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Path of exile are planning to deploy Content Update 3.0.2

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Within the next two weeks, Poe're planning to deploy Content Update 3.0.2. This can be a moderate-sized patch that contains two new one of a kind items, quite a few bug fixes and preliminary language support for Spanish, French and German!


Path of exile are planning to deploy Content Update 3.0.2

You may recall that earlier this year we announced that we have been looking for community translators. The community delivered, huge time! We have been capable to find many awesome (paid) translators that are also significant fans of Path of Exile. The finish outcome is the fact that we've a solid group of translators that are committed to bringing the best doable translation to much more Path of Exile communities.

Initially we'll be launching help for these languages without promoting Path of Exile in these regions. This may enable the community to test out the translation prior to the official launch.

This update will likely be launched in Patch 3.0.2 which also contains lots of bug fixes. Some highlights of this patch contain:
Added two new uniques that we'll reveal next week.
Fixed a bug where flasks that take away bleeding did not removing stacking bleeding from the Crimson Dance keystone.
Fixed a bug where the Brutal Fervour ascendancy passive wouldn't eliminate Crimson Dance bleeding.
Fixed a bug exactly where increases and reductions to the impact of flasks had been also becoming added for the percentage of recovery granted immediately by flasks with the "Bubbling" mod. This triggered several poor factors to occur if this percentage exceeded 100%.
Fixed a bug where immediate "of Animation" flasks have been healing minions for far more life than intended.
Fixed a bug where flask recovery price modifiers had been multiplicative, as opposed to additive.
Fixed a problem exactly where Atziri's Empowered Flameblast would not deal damage in the correct locations.
Fixed a problem introduced in three.0.1e exactly where Arcane Surge would not trigger from channelled expertise.
Fixed a rare bug exactly where Cemetery maps could generate inside-out, rendering the majority of their terrain unwalkable.

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