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Path of Exile Prophecy Farming Guide

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Navali can reveal the future of a player, which is called Prophecy in Path of Exile. So do you know the how to seal the prophecy and what is the best prophecy? And do you have any ideas to ask Navali for help and how about the farming in prophecy? You are in the right place bro, you will know more about Path of Exile prophecy after you read this article carefully.


Path of Exile Prophecy Farming Guide


Beginner's section 

Prophecies are a mechanic in PoE which can change the area you play in, change a unique item, grant you a special effect, guarantee a specific unique drop in an area or change your gameplay in various styles.


You get prophecies by talking to Navali, she can be found in act 1 The Climb area just before lower prison, once you save her you can talk to her in town, or invite her to your hideout. She will give you prophecies (seek prophecy) in exchange for silver coins that drop off random mobs. She will also let you save your prophecies for later or get rid of them in exchange for a few coins (seal prophecy).


Silver coins are a currency that can drop in every area. The amount of silver coins is around 1 on average if you kill every mob. This amount of coins is generally not enough for farming, but people usually sell them, so it should be easy to trade for them.


The prophecies you can get change with your character level and are not affected at all by where you talk to Navali and ask for prophecies.


Farming methodology:

The goal of prophecy farming is to sell the most amount of expensive prophecies such as jeweler’s touch, fated connection etc. This requires you to increase your prophecy/minute while keeping your silver costs/minute figures as low as possible as in finish the most amount of prophecies, seal the least possible amount and do them as fast as possible.


You can also try to maximize your amount of good prophecies per silver coin ignoring the time factor but it is extremely ineffective for currency farming.


Prophecies should not be used until you are a high enough level (don’t have exact data on this matter I’d say lvl 70 is a good milestone), accepting prophecies at a low level can give you terrible ones which will give you practically no profit and only waste your time.


Some prophecies can be sealed and hoarded and then triggered in high tier maps for extra loot. An extreme example is the Ending the Torment and the Forceful Exorcism prophecies to make sure that every rare mob!!! in the area drops a bunch of currencies, a unique, a sac frag and other goodies. These setups usually require a massive amount of preparation and planning and are only worth if you are prepared properly for it.


Other good to keep a few prophecies can be:


The Twins for currency sextant

Waiting in Ambush for spawning them in masses from ambush/bountiful trapped 15s if you have high MF and trying to get a Skyforth or an 84 steel ring in abyss (although the seal price can be costly and is probably not worth)

The Dreamer's Dream This has a chance to trigger on each map boss in multi bossed maps, although you are best off using this in a t16.

Bountiful Traps for your good maps

The Wealthy Exile can possibly be made really good for chance orb farming if you combine it with the mirrored exile drop leagues one

The Scout can be used once again for ilvl 84 item farming

Deadly Twins can be used if you are farming corrupt 3 boss maps, as it gives a chance for extra sac frags etc, prophecy farming can easily involve map boss rushes anyway and bring a lot PoE currency which will make you a rich guy.

Master mission, especially Zana.


The fastest way I found to do prophecies is to trigger every area prophecy I get, fill up with prophecies that are on the kill, and if one of them require farming a specific rare or such try to have as many of them proc in the area as possible on the way. You can easily finish 3-4 prophecies in on an area and then ask Navali for more.



Apex runs are especially good for emptying your prophecy tab, it is filled with monsters for generic on kill prophecy, the fix mob types finish The Soulless Beast and Day of Sacrifice I. It has multiple unique monsters for Erased from Memory, the queen finishes A Regal Death and The Queen's Vaults prophecy. And generally farming queen is a good pastime activity with some possible gg loot. Also, the apex area has tons of map drops which can be used in an interesting way described below.


Getting rid of prophecies without leaving an area:


Have a mapping device, throw in a random map and watch your prophecy tab, anyone the area or map prophecy can be finished just by starting a map without having to enter said the area. Be careful not to have expensive prophecies while doing this as it can lose you a monstrous treasure.

Every on area trigger prophecy has a set list of areas it can be used up in, for example, if your Monstrous Treasure didn't proc while it was the single prophecy available on area entry, or even if there were multiple, but none of them proceed you will know that Monstrous Treasure will not be used up said area until you reset the prophecy (described below)


Resetting prophecy areas:


If you want to use a prophecy in a certain area but said area didn’t get chosen by the prophecy you can seal a prophecy and use it again, this will reset the prophecy and is a base part of the principle behind making Monstrous Treasure certainly trigger in an area.


