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[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Raider Flicker Strike Fast Endgame Ranger Build

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This PoE 3.14 Ranger Flicker Strike Raider Fast Build is a well-balanced fire damage melee build based on the Oro's Sacrifice unique sword. It is designed to be an enjoyable, solid and extremely fast mapper, able to chain super juiced up endgame maps a rate of 15-20maps/hours or more.

[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Raider Flicker Strike Fast Endgame Ranger Build

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Extremely strong and highly enjoyable mapper, thanks to Flicker Strike mechanics and +120% built-in movespeed. Built-in mini Headhunter effect as a bonus.
  • + Tough enough to disrespect most game mechanics with >5500HP, 96% mitigation against attacks, 50% mitigation against spells and built-in corpse destruction. Survives jumps into 30 porcupines and can facetank metamorphs even in juiced up maps
  • + High top end DPS. This is the part of the build that will scale the most with your budget.
  • + Will allow you to progress your Atlas up to T16s on a super moderate budget
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - Must like Flicker Strike playstyle and tolerate its inconveniences (hectic movement, potential sync issues, the occasional "random death" due to flickering back into a death zone). First thing you should do before rolling this character is to check if gameplay suits you : try it out with a 4L on low lvl mobs (acts).
  • - Below average at boss killing. Flicker makes it hard to dodge shit, you don't benefit from DPS boost from having multiple targets, and degen effects (poison pools, sirus quad beam...) ignore your defensive layers. Everything can be done, but a gem swap to Cyclone and great gear (20-50ex) will help to comfortably tackle Sirus A8 or Uber Elder.
  • - The single target DPS needs a bit of gear to really ramp up. With only 10c "life+resists" starter gear, you'll need 20-30sec to kill T16 map bosses. With the 30ex gear, most will go down in less than 10sec.
  • - Highly addictive. Every build you try after this one will feel slow and clunky. You'll be spoiled.


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Slaughter -> Rapid Assault -> Avatar of the Chase

Pantheon: Lunaris/Garukhan synergize well with the build for mapping. Nothing wrong to swap it for other options though, it's only minor buffs.

Bandit: Alira is the best choice for leveling and on starter gear. Once your have access to better items and no longer have resists issues, 2 passives points (kill All) will net slightly better results - use the vendor recipe to swap your choices.

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link

Low Budget, lvl 90 POB : https://pastebin.com/yuUxiieE - 5700 HP, 2.4M regular boss DPS.

Medium budget, lvl 95 POB : https://pastebin.com/Vu9WGnZg - 6000HP, 4.8M shaper DPS

High budget, lvl 98 POB : https://pastebin.com/0u3TCVi4 - 6100HP, 18M shaper DPS with capped chaos resist and 50-65% spell dodge.

(DPS number against bosses include your totems)

PoE Heist Raider Flicker Strike Ranger Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Main link

Flicker Strike - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with attacks - Close Combat - Combustion (or Fortify before your corrupted Oro's)

Alternative main link - Cyclone (Sirus, Uber Elder...)

Cyclone - Pulverise - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fire Penetration - Immolate - Close Combat OR Infused Channeling (Ideal, but requires recoloring)

Totems for bossing

Ancestrall Protector - (Vaal) Ancestral Warchief - Multiple totems - Combustion - Elemental Damage with attacks - Ruthless (6th L)


Flesh&Stone (Sand Stance) | Anger | Flammability - Blasphemy

Life insurance

CWDT - Steelskin - Increased Duration | Vaal Grace

Put this setup on a 4L for Increased Duraction to benefit Vaal Grace.


Leap Slam - Faster attacks - Blood Magic

Blood Magic does wonders in no regen/Baran's runes maps. If you find yourself sitting at 0 mana for whatever reason, you'll be able to just leap into a pack to leech some back.

Dash - Second Wind is a possible alternative, and might be more suitable for specific boss fights (Maven's for example). You can get a white socket (Vorici in Research) to be able to swap when your need it.

Instant Warcry

Infernal Cry

Put it on your left mouse button so you'll activate it every off cooldown when you move, without having to press an extra button. If you have an extra gem slot, you can link it with Second Wind to reduce its cooldown.

This gem is only useful for the potent "Covered in Ash" debuff it applies as we can't exert attacks with Multistrike.


