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[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar League Starter Builds

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In Path of Exile: Sentinel, ancient constructs have been found scattered across Wraeclast and are waiting for players to collect them in order to make use of their power. PoeCurrencyBuy, as always, brings the latest PoE 3.18 Templar League Starter | Endgame | Fast | Cheap Builds to players. Choose your favorite ascendant from Hierophant, Guardian, and Inquisitor to accept new challenges!

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar League Starter Builds


Quick Jump


Templar Inquisitor 

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple CWC Volatile Dead Inquisitor League Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple Mjolner CoC Inquisitor Starter Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple CWC Volatile Dead Inquisitor League Starter Build


Just Cyclone your way through or on bosses around holding down both mouse buttons (left -> Vortex, right -> Cyclone)

Gems Setup


  • Cyclone: level does not matter
  • (Awakened) Cast While Channeling: level 5 awakened gives stun immunity
  • Desecrate: lvl 1, because of mana cost increase. Should be placed before Volatile Dead!
  • Volatile Dead
  • Increased Critical Strikes: DPS wise not best but it is required for 100% crit
  • (Awakened) Spell Cascade


  • Vortex
  • Arcane Surge: lvl 11 for max. uptime
  • Culling Strike
  • Power Charge on Critical: Only needed if no Harmony of Purpose


  • Purity of Elements: Massive Resists and Ailment immunity
  • Clarity: Mana Sustain, Link it to Arrogance to reserve Life instead of Mana
  • Herald of Ash: Clearspeed, Explosions, DPS
  • Discipline: ES and ES on Hit with Watchers Eye
  • Determination: Needs "Combat Stamina" and 30% enchant on Helmet for either Purity of Elements or Determination


Frostblink: can be used without interrupting Cyclone


  • Cast When Damage Taken
  • Frost Bomb: reduced enemy Life regen
  • Molten Shell


  • Builtin Vengeance
  • Riposte
  • Hextouch
  • Enfeeble
  • Culling Strike
  • Life Gain On Hit


They "Keystone" of the Build is "Righteous Providence" (1% crit chance per point in str/int whatever is lowest + 50 str&int).
"Sanctuary" and "Pious Path" do a lot for survivability combined with a good source for COnsecrated Ground.

Whether to go for "Inevitable Judgement" or "Augury of Penitence" is debatable:
"Inevitable Judgement" just sets enemy resistances to 0% making any minus resists stuff obsolete and does a lot for high-resistance enemies. Not to mention its "always on".

"Augury of Penitence" is basically a 16% more modifier as its on the enemy not the player, good portion of DPS but you need to go for minus enemy resist skills to compensate against "Inevitable Judgement".

Personaly I am a friend of "Inevitable Judgement".

Bandits Kill All

Path of Building Link

Early tree
Basic Setup + Purpose of Harmony
Coward's Legacy + Pain attunement
Ultimate Mageblood + The Annihilating Light 

There are a lot of customizations you can do, the above ones are only snapshots but they should give you a general idea.

Until you have Awakened Cast While Channeling Lvl 5 you have to go also down for "Unwavering Stance"



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple Mjolner CoC  Inquisitor Starter Build

  • Spells while moving: All the power of casting without having to stand still and cast. Your Ball Lightning will zap enemies quite far away while Arc chains around, you just focus on movement and flasks.
  • + Smooth clear: Once you get into the endgame tree map clear becomes super smooth and safe. We have tons of leech, tons of regen, armour, nearly capped block and a choice between life on block or overleech.
  • + Easy on mana: Mjolner is one of the only remaining triggers that don't have a mana cost, probably due to it's large stat requirement. We easily get the stats and save a ton of mana.
  • - Bossing: It's not a oneshot bosser. You can kill 95% of stuff out there it just takes a bit.
  • - Cost: Certain items like the shield/gloves/boots make the endgame PoB expensive.


CoC allows you to cast without casting, effectively. In exchange for having to stack melee attack speed, accuracy and crit you get to ignore cast speed and hit insanely fast with spells. You can do this while moving with cyclone as well which is a large buff on the defense side because standing still = death in PoE.

