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[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar League Starter Builds

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In Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge, the cursed continent of Wraeclast is coming under siege by a demonic army from a parallel timeline. Here is the latest PoE 3.16 Templar League Starter | Endgame | Fast | Cheap Builds brought to you by PoECurrencyBuy. These Hierophant, Guardian, and Inquisitor popular builds are also leveling guides, you can check the pob link in detail.

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar League Starter Builds


Quick Jump

Templar Hierophant

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant Tank Build

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Easy Starter Build


[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant Tank Build

  • + Amazing clear speed. One cast and the whole screen is clean.
  • + Awsome single DPS.
  • + High survivability. 3.6k life with 50% MOM plus arcane cloak absorption. Also, it has plenty of block chance.
  • + No worry about elemental alignments!
  • + High sustainability with 2000+ life regeneration per second.
  • + League start friendly. Very smooth to gear up and not so expensive to reach a very strong level. Although the final min-max would be $$$.
  • + Be able to use any spell you want!
  • + Elemental reflect maps? Not a problem! Switch Essence Worm to Sibyl's Lament and you are good to go.
  • + Not being a meta slave.
  • - Long lockdown time due to great spell echo and spell echo. Need to invest some cast speed
  • - No stun-immunity until you got Skyforth.
  • - Use many unique gears, so resistance becomes an issue.
  • - No regen maps are very painful. Less life recovery rate mod is dangerous.

Gems Setup

PoH: Ball lightning--Archmage--Slower projectile--Spell echo--Lightning penetration--Controlled destruction.

Sire of Shards: Ball lightning--Archmage--Pinpoint--Spell echo--Lightning penetration--Controlled destruction.

Utilities: Arcane Cloak--Anomalous Arcane Surge--Second Wind--Increased Duration

Arcanist Brand--Wave of Conviction--Blade Blast--Sniper's Mark

Flame Dash--Second Wind

Empower--Vaal Righteous Fire--Sigil of Power

These are just my personal taste. Feel free to use any other combinations. 



Pantheon: Brine King and Any you like 

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link: Levelling tree - https://pastebin.com/zC8dxG7Z



[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Easy Starter Build



Primary damage links in order of priority

Freezing Pulse -> Controlled Destruction -> Hypothermia -> Cold Penetration -> Increased Critical Strikes -> Added Cold Damage

Note that if you are not yet using a Soul Mantle you'll need to equip a Spell Totem gem to convert Freezing Pulse into a Totem; the support gems above are listed in order of priority so drop gems as needed to fit your current available links.

With the changes to Hierophant in 3.13, I'd generally recommend making Multiple Totems your final link when you acquire a 6-link as it should now prove to be a decent clear speed increase compared to individual totem summoning. Prior to that, I would recommend moving the Multiple Totems support to your Frost Bomb to retain extra 2 totems in combat (see Frost Bomb links below).

Offensive support 4-link

Frostbite -> Arcane Surge -> Increased Duration -> Spell Cascade

This should be your priority for your first spare 4-link. Remember to level your Arcane Surge gem such that the mana cost of Frostbite is equal or higher than the trigger for Arcane Surge to grant its buff effect. You want Frostbite to grant Arcane Surge every single time it is cast; maximum uptime is worth more than slightly increasing Arcane Surge's buff effect. Spell Cascade allows you to both increase Frostbite's cost (to give you more room for a higher level Arcane Surge) and allows you to blanket a much larger area without increasing Frostbite's cast time.

The reason this gem link does not contain Faster Casting is that it is intended to be socketed into Shaper gloves that contain the affix "Socketed Gems are supported by level 18/20 Faster Casting" on them. Until you have such gloves, feel free to drop Increased Duration for Faster Casting.

Remember that your rank of Arcane Surge should be adjusted to account for the mana cost of your Frostbite curse! I personally keep Arcane Surge low enough that a single Frostbite cast will trigger it, but keeping it within two casts of Frostbite is also reasonable.

Offensive support 4-link

Frost Bomb -> Spell Cascade -> Increased Duration -> Second Wind

Once you're on a 6-link Soul Mantle (and Multiple Totems is in your primary damage links), your Frost Bomb setup should look something like the above and be manually cast for difficult to kill targets. Frost Bomb provides both Cold Exposure (-25% Cold Resistance debuff) and -75% life regeneration to enemies affected by the cold pulses of Frost Bomb before it explodes, so this is a valuable damage increase against bosses. The additional links simply increase your ability to spread the coverage and length of debuffs per usage; if you are looking for room for different gems not listed in this guide, this is probably the first link I'd pull from to find room for those.

