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POE 3.6 Synthesis Cospri's Malice Shadow COC Build

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In the POE 3.5 League, the official of PoE had reworked Cast On Critical Strike Support(abbreviate to COC). Its CD changed from 0.5s to 0.15s and its frequency increased from 2/s to 6.6/s. So fundamentally COC has become a new game mechanism. Many players have chose kinds of COC builds in gameplay.


Now POECurrencyBuy will recommend a bd based on COC and also suitable for version 3.6. The build is based on Cospri's Malice.


  • Attack: the max dps, 700w, unrivalled clearing speed and movement speed. 
  • Defense: reach above 8000 effective blood volume
  • 80% element resistance in maximum
  • Fortify Support
  • To blind monsters
  • To decrease monster's hit through "Enfeeble Enfeeble" to enhance survivability
  • To enhance survivability through Discipline + Es Gain on Hit 
  • Variety of flasks will be great helpful.
  • 36% reduction
  • 5% Dodge
  • To endure kinds of damage like "t16 Forge of the Phoenix Map"

However, it may be a suffering in T18 without Avoid Freeze and Chill ( can be solved by other way). Chaos damage also need to pay attention on.

Note: Map mod(When clearing the map, these modifiers are important.)

  • Cannot Leech Life ( no worry if you have ES Gain on Hit +Flask)   
  • No Life Regeneration ( need a bottle of Mana Flask)
  • Reflected Elemental Damage taken ( can be solved by changing effect of Minor God)
  • Cannot Cast Curse (a little lower defense, but not so bad)

Recommended when you are in low level

Pick a suitable interim equipment in your low level is helpful to upgrade them in the later period. Here we will recommend accessible equipment for leveling.

  • Equipment: Lifesprig, Axiom, Perpetuum, Goldrim, Tabula Rasa, Belt of the Deceiver,Wanderlust, Seven-League Step 
  • After lvl44: Widowmaker, Gifts from Above, Maligaro's Virtuosity, Doedre's Damning, Lycosidae

Boosting lv1-100


  • lv1 Freezing Pulse+ Arcane Surge Support(lv1)
  • Do not upgrade Arcane Surge Support because we just need its buff effect.
  • lv8: Freezing Pulse+ Added Cold Damage Support+ Added Lightning Damage Support
  • lv10: Flame Dash+ Freezing Pulse+ Arcane Surge Support


  • lv12: instead Freezing Pulse of Storm Brand+ Blade Vortex+ Added Cold Damage Support+ Added Lightning Damage Support
  • Dual wielding: Axiom Perpetuum
  • lv16: Herald of Ice+ Herald of Thunder
  • Also, Flame Dash+ Brand Recall
  • lv18: if you have Tabula Rasa, you can replace Storm Brand and Blade Vortex to
  • Skill Gems: Storm Brand+ Onslaught Support Onslaught Support+ Elemental Focus Support+Controlled Destruction Support+ Added Lightning Damage Support+ Lightning Penetration Support
  • Skill Gems: Blade Vortex+ Added Cold Damage Support+ Added Lightning Damage Support+ Controlled Destruction Support
  • lv31: If you have more sockets, Lightning Trap+ Added Lightning Damage Support+ Advanced Traps Support+ Trap and Mine Damage Support
  • lv34: Summon Ice Golem(skill not over level3 )
  • lv38: Cast when Damage Taken Support+ Immortal Call + Summon Ice Golem(lv3)


When reached the level you have to complete the first Labyrinth at least and then switch to COC, or after the second Labyrinth. It may bring more fun at this time.
If you want to switch to COC in Level 44, you can keep Lightning Trap to help us make high damage on single target.
Useful for COC ( Cyclone+ Cast On Critical Strike Support Cast On Critical Strike Support + Hypothermia Support+ Ice Nova+ Increased Critical Strikes Support+ Frostbolt (must have  Frozen Trail).
If you have Doedre's Damning, you can use Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support+ Warlord's Mark+ Assassin's Mark
If not, Herald of Ice, Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support+ Warlord's Mark
If you have completed the second Labyrinth, you can replace Doedre's Damning to Gifts from Above, Assassin's Mark to Herald of Ice+ Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support+ Warlord's Mark, then Summon Ice Golem to Summon Chaos Golem
When you are accessible to Cospri's Malice, you can change Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support+ Warlord's Mark to Enfeeble Enfeeble+ Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support, And do not forget to make the combo links of them.
Other improvement of equipment can refer to the following recommend to choose what you like.

