/2018 @ Nice Website
  • Nice website! i bought 100 ex from here, fast delivery. i will back again!
    Feb/25/2018 @ jerry ling
  • I just bought 15 EX form this website, and I got it after 3mins, delivery very fast! thank you lucy!
    Dec/26/2017 @ Nice service
  • Get PoE Currency at Poecurrencybuy with the lowest prices! 1-10 Minutes to get Path of Exile Currency.
    Dec/04/2017 @ lowest prices
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