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Top-Best Video Support Poe 3.1 Melee Build With Blade Flurry

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Melee skills use melee weapons (axes, swords, maces, and so on.) to execute attacks. The harm of those attacks is determined by the weapons equipped. When employing melee skills like Blade Flurry out the want of a Weapon equipped, the injury based on the character's base unarmed damage. In this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Use Blade Flurry List Poe 3.1 Build With Templar, Scion, Duelist, Marauder, Ranger


Top-Best Video Support Poe 3.1 Melee Build With Blade Flurry

NO.1 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Templar] Elemental Claw Inquisitor - Farm Shaper On 3Link! + Red elder, Uberatziri - Very Budget Friendly!

This build is made to perfectly curve out pretty much from the first level to the absolute endgame. Its made to be an all-around feelgood-build. I picked up many ideas from favorite other builds on other classes and incorporated them into the solid foundation of the Inquisitor Class. This build has almost no limitations. For example, it can kill "The Shaper" on a 3L setup and with a white level 0 claw.

1. Why do my Innervate and Onslaught not proc?
Most likely "Elemental Focus" linked to your Molten Strike or Blade Flurry skill. This Build prevents Elemental Ailments from proccing. Innervate is dependant on Elemental Ailments to be active. Also, you need to have HoI on a decently high level to kill monsters by itself to proc those effects.

2. Where do I get my Life/Mana Leech from when I refund Vitality/Spirit Void in the tree?
There's a Node called "Soul Raker" in the top-right claw-wheel that provides enough Life/Mana Leech.

3. I get stunned all the time, and also I'm dying a lot!
You most likely didn't invest into much +Life on your items or have little to no evasion going on your gear. Both stats prevent you from getting stunned. Also, you want to have Enfeeble + Blasphemy active. This Build further prevents you from getting hit hard enough to get stunned. If you still are getting stunned for some reasons you can use the "Soul of the Brine King" Pantheon.

4. I do no or very little damage!
You most likely have a very slow weapon with no crit chance. Maybe you also don't have both Heralds active and leveled to the level of the content you were trying to kill, or you don't have a high enough "Added Lightning Damage" gem in your setup. I recommend looking into the "how to gear your character" section again for the detailed info.

- 33.1 MILLION BULLSHIT DPS and 12 Million actual-DPS
- high map-clearing-speed
- strong defenses that make the build hardcore-viable
- cheap and smooth to start a new League
- insane scaling with high-end-gear
- no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
- Fast Uber-Lab farmer

- interactions require careful(!) reading of the guide
- killing the hardest content requires about 5ex investment
- Elemental-reflect maps need to rerolled (when not using anti-reflect gear/Pantheons)

Video Link:
Red Tier Enslaver - Bossfight
Red Tier Purifier - Bossfight
Red Tier Eradicator - Bossfight
Red Tier Elder - Died one time stupidly on my first try ever
Minotaur - Full Run
Phoenix - Full Run
Hydra - Full Run
Chimera - Full Run
Shaper - Full Run
Shaper on 3L - Full Run

Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1971701

NO.2 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Scion] BloodMoonFlurry High-DPS,Freeze/Stun Immune,Inc. Hardcore Version(Shaper/Guardians/Uber)

It is imperative to read everything thoroughly. I've added a more budget-friendly version. Keep in mind to use the Abyssus helmet for bosses like Shaper and a rare (or another unique mask, i.e., Rat's Nest) for mapping. I've also added a Hardcore version of the build that's a lot more tanky while still doing millions of DPS; please import it into your PoB.

This Build is an updated version for 3.1; please be sure to import this Pastebin into your path of the building. With the changes to VP, we are going to be using the Bloodseeker claw as this allows us to leech back our life instantly. Reflect mechanics have Changed in 3.1 and thus we'll also change the ascendancy from Scion-Elementalist to Scion-Assassin. The Elementalist no longer benefits us as it did before. I'll be updating the guide the more information we get (i.e., new uniques...etc.).

Video Link:
Full Health SHAPER Extinction 
Beachhead Run (End-Game Map)
First Harbinger Chayula Destroyed!

Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1931981

NO.3 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Duelist] 1 Ex budget frost blades / Blade flurry build, all content viable

This Build is a blades/blade flurry build, This build since the launch of Oni-Goroshi and it's insanely loud. The build has been farming Atziri and uber Atziri with it, and it's pretty easy with 1-2 Poe Exalted Orb budget. The shaper is pretty comfortable too.