Equipment Set

  • Cospri's Malice
  • Loreweave
  • Lycosidae
  • Starkonja's Head
  • The Pandemonius
  • Gifts from Above or Mark of the Shaper

Cospri's Malice Shadow COC build items

Optional Equipment(in priority)

First Stage

  • Gifts from Above (Crit, increased damage, viability)
  • Lycosidae (Hit)
  • Cospri's Malice (No #% reduced cool down time initially, you can pick less 9% increased attack speed, which may affect the trigger of the whole effect.)
  • Frozen Trail (Add one Frostbolt to maximize the damage of Ice Nova)
  • Starkonja's Head (Dexterity, Life as high as possible)
  • Loreweave (Max 80% resistance is necessary. Then Crit chance and element damage or life.)
  • The Pandemonius(Good choice. Other necklace better can replace it)
  • Unique equipment(90+life+enough resistance+212 dexterity enough for Cospri's Malice)
  • Jewels (7%max life+critical strike multiplier)

Second Stage

  • Watcher's Eye
  • Discipline+30 with Es Gain on Hit ES, and replace Herald of Ice to Discipline to improve viability
  • Mark of the Shaper, Match Mark of the Elder with life resistance+ Crafting Bench Shock nearby Enemies for 4 Seconds when you Focus to increase 20% damage or more
  • Unique belt with the Shaper 14% increased cooldown recovery speed 
  • Cospri's Malice (Belt with cooldown recovery speed can improve attack speed)
  • Unique(105+life+ add resistance to the same)
  • Jewel (Max 7%life+2 damage mods)
  • Dream Fragments (Active ring_is_elder_item of by Orb of Chance. It work in Sapphire Ring, which provide some margin of error of T18. It may have less critical damage lacking of Shocking nearby Enemies when used.) 

lv1-98 Skill Passives Tree

Lv1-46  Lv1-71  Lv1-78  Lv1-85  Lv1-91  Lv1-98

Cospri's Malice Shadow COC build Passives Skill Tree

Extra Passive Allocate

Lvl 98( with dodge and spell dodge)

This passive allows us increasing our attack attack dodge from 72% to 82%, and increase 30% spell dodge.

But it may sacrifice 750 effective life, 8% damage, 15% ice resistance and 5% element resistance.

Though POECurrencyBuy recommend not allocate like this, The flexible version provide more possibility for players who are adventurous.


Skill Gems Set


Cyclone+ Cast On Critical Strike Support+ Hypothermia Support + Ice Nova+ Increased Critical Strikes Support + Fortify Support Fortify Support or Elemental Focus Support or Concentrated Effect Support or Increased Area of Effect Support

Cospri's Malice: Frostbolt+ Ice Nova+ Life Leech Support


1. Shield Chargeor + Leap Slam Leap Slam+ Faster Attacks Support+ Fortify Support Fortify Support

2.  Vortex+ Unbound Ailments Support+ Bonechill Support

Starkonja's Head: Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support+ Enfeeble + Herald of Iceor Discipline+Dread Banner or Righteous Fire or Decoy Totem or Phase Run or Enlighten Support

Gloves: Cast when Damage Taken Support(lv1)+ Immortal Call(lv1)+ Frost Bomb(lv10)+ Summon Chaos Golem(lv3)


1. Vortex+ Unbound Ailments Support+ Bonechill Support+ Arcane Surge Support(low level)

2. Flame Dash+ Increased Duration Support+ Arcane Surge Support(low level)+ Faster Casting Support or other damage increased skills

Explain for Skills

To reach the level where Arcane Surge Support can trigger the spell you need once.

Cyclone+ Fortify Support Fortify Support, because weapon is the main role who active high damage.

The collocation of shield and unique boots can refer to boots recommended above.

The second one is more popular.


Bandits & The Pantheon

  • Bandits: to help Alira
  • Major God: Soul of Lunaris
  • Minor God: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair or Yugul, Reflection of Terror (Monsters reflect #% of Elemental Damage, so it may be a stable clearing)


  • Eternal Life Flask (with mods #% Increased Life Recovery Rate+Remove Bleeding on Use)or Blood of the Karui (better than Eternal Life Flask )
  • Diamond Flask (necessary, with mods #% Increased Duration+Remove Curse on Use or Remove Freeze and Chill on Use or Remove Bleeding on Use 
  • The Wise Oak 
  • Basalt Flask or Silver Flask (Silver Flask for fast clearing and Basalt Flask for life insurance, with mods #% Increased Duration + Remove debuff effect)
  • Quicksilver Flask (with mods Duration + Movement Speed)
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