If you are still on a 5-link Soul Mantle (or lower) and Multiple Totems is not in your primary damage links, I recommend moving Frost Bomb into a totem setup like this:

Frost Bomb -> Spell Totem -> Multiple Totems -> Second Wind

By linking it to Spell Totem and Multiple Totems, this turns Frost Bomb into a totem that has +2 to maximum number of totems, allowing us to drop an additional 2 totems alongside our Freezing Pulse totems (only when Multiple Totems is not also in our primary Freezing Pulse links). In turn this grants us stronger effects of our Ritual of Awakening ascendancy bonus, which scales with the number of active totems. Since the totems will have a cooldown inherited by Frost Bomb, adding Second Wind allows us to store 2 charges of the totem, ensuring we can still drop 2 of these totems with one button press (though they will have a brief recharge time before you can drop more). Remember that you want to refresh your Freezing Pulse totems before you attempt to refresh any active Frost Bomb totems, lest you wind up destroying any of your active Freezing Pulse totems (which must still obey their 4 active totem limit). This is generally not an issue since the Frost Bomb totems have a brief cooldown and don't need to be replaced that frequently, but you can play around with this in your hideout so you can see it for yourself.

Utility support 4-link

Steelskin -> Cast When Damage Taken -> Increased Duration -> (Your Choice)

I've actually started running Steelskin over Immortal call as of late; even though we do generate Endurance Charges in this build, we have a low base amount of physical mitigation, and do not rebuild our Endurance Charges that consistently after Immortal Call eats them, which can leave us a bit vulnerable to physical damage once Immortal Call wears off if we are not fully out of danger. Steelskin doesn't consume our Endurance Charges when it triggers, so we get to keep the additional physical mitigation at all times. The downside of Steelskin is that it requires a much higher rank of skill gem to really be useful later, so you'll want to level up Steelskin and Cast When Damage Taken to relatively high levels. I personally run a level 17 Cast When Damage Taken and a level 19 Steelskin, which allows Steelskin to absorb up to around 2k damage during its buff effect.

The final link here is yours to decide; Vaal Righteous Fire would be my recommendation as it is a big damage increase when available. Just make sure whatever you slot here is high enough rank that it is not triggered autoamatically by Cast When Damage Taken unless you want it to be.

Damage support 3-link

Cold Snap -> Cast When Damage Taken -> Bonechill

I run this 3-link setup in my weapon so that when enemies strike me, it will drop a Cold Snap chilling area under them that increases the cold damage they take thanks to Bonechill support. Keep Cast When Damage Taken at level 1 in this setup (which will allow you up to a level 7 Cold Snap) since we don't care how much damage Cold Snap itself does, so we want this to trigger as much as possible. 

Note that using Vaal Cold Snap will also grant you a Vaal version that you can self-cast, which grants you Frenzy charges every second enemies are standing in the chilling ground. Useful for some additional Frenzy charge generation against certain bosses, but requires souls to charge, which isn't possible in some encounters (such as Sirus). 

Movement support 3-link

Flame Dash Or Dash -> Second Wind  -> Sniper's Mark

Your main movement skill link. Personally after testing these in 3.10 I prefer Dash to Flame Dash, but this will come down to personal preference. Early game, you may have a easier time using Flame Dash since you are likely to have fairly low access to Dexterity bonuses for higher levels of Dash. The Portal gem is just a luxury, and can be replaced with whatever you prefer if you don't mind picking up Portal Scrolls (Phase Run, Lightning Golem, Lighting Warp, etc).

This is also a good place to fit your Sniper's Mark curse in for bosses. You can also choose to slot it into your Frostbite 4-link setup in place of Spell Cascade, which will allow it to benefit from Increased Duration at the cost of losing Spell Cascade for Frostbite (which will lower Frostbite's mana cost for Arcane Surge purposes). If you choose to do that, you can use the third gem socket here for whatever you prefer

Early game, you may have a easier time using Flame Dash since you are likely to have fairly low access to Dexterity bonuses for higher levels of Dash. The Portal gem is just a luxury, and can be replaced with whatever you prefer if you don't mind picking up Portal Scrolls (Phase Run, Lightning Golem, Lighting Warp, etc).

Awakened Gem Priority

Primary damage links:

Awakened Controlled DestructionAwakened Added Cold Damage and Awakened Cold Penetration are the three Awakened gem variants we can currently utilize in this build.


