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[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Inquisitor CoC Ice Nova Temple Endgame Fast Build

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This PoE 3.14 Ultimatum Temple CoC Ice Nova Inquisitor build works similar as traditional Assassin Cospri's Malice CoC Ice Nova but it's way more tanky and cheaper.

[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Inquisitor CoC Ice Nova Temple Endgame Fast Build

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Explosions from Herald of Ice :D
  • + Tanky and safe playstyle.
  • + Immune to elemental ailments.
  • + Fast clear.
  • + Good boss killer.
  • + Cheap to start.
  • + Can do all content in the game including 100% delirium T16 maps (without headhunter) all bosses and Maven's Invitation: The Feared.
  • - To do elemental reflect maps or Uber Atziri you need to switch one ring for Sibyl's Lament and take Soul of Yugul pantheon.
  • - For no regen maps you have to switch one flask for Enduring mana flask. (It's easier to avoid this mod).


Core Mechanics

  • Cospri's Malice
  • Corrupted Soul + Pious Path
  • Righteous Providence

Corrupted Soul Keystone split non-chaos damage you take to 50% be taken as Life and other 50% as Energy shield. For example if you get hit by 1000 dmg you lose 500 life and 500 energy shield instead of losing 1000 energy shield in regular case. It's worthy mention that because of split damage received you don't benefit if you ES>Life.

Pious Path add your life regen to you ES regen. In our case if we have 800 life regen we will also get 800 ES regen. With Corrupted Soul we always lose equal amount of life and ES when dealing with non-chaos damage and in this case we always utilize our double regeneration rate.

Righteous Providence gives us over 500% increased critical strike chance which allows us to always have 100% Critical Strike Chance.

Here you can find explanation about attack speed and cooldown recovery of CoC and Cospri's Malice:


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Righteous Providence -> Inevitable Judgement -> Sanctuary -> Pious Path



You can use any of Major Pantheon.

  • Brine King if you feel you have problems with stuns.
  • Lunaris for mapping.
  • Solaris for bosses.
  • Arakaali for more Life/ES regen.


  • Gruthukul for mapping.
  • Ryslatha or Garukhan for bosses.
  • Shakari if you expect chaos damage.
  • Yugul for Uber Atziri and Maven's Invitation: The Feared.

Bandit: Help Alira or Kill all

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/AvpgmbSP

PoE 3.14 Inquisitor CoC Ice Nova Endgame Temple Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Body Armour

Cyclone - Awakened Cast on Critical Strike - Ice Nova - Hypothermia - Awakened Added Cold Damage (Increased Critical Strikes before Watcher's Eye) - Inspiration

Cospri's Malice

Frostbolt - Ice Nova - Ice Bite (Power Charge on Critical Strike before you get cluster jewel with Cold Conduct + Stormrider)

You can change Ice Bite for added cold damage support or any other support which gives you more damage.


Shaper's Touch with +2 to socketed AoE gems or +1 to all socketed gems:

Enlightent - Herald of Ice - Hatred - Flesh and Stone


Vortex - Bonechill - Arcane Surge (around lvl. 6) - Culling Strike or Unbounded Ailments.


Immortal Call(20) - Cast When Damage Taken(20)

Dash or Flame Dash - Second Wind

1-links: Vaal Righteous Fire, Precision (just to cap you accuracy, it should be around lvl. 11), Vitality

Notice if you will have in 3-link Cast When Damage Taken and Vaal Righteous Fire both at lvl. 20 then your CWDT will activate your regular Righteous Fire skill when you get hit. You need to unlink that item or use Vaal Righteous Fire with at least one level higher than CWDT (for example VRF lvl. 21 and CWDT lvl. 20). Also look out to not support precision with anything to not higher it reserved mana cost.

Recommended upgrade order:

Enlighten lvl. 3 > Awakened Added Cold Damage Support > Enlighten lvl. 4 > Awakened Cast on Critical Strike > Anomalous Ice Nova > Divirgent/Phantasmal Cyclone > Other alternative quality gems


Gear Setup

Core items

1. Cospri's Malice

2. Replica Soul Tether or Glorious Vanity in the name of Doryani

3. Shaper's Touch (+1 to socketed gems to ugrade Enlighten or +2 to AoE gems for our Auras)

4. Astramentis (anoint Utmost Might or Tranquility when you cap you crit chance without Utmost Might)

Recommended items

1. First ring - Circle of Fear with 2 out of 3 affixes:
- Herald of Ice Has #% reduced mana reservation - this one is very important early when you don't have Enlightment lvl. 4. or even lvl. 3.
- Increased cold damage while affected by Herald of Ice
- Herald of Ice has #% increased buff effect

2. Second ring - The Taming because we freeze, shock and ignite either way so we got full benefits. Other than that you can use any other ring with resistances and life.