Prophecy chains:

These require you to do many prophecies to get rewarded once in the end, some of these can be really annoying and the first part of the chain is rarer to get generally than subsequent prophecies, this is true for them all except the four prophecy chain required for getting a council set which is common and if you are not doing them, they require a specific setup to be able to get rid of fast.


Note that you cannot gain new prophecy chains of the same type as long as you have any area with the same prophecy open, aka. you cannot gain Unbreathing Queen III from Navali as long as you have an Unbreathing Queen III area open and unfinished. If you can set up 4-5 PoE clients to keep areas open for you you can ignore up to five prophecy chains from Navali by having alt chars keeping them open forever. Although having that many PoE clients might be against ToS, I’m not quite certain about this, but is definitely worth to keep in mind.


Some chains are better off triggered and left undone, this will remove them from your “started” chains and you will have a lower chance of getting another prophecy I chain, than if you completed it and would be getting a chain part II.


List of prophecy chains and how to get rid of them fast:


The Unbreathing Queen III (At ledge wp you can trigger and leave area)

Unbearable Whispers I (Library wp enter leave)

The Plaguemaw II (Crypt wp enter leave)

The Feral Lord I (Southern wp enter leave)

The Ambitious Bandit I (look for the area trigger in act 2, then leave area)

Deadly rivalry is easy to do and you can do it while mapping so you can just let it be

Warmongers can be done while mapping

Beyond sight can be done while mapping

Thaumaturgical History I (open the tome in upper prison then leave before killing the mobs to make sure you reset this chain into unstarted state and won’t receive it anytime soon)

Ancient Rivalries I (best to just seal it)

Anarchy's End I (can be done while mapping, combine it with some leaguestones for extra exile loot)

Day of Sacrifice I (run apex for Vaal fallen, corrupt a rare box, run a side are and then you have 2 options)

Wp to ledgea  or some easy to find Vaal side area run it, then do a corrupted map for finishing chain

Use a wp for prophecy to trigger and either give it away to someone or just leave and anytime you gain this prophecy repeat this and never finish the chain


Some prophecies are parts of chains, some of these can be used in unintended ways (Plaguemaw IV arcanist farm) by not finishing the task yourself, entering the area triggering the prophecy, leaving and letting someone else take the loot. These are generally not worth it unless you have dedicated people who you can quickly do it with.


List of prophecies that can be get rid of upon entering an area like a wp or such:



Master missions

Prophecies that contain “when entering an area” text is a good baseline

The God of Misfortune


Prophecies that contain “when entering a map” can only be triggered in a map, you are free to roam the lands and they will be safe.


Prophecies that will make you want to skin yourself alive:


Fated unique prophecies that are worth trash (aka wasting your silver coins)

Ancient Rivalries I 

Killing rare mobs that only spawn in specific tilesets inside maps (sometimes it’s best to just seal these)

Smothering Tendrils/Golden Touch (have fun training a white map/item and then vendoring it back to the guy you bought it from)

The Dream Trial (thankfully can be wasted by spamming maps in the device and never entering them, although it might be worth selling these at the start of the league)

Forceful Exorcism if you are not doing something gimmicky with this your best bet is to use this along with a Possessed Foe prophecy to get rid of it

A Valuable Combination/The Mysterious Gift (you are best off just leaving these in your proph tab forever and give up on two slots unless you have a friend who would be willing to pay the seal cost for these)

Nemesis of Greed hunting for an inner treasure rare mob is not in my definition of fun


Lucrative things to do with prophecies:


Vaal winds: Equip IIQ gear and either run a double beyond multi sextant map or an apex, you can usually end up with 2-3 times the prophecy value in divine drops.

Monstrous treasure, get 500% box monster drop on a Vaal temple with beyond, roll 3 rare mobs on boxes and you can drop ~6 hope cards per map easily.

Trash to Skyforth: easy multiple exalts

Checking the price of a fated unique adding together the price of the nation fated + the prophecy can net you a profit of multiple chaos orbs per killing a mob and doing some trading if you are into that kind of stuff.

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