Path of Building Link

Leaguestart: https://pastebin.com/VGqUbCHA 

CoC: https://pastebin.com/TXA5bH0X

Endgame: https://pastebin.com/huyaVKDi 



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Temple Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build


  • One button setup for easy mapping + Dash :)
  • Inquisitor is the best for scaling & sustaining Reap
  • Simple gear, we predominantly use Uniques so it's clear what to buy
  • Easily interchangeable with other variations of the skill, or other strong meta skills if this isn't your flavour


  • New skill. These can always have randomly unexpected interactions occur
  • My version lacks some damage mitigation, an easy aura swap to fix though
  • The life costs are huge. We make significant costs to sustain this
  • We don't get to play with any damage overtime sources of damage due to Avatar of Fire


  • 100% Critical Strike Chance without Flasks, and with Controlled Destruction
  • Full fire conversion, focusing on very heavy spell hits
  • Insane scaling thanks to so many %more modifiers and Reaps innate damage effectiveness
  • I will put Predicted Total DPS here after we receive gem stats :)


  • 9,000+ Energy Shield on Week 1 gear
  • Max Chaos Resistance + Ivory Tower MoM
  • 2,000+ Net Energy Shield Regen with Spell Leech and Pious Path
  • 2,000+ Net Life Regen which can sustain our huge Reap costs

Gems Setup

Reap > Added Fire Damage > Intensify > Spell Echo > Controlled Destruction > Fire Penetration

Vaal Discipline > Zealotry > Herald of Ash

Vitality > Herald of Purity > Enlighten

Arcanist Brand > Assassin's Mark > Wave of Conviction > Combustion

Summon Stone Golem > Dash > Arcane Surge Lvl 8 > Second Wind

Cast when Damage Taken Lvl 8 > Frost Shield Lvl 10 > Immortal Call Lvl 10 > Increased Duration



Leveling Gear

Use the following wands to level up until Battlemage. Making one at Level 8 and two at Level 20 will carry you until Ngamahu's.

Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Ruby Ring = Level 8 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Magic Ruby Ring = Level 14 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Rare Ruby Ring = Level 20 Fire Damage Wand
Iron Ring + Red Gem = Ruby Ring

Ngamahu's Flame is insane. This bad boy is 1c on Day one and is the second best weapon we can get. This will tide us over perfectly until we save up enough for Vulconus, which I am predicting will be an Exalt.

Rare Helmet or Goldrim will be decent. Honestly a helmet you identify off the ground will probably be better as we really have no requirements. Look for Maximum Life, Maximum Energy Shield and any resistances you might need to help you cap out. Chaos resistance is a great stat to pick up here to reach that cap early.

Corrupted 6 Link is always a better option over Tabula. These provide some stats and are very cheap. I would recommend buying some of your other items before this as the 6 Link will be rough on your Life costs.

Meginord's Vise is a great set of gloves that I plan to use until I get my Shaper's Touch. These provide +100 Strength and Large life regeneration. With our Ascendancy that is 100% Increased Critical Strike Chance.

Wanderlust are your standard levelling boots. With increased Movement Speed and Cannot be Frozen these are great for the acts. I'd suggest switching to boots with Life, MS and some Resistance from Act 9 onwards.

Carnage Heart is a solid unique amulet with very good allrounded stats. I would recommend just using a Rare that you identify until you can buy an Astramentis, even just a lower stat one.

Le Heup of All provides us with up to 90% total Elemental Resistance as well as Attributes and Damage. These are pretty good but once you get into maps start looking to upgrade to Chaos Resistance rings with Life.

The Magnate gives big damage through Global Physical Damage, Strength and at minimum 60% total Elemental Resistance. A great addition and perfect to use until you pick up a Fire Damage Doryani's Invitation.


Path of Building Link


This is slightly out of date, and some items are broken in PoB causing weird calculation issues. Import my profile Aziire and character Reap_GodKingStreamer for my current build.

Path of Building Link for CoC: https://pastebin.com/szkJuErg 

This is more reflective of my current end game.



Templar Hierophant

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Siege Ballista Hierophant Easy Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant Endgame Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Siege Ballista Hierophant Easy Build

This build is fairly simple to play once put together. Simply run around, dropping your Siege Ballista as you go, and use your Frenzy to generate charges and debuff enemies as needed.

Main Gem Setups

Primary damage links in order of relative priority:

Siege Ballista -> Inspiration -> Added Cold Damage -> Cold Penetration -> Hypothermia -> Elemental Damage With Attacks

For bossing where you need max single target possible early on, swap out your Hypothermia for Barrage support.

While Inspiration is one of the weakest pure damage links in this setup, it confers a very large mana cost reduction that means you'll want it into the link as early as possible. Similarly, while Elemental Damage With Attacks is one of the better damage gems in this link, it would probably be the first gem I had to cut to drop to a 5L, because we'll still benefit more from being able to swap Hypothermia over to Barrage for single target fights that we need max damage for.

