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Path Of Exile Master Missions Guide - Intro | Crafting | Daily | Tips

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Since the Path Of Exile update the Master Missions, many players are complaining about the cumbersome of the Master Missions, which seems to force the player to complete some missions they do not want to accept. And most of them seem is a major interruption to the flow of gameplay. However, the Hideout related to the master missions has been affirmed by many people. The following will give a more detailed information about the master task to help better accomplish these tasks.



What is Master Missons

The forsaken masters are eight NPCs that randomly spawn in Wraeclast and offer the player missions. In exchange for completing these missions, players will be granted a hideout and exclusive crafting options. Each master specializes in crafting for a specific type of item and has his own style of missions, as well as a different hideout tileset.

This is an explanation of the Master Missions on Wikipedia. Let's take a closer look at how the Master Missions affects the player's experience in the game.

First, you always meet the masters somewhere in the wilderness. When you have done the first task for them, they come to the camp of the respective act. Except for Zana - that is then on the Eternal Device in the Solaris Temple.

For each task that you solve for the Masters, you get Experience Points, which will be charged here as Reputation. One could therefore speak of "reputation" points. When you have achieved a certain amount of reputation with a master, the master increases one level or offers new options to the player. It is important to know that the Masters expect different levels of favors until they reach the next level: The fastest for the Masters of Act1, Zana is the most demanding.

By chance you meet in the rest of the game somewhere in the level areas again and again on the masters, they offer a constantly new tasks, so you can level them steadily higher. If you do not succeed in solving a task, that does not matter: the reputation does not sink if you accept a task but fail. So you can basically accept any task, even if you are not sure if you can do it at all (or want). But when you have completed a task, you must return to the master in the level area to earn the extra reputation. Incidentally, there is a small logic gap when you meet a master in the wilderness, who is supposed to wait there until he has done his job. If you come to the respective camp or hideout before completing the task, the same master is also around there.


Master mission challenge

A few remarks about the missions of the masters, especially about Zana's missions:

Overall, the missions of the masters are quite unimaginative / simple / boring / annoying / quickly done. At least with the normal masters.

Haku, Armourmaster


The most difficult / dangerous missions for me so far were the missions of Haku. For each one you have to get a Karui spirit from a dungeon, often under time pressure.

The spirit may be located

  • At the beginning of the zone, with the exit at the other end from the start.
  • Halfway through the zone, with the exit at the other end from the start.
  • At the end of the zone, guarded by a boss, with the exit at the start.

In these dungeons are again quite often immortal totems that violate the player character significantly with their elemental attacks and in particular can slow down / chill. Types of locomotion such as teleporting or jumping are possible in these dungeons - but only as long as you do not have the Karui Spirit under your belt. Since you can be threatened by other sources of danger as soon as you transport it (killed opponents rebuild, boulders fall from above ...), such missions, especially on higher-level maps, are not really the risk - in relation to the reward by a few reputation points - worth.

Elreon, Loremaster


Elreon's missions are simpel, at least if you have a character who can quickly deal large area damage. You must defend a relic over a period of time or until you have killed a certain number of enemies. Or you must feed souls (50) to the relic. The feed radius is shown with a golden circle.

Enemy waves include

  • Suicide enemies: Alira's Martyr, Unstable Larvae.
  • Skeleton Mages with Chain.
  • Alira's Blood Guard, Alira's Deadeye.
  • Necromancers that cast Summon Raging Spirit.

Catarina, Master of the Dead


Catarina's tasks are sometimes simple, sometimes annoying. They are annoying when you need to escort revived monsters through a map to a statue or to Catarina himself. Because constantly new enemies are spawning around these monsters and the monsters to be escorted are attacking these opponents, instead of running behind the player character. That really sometimes turns into annoying Pied Piper work and in such cases I like to renounce the reputation points. Catarina will probably be the last master I want to level beyond level 6 in my hideout.

Tora, Master of the Hunt


Tora has two types of missions.

  • Find the corrupted beast's den - The den will appear as an area transition and cannot be entered before speaking to Tora. You will need to enter the den and kill the corrupted monsters.
  • Kill the corrupted beasts - Tora will provide you with a means of tracking. This manifests itself as a pointer around the player indicating the direction to the nearest corrupted beast.

Tora's tasks are usually easy to do, although sometimes you have to look for something, until you find the pit in which hang the critters to be done. It can be even more annoying to follow the traces of blood, especially if one has cleared a map and now has to run again. However, Torah's tasks are hardly ever dangerous - although the monsters in the pits on high map levels can be quite neat.

