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[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Ranger Lightning Strike Raider Fast Build

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This PoE 3.16 Ranger Lightning Strike Raider Fast Build is really simple to play. We clear most the screen with one or two hits and for bosses it is a case of dropping a totem, cursing the boss (with either curse on hit or manual), Hitting Vaal Lightning Strike and bursting down the boss.

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Ranger Lightning Strike Raider Fast Build


Pros & Cons

  • + FUN!!!!!
  • + Great clear speed
  • + Amazing burst damage
  • + Tanky
  • + Very fast movement Speed
  • + Good linear progression and can be min-maxed to good levels
  • + Quick to maps (5 hours is easily achievable at League Start)
  • + SSF Viable
  • - Melee not to everyone's taste
  • - Need to level with a different skill
  • - Takes time to master positioning to maximise damage
  • - Getting popular so gear can be expensive


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Rapid Assault -> Quartz Infusion -> Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Veil

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris or Any you like

Bandit: Kill all or Alira. End Game is 2 skill points but feel free to take Alira if it makes levelling easier

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/GUHyqfAH

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Ranger Lightning Strike Raider Passive Skill Tree


Gems Setup

6 Link with Hunter Additional Strike Gloves

Vaal Lightning Strike - Added Cold Damage - Nightblade Support - Inspiration Support - Trinity - Increased Critical Support

6 Link without Hunter Additional Strike Gloves

Vaal Lightning Strike - Added Cold Damage - Nightblade Support- Ancestral Call - Increased Critical Support - Trinity

Multi Totem

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multi Totem Support - Culling Strike

You can drop culling strike when you get it on the tree or glove


Grace - Precision - Anger - Herald of Ice 

You can only run Herald of Ice once you have mana reservation from:

  • Reservation wheel
  • 25% Grace reservation mastery
  • 100% Precision reservation mastery
  • Anger reservation reduction from enchanted helmet

Movement Skill

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Flame Dash

Flame Dash is just used to clear gaps and as a safe movement skill in boss fights

Cast When Damage Taken Setup

CWDT (Level 2) - Immortal Call (Level 4) - Increased Duration - Withering Step (Level 20)

Bind Withering step to move LMB and make sure it is a higher level than what the CWDT taken can activate so you can use the skill

Spare 4 link

This is TBC as we work out the best use of the extra slots after dropping vigilant strike. You could add a curse + brand setup if you like but the build already has a lot of buttons

I personally will save this for a cast on death portal for when I farm harder content later in the league


Gear Setup

This gear is more expensive that you need to clear most content so will be updating soon



You want an Imperial Claw with:

  • Attack Speed (At least 22%)
  • Crit Chance
  • Elemental Damage (Any type is fine and the more the better)
  • Craft Ele penetration if you have a spare prefix


Ideally on here you want a base that gives movement speed:

  • Life
  • Block/Spell Suppression (This apparently has much higher rolls in 3.16 up to 16%)
  • Max Resistances
  • Resists

Body Armour

You have lots of options here. You can go Farruls Fur for instant Power and Frenzy Charges.

In 3.16, my recommendation is a Redeemer Chest with Life, 15% Phys Taken as Cold, Resistances and crafted block

In 3.16 there are lots of other options such as:

  • Warlord Socketed Gems -15 Mana Cost
  • Power Charge on Hit
  • Extra Curse


Hunter Gloves item level 80 with Strikes Target 1 Additional Enemy

  • Life
  • Resistances
  • Attack Speed
  • Accuracy (Optional)

For end game awakener orb together (Warlord Culling strike + Hunter Additional Strike]


Lightning Strike pierces 3 additional Targets
Adds 76 to 126 Cold Damage
Your Hits treat Cold Resistance as 10% higher than actual value
+98 to maximum Life
+11% to Fire Resistance
+47% to Cold Resistance
+43% to Lightning Resistance
5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

BiS will be a Blizzard Helm with Anger Mana reservation (This is needed to get all the auras in):

  • Life
  • Res
  • Crafted Phys Taken as Fire (Korrell Syndicate Unlock)

Second would be a DEX redeemer helmet il 83+ with 10% Phys damage taken as cold

Cheaper option would be any helmet with life, res and then craft using Life Fossils


Rare Boots with:

Hunter il 80 boots with:

  • Life- Projectiles pierce 2 additional targets (Means we dont need lightning strike enchange
  • Life
  • resists

Craft movement speed + Onslaught (Syndicate Unlock)


Mark of The Elder + Shaper il 80+ with Assassins Mark on Hit


Rare Amulet which will need STR and INT:

  • Life
  • Attributes
  • Crit Multi
  • Ele Damage with Attacks or Flat Ele Damage

* Annoint Prismatic Skin (End Game) or Divine Judgement (Cheap and Strong)


This is where we need a ton of resists and probably some strength as this will make it cheaper to gear the influenced items as we will not need as much resistances on them. 

Cluster Jewels

8 passive lightning or cold jewel with:

  • Stormrider (Needed)
  • Sadist
  • Prismatic Heart (We do not allocate this it just saves points)

You do not need to allocate Prismatic Heart this is just to save points.

Stormrider gives us power charges which is a huge DPS boost.


Lethal Pride Legion Jewel

We put a Lethal Pride Jewel here. You will need to use Divine Orbs on it to get stats the help us. This jewel randomly allocates extra stats to any notables you have specced on your tree.

PoE 3.16 Scourge Ranger Lightning Strike Raider Lethal Pride Location

You are looking for:

  • Intimidate on hit
  • Chance to deal double damage
  • Life %
  • Physical Damage taken as fire damage

If you can both intimidate and double damage that is a huge DPS increase

Other Jewels

For other Jewels you want:

  • Life
  • Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
  • Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
  • Attack Speed (With Shield/Claw or one handed Weapon

Any Mix will be good. We are missing 10% ailment avoidance if we do not pick any up on gear, so we can get this as a harvest craft or corrupted implicit on a jewel.


I do not run Quicksilver flasks as feel with whirling blades we do not really need more movement speed. I run:

  • Jade Flasks for extra Evasion - Try and get increased Evasion as a Suffix
  • Silver Flask for Onslaught - Suffix up to you but I recommend Poison
  • Atziri's Promise/Sulphur Flask
  • Bleeding Life Flask
  • Diamond Flask


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