Anomalous Siege Ballista deserves special mention here - this alternate quality gem grants an additional projectile per 10% quality, while also reducing attack speed by 1% per point of quality. This trade-off is certainly worth it; while it'll be a slight loss of mapping attack speed, the projectile significantly outweigh the lost attack speed when it comes to single target damage with Barrage support linked. The attack speed penalty means that the optimal gem here is very specifically 21/20; a 21/23 gem will cost you an additional 3% attack speed while not offering anything in return compared to the 21/20.

It's also worth noting that pushing either version of Siege Ballista to level 22 grants you +1 to maximum number of ballistae; this can be accomplished with either a 20/20 gem and a +2 to Socketed Projectile Gems corruption on your chestpiece, or a 21/20 gem with a +1 to Socketed Gems corruption. The latter is preferable as it will also increase the damage contribution of your linked support gems like Added Cold Damage, but is obviously more expensive to set up due to the need of a 21/20 Siege Ballista gem.

Offensive Support 6-link

Frenzy -> Cast on Critical Strike -> Sniper's Mark -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Increased Critical Strikes -> Frost Bomb

Your second six link should go towards this setup which you'll essentially use as your self-cast attack once your totems are down. Attack with Frenzy will build Frenzy charges on every hit, and Cast on Critical Strike will allow those hits to trigger Sniper's Mark and Frost Bomb for big single target damage increases against bosses. Greater Multiple Projectiles is there for QOL purposes so that you don't need to really aim to get your Frenzy charges, especially during mapping.

If you are extremely focused on mapping and not bossing, you can consider switching out your Sniper's Mark and Frost Bomb for Blood Rage and Frostbite, for even more mapping QOL.

Offensive Support 4-link

Blood Rage -> Ensnaring Arrow -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Culling Strike

This support setup gives you access to self-cast Blood Rage (if you haven't slotted it into your Frenzy links above) as well as Ensnaring Arrow, which essentially serves as a secondary Sniper's Mark debuff on bosses that makes them take more damage from projectiles until they move far enough to break the snare. Culling Strike fits in here to give you access to easy access to culling for bosses; if you're getting culling from somewhere else (like a Scourged bow this league), you can swap this link to whatever you want, such as Mirage Archer to add some automation to Ensanring Arrow during bosses

Utility 4-link

Vaal Molten Shell -> Cast When Damage Taken -> Dash -> Second Wind

Since we're reaching decent levels of armour in this build, Molten Shell makes sense for our guard skill as it will reach much higher shield levels than something like Steelskin. Using the Vaal version will give you an additional button to press pre-emptively to give yourself a large shield before going into a dangerous situation, like opening a Heist door or entering the Scourge hellscape. We also need a movement skill so this is the easiest link to fit it; feel free to replace Dash with the movement skill of your preference.

Reservation 4-link

Hatred -> Summon Skitterbots -> Enlighten -> Bonechill

Hatred and Summon Skitterbots are our offensive reservations, with Hatred supplying a huge amount of cold damage and enabling Watcher's Eye, and Skitterbots giving us access to a solid Shock for bossing. Enlighten is only really needed to fit Bonechill into this link for a single target increase through their Chill aura; even level 2 Enlighten should be enough provided you have an Elreon craft on one of your rings.

Awakened Gem Priority

Primary damage links

Awakened Elemental Damage With AttacksAwakened Added Cold Damage and Awakened Cold Penetration are the Awakened gem variants we can currently utilize in this build.

Awakened Cold Penetration is often very cheap, and an easy to recommend first upgrade. At level 5 it will gain a chance to apply 10% Exposure on hit, which is decent for clearing and cases where your Frost Bomb isn't landing.

Awakened Added Cold Damage and Awakened Elemental Damage With Attacks are generally much more expensive. Added Cold Damage will offer more raw damage per level, but we can't make use of the +1 to Cold Skills, whereas Elemental Damage With Attacks will make your totems immune to Elemental Reflect at level 5, making running those reflect makes significantly easier (though you still need to be careful with your Frenzy shots). Personally I would probably favor Added Cold Damage before Elemental Damage With Attacks as these gems take a long time to level and you'll just reroll most of your Elemental Reflect maps before then anyway.

Path of Exile Currency Sentinel

Ascendancy: Pursuit of Faith -> Ritual of Awakening -> Conviction of Power -> Divine Guidance

Pantheon: Soul of the Brine King and Soul of Yugul

Bandit: Help Alira 

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/60Kmj0SE

This is a "standard" setup that extends up to level 96 with an example set of gear that should be reasonable to attain by that level in trade league. 



