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PoE Endless Delve Leveling Guide - All The Details You Should Know

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Players' long-awaited endless delve mode will be released on December 11th, poe has prepared a lot of prizes for players. Before endless delve, PoeCurrencyBuy has sorted out some noteworthy matters for you, including reward level requirements, starter gear preview and official Q&A. Let's take a look!

PoE Endless Delve Leveling Guide -  All The Details You Should Know


Click Here To Check Path of Exile Endless Delve All Prizes


PoE Endless Delve Starter Gear Preview


Official Q&A

Do we start from level 1?


What exactly do we start with?

40 wisdom scrolls, the skill and support gem your class normally gets on the Twilight Strand, two small life flasks and a small mana flask, and five starter unique items (all with 3 linked white sockets except for the quiver).

Which classes will get which starting unique items?

Marauder: Rust of Winter, Ashes of the Sun, Blood of Summer, Thunder of the Dawn, Remnant of Empires.

Templar: Splinter of the Moon, Remnant of Empires, Ashes of the Sun, Vestige of Divinity, Rust of Winter.

Witch: Splinter of the Moon, Fragment of Eternity, Vestige of Divinity, Scar of Fate, Remnant of Empires.

Shadow: Scar of Fate, Remnant of Empires, Splinter of the Moon, Fragment of Eternity, Blood of Summer.

Ranger: Relic of the Cycle, Slivers of Providence, Fragment of Eternity, Blood of Summer, Scar of Fate.

Duelist: Blood of Summer, Thunder of the Dawn, Relic of the Cycle, Slivers of Providence, Remnant of Empires.

Scion: Splinter of the Moon, Blood of Summer, Remnant of Empires, Scar of Fate, Ashes of the Sun.

Can you make a new character to get multiple copies of the same item?


Could you specify exact thresholds for skill points and Ascendancies?

Passives: 3 each at levels 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70. Total of 24, same as normally gained from quest rewards assuming you kill all bandits.

Ascendancies: levels 33, 55, 68, 75.

How do I choose my Ascendancy?

The Altar of Ascendancy is available in the Mine Encampment.

How does depth scaling work compared to normal Delving?

The levels of monsters at lower depths have been decreased to make Delving from level 1 possible. Monster level is simply equal to depth up to depth 74, where it syncs back up with normal Delve scaling. Level, biome mod and damage/life scaling with depth are the same as normal Delve from depth 74 onwards. Other depth-scaling mechanics like darkness resistance, light radius, Azurite, and rewards will be the same as normal Delving at any depth.

How will respec points work?

2 points at level 10, then 3 at levels 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. Total of 20 free ones, same as gained from quests normally

Which vendors are available? Will there be currency vendors?

You'll have access to Niko's normal shop, and Lilly Roth's gem shop with some modifications. Lilly's gems all cost 1 wisdom scroll each, and she also has an extra tab containing all the normal currency trades offered by vendors (except for portal scrolls).

Are gems restricted to class or will they be accessible to all classes?

Lilly Roth sells all purchasable gems from level 1, no matter which class you pick. She has the same gem selection as her normal shop.

How does Niko's inventory reset?

Every time you complete a new Delve encounter (i.e. move the Crawler to an unexplored node on the map).

Will there be a crafting bench in the Mine Encampment?


Will Prophecies be available?

They can potentially drop from specific reward chests in the mines, but you won't have a way to use them or silver coins.

What about Divination Cards?

They will occasionally drop in the mines, but you won't have anyone to turn them in to.

Will drops be disabled on maps, div cards, etc. because they will have no use?

No. Doing this would require an enormous amount of work which would have inhibited us from being able to run the event at all.

Will the on-death experience penalty be present? If so, when?

Yes. Levels 40 and 70 grant Kitava's curses, with the usual experience loss, resistance penalty, and Vaal skill soul cost increase.

Is the Delve progression per character or per account?