+ Cheap(1-2 exalted to get started)
+ Really fast map clear with frost blades
+ Insanely high DPS on bosses with blade flurry(800k+ with budget gear)
+ Very upper leech with slayer, can face tank most map bosses

- Can't think of any to be honest

Video Link:

Deathless Atziri with tabula and 1c rings/boots
T14 map run

Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1931981

NO.4 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Marauder] 15 Chaos Orb BF BoR Zerker - Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri Viable

The budget of the build is 15c, and it is entirely Shaper viable, and I have made my mini fortune just farming Shaper and his Guardians. With level 19 skill gems to boot.

The build uses Blade Flurry since it's fast and OP as fuck. We use the Bringer of Rain as a cheap way to get a bunch of links, a BloodSeeker because RIP Vaal pact, and a Shaped or Elder stat-stick as our offhand because the news mods are just disgusting.

There is no bullshit in this build. No "you can do this or that if you upgrade this or that item." The end-game is conquerable on the 15c you spend when you start maps. With no upgrades. At all. Hell half of the items I'm wearing in the video are self-found random garbage that had alright mods.

Video Link:
Minotaur Run under 3 min with Breach
Overview Video/Showcase

Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050203

NO.5 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Templar] No Jewel Phys to Ele Conversion Claw Inquisitor Blade Flurry / Frost Blades Lv90 build

This build is tested and played by my close friend Allan who have tried and tested various ascendancy and class choices before arriving at the current set up you see today.
He has personally cleared almost all content in 3.1 Abyss League less Uber Atziri and Hall of the Grandmaster with a Wasp's Nest, Dorian Catalyst setup.
That means Shaper, Guardians, Red Tier Elder and his/her guardians are all cleared.
Uber Atziri not done at this point because of how expensive it is for now.
This Build character to play and see how the role felt and played overall in making this guide. Through this guide, I hope to help share our thought processes into how this build came about that.
Feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes or points of improvement to the guide.

+ Fast Clear Speed with just 4-Link Frost blades for Mapping (everything, up to tier 15)
+ Can work with most map mods.
+ No issue with bosses in Maps with Blade Flurry for Single Target even with 5-Link
+ Clear up to Uber Lab no problem
+ Freeze Izaro in Lab and ask your friends to take a good look at him when you carry them
+ Relatively Cheap to build
+ Can scale up to be even stronger with new shaper mod scepters/ ax (off-hand) or high PDPs Rare Claws.
+ MTX wise, if you love Gore Herald Herald of Ice Sexplosions/Shatter, this is nice too.

- Have to cast Blood rage every 4 seconds to trigger Instruments of Virtue (read Why Inquisitor)
- Cannot do Elemental reflect map mods
- After trying this build, it will be hard to play another build that is so versatile in the sense that you can clear map and farm currency relatively fast and have no issues with end-game content.

Video Link:

Gameplay T10 Shaped Channels & Normal Atziri
iAsuraX Red Tier Elder Kill
iAsuraX Shaper Kill

Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2058656

NO.6 [Melee - Blade Flurry - Ranger] Elemental Crit Blade Flurry - Dedicated Uber Lab Farmer - 350% Movespeed! End Game Viable!

This build is specifically designed to farm the Endgame Uber Lab efficiently. This Build is not the fastest character and will not break any records. Please keep reading with the expectation of generating currency and not rank one jewel.

Q: What level can you farm lab?
A: I didn't start farming until level 88 with this character.If you can't wait that long just go ahead. And attempt the lab and see how it feels.

Q: Why does my damage feel so bad?
A: You should be using some real Abyssal jewels with low Elemental damage. Also, you need to level up the gems in your Blade Flurry setup and put quality on them. It helps A LOT!

Q: Can I run this on a five-link?
A: YES! Drop Onslaught.

Q: Why Onslaught in the first place?
A: I use this as an excellent boost of movement speed when I need to stop for flask charges. It's not active for the boss, so it's pretty much just for utility and running faster through each zone. The damage my character has (roughly 300kdps) is MORE than enough to run the lab, so I don't need a 6th link that adds more Damage.

+ An undeniably efficient build that combines movement speed, movement ABILITIES, high damage, up to 90% chance to evade, and 40% chance to dodge.
+ The character is incredibly tanky if played well. Virtually unkillable in the right player's control.

- It's hard to scale damage past a certain threshold on this character because it designed around the 250k DPS benchmark that's needed to comfortable kill Izaro before his 2nd mechanic finished. Mostly this makes the build as loud as a character with 10 million DPS because no matter how you cut the cake, both characters are going to have to sit around and twiddle their thumbs until Izaro goes back into his little hole.

Video Link:
An overview of my character after I had taken rank 1 for several days in a row during the Abyss League.

Build link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2057055



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