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[3.10] PoE Delirium Ranger Ice Shot Deadeye Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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We take the best of raider ascendency and use it for deadeye, frenzy charges. This PoE 3.10 Ranger Ice Shot Starter Build using the syndicate mod "5% chance to gain frenzy charge on critical strikes", by having a high attack speed, high crit chance and a lot of arrows, we will have 100% frenzy up time against bosses.

Power charge and onslaught gives us increased crit and faster move/attack speed. They can only be obtained via on kill effect, it will make mapping very smooth and fast.

Assassin's mark amps our crit potential.

Aspect of Spider slows enemy movement speed by up to 90%, and 15% increased damage taken.

[3.10] PoE Delirium Ranger Ice Shot Deadeye Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Very good clear
  • + Good single target damage
  • + High move speed
  • + max attack/spell dodge
  • + Cheap to start
  • - Expensive to gear up and min-max
  • - Squishy, one shot if you do get hit from big attacks
  • - Cannot do elemental reflect maps
  • - Cannot do physical reflect maps if you use barrage
  • - No leech maps will be a pain


Skill Tree


Gathering Winds - Far shot - Endless Munitions - Ricochet


Lunaris and Garukhan

These two combined gives a nice speed boost while mapping.

Bandit: Kill All (recommended)

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/NQxQsfWj

PoE 3.10 Ranger Ice Shot Deadeye Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Single Target

Barrage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life + Ice Bite + Hypothermia + Inspiration

Ice Shot + Barrage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life + Ice Bite + Hypothermia

Clear Map

Ice Shot + Barrage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life + Ice Bite + Chain


Cast When Damage Taken + Steelskin + Increased Duration + Grace


Herald of Agony + Hatred + Enlighten, Portal


Flame Dash, Frost Bomb, Withering Step, Increased Duration


Gear Setup


The best bow would be Death's Opus, +2 arrow and quiver +1 negates the need of GMP for ice shot, it adds a huge 100% crit multi, and has decent crit chance.

Arborix can also be used, it performs better than death's opus early on when you have low crit, the downside is you only do better damage every 8 seconds, iron reflex also interacts poorly with acrobatics. The price is cheaper but not really justified, just an option.

Chin Sol is great too, it does more damage than death's opus as soon as you get any source of additional arrows. But you need to take point blank and be in melee range. At end game, it does about 1.5m more DPS. Using this bow also means you would have at most 5 arrows on ice shot; Flask(2), ascendency(1), Quiver(1).

A cheaper alternative would be a rare bow with imperial or harbinger base. We want % increased physical damage, crit chance/multi, attack speed, double damage and pen. You can use this to transition from death's harp to death's opus

24% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Socketed Gems Chain 1 additional times
12% increased Attack Speed
20% chance to deal Double Damage

104% increased Physical Damage
Adds 18 to 37 Physical Damage
Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate 14% Elemental Resistances


Prioritize enchantment first, we are looking for the enchant "Barrage fires an additional projectile", in standard you can get +2. If you cannot score a barrage enchant, the next best would be "30% increased Assassin's Mark Curse Effect" "40% Increased Ice Shot damage" or reduced Hatred/Herald of Ice mana reservation.

For the base, you can use Devoto's Devotion for 20% more ms, more attack speed. Rat's Nest for attack speed, huge crit chance and some ms, or Starkonja's Head for some attack speed, crit chance, and life.

Ideally, you would use a rare helm with the delve suffix, "nearby enemies have -9% to cold resistance". The range of nearby is about a full screen from testing in PVP arena. 

Body Armour

Hyrri's Ire is the undisputed best DPS option, it provides cold damage topping a level 17 added cold damage support. In standard make sure you buy the legacy version, which is about 10% more damage.

If you are struggling with resist and life, use Queen of the Forrest. or any rare chest would work.

Another option is to use Loreweave, can be quite powerful if rolled correctly.

A corrupted 6l armour, if you can get the right colours it is way better than Tabula, the downside is you can not use it at level 1.