Normally it's shared between characters in the same league, but in this event it's per character. This stops people getting very deep on one character, then quickly making other characters and completing a single encounter to collect multiple copies of Demigod's Authority. Delve upgrades purchased with azurite are also not shared between characters. Your stash is shared as normal.

Can you choose your bandit reward?

The free skill points you're granted for levelling up include 2 points to match killing all the bandits. You're unable to help a bandit, or change the skill points to another reward via the vendor recipe.

Why is Endless Delve Solo Self-Found?

To party with other players, you would need access to towns or your Hideout which are not available due to the nature of the event.

How do I join the event?

At the character selection screen, there's a panel below your characters which will list the events available. You can join the event by clicking 'join'. This option becomes available 30 minutes before the event is set to begin. Your character won't be able to move until the event starts.



  • Recognize you can't craft resists.
  • Keep Bismuth Flasks on your filter.
  • Use Purity of Elements early on until you can gather some gear.
  • Necromancer, Inquisitor, Chieftain and Juggernaut have easy access to resistances early on compared to other classes.
  • Try to target Armour nodes every ten levels or so and look for "Resistant" nodes which tend to have more Elemental Resist nodes.
  • Use Essences or Fossils liberally to patch up missing resists.


  • Farm low-level Item and Armour nodes for a Tabula.
  • Just keep pushing and get lucky.
  • Geomancer's Incubator.
  • Exceptional Armour chest.
  • Collect 6-socket items to vendor for jewellers into fusings. Don't forget to up quality with perfect fossils.
  • Collect 60 unique Rings, make a Loreweave, cry, then find more fusings.
  • Get extremely lucky in a Chayula breach, get a Skin of the Loyal, find it has completely wrong colours, and cry more.
  • Get a Shadowstitch from Hidden Heirlooms - yeah, right.
  • Vaal every armour you find above ilvl 50.
  • Roll for fully-linked Armourer's Strongboxes, or roll for extra items/mirrored/quant and vaal.
  • Be like Raiz and settle for a 5 link.


Key Delve Mechanics

Corpse Removal

  • Freeze & Shatter
  • Occultist's Frigid Wake (on a rotating timer)
  • Corpse Detonation Skills (Offerings, DD, Cremation, VD)
  • Corpse Consumption Skills (Devouring Totem, Raise Zombie/Spectre)
  • Other explode skills (Abyssal Cry, Infernal Blow)
  • Void Sphere (long cooldown, may not be reliable)
  • Shaper maces with "Enemies killed explode dealing #% of their Life as Fire Damage"
  • Occultist's Profane Bloom
  • Gladiator's Gratuitous Violence
  • The following unique items: Inpulsa, Quecholli, Haemophilia, Obliteration, Mon'tregul's Grasp, Kitava's Feast, Pyre
  • The following unique items will be nearly impossible to obtain:
  • Asenath's Gentle Touch - extremely rare drop from Maraketh Legion
  • Bubonic Trail - extremely rare drop from a Abyss Items node or Abyssal Incubator
  • Icefang Orbit/Venopuncture - Blight items; only obtainable through Timelost Incubators or Hidden Heirloom Chest

Burning Ground

  • Fire Max Res
  • Life/ES Regen
  • Reduced Fire/DOT/Damage Taken (e.g. Trickster's Prolonged Pain)
  • Full Immunity
  • Redblade Tramplers (Redblade Retreat/Base - Magma Fissure)
  • Garukhan's Flight - extremely rare drop
  • Shaper influence boots - Celestial Incubators, Astral chests

Immunity may be required at extreme depths as damage scales significantly.

Chaos Degen Zombies

  • CI

That's the tweet. Good luck getting Chaos Res.

More seriously:

  • Broken Crown
  • The Embalmer
  • Ming's Heart
  • Amethyst Flask
  • Essence belt - +50% Chaos res when you use a flask
  • Abberant Fossil crafted rares


  • Quartz Flask
  • Phase Run, Withering Step
  • Abyss Jewel (Murderous, Searching)
  • Allure, Tinkerskin
  • Elder influenced quivers (might drop from Eldritch chests?)
  • Raider's Avatar of the Veil & Quartz Infusion
  • Freedom of Movement, From the Shadows notables

Frost Wall

  • Frost Wall
  • Spell Cascade
  • Increased Duration, to season


  • Apparently Conversion Traps can stop Sandstorms at Dusty Altars.
  • Dynamite can stun bosses and do decent amounts of chip damage on bosses.
  • Don't get hit.


