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PoE 3.9 Metamorph Builds

In the Metamorph league, you'll meet a new NPC, Tane Octavius, a master alchemist who studied in Oriath. Tane will take DNA samples from monsters you kill, and once you have enough you can call on Tane to combine them to create your own boss battle. Each DNA sample Tane collects will have different properties that will change what abilities this new boss has, with more powerful samples increasing your chances of getting more powerful rewards—assuming you can defeat your creation that is.


Best and Hot PoE 3.9 Metamorph Builds & Guides


Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph All Class Builds


Ranger - Deadeye | Raider | Pathfinder

PoE 3.9 Ranger Tornado Shot Deadeye Fast Build

PoE 3.9 Ranger Lightning Arrow Deadeye Bow League Starter Build

PoE 3.9 Ranger Toxic Rain Pathfinder Fast Build

PoE 3.9 Ranger Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Starter Build

PoE 3.9 Ranger Caustic Arrow Raider Tanky Build

PoE Fivers Frostblades Raider ||| 5+ mil Shaper DPS ||| All Content |||



Witch - Necromancer | Elementalist | Occultist Builds

PoE 3.9 Witch Ice Golem Elementalist Farmer Build

PoE 3.9 Witch Raise Zombie Necromancer Tanky Build

PoE 3.9 Witch Vortex Cold Snap Occultist Endgame Build

PoE Arc Elementalist - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster - All Content & Mapmod

PoE Bane Occultist - League Start/SSF Viable - All Content



Shadow - Assassin | Saboteur | Trickster Builds

PoE 3.9 Shadow CoC Ice Nova Assassin Endgame Build

PoE 3.9 Shadow Arc Traps Saboteur Endgame Build 

PoE 3.9 Shadow Venom Gyre Assassin Freeze Build 

PoE 3.9 Shadow Icicle Mine Saboteur Fast Build 

PoE 3.9 Shadow Toxic Rain Trickster Cheap Build

PoE Assassin Poisonator | Cobra Lash / Venom Gyre | All Content | Uber Elder Video

PoE Saboteur Pyroclast Mine Crit - Cheap, SSF friendly

PoE Essence Drain & Contagion (or Bane/Soulrend) Trickster [SC/HC/Uber Elder/Shaper]



Duelist - Slayer | Gladiator | Champion Builds

PoE 3.9 Duelist Tornado Shot Champion Starter Build 

PoE 3.9 Duelist Lacerate Gladiator Tanky Build 

PoE 3.9 Duelist Cyclone Slayer Endgame Build 

PoE Impale Crit flicker champion - fast map farmer

PoE Gladiator Build. Let them kill themselves! UBER ~2 min! BOSSES AFK

PoE Elemental Hit Crit Slayer | 5-8k Life | 4-10m DPS | Overleech + CC Immune | All Content



Marauder - Juggernaut | Berserker | Chieftain Builds

PoE 3.9 Mauarder Cyclone Berserker Starter Build 

PoE 3.9 Mauarder Molten Strike Juggernaut Tanky Build 

PoE 3.9 Mauarder Blade Vortex Chieftain Safe Build 

PoE Berserker Frost Blades |In-Depth Guide| - Annihilate the Atlas, Shaper & FPS



Templar - Inquisitor | Hierophant | Guardian Builds

PoE 3.9 Templar Storm Brand Inquisitor Starter Build 

PoE 3.9 Templar Herald of Agony Spectre Guardian Cheap Build 

PoE 3.9 Templar Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant Endgame 

Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic - League starter

LiftingNerdBro's Tri/Quad Frostbolt Totems Hierophant - Strong League Starter!

Beginner Friendly: Winter Orb Inquisitor [Uber Elder & Fast]



Scion - Ascendant Builds




HOT POE Builds, News, Guides


[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Assassin Storm Brand Endgame Shadow Build

This PoE 3.14 ltimatum Shadow Storm Brand Assassin is one of the strongest builds in the entire game, excelling at virtually every activity the endgame has to offer, it is a fast/potent map clearer, an S tier Boss Killer


[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Assassin Blade Blast Starter Build

PoE 3.14 Blade Blast Assassin Shadow is a great league starter build. We can start cheap and scale with currency. Excellent single target and map clear speed.


[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Elementalist Flame Wall Witch League Starter Build

This PoE 3.14 Witch Elementalist Flame Wall is the best starter build for fresh league bar none. Requires only flame wall to work. You can do all map mods without looking, best for clearing atlas fast.