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Path of Exile vs Diablo 3

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In this article, I made some comparisons between the path of exile and Diablo 3. They belong to the Diablo series of games, but each has its own characteristics and style. Here we need to pay tribute to the classics, they bring more different experiences to the players in terms of visual and game internal settings and game features.




Advantages and disadvantages are differences:


The basic form of the game


The overall experience of Diablo 3 is similar to online games. Players need to team up to open a room or open a room, up to 4 people. Players can only trade in limited time with the equipment dropped by the team. Gems and materials cannot be traded, and the overall sociality is weak.


The game upgrades faster and can be full in one day. The ultimate pursuit is that PVE wears different equipment, experiences different genres, and climbs the ladder. At present, the five chapters of the map are open, which are divided into 10 kinds of difficulty, such as ordinary-torture, and there are rich story plots.


The path of exile is similar to DNF, players can see each other in the main city, the field is open in the form of a room, up to 4 teammates. Players can trade freely, the guild has a common warehouse, but the sociality is weak.


The game's full level is 100, the higher the level, the slower the upgrade, and the death will lose experience. Levels of 1-90 will take at least a week. There are currently four open maps, three kinds of difficulty, and the story is still developing.




Diablo 3 has six major occupations, such as barbarians, witch doctors, magicians, monks, hunters, and holy sects. The possibility of opening new occupations is not great. The characteristics and skills of each occupation are clearly divided.


There are currently 7 major occupations in the path of exile, including Templar, Rangers, Witch, Duelists, Shadow, and Nobles. Occupation settings have some similar Diablo 2, each profession has a certain differentiation, but the talent, gem system allows them to use the same skills. In addition, the equipment system is also universal in theory, but it has the distinction of strength, dexterity, and intelligent attributes.


In March of this year, the game updated 19 "sublimation occupations", which can be understood as the transfer career of the original occupation. Transfer through tasks and have some unique skills.


Passive skill system


The passive system of Diablo 3, abandoned the passive skill tree and adopted the passive skill pool. Players can switch between different skills to match as long as they reach the corresponding level. The same skills can also use different inscriptions to get the effect change. Overall, the skills and genres of each profession are quite rich, and the characteristics of each genre are also more significant.


There is a huge passive skill tree in the path of exile. It has a total of 1384 passive points, and all occupations share the same talent tree. In other words, in theory, Templar can also learn the skills of Witch, of course, their main attributes will still be different.


In addition to the general talent points, there are more unique core Passive skill and key Passive skill. Core passive skill provides more abilities, and key passive skill can fundamentally affect a character's combat style and configuration.


In addition, its talent cannot be reset at will, you need to reset by task, drop or mall items. The overall talent design is more complicated than Diablo 3, and the corresponding degrees of freedom and difference are also greater.




Diablo 3's equipment is divided into white, blue, gold, legend, and suit. In the later stages of the game, the game is based on various professional suits. The properties of the equipment contrasted with Diablo 2 and made a lot of integration and simplification. The relative affixes are less, and the variability of the values is more simplified for the players.


The equipment of the POE is divided into white, blue, gold, legend and so on. There is currently no set in the game, and the player mainly pursues the matching of golden equipment and legendary equipment. There are a lot of attribute affixes for the equipment, similar to Diablo 2. Players can choose from the genre of the character genre to create the equipment attributes they want. But for the player, the choice of affixes and the pursuit of floating values are more time-consuming and time-consuming.


Gem system


The ordinary gemstones in Diablo 3 mainly provide various attribute bonuses. The design of the legendary gemstone is quite unique, and it can provide a lot of unique effect mechanism, which has a great influence on the overall fitting and genre of the player. Various gemstones have corresponding use level restrictions, and legendary gemstones have a grade growth mechanism.


The number of slots in the game is much lower than that of Diablo 2, such as up to 1 weapon and up to 3 breastplates. Its purpose is to simplify the difficulty of matching.


The gemstone system of the POE mainly provides a variety of skills and skill effects. Its gems can be divided into active skill gems and support skill gems. Skilled gems can provide a variety of additional active skills for the character, which is equivalent to an additional skill system. Support skill stones will change the effect of the corresponding skills. As a result, the barbarian threw a fireball, and the picture of the witch's whirlwind became possible.


The number of slots in the game is up to 6 holes and 6 links, and the skills can be strengthened and connected to each other. A rich combination of skill gems makes it possible to personalize the skill set. Contrast Diablo 3 is more complicated, but the degree of freedom is also higher.


The gem of the POE has an experienced value growth system. Different grades and types of gemstones have certain requirements on the main attribute values of the characters. The number of gem slots in the game is large, and the two settings are similar to Diablo II.


Game currency


Diablo 3 uses gold coins as the main currency game, as well as blood rock fragments that fall from the secrets as a currency consumed by gambling equipment. The circulation control mechanism of its gold coins is not particularly good, and it is likely to overflow a lot in the later stage.


Diablo 3 players can trade between gold coins, and blood rock fragments are bound for accounts. 


There is no gold coin on the path of exile. but instead, it is a kind of props such as “currency”. This effectively reduces the economic system problems caused by the rapid depreciation of gold coins. This concept can be understood as the "Jordan Stone" of Diablo 2 (Dark 2 gold coins depreciate rapidly, the player later agreed to use this rare ring as the trading currency.)


Its currency contains more than 24 kinds of props, such as the blessing stone that can improve the quality of the weapon, improve the map quality, let the player get more dropped Cartographer’s Chisel, scroll of transfer, Mirror of Kalandra that can copy equipment, and so on.


These currency players can either use them themselves or as a currency for trading with other players.




There are alliance systems in Diablo 3, generally, one season is a season. The season will add new drop and achievement rewards, which were previously unique to the season and later changed to non-season characters.


Players can create corresponding season characters every season and compete in independent season suits and ladders. After the season, the characters and equipment will be incorporated into the non-season uniform.


In addition, the season can choose the death mode to create characters to increase the challenge, and the character will die permanently after death.


A season-like system in the road of exile is called the "alliance." In the game, a league like a season will be opened, and other leagues will be officially opened in the form of similar activities.


The Alliance needs to create roles individually and set different game rules. For example, increase monster difficulty, world PVP, permanent death or Ironman mode. The end of the league is not necessarily the time (such as the upgrade league, the first player will end when it upgrades to full level). The role will be merged into normal mode after the alliance ends.


Its more characteristic alliances include:

Expert Mode Alliance: Players will die when they die. Unlike Diablo III, the dead character will move to normal mode.


Cut-throat alliance: Players are free to PVP, and the dead player will drop all the items on the body, and other players can pick it up. This alliance can also be combined with the setting of permanent death to get more stimulation.


Elimination of alliances: Various elimination mechanisms can be set, such as eliminating one player with the least experience value every X hours.


Iron Man Alliance: Players can't trade with merchants or return to the city to supplement blood, and mana will not automatically reply. This mode encourages players to work more together to survive.



Diablo 3's mall does not sell attributes, mainly selling experience/blood rock drop bonus pharmacy, warehouse grid,  gold coin pets, wings, avatar box and so on.


The mall of the POE also does not sell attributes, mainly selling weapons, armor special effects, skills, footprint illusion effects, pets, decorations and so on.


Compared to Diablo 3, it sells a variety of features that have a larger feature, and the overall product range is also richer.


It really comes down to personal choice if you're choosing between the two games, though you can always try both. But if you're pressed for time now you know which game to play.


These are the similarities and differences between the two games. If you choose between these two games, it's up to you. Personally, I prefer the game of POE. If you want to know more latest news and rumors about POE in time, please follow our official Facebook and Twitter.

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