Special Delve Nodes & Chests

  • Contains Abyss Items (Abyssal Depths) or certain chests in Abyssal Cities
  • Gazing Jewellery: Abyss Jewels, rarely Stygian Vises or Delve Uniques
  • Contains Fire Items (Magma Fissure)
  • Flammability on hit rings, Fire life leech amulets, +3% Fire Max Res shields, % reduced Fire damage taken helms and chests, sometimes Redblade Warband items & Uniques
  • Contains Cold Items (Frozen Hollow)
  • Frostbite on hit rings, Cold life leech amulets, +3% Cold Max Res shields, % reduced Cold damage taken helms and chests, sometimes Mutewind Warband items & Uniques
  • Contains Lightning Items (Sulphur Vents)
  • Conductivity on hit rings, Lightning life leech amulets, +3% Lightning Max Res shields, % reduced Lightning damage taken helms and chests, sometimes Brinerot Warband items & Uniques
  • Contains Chaos Items (Fungal Caverns)
  • Despair on hit rings, Chaos life leech amulets, +3% Chaos Max Res shields, % reduced Chaos damage taken helms and chests, sometimes Renegade Warband items & Uniques
  • Contains Physical Items (Petrified Forest)
  • Vulnerability on hit rings, Physical life leech amulets, Corrupted Blood immunity gloves & shields, physical damage reduction helms, bleed chance/damage gloves, 10% double damage weapons
  • Contains Minion or Aura Items (Petified Forest, Fungal Caverns, Abyssal Depths)
  • +2 Minion gems 2x2 gear, +1 spectre, zombie, or skeleton chests, minion damage jewellery, +1 zombie or skeleton amulets, 5% reduced mana reserved helms, +2 aura helms
  • Contains Mana or Curse items (Abyssal Depths)
  • Mana regen% or Damage gained as Mana 2x2 gear, +2 curse helms, additional curse chest, curse effect shield
  • Buried Monolith (All Biomes)
  • Legion - rarely Legion Uniques, extremely rarely Timeless Jewels (from Generals), various Incubators (including Enchanted, Feral, Celestial, Timelost, etc.)
  • Whispering Gallery (All Biomes)
  • Breach - rarely Breach Uniques. (No way to upgrade)
  • Runed Cavern (All Biomes)
  • Harbinger - can drop Ancient Orbs and shards.
  • Echoing Lair (Fungal Caverns)
  • Beast - contains chest with a rare item with an Aspect craft
  • Ritual Grounds (Petrified Forest)
  • Ritualistic Jewellery - drops a Talisman (only way to get Anointed amulet other than through Legion, comes well rolled - must be ilvl 68+ though)
  • All Biomes & Cities
  • Astral/Eldritch: Shaper/Elder influenced items (max ilvl 83)
  • All Biomes & Cities
  • Superior X: 30% quality (good for Physical weapons and ES armour crafting, though Perfect Fossils should work too)
  • All Biomes & Cities
  • Exceptional X: 6-link gear
  • All Biomes & Cities
  • Unusual X: Atlas bases (e.g. Two-Toned Boots)
  • Fractured Walls
  • Ancient (Inscribed?) Gems: May drop triple corrupted gems (level, quality, vaal version), Empower, Enlighten
  • All Biomes (Fractured Walls?)
  • Hidden Heirloom: Various League-exclusive uniques including Farrul's Fur, Shadowstitch, Headhunter, upgraded Temple and Breach uniques.


Thanks blvcksvn for tips


Useful Craft Tool

Using fossils to crafting your own gear in the mine is a very important leveling basis. Here are some websites to help you know how to make a good gear more easily





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