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PoE Trade Currency Guide

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This is a full guide that will teach you how to trade your currency with other Path of Exile players, or where you should get the currency(orb) that you do really need in the game. We all know that PoE has a nice currency system, but that does not mean you can always get what you want, usually, there are four ways to exchange PoE Currency and Orbs:


PoE Trade Currency Guide


1. Official trade website

GGG has launched a beta form of pathofexile.com/trade, a trade site which has similar functionality to popular community sites. They have also augmented their Online API to take into consideration AFK players and individuals in DND mode. This functionality can be obtained for those trade websites that consume this API and really should help to make trade results better for everybody. Read the remainder of what is the news publish for info on pathofexile.com/trade, or click the link to see our Trade Manifesto if you want to learn more about our philosophy behind the exchange Path of Exile.


PoE Trade Currency Guide 1


-  Search through item listings from the Public Stash API as well as linked items in trade threads from the forum.

-  An extensive set of filters to find that perfect item.

-  Automatic support for new mods and unique items as they are found in leagues.

-  Live-searches that notify you of matching items as they are listed by other players.

-  A trade-specific blacklist to hide item listings from abusive players.

-  Available in all the languages Path of Exile support (English, Russian, Brazilian -  Portuguese, Thai, German, French and Spanish).


2. Poe.trade

Poe.trade will get its information in the official Path of Exile forums, within the buying and selling subforums and thru the general public stash tab API particularly. poe.trade will browse the content from the threads produced within the buying and selling subforums and upload it to the page. The forums, in addition, have a system to link item out of your game stash inside your posts, which will help verify when the item continues to be available. The products may then be prized by appending the right syntax following the code that links the product.


This is how it looks on the website


PoE Trade Currency Guide 2


The little "api" tag next to the "online" tag tells me that this is somehow achievable through the in-game premium stash tab API but I haven't figured out how this works.


For the normal Poe.trade website every item is listed as soon as the stash tab is public, however on the currency my stock doesn't show, even though I have my currency stash tab listed as public.


Do I have to set a special note? I know that the price can be determined with a certain note on a (currency) item, but does this help with showing the stock and can I still use the web-based buyout/sell options when my items are listed via note?


I'm trying to lower the number of people spamming me when I ran out of a certain currency while flipping but I still want to be able to use the trading tools on the website.


3. PoecurrencyBuy

PoecurrencyBuy.com is a website that offering all kinds of currency and orbs that a PoE player maybe need in the game, such as, Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, Orb of Fusing, Chromatic Orb, Gemcutter`s Prism, Jeweller's Orbs, Orb of Regret, Orb of Alchemy, Cartographer`s Chisel, Vaal Orb, Mirror of Kalandra, Divine Orb. We will Update the farming guides in every path of exile, help you fast and easy to get your Poe orbs.


PoE Trade Currency Guide 3

If you want to buy orb and currency from PoecurrencyBuy.com, you should have an account first, you can find the register button on the top of www.poecurrencybuy.com, then you can search the Poe currency/items that you want on this page, the price is listed here, and if you have any questions, you can contact the customer services staff, they will help you 7/24.


4. Some Game Currency Exchange Websites

If there is a popular game, there must be a marketplace, for Path of Exile currency Exchanging/Trading, you can find a lot of sellers and buyers on Ownedcore.com and Epicnpc.com, which are both famous and trustworthy platform. 


In this two website, people would post a thread beginning with "Buying" and "Selling", which means they want to buy PoE currency or sell, and you can PM them or just find their contact information on the post.


Apart from these four ways to trade PoE Currency, you will also find some other websites that can buy and sell Poe currency and items too, for example, r4pg.com, poe4orbs.com and so on. Personally speaking, I'd like you guys to buy from our websites, that's all, thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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