Ascendancy: Pursuit of Faith -> Ritual of Awakening -> Conviction of Power -> Divine Guidance

Pantheon: Brine King and Shakari

Bandit: Help Alira

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/FU6QfESc (Community Fork Version) 

higher-end investment: https://pastebin.com/xBuKsHUy



Templar Guardian

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Spiders Guardian Herald of Purity Easy Build

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Dominating Blow Guardian League Starter Build


[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Spiders Guardian Herald of Purity Easy Build

  • + Good clear
  • + Good single target (Uber Elder and A8 Sirus down on a 5L)
  • + Great survivability with multiple defensive layers: over 7K ES, over 65K armour, 75% chance to block attacks and spells, 1300 ES gained on block, huge ES regen every five seconds, 10K damage shield with Molten Shell, a lot of reduced effect of curses
  • + Can do all map mods (although no regen is more comfortable with a mana flask and less armour/chance to block can be rippy versus strong physical bosses like the Minotaur)
  • + The minions we use are immortal, or automatically (re)summoned, so there’s no need to worry about them dying
  • + Since this build uses almost only unique items, it’s relatively cheap to min-max
  • + I don't play hardcore, but I would assume that this build is definitely HC viable, even though leveling will require some classic HC measures

+/- It's a minion build, which feels clunky to some people and relaxing to some others

  • - This build is quite bad at handling blighted maps, since it doesn't have screen covering AoE.
  • - This build is not the best at handling Aul, the Crystal King, since his phases are time based and not %HP-based, and we have less damage than a pure glass cannon. I still manage to kill the Auls I find, but I never went past 500-ish depth, so I don't know about deeper.

Gems Setup

Your Herald of Purity setup should be the following (socketed in body armour):

Herald of Purity - Predator - Bloodlust - Ruthless - Empower - Awakened Minion Damage

If you don't have the mana to use HoP, Discipline and Determination yet, take out some HoP gems, not Determination! Check the FAQ for more info.

Your Raise Spider support gems should be the following: (socketed in weapon 1 (Arakaali's Fang))

Predator - Withering Touch - Awakened Melee Splash Damage

For hard boss fights, replace Melee Splash with Melee Physical Damage.

In order to summon Sentinels, we use Cyclone. We support it with Culling Strike for an effective 10% more global damage and help with summoning our minions during clear, Fortify to mitigate the damage we take from blocked hits, and Maim to increase the physical damage taken by enemies. (socketed in Helmet; for help on how to off-colour your items, please refer to the Off-colouring your items section in the FAQ)

Cyclone - Culling Strike - Fortify - Maim

We use a Carrion Golem for more damage, along with Feeding Frenzy support to make it grant us the Feeding Frenzy buff (10% more minion damage, and 10% increased minion attack, cast, and movement speed). Since we don't invest in minion life regen or leech, it tends to die every minute or so, which is why we use Cast when Stunend to summon it automatically. Since we're CI, we get stunned easily, so it's always up, and we mitigate the danger (and discomfort) of stuns through Soul of the Brine King. (See the Pantheon or Defensive mechanics sections for more info). (Socketed in Weapon 2 (Aegis Aurora))

Summon Carrion Golem - Feeding Frenzy - Cast when Stunned

As auras, we use Discipline and Determination for more ES and armour respectively. We socket them along with our movement skill (I use Shield Charge), and Desecrate to spawn corpses for spiders. (Socketed in Boots)

Vaal Discipline - Desecrate - Determination - Shield Charge

Finally, there are three useful gems that we socket in our gloves. Rallying Cry grants our minions a nice damage boost, Molten Shell gives us an extra layer of defense, and Spirit Offering gives a great damage boost. Since those three gems are duration-based, we support them with Increased Duration (which is much more important and useful than you might think!). (Socketed in Gloves)

Rallying Cry - Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Spirit Offering

Leveling Tips

This build can with Dominating Blow from lvl 28 reach Blood Aqueducts in about 6h fairly easily. However, I felt it to be faster to simply focus on Herald of Purity & Smite. This can easily be combined with a Holy Relic as well as with a pack of pack of Zombies which comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The idea is to link your Smite this way:

- Smite, Ancestral Call, Melee Physical Damage, Added Fire Damage

And your Herald of Purity like this:

- Herald of Purity, Melee Splash, Melee Physical, Minion Damage

This in combination with a Blind linked to our Holy Relic makes leveling extremely smooth & efficient.