On quivers we want crit multi, crit chance, element with attacks, +1 arrow on shaped or warlord, and one open suffix to craft crit chance/frenzy on crit hybrid, you cannot craft this mod if you already have crit chance on the quiver. This will serve as our primary frenzy generation. The 5% may seem low, but we have 100% crit chance, attacks 4 times a second, every attack fires up to 15 projectiles, you would usually achieve max frenzy in 3 seconds from bosses, or 2 pack clear with ice shot.

Void fletcher is another option when you have +4 additional arrows, but that means we need to swap out one of our abyss jewels for green nightmare and take resist nodes within its radius, this also means no permanent uptime of frenzy charges at boss fights. We also don't want its natural implicit, due to how projectile behaviour works, we do not want any source of piercing in our build, any corrupted implicit is better in this case for void fletcher.


Double Abyss Tombfist fist is still the best DPS option, the downside being low life and no resist, make sure you have a Murderous eye to intimate enemies, that's a 10% inc damage taken on enemies.

The next option is any gripped gloves with resist and life, you want at least t2 life, if not t1. If you can spare resist elsewhere, aim for attack speed, inc projectile dmg, flat added damage, increased elemental damage, best DPS roll is +1 max frenzy/culling strike on warlord base gloves.

Another option is to get gloves with +1 max frenzy corruption, slink is the best base for this since corruption rerolls implicit, the best case is you get warlord influence for the sweet +2 max frenzy.

Oskarm is a cheap way to get power charges early on, some life and decent spell dodge chance.

Surgebinders synergises well with darkray, we can get up to 56% increased elemental damage at 8 frenzy charges. But, it has no life and resists.


- Darkray Vectors gives +1 max frenzy and decent move speed when we have full frenzies, as well as some dodge. In standard you can buy a +1 max frenzy corruption, giving us 2 extra frenzy charge.

- Best boots would be to use rare with a lot of life, resist and move speed. We can get max frenzy on gloves corrupt. Redeemer base has the affix chance to gain elusive on crit, which acts exactly like withering steps except it cannot be refreshed.

- Synthesized boots with onslaught implicit are the best we can get, try to buy or roll good life, resist and move speed. Permanent uptime on onslaught will be a huge boost.


- Rare shaped amulet with crit multi, ele with attack, gain x% physical as extra cold, ele pen, damage per dex is all good rolls, we use onyx here to alleviate some stat requirements.

- Redeemer amulet with 5-6% increased damage per frenzy charge, cold pen, +lvl to all cold skills. Hybrid shaper redeemer would be crazy if rolled correctly.

- Yoke of suffering is good because of the affix, your elemental damage can shock, a somewhat reliable way to shock enemies, works great with the taming.

- Pandemonious gives increased cold damage, cold pen, and blind, the chill when hit is mostly useless as we always chill when we hit with ice shot, but the permanent blind is helpful with survivability.

- For anointment, get "Throat Seeker" for DPS, "Graceful Assault" if you have no other form of onslaught generation, "Freedom of Movement" for more ms, "Cruel Preparation", "Purity of Flesh", "Discipline and Training", "Constitution", "Soul of Steel", or any other defensive nodes you want.


- A rare shaped ring with the suffix "Curse enemies with LVL X Assassin's Mark on hit" is insanely good, it gives a huge chunk of crit chance and some crit damage, killing cursed enemies will also have decent chance to get power charge, further boosting our crit potential. An opal ring is the best base but can get quite expensive, you can instead use a diamond ring, stats we want are life/resist/damage.

- Mark of the elder works great with our shaped ring, gives some cold damage and a very big damage boost to attacks.

- Circle of fear is also good, you will need X% increased Cold Damage while affected by Herald of Ice and Herald of Ice has X% increased Buff Effect to be good, if you can't get these 2 together then mark of the elder is better, implicit try to get inc damage while leeching, % inc cold damage, increased elemental damage with attack skills, the very best would be gain onslaught on hit, but this with the 2 desired affix will make the price stupidly high.