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant Endgame Build

  • + easy to gear
  • + decent survivability
  • + good single target damage
  • + amazing clearspeed later on
  • - clearspeed relies on an item
  • - not made for facetanking
  • - lacks layered defenses
  • - not made for SSF

Gems Setup

Non-corrupted Lv20 Gems can be upgraded to Lv1 20% by vendoring them together with a Gemcutters Prism. Do this with all gems that are marked with a *

All gems are worth corrupting at Lv20 20%, for the ones not needing quality just do it at Lv20.

Ball Lightning - Archmage - Spell Echo - Lightning Penetration - Slower Projectiles - Elemental Focus

Ball Lightning* is our single target skill. It's an AoE projectile spell that damages enemies within its radius every 150ms, which we build around for great damage potential.

Due to its behaviour, it can gain additional hits depending on its AoE radius and the enemy hitbox size. Important tresholds for us are 11 hits at 28 radius, which the build reaches with relatively low investment, and 12 hits at 31 radius respectively 13 hits at 33 radius at high investment.

Anomalous Ball Lightning is an endgame option to gain additional cast speed.

Archmage* is the backbone of this build. It increases mana cost and adds flat lightning damage based on mana cost, in this case at 50% value because of Ball Lightnings damage effectiveness.

Spell Echo* substantially boosts our cast speed and repeats each skill use without consuming mana for the repeated cast, all at the cost of a minimal damage penalty.

Awakened Spell Echo is a very expensive option that adds a 25% chance to deal Double Damage to the final repeat.

Lightning Penetration* is a hidden damage increase - it doesn't affect our tooltip damage, but rather acts as a dynamic more multiplier by reducing the enemies lightning resistance during damage calculations, and can even drop it into negative values.

Awakened Lightning Penetration is an endgame option for maximum penetration.

5th Link: Slower Projectiles* gives a damage multiplier and reduces projectile speed, which translates into enemies staying within our Ball Lightning AoE for a longer time.

6th Link: Elemental Focus* gives a huge damage multiplier but prevents us from inflicting elemental ailments with the skill it's linked to.Awakened Elemental Focus as endgame option raises the damage even further.

Orb of Storms - Archmage - Lightning Penetration - Chain - Onslaught - Elemental Focus

Orb of Storms* is our clearing skill. It's an AoE spell that, once placed on the ground, damages enemies within its radius until its duration runs out. Casting it again while there's still an active Orb of Storms will replace it at your current location.

If we use a lightning skill, such as Ball Lightning within its radius, it unleashes additional bolts to provide additional single target damage.

Divergent Orb of Storms is an option with lots of cast speed at the cost of skill duration.

Archmage*, Lightning Penetration* and Elemental Focus* do the same as above.

Chain* amplifies our clearspeed by adding two additional chains at the cost of a damage penalty. It also allows our bolts to chain between an enemy and Hydrosphere, which effectively doubles its damage output during bossfights.

Awakened Chain takes this even further by adding another chain. Together with our Lightning Mastery, this also allows each bolt to hit three times during bossfights with Hydrosphere placed.

5th Link: Onslaught* has a chance to grant us the Onslaught buff upon killing an enemy or hitting a rare or unique enemy, which grants us a significant mobility and cast speed increase.

Divergent Onslaught can be used to let the orb gain even more cast speed.

We don't necessarily need the 6th link here, keep it at low priority.

Arcane Cloak - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

Arcane Cloak* spends a percentage of our mana and temporarily grants us a damage absorbing buff and flat lightning damage based on mana spent. This is great for extra burst damage during bossfights or to soak up some incoming damage.

Divergent Arcane Cloak is an endgame option to maximize its effect.

Arcane Surge grants a temporary buff after spending a certain amount of mana, which grants a more damage multiplier and mana regeneration rate. Since Arcane Cloak spends lots of mana, we can proc a max level Arcane Surge which overrides the Lv1 version from Arcane Blessing.

Divergent Arcane Surge can be used to gain extra duration for the high level buff.

Increased Duration* increases the linked skills duration.

Vaal Haste is a Vaal Skill that temporarily grants us extra mobility and cast speed. It requires souls to be used, which are primarily gained by killing monsters or at certain tresholds during bossfights. After being used, it goes into Soul Gain Prevention for some time during which it can't be charged up for another use.