Since the end-game gear for this character is solely focused on high life with capped resistances, so does the leveling! However, it is recommended to use a 1H weapon with proper damage during the lvling sequence till you hit about lvl 70 in which case you can easily switch to Dominating Blow and a Brightbeak. Obviously this can be done earlier if you so wish but without extensive knowledge and/or experience with this type of build I wouldn't recommend switching before that.


Ascendancy: Radiant Crusade -> Radiant Faith -> Unwavering Crusade -> Time of Need

Pantheon: Brine King and Ryslatha 

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/7QWvHaqD (community fork)



[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Templar Dominating Blow Guardian League Starter Build

Is this build for you?

If you are looking for a top tier league starter build.

A build that is viable in both hardcore & softcore.

Extremely cheap build with TONS of upgradable options for end-game.

If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.



Dominating Blow

Dominating BlowImpaleFeeding FrenzyBrutality, Melee Physical Damage, Multistrike


Multistrike is meant to be replaced by Melee Splash for the sake of smoother clearing.

Herald of Purity

Herald of PurityImpaleMultistrike, Brutality


Multistrike is meant to be replaced by Melee Splash for the sake of smoother clearing.


Dash, Second Wind

Utility Minions

Carrion Golem, Raise Spectre, Animate Guardian


Raise Spectre should be linked with Blood Magic to have the Carnage Chieftain monkeys from Act 7 Ashen Fields spam their frenzy charges to your army. 
When it comes to the Animate Guardian gear & mechanics I would suggest watching the video linked at the top of this thread!


Dread BannerSkitterbots


ConvocationDesecrateFlesh OfferingPunishment, Enduring CryClarity (lvl 1)


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/FUGHMiij 

HIGH BUDGET VERSION: https://pastebin.com/5PhgAZiy



Templar Inquisitor

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Temple Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build

[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Temple CoC Ice Nova Inquisitor Starter Build


[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Temple Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build


  • One button setup for easy mapping + Dash :)
  • Inquisitor is the best for scaling & sustaining Reap
  • Simple gear, we predominantly use Uniques so it's clear what to buy
  • Easily interchangeable with other variations of the skill, or other strong meta skills if this isn't your flavour


  • New skill. These can always have randomly unexpected interactions occur
  • My version lacks some damage mitigation, an easy aura swap to fix though
  • The life costs are huge. We make significant costs to sustain this
  • We don't get to play with any damage overtime sources of damage due to Avatar of Fire


  • 100% Critical Strike Chance without Flasks, and with Controlled Destruction
  • Full fire conversion, focusing on very heavy spell hits
  • Insane scaling thanks to so many %more modifiers and Reaps innate damage effectiveness
  • I will put Predicted Total DPS here after we receive gem stats :)


  • 9,000+ Energy Shield on Week 1 gear
  • Max Chaos Resistance + Ivory Tower MoM
  • 2,000+ Net Energy Shield Regen with Spell Leech and Pious Path
  • 2,000+ Net Life Regen which can sustain our huge Reap costs

Gems Setup

Reap > Added Fire Damage > Intensify > Spell Echo > Controlled Destruction > Fire Penetration

Vaal Discipline > Zealotry > Herald of Ash

Vitality > Herald of Purity > Enlighten

Arcanist Brand > Assassin's Mark > Wave of Conviction > Combustion

Summon Stone Golem > Dash > Arcane Surge Lvl 8 > Second Wind

Cast when Damage Taken Lvl 8 > Frost Shield Lvl 10 > Immortal Call Lvl 10 > Increased Duration



Leveling Gear

Use the following wands to level up until Battlemage. Making one at Level 8 and two at Level 20 will carry you until Ngamahu's.

Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Ruby Ring = Level 8 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Magic Ruby Ring = Level 14 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Rare Ruby Ring = Level 20 Fire Damage Wand
Iron Ring + Red Gem = Ruby Ring

Ngamahu's Flame is insane. This bad boy is 1c on Day one and is the second best weapon we can get. This will tide us over perfectly until we save up enough for Vulconus, which I am predicting will be an Exalt.

Rare Helmet or Goldrim will be decent. Honestly a helmet you identify off the ground will probably be better as we really have no requirements. Look for Maximum Life, Maximum Energy Shield and any resistances you might need to help you cap out. Chaos resistance is a great stat to pick up here to reach that cap early.