3. Helmet - Blizzard Crown - free +cold dmg because with Inevitable Judgement Ascendancy it has no downside. The best will be warlord+shaper with +1 maximum power charge and nearby enemies take 6% increased elemental damage.

4. Body Armour - can be any chest with life, ES and resistance. The best would be explosive chest with Attack have +#% to Critical Strike Chance and resistance. Preferable Vaal Regalia or Sadist Garb. Vaal Regalia is better with Glorious Vanity Timeless jewel and Sadist Garb is better with replica Soul Tether. There is also an extremely useful syndicate craft "Gain 10% of your life as Energy Shield".

5. Boots - movement speed, life and resists.

6. Shield - Light of Lunaris or any shield with spell damage and resistances.


  • Cinderswallow Urn with Increased Critical Strike Chance or Regenerate 3% of Life per second.
  • Rumi's Concotion or Quartz Flask.
  • Atziri's Promise.
  • Basalt Flask.
  • Quicksilver Flask


1. Large Cluster Jewel +12% cold damage (8 passives). Ideally you want 3 good skills from the list but any 2 out of 3 will be good enough:

  • Prefix: Cold to the Core, Prismatic Heart, Sadist.
  • Suffix: Doryani's Lesson, Disorienting Display, Widespread Destruction. (I prefer Doryani's Lesson because of life leech)

This is a tricky part because you only need good 2 out of 3 skills but depends on which one you get they might be located in different order on your jewel. For example I currently use jewel with Cold to the Core, Doryani's Lesson and Snowstorm which is useless for me but it's located on the opposite side of the cluster jewel so I can skip it and still have the good ones Cold to the Core and Doryani's Lesson. You can check how cluster jewel will look with a certain skills in PoB.

2. Medium Cluster Jewel +10% Area Damage (4-5 passives): Magnifier, Vast Power

3. Medium Cluster Jewel +10% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments (4-5 passives): Cold Conduct, Stormrider

4. Abyss jewel with life and +fire damage to spells if you using Cinderswallow Urn for additional 10% increased damage taken by enemies.

5. Frozen Trail (Ideally with corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you but you can have anti-bleeding flask instead).

6. Watcher's Eye with +#% critical strike chance while affected by Hatred.

7. Thread of Hope with Large radius.

8. One normal jewel with increased life and some critical strike multipliers.

9. Unnatural Instinct - there are few sockets around our passive tree where this jewel gives us a lot of good stuff.

All jewels except Unnatural Instinct are mandatory at some point but you can start without them and start using them when you progress your character. The only jewel you need to use at the beginning is Frozen Trail but it is a quest reward so it should not be a problem to obtain it.

Recommended upgrade order

Frozen Trail x2 > Medium Cluster Jewel +10% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments > Large Cluster Jewel +12% cold damage (with at least one good passive on the road to sockets) > Watcher's Eye > Thread of Hope (you replace one Frozen Trail with it) > Medium Cluster Jewel +10% Area Damage > Large Cluster Jewel +12% cold damage (with 2 good passives on the road to sockets).

Meanwhile we use normal jewels with increased life/ES and some damage or even to cap our resistance. When you get Cinderswallow Urn then you change one normal jewel with Abyss jewel +life and +fire dmg to spells.



League start possibilities

It might be possible to league start with this build but as Mjolner instead Cospri's Malice. The main concept of the build will remain the same but Mjolner should be significant cheaper than Cospri's Malice in the first week of a new league. You can switch later to Cospri as soon as you can afford it.

Upgrade order

1. Core items and Flasks (Life flask in place of Cinderswallow Urn)
2. At least one Ice Nova lvl. 21. (I don't know why but Vaal Ice Nova is cheaper than corrupted Ice Nova)
3. Circle of Fear with Herald of Ice has #% reduced mana reservation and one of "Increased Cold damage" or "Herald of Ice increased buff effect".
4. Other cheap items and jewels life + one multiplier mod whenever you need them.
5. Enlighten level 3.
6. Watcher's Eye with +#% Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred.
7. Awakened Added Cold Damage, Thread of Hope, basic cluster jewels and Cinderswallow Urn. In no particular order, they all should be at the similar prices so buy whatever you want.
8. Explo chest with "Attacks have +#% to Critical Strike Chance".
9. More expensive Large Cluster Jewel (3 good passives or 2 on the right spots) and Enlighten level 4 and better normal jewels.
10. Awakened Cast On Critical.
11. Alternative quality gems.

IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT start this build with buying Awakened Cast On Crit. It's a waste of money at the beginning. If you already bought it but you still don't have other important items/jewels/gems than sell it and buy them. It's extremely important in the case of Watcher's Eye. You want it as soon as you can afford it.


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