Vagan, Weaponmaster


Vagan mostly wants to knock himself with the player character. If you meet him on high-level maps, you should consider whether to actually accept his challenge. He may also have one or two assistants who, while not hitting him as hard as he can, can quite possibly catch on ranged attacks. For a change, there are also missions in which you have to beat more dummies within a certain period than he does. These missions are "no matter" - if he wins, you just get no reputation points. But dummies do not fight back, so the danger potential is limited


  • Defeat Vagan. May have a time limit. Vagan may have allies. Vagan may be using a limited number of healing potions.
  • Destroy more training dummies than Vagan.

Vorici - Master Assassin


Vorici's tasks are very easy, sometimes - depending on the build you play yourself - practically impossible to do. They are child's play if you just get a murder order. Search target person, kill - ready.

It is more difficult if you only extinguish the companions of the target person. For builds designed for area damage, it is possible to kill the target by accident.

It is even more difficult if you kill only the target person, but not killing a single companion. The companions usually endure much less than the target person itself - so you must first lure out the target person from the group of their bodyguards. This is sometimes virtually impossible (for example, if the target person is a defensive ranged character who always keeps well behind his bodyguards). If it is foreseeable that the mission can not be fulfilled, i kill i.d.R. the target person to at least tap the items she drops. Every now and then you have to lure the target away from a chest and open this chest afterwards (fiddle with the chest for 5 seconds without being interrupted by a monster attack). This works well with a little practice and patience.

Zana - Master Cartographer


Zana's missions are by far the best, most exciting and lucrative missions. Since it is always a matter of solving a task on a map opened by Zana, this map alone is a free gift. Often it is relatively high-level maps. Second, there is a mission variant where the goal is to find a specific unique. If you manage such a mission, you already have a guaranteed unique drop. Third, there is a relatively high chance that Zanas Maps are unique maps with a correspondingly good loot. However, Zana's missions are also the toughest missions. And that's because they often have a time limit that you have to adhere to. Depending on how accurate the task description is, these missions are practically not done in time. Well, you could say - if I can not do the mission within the time specified, then I have the nice map, on the hand can drop fine items. Right!

BUT: If the mission fails, you can get out of the map as many times as portals are left.

You only land at Zana, not in the Hideout. This means that once the "Mission failed!" Message appears, you can only bring the loot back into its hiding place, which fits into a char inventory. You should definitely think about that! Otherwise it may be that one leaves Uniques, good Rares or dropped maps first, to put what you already have in the baggage dealer - and then no longer comes back to the map. If you have completed a mission successfully , this annoyance is not the case. You can then return to the Hideout as often as you like - as long as you do not address Zana for the completed quest. By the way, you should read carefully the mission description and not run on the map, as soon as the first Portal opens. Because: sometimes only one portal opens up ! Since then you have to watch on the map that you pick up only the best loot.

My personal tip for time-critical Zana missions: If you can see that you can not meet the time limit anyway, you should not get hectic and, for example, Rushing too fast and carelessly through the map in search of rogue exile. Because when you rushed in the hustle and bustle in a nasty monster group or jumps or runs and then dies - then it is usually the time to get back on the map, eh over, and you have also lost the usual experience points.Wenn one time-critical mission, which is to search for a specific map item (usually a unique one), the same applies. In addition, since the map object can also be dropped by a normal monster (not the map's final boss!), You should kill all monsters that meet you in such missions - and hope that the item stops from an "early" monster "Opponent is dropped.


Crafting & Daily & Shop

Crafting Benches

You have one unique tool (Crafting Bench) in the luggage, which you can claim from them, then put it in his Hideout. This crafting bench will stay in the hideout if you throw the master back later. With this game mechanism in mind, you should hurry to have every master invited into their hideout to install their crafting bench.

Path Of Exile Masters & Crafting Benches

  • Haku: Armourer's Workbench, which modifies gloves, boots, body armour, helmets, and shields.
  • Elreon: Blessing Font, which modifies rings and amulets.
  • Catarina: Headstones, which modifies primarily wands, daggers, staves, and sceptres. Can add int and mana stats to other items.
  • Tora: Bowmaker's Tools, which modifies bows, wands, quivers, belts. Can add movement speed to boots.
  • Vagan: Sharpening Wheel, which modifies weapons.
  • Vorici: Artisan's Bench, which modifies socket numbers, links, and colors.
  • Zana: Map Device, which adds an extra effect to the map at time of activation.
  • Leo: Gladiator's Workbench, which modifies various kinds of equipment.

Since the possibilities of crafting benchs improve with the level of the master and at the same time the masters in the hideout level faster, the presence of a certain master in the hideout also indirectly influences the possibilities for crafting.

Normal Missions

Masters (with the exception of Leo) can be encountered "in the wild", where they will offer a normal mission. The level of a normal mission is based on the level in which the master is encountered. Masters cannot be encountered until you have visited their associated town at least once. Zana can only be encountered in Maps.

