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A New Method to Make Money in PoE - Farming Guardians

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Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money in Path of Exile, but I bet that most of the players don't know how to earn money by farming Guardians, which would be my secret skill to become rich in game, and today in PoecurrencyBuy, I'd like to share it with you:


A New Method to Make Money in PoE - Farming Guardians


Why is Farming Guardians profitable?

1) Fragment

First and also the most apparent reason may be the Shaper Fragment. Generally, any Guardian map pays 75% of their cost simply by most dependable the fragment. This leaves the price of a roadmap ~ around 3-6 chaos ( alch/chisels and bloodlines mod). That's super cheap. You'll earn much more let's say you sell your fragments as Shaper Sets.


2) Map Drops

Clearly, a T16 map has got the greatest lvl of map drops. Additionally for you to get other Guardian maps back (typically 2 Guardian map drops per 3 runs with 157% Atlas bonus, 80% quant on the map and bloodlines) you are getting a lot of other red maps. Any T15 usually costs 10-15 chaos, T14 for six-10 chaos, T13 for several-6 chaos. And you are getting a lot of individuals. With no quantity of products does not affect map drops. Only stuff that affects map drops is Atlas bonus, map quantity and map level.


3) Shaped bases

Abyss has buffed Guardian and Shaper farming allowing them to drop a shaped 85ilvl (or 86 within the situation of shaper) base. I'd estimate this opportunity to be with 1:6 or around 16% chance. A few of the bases are super valuable and price literally several exalts such as the scepter bases that can be used for stat sticks, any rings or amulets, certain armor and weapon bases. There's also a way for you to definitely win a lottery, like obtaining a shaped Opal ring base from Chimera.


4) Guardian exclusive unique items

This really is relevant early league with products such as the Scourge or even the Brass Dome costing even as much as several exalts. Despite first couple of days from the league, these products maintain their cost, Poe Ninja states that even 2 days within the Scourge was selling for 80 chaos. This very lucrative and really should make the first place if you're able to farm a great deal during the first couple of days from the league.


5) Abyss Jewels & Stygian Vise bases

This isn't a situation now but next league when Abyss will get nerfed and exists only in 10% of maps and Abyss Depth in less maps the marketplace for high ilvl Stygian Vises and Abyss Jewels will end up a factor. Abyss jewels & Stygian Vises don't get nerfed and everybody will still 5-10 Abyss jewels along with a Stygian Vise base to craft. Abyssal depths from Guardian map may be the only spot to get ilvl86 jewels and Stygian Vises hanging around.


6) Anything else

The items above are products only at Guardian maps. You still get the rest of the currency drops including chaos, exalts, Sextants (yes you are selling individuals with regard to added nice $$ to everyone running Vaults), divination cards and different products.


Why is farming Guardians fun?

1) Because you can literally do all content in the game

This kind of farming enables you to do anything you like. Your Atlas is not clustered with sextant blocks/uncompleted maps. You are not restricted to managing a single map 500 occasions, that you can do any map around the atlas and actually you need to because the more Atlas bonus = more Guardian maps & red maps. You are able to farm elder and farming elder will probably be the only method to unlock any Elder Orb and Uber Elder fight in Bestiary.


2) No complicated preparation

Buying maps, sextants, blocking atlas, running XXX quantity of maps looking to get perm elder influence. Constantly & currency wasted in some way never will get incorporated within the "I RAN 500 VAULTS HERE'S The Outcomes" reddit posts. Ignore that. You just need any Guardian map, alchs & chisels and you are all set to go.


3) No Zana 8 grind

Running extended map without breach is essentially pointless. Breach requires literally a large number of hrs of purchasing Zana dailies including putting things off dealing with 820, wasting poe currency on the Gracious Master prediction. Ignore that. Best Zana mod for running t16 is Zana3 Bloodlines which costs 3 chaos. Gives global 25% more monsters and 20% more quantity including map drops.  


4) No buying expensive MF gear

With nerfed drop rate Bisco woke up to 16 exalts this league. The Pariah / good vendors cost several exalts. Windripper, high IIQ Goldwyrm...other great tales. How enjoyable would be to spend a large number of exalts on the MF gear before you even have any returns? In some way, this doesn't go into the Reddit posts. Just skip all this and choose the right products for the build immediately.


5) Play any build you want

You are aware how 90% magic find builds are usually Rangers? It's due to the fact literally the only real weapon with quantity hanging around is wind ripped. So you are essentially restricted to 1 build if you wish to run traditional MF unless of course, you need to intentionally handicap yourself. Once we don't' stack quantity running T16's you are able to play any build you would like as lengthy because it is able to kill Guardians. I'd recommend here my build I made use of throughout the whole Abyss: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2007539 but there's a lot of various builds that may get it done.


How to successfully farm Guardians?

1) Killing a Guardian

If you wish to farm T16's you'll clearly have to kill a Guardian and also the Guardian will have lots of mods because we are always alching the map. If you wish to "min-max" I would suggest a Barrage / Tornado Shot build here simply because it's great obvious and great single target and it is just essentially an "all-in-one" build. You won't want to hassle an excessive amount of by using it so I'd say any build that kills a Guardian in under one minute is a great build. So lots of choices here.


2) Atlas Bonus & preparation

You should also possess the greatest Atlas Bonus possible to obtain the most Guardian & other red maps return so it is best to complete everything before you begin farming. Just don't complete Lair from the Hydra since the Hydra fragment costs considerably less. I'd it finished in Abyss since I honestly don't mind rather fewer earnings and a few varieties, however, in general, it is good to prevent it unless of course, the cost changes next league.


When it comes to preparation I simply alch & chisel and run Bloodlines Zana mod on every T16 map. And that is it. This is the whole trick. Appreciate your attention.


3) Lvl up before farming Guardians

Guardians are likely to kill you sometimes and for that reason, you ought to get to your preferred level before you accomplish that. This is the one factor that's serious of low quality about this so just be familiar with this. But you will have considerable time to lvl as you are finishing your atlas.


My wealth in Abyss and Ending notes

You should check my Abyss products within my profile on forums. A number of them include 360pdps 6l Lioneye's Glare,  1 arrow Signal Fire, Full Abyss 2 socket set, crit watchers with the onslaught, all 21 lvl gems, lots of GG abyss jewels. I additionally have 74 exalts now in my stash and lots of other currency in PoE and valuable products that will take too long to list out.


I additionally want to state that I wasn't just farming guardians. Used to do farm Shaper (mostly early league) and did other maps too (after I leveled as much as 95). I additionally crafted and offered lots of abyss jewels. So take that for what it's.


I really hope that this Farming Guardians guide can be a great help to these players who want to farm more currency and orbs in Path of Exile. If this is not a suitable way for you, you can find more farming guides here, you know, you will finally find a right way for yourself.

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