Corrupted 6 Link is always a better option over Tabula. These provide some stats and are very cheap. I would recommend buying some of your other items before this as the 6 Link will be rough on your Life costs.

Meginord's Vise is a great set of gloves that I plan to use until I get my Shaper's Touch. These provide +100 Strength and Large life regeneration. With our Ascendancy that is 100% Increased Critical Strike Chance.

Wanderlust are your standard levelling boots. With increased Movement Speed and Cannot be Frozen these are great for the acts. I'd suggest switching to boots with Life, MS and some Resistance from Act 9 onwards.

Carnage Heart is a solid unique amulet with very good allrounded stats. I would recommend just using a Rare that you identify until you can buy an Astramentis, even just a lower stat one.

Le Heup of All provides us with up to 90% total Elemental Resistance as well as Attributes and Damage. These are pretty good but once you get into maps start looking to upgrade to Chaos Resistance rings with Life.

The Magnate gives big damage through Global Physical Damage, Strength and at minimum 60% total Elemental Resistance. A great addition and perfect to use until you pick up a Fire Damage Doryani's Invitation.


Path of Building Link


This is slightly out of date, and some items are broken in PoB causing weird calculation issues. Import my profile Aziire and character Reap_GodKingStreamer for my current build.

Path of Building Link for CoC: https://pastebin.com/szkJuErg

This is more reflective of my current end game.



[Scourge] PoE 3.16 Temple CoC Ice Nova Inquisitor Starter Build

  • + Explosions from Herald of Ice :D
  • + Tanky and safe playstyle.
  • + Immune to elemental ailments.
  • + Fast clear.
  • + Good boss killer.
  • + Cheap to start.
  • + Can do all content in the game including 100% delirium T16 maps (without headhunter) all bosses and Maven's Invitation: The Feared.
  • - To do elemental reflect maps or Uber Atziri you need to switch one ring for Sibyl's Lament and take Soul of Yugul pantheon.
  • - For no regen maps you have to switch one flask for Enduring mana flask. (It's easier to avoid this mod).

Core Mechanics

  • Cospri's Malice
  • Corrupted Soul + Pious Path
  • Righteous Providence

Corrupted Soul Keystone split non-chaos damage you take to 50% be taken as Life and other 50% as Energy shield. For example if you get hit by 1000 dmg you lose 500 life and 500 energy shield instead of losing 1000 energy shield in regular case. It's worthy mention that because of split damage received you don't benefit if you ES>Life.

Pious Path add your life regen to you ES regen. In our case if we have 800 life regen we will also get 800 ES regen. With Corrupted Soul we always lose equal amount of life and ES when dealing with non-chaos damage and in this case we always utilize our double regeneration rate.

Righteous Providence gives us over 500% increased critical strike chance which allows us to always have 100% Critical Strike Chance.

Here you can find explanation about attack speed and cooldown recovery of CoC and Cospri's Malice:

Gems Setup

Body Armour

Cyclone - Awakened Cast on Critical Strike - Ice Nova - Hypothermia - Awakened Added Cold Damage (Increased Critical Strikes before Watcher's Eye) - Inspiration

Cospri's Malice

Frostbolt - Ice Nova - Ice Bite (Power Charge on Critical Strike before you get cluster jewel with Cold Conduct + Stormrider)

You can change Ice Bite for added cold damage support or any other support which gives you more damage.


Shaper's Touch with +2 to socketed AoE gems or +1 to all socketed gems:

Enlightent - Herald of Ice - Hatred - Flesh and Stone


Vortex - Bonechill - Arcane Surge (around lvl. 6) - Culling Strike or Unbounded Ailments.


Immortal Call(20) - Cast When Damage Taken(20)

Dash or Flame Dash - Second Wind

1-links: Vaal Righteous Fire, Precision (just to cap you accuracy, it should be around lvl. 11), Vitality

Notice if you will have in 3-link Cast When Damage Taken and Vaal Righteous Fire both at lvl. 20 then your CWDT will activate your regular Righteous Fire skill when you get hit. You need to unlink that item or use Vaal Righteous Fire with at least one level higher than CWDT (for example VRF lvl. 21 and CWDT lvl. 20). Also look out to not support precision with anything to not higher it reserved mana cost.

Recommended upgrade order:

Enlighten lvl. 3 > Awakened Added Cold Damage Support > Enlighten lvl. 4 > Awakened Cast on Critical Strike > Anomalous Ice Nova > Divirgent/Phantasmal Cyclone > Other alternative quality gems


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/7gTe9fMe



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