Daily Missions

Masters who are in the hideout offer a daily mission once a day - a whole "normal" task that only earns much more reputational points (250%) than doing any of the random tasks anywhere in the game area done. Correspondingly faster you can then level up the masters.

The masters have after each completed Daily Mission new items in the shop, which you can buy them (blue / yellow items, later also Uniques and Gems). The items you can buy from a Master change as long as he stays in the usual camps, only when the Master has reached a new level. This difference is especially noticeable when the Masters reach Level 6. Because then you can exchange poe currency with them to a limited extent at an improved rate. 


The masters have new items in the shop after each completed Daily Mission, which you can buy them (blue / yellow items, later also Uniques and Gems). The items you can buy from a Master change as long as he stays in the usual camps, only when the Master has reached a new level. This difference is especially noticeable when the Masters reach Level 6. Because then you can exchange currency with them to a limited extent at an improved rate. So for example at Elreon, trade 20 Jeweler Orbs for only 32 Alteration Orbs (instead of 40). Vorici has Fusings, Tora Chromatics, etc.

Continue to sell all Master Items with their special Master Mod, which can only be found in yours. At Elreon e.g. the very popular & strong rings / amulets with "-Mana Cost of Skills".


Reputation and Favour

When successfully completing a master's mission the player gets rewarded with a certain amount of points. Both the Reputation and Favour counters are increased by this amount.

While Reputation represents experience points which are needed to level up the master, Favour is used as a form of currency to buy decorations from the respective master.

Different amounts of points are awarded depending on the level of the area in which the master started the mission. (For example, a Haku daily mission where Haku is in a level 70 area and the area where the mission is performed is level 71 counts as level 70 for base experience.)

At the beginning you can only invite an extra master into his hiding place. When the first master has reached level 5 (formerly level 6) you can invite a third master. And if you finally have a master at level 7, then even 4 masters fit into the hideout. 

From master level 5, however, the reputation climbs only very slowly.

According to the explained contexts now my suggestion how to best strategically organize his invitation policytowards the masters

1. As soon as possible invite every master into his hideout to get there to the respective crafting bench.

2. At first consider which crafting methods are most needed. Keep the appropriate master in the hideout to bring him to at least level 4 or 5. Background: The crafting benches offer very good possibilities to optimize the respective gear at the beginning, for example a certain lack of resistance or mana regeneration or something that is just missing, additionally to conjure up rare items. The advantages of crafting benches, however, are decreasing in relation to progress in the game more and more: Firstly, uniques in the Benches can not improve (exception: Voricis "Artisan's Bench", with which one can influence the number of bases, -linking and colors) , and you usually use in the endgame much more Unuiques. Second, the crafting benchmarking optimizations in the higher areas are also limited and very expensive in relation to what they bring in addition. Theoretically, one can craft a sixfold linked item on the Artisans Bench when Vorici reaches level 7.

BUT: that costs 1500 Fusings and is therefore only for extremely rich players an option.

Note: over the options offered by the Masters at higher levels, the views are very different depending on the player type - see the discussion below! 

3. When you've got all Masters level 4 (which is relatively fast, maybe with the exception of Zana), you should think about which Master to bring to level 7 the fastest. And then you should keep this master constantly in the hideout. My suggestion is Elreon, for two reasons. First, he is an Act1 master. And they need the least number of repuity points for their levelups. Secondly, he is one of the masters, whose daily changing product range from 6 includes a meaningful currency exchange: you can buy 20 Jeweler Orbs for 32 Alteration Orbs.

4. As the second permanent resident in the Hideout you should take Zana. Their Daily Missions are by far the best: they offer a free map. First of all, these maps are usually relatively high, and have a good chance of matching certain unique maps as well, so that rewarding more reputation in Zana's missions is often accompanied by nice drops in items.

5. From master level 5 you can invite three masters. Then I would recommend inviting the other masters to always level one of them up to level 5 or 6 and then exchange them for another. Then, when all are at Level 5 or 6, you should keep Vorici (the Assassins) in Hideout as the third permanent guest, again because his daily offer includes a good currency exchange: you can trade 20 Fusing Orbs for 62 Jewelers Orbs. What a saving of 18 Jeweler Orbs compared to the usual deal in the Akt3 camp means. And believe me: Fusing Orbs are the currency that you are looking for most from a certain score. If you farm with Maps around the 80 to 85 Maps, you will always find a nice Unique or Rare with 6 (possible) sockets, which increases its exchange value by a factor of six. But to create a 6-link, you statistically need a lot of fusing orbs.


The above is a detailed introduction to the Master Missions, you may also notice that the master task is closely related to Hideout, but this guide does not involve too much it. About Hideout, we will introduce it in detail later, and explain how to build your own Hideout step by step. If you have other questions, please check the previous guide on our website. 

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