- The Taming will be the best way to fix resist, up to 40% of all res is nice. The bonus damage is hard to get though, we can only reliably ignite enemies, we don't get a bonus from chill only freeze, but we can't freeze end game bosses. We can't reliably shock either because we do many little hits and to shock we need a single hit of 150K lightning damage to shock for the minimal amount. 


- A big bulk of our dmg comes from abyss jewels, prioritize resist first, then if you are under 4k life you need at least t2 life on them. For damage, we want crit multi, flat added dmg, inc crit multi if we killed recently, inc dmg if we killed recently, inc attack speed if we crit recently.

- Lioneye's fall is mandatory, it goes into the socket directly above the "Acrobatics" keystone, this allows us to grab some powerful claw crit nodes, notable "Soul Raker" provides the much-needed mana leech.

- Then we want a watcher's eye with crit chance hatred, this is to help get our crit as high as possible and make frenzy gen more reliable. If you want more sheet DPS, go for added cold then cold pen. If you can't afford double hatred, get precision with any hatred mod, flask charge on crit, crit multiplier, inc attack speed.

- If you do decide to go with voidfletcher, you need to use a green nightmare near "survivalist" or "Golem's blood" and take the respective resist nodes.

- Alternatively to green nightmare would be a well-rolled brutal restraint, try to look for gain frenzy on kill, as all timeless jewels are unique, plug in the ones you have into POB and see if yours is better than the green nightmare.


Levelling Guide

Bow base types have been buffed slightly, more APS, DMG and crit, this makes levelling as a bow character not as excruciating as before. That being said it is still very item dependent, make sure you constantly upgrade your weapons for more damage.

Item Progression

- Bow Progression

Swap them out as soon as you can for the next tier higher, make them at least magic if not rare. We use chest and another piece of gear for 4 sockets.

- Quiver Progression

The base type you want to stick with is serrated and broadhead, of course, if you encounter any quiver with better affixes use them, later on, eventually upgrade to Spike-point.

- Armour Progression

It is less important to frequently upgrade your armour, instead, look for a 4-5 link early on, here you will put your barrage setup, use another 4 links for ice shot. focus on life and resist on the chest.

- Helmet Progression

Focus on life and resist, if you can, upgrade to the next tier.

- Rings Progression

At the start go for double iron rings, we will fully convert to cold by level 10 so this will boost dmg by quite a bit. Upgrade to Diamond rings by level 20, at that point more crit will scale better. Towards mapping swap to opals.

- Boots Progression

When you first arrive in Act 1 town, type "nn" in the search box, you are looking for boots with the "runners" affix, this lets you speed through the first few acts of the game, later on, focus on dex based boots with decent ms.

- Gloves Progression

The same goes for gloves, life and res, except we want some DMG mods, like increased attack speed, elemental damage with attacks, gradually upgrade them, in the end, we want to end up with Gripped Gloves.

- Belt Progression

Start with a rustic sash, upgrade to a leather belt, gradually use higher iLvl of the leather belt until you have access to a Stygian Vise, stick with stygian and gradually upgrade it with better stats until you can afford a Head Hunter.

- Amulet Progression

Use paua amulet for some mana regen at the early Acts, later on, switch to bases that fill the gap of your stat requirements. Note that if you swap to a different amulet, certain skills may be inaccessible, sell the skill gem with a scour orb to de-level that skill by 1 lvl. You can also sell any amulet with 3 skill gems of each colour to change it into an onyx amulet.


Ideally, all gear would be rare, and you have maxed all resist by act 5. As you progress, always look for items with 4l+, having a 4l skill will be a huge boost early on, Act 5 onwards 4l will drop more frequently. Stats to look out for on these rare gears will be Resist - Life - Damage in that order.

The number one way to scale our damage is our bow and quiver. we will look for 3-4L on helmet, boots and gloves, and 4-5l on chest towards later acts. Always prioritize single target links. If I can swap for a bow upgrade every zone I would.


those are helpful uniques: Tabula Rasa, Seven-League Step, Goldrim, Roth's Reach



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