We don't use the regular Haste aura that it grants!

Cast when Damage Taken (Level 1) - Frost Wall (Level 10) - Flame Dash - Clarity

Cast when Damage Taken triggers linked spells upon reaching a treshold of damage taken from hits. The amount of damage it takes to trigger as well as the maximum required level of the linked spells it can trigger depend on the gems level. We keep it at Level 1 to keep the treshold low.

Frost Wall* places up to three walls between us and the enemies, which blocks their movement and most projectiles. This helps us to prevent getting rushed by large packs of monsters. It's the only spell we want to trigger with Cast when Damage Taken, so we need to keep it at Level 10 to be within the trigger conditions.

Flame Dash* is our movement skill. It has three charges which replenish after a cooldown, casts instantly and allows us to cross any gaps. It also prevents us from taking damage from damaging ground effects while dashing through them, which is very helpful in many endgame bossfights.

Clarity is an Aura that grants mana regeneration to help our sustain. Unlike most other auras, it reserves a flat amount of mana instead of a percentage, which doesn't hurt as that much.

Don't use Vaal Clarity, it would remove all damage granted by Archmage!

Anomalous Clarity is an endgame option for more recovery from our Mana Flask.

Arcanist Brand - Hydrosphere - Sniper's Mark - Increased Duration

Arcanist Brand* casts a Brand that, once attached to an enemy, triggers linked spells in sequence. We use it to keep up the following buffs/debuffs without having to manually cast them.

Hydrosphere debuffs enemies with Exposure for a 10% Lightning Resistance reduction.

Sniper's Mark* is a Mark curse that makes the enemy take increased damage from projectiles, such as our Ball Lightning. It also gives us additional Life- and Mana Flask charges while hitting, which is extremely good during bossfights.

Keep it at whatever level your Dexterity can support.

Increased Duration* increases the link skills duration.


Ascendancy: Conviction of Power -> Divine Guidance -> Arcane Blessing -> Illuminated Devotion

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/2TWTQ5z3

Leveling Passive Trees

  • Early Mapping w/ Low Budget Gear
  • Level 80 w/ Medium Budget Gear
  • Level 90 w/ Medium Budget Gear
  • Level 100 w/ Medium Budget Gear
  • Level 90 w/ High Budget Gear
  • Level 100 w/ High Budget Gear

To change the Templar starting nodes, put two Skillpoints into the +10 Intelligence nodes first, then remove the 10% Elemental Damage and 12% Damage nodes.


  • Crackling Speed - Non-Projectile Chaining Lightning Skills Chain +1 times
  • Deep Thoughts - Recover 10% of Mana over 1 second when you use a Guard Skill
  • Prodigal Perfection - 10% of Damage taken Recouped as Mana 
  • Dynamo - Clarity has 100% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency 
  • Asylum - Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you



Templar Guardian

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Spiders Guardian Herald of Purity Easy Build

[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Dominating Blow Guardian League Starter Build


[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Spiders Guardian Herald of Purity Easy Build

  • + Good clear
  • + Good single target (Uber Elder and A8 Sirus down on a 5L)
  • + Great survivability with multiple defensive layers: over 7K ES, over 65K armour, 75% chance to block attacks and spells, 1300 ES gained on block, huge ES regen every five seconds, 10K damage shield with Molten Shell, a lot of reduced effect of curses
  • + Can do all map mods (although no regen is more comfortable with a mana flask and less armour/chance to block can be rippy versus strong physical bosses like the Minotaur)
  • + The minions we use are immortal, or automatically (re)summoned, so there’s no need to worry about them dying
  • + Since this build uses almost only unique items, it’s relatively cheap to min-max
  • + I don't play hardcore, but I would assume that this build is definitely HC viable, even though leveling will require some classic HC measures

+/- It's a minion build, which feels clunky to some people and relaxing to some others

  • - This build is quite bad at handling blighted maps, since it doesn't have screen covering AoE.
  • - This build is not the best at handling Aul, the Crystal King, since his phases are time based and not %HP-based, and we have less damage than a pure glass cannon. I still manage to kill the Auls I find, but I never went past 500-ish depth, so I don't know about deeper.

Gems Setup

Your Herald of Purity setup should be the following (socketed in body armour):

Herald of Purity - Predator - Bloodlust - Ruthless - Empower - Awakened Minion Damage

If you don't have the mana to use HoP, Discipline and Determination yet, take out some HoP gems, not Determination! Check the FAQ for more info.

