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Path of exile New Electricity Skill Storm Burst

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Path of exile recently ended the 3.0 version of the five-week test, GGG will continue to allow players to participate in the sixth week of the beta, the production side said that the current entry into the Act 8 received positive feedback was very good. In addition, a large number of balance changes will be applied to the next test.

Path of exile New Electricity Skill Storm Burst


Skill Secret: Storm Burst

Not surprisingly, the latest skills of the "poe", the Storm Burst will be the glory of lightning skills lovers! This is a way to cast lightning in the form of the skills in the lightning movement of the channel to create lower damage. But in the skills of the lightning after the completion of the move will create an explosion, resulting in tons of damage.

Additional projectiles for this skill can cause the number of ejection to increase, allowing you to use more skills when you use more intensive lightning sweep. And increase the skill area will increase the scope of lightning explosion, so superimposed more damage. Reducing the ejection speed also creates more overlap damage, while reducing the speed at which the skill reaches the target, creating more damage on the way.


More The Fall of Oriath conceptual design
On the art, the 3.0 version of the production team to provide the main boss of the concept design, including Kitava God and his followers

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