Your Raise Spider support gems should be the following: (socketed in weapon 1 (Arakaali's Fang))

Predator - Withering Touch - Awakened Melee Splash Damage

For hard boss fights, replace Melee Splash with Melee Physical Damage.

In order to summon Sentinels, we use Cyclone. We support it with Culling Strike for an effective 10% more global damage and help with summoning our minions during clear, Fortify to mitigate the damage we take from blocked hits, and Maim to increase the physical damage taken by enemies. (socketed in Helmet; for help on how to off-colour your items, please refer to the Off-colouring your items section in the FAQ)

Cyclone - Culling Strike - Fortify - Maim

We use a Carrion Golem for more damage, along with Feeding Frenzy support to make it grant us the Feeding Frenzy buff (10% more minion damage, and 10% increased minion attack, cast, and movement speed). Since we don't invest in minion life regen or leech, it tends to die every minute or so, which is why we use Cast when Stunend to summon it automatically. Since we're CI, we get stunned easily, so it's always up, and we mitigate the danger (and discomfort) of stuns through Soul of the Brine King. (See the Pantheon or Defensive mechanics sections for more info). (Socketed in Weapon 2 (Aegis Aurora))

Summon Carrion Golem - Feeding Frenzy - Cast when Stunned

As auras, we use Discipline and Determination for more ES and armour respectively. We socket them along with our movement skill (I use Shield Charge), and Desecrate to spawn corpses for spiders. (Socketed in Boots)

Vaal Discipline - Desecrate - Determination - Shield Charge

Finally, there are three useful gems that we socket in our gloves. Rallying Cry grants our minions a nice damage boost, Molten Shell gives us an extra layer of defense, and Spirit Offering gives a great damage boost. Since those three gems are duration-based, we support them with Increased Duration (which is much more important and useful than you might think!). (Socketed in Gloves)

Rallying Cry - Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Spirit Offering

Leveling Tips

This build can with Dominating Blow from lvl 28 reach Blood Aqueducts in about 6h fairly easily. However, I felt it to be faster to simply focus on Herald of Purity & Smite. This can easily be combined with a Holy Relic as well as with a pack of pack of Zombies which comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The idea is to link your Smite this way:

- Smite, Ancestral Call, Melee Physical Damage, Added Fire Damage

And your Herald of Purity like this:

- Herald of Purity, Melee Splash, Melee Physical, Minion Damage

This in combination with a Blind linked to our Holy Relic makes leveling extremely smooth & efficient.

Since the end-game gear for this character is solely focused on high life with capped resistances, so does the leveling! However, it is recommended to use a 1H weapon with proper damage during the lvling sequence till you hit about lvl 70 in which case you can easily switch to Dominating Blow and a Brightbeak. Obviously this can be done earlier if you so wish but without extensive knowledge and/or experience with this type of build I wouldn't recommend switching before that.


Ascendancy: Radiant Crusade -> Radiant Faith -> Unwavering Crusade -> Time of Need

Pantheon: Brine King and Ryslatha 

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link: https://pobb.in/acCAoqZlGn-G (community fork)



[Sentinel] PoE 3.18 Templar Dominating Blow Guardian League Starter Build

Is this build for you?

If you are looking for a top tier league starter build.

A build that is viable in both hardcore & softcore.

Extremely cheap build with TONS of upgradable options for end-game.

If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.



Dominating Blow

Dominating BlowImpaleFeeding FrenzyBrutality, Melee Physical Damage, Multistrike


Multistrike is meant to be replaced by Melee Splash for the sake of smoother clearing.

Herald of Purity

Herald of PurityImpaleMultistrike, Brutality


Multistrike is meant to be replaced by Melee Splash for the sake of smoother clearing.


Dash, Second Wind

Utility Minions

Carrion Golem, Raise Spectre, Animate Guardian


Raise Spectre should be linked with Blood Magic to have the Carnage Chieftain monkeys from Act 7 Ashen Fields spam their frenzy charges to your army. 
When it comes to the Animate Guardian gear & mechanics I would suggest watching the video linked at the top of this thread!


Dread BannerSkitterbots


ConvocationDesecrateFlesh OfferingPunishment, Enduring CryClarity (lvl 1)


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/FUGHMiij 

HIGH BUDGET VERSION: https://pastebin.com/5PhgAZiy



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Path of Exile 3.18.1c Patch Preview

Path of Exile 3.18.1c Patch Preview

Path of Exile 3.18.1c Patch patch contains further improvements to Path of Exile's texture system, alongside a number of general improvements and bug fixes.