Gear Setup

Gearing-up - Getting started (Lvl 67 - 2Ex budget)

Suggested lvl 70 tree: www.poeurl.com/cTEz

What to buy/do:

  • your Oro's Sacrifice(5c). Choose one with >800 elemental DPS.
  • A corrupted 6Linked-chest featuring some life and resists (80+ life, 50resist is fine - 30c)
  • 2-10c gear on all the other slots, should have T1/T2 life and cap your resists, and give you the Strenght (155 for totems) and Intelligence (114 for Blasphemy) you need. DEX bases are ideal, but we will use mostly red sockets - so STR/DEX are a good choice to avoid painful offcoloring.
  • Jewel up, link and color appropriately your stuff to set up your gems properly
  • Totems links are unimportant at this stage, but don't skip them - they are key for single target DPS on starter gear. Just get a Jeweller's touch to 5L your totem setup, it's more than enough at this stage.
  • Set up your flasks
  • Run merciless and eternal lab. Wait to have 4200-4500HP for the latter.
  • Save up for your Impresence. It will only be 10c or less after a few weeks, but might get to 2ex+ in the first days of a new league. Be sure to take the fire version, and annoint it with Essence Sap to quickly fix mana issues.

Useful budget uniques : Tabula Rasa; Belly of the Beast; Starkonja's Head; Worldcarver. Consider one of these only if you can fix your resists/INT/STR on your other slots.

What to expect:

Should be enough to progress your atlas to red-tier maps at a fast pace. T16s on a Tabula are manageable with some levels, but require attention to map mods and are a bit rippy.

Gearing-up – Getting to endgame (Lvl 80-90 – 5Ex budget)

Suggested lvl 80 tree: www.poeurl.com/cTEE

What to buy/do:

  • Progress your atlas and level up. The build scales very well with each extra levels. Don't engage in too rippy content yet for this reason.
  • Get Hunter's gloves with “Strike skills target 1 additional enemy nearby” (1Ex – +60% DPS against packs). You can unspec the 4 passives leading to Tribal Fury once you get it.
  • Get your 2 main cluster jewels. Important notables are Feed the Fury and Fuel the Fight for the large one (8passives, 2 sockets), Master of Fire + Cremator + Jewel socket for the medium one (4 or 5 passives).
  • Get enough resists to change from Alira to 2 passive points.
  • Get a collection of %increased max life, crit multi and increased damage jewels (50c each)
  • Get additional Accuracy on rings/gloves – Ideally 400ish. Check your hit chance is still 100%.
  • Get a Watcher's eye with 14-15% Fire Damage Pen while affected by Anger (1Ex - +12% DPS)
  • If 6linked Oro's happen to be cheap (50c-ish), get one at this stage in order to improve your chest piece. This was the case in Metamorph and Delirium leagues.
  • Inspired learning (1-4Ex)- If not too expensive, get one at this stage. It's extremely strong for mechanics spawning a lot of rares (Delirium, Rituals...). This one is usually affordable early in the league, and price increases later on.

What to expect:

Should be enough to handle T16s quite comfortably and start generate currency at a very reasonable pace

Gearing-up – Scale that up! (Lvl 90-95 – 20Ex Budget)

Suggested lvl 95 tree: www.poeurl.com/cTEq (Add 11 points for your large & medium cluster Jewel)

What to buy/do:

  • Save up for a corrupted Oro's Sacrifice with the Fortify Corruption, and get a crafter to 6L it (5-6Ex, +20% DPS AND +20% survability, huuuge upgrade!)
  • Get an Elder STR or STR/DEX chest piece with flat crit chance and %life recovered on kill (5-10Ex, +15%DPS). 6Link is not a priority yet.
  • Purchase lvl 21/20 gems and Awakened Melee Splash / Ele damage with attacks (70c-100c each)
  • Purchase a Warlord's helmet with 9% Fire Pen (1-2Ex, +7% DPS)
  • Get Vermillion bases and fertile catalysts for your rings to boost those HP up.
  • Get your Glorious Vanity - Ahuana when you feel you want more life sustain, and reallocate the points around the Point Blank keystone.

Assassin's Garb
3% increased Movement Speed
+118 to maximum Life
12% increased maximum Life
+43% to Lightning Resistance
Recover 6% of Life on Kill
Attacks have +1.41% to Critical Strike Chance
9% chance to Dodge Spell Hits

Fluted Bascinet
+46 to Intelligence
+49 to Evasion Rating
84% increased Armour and Evasion
+128 to maximum Life
Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance
+33% to Lightning Resistance

What to expect

  • Strong enough for Simulacrum 20/20 or pushing deep delirium in T14+ maps for 5/3/1 or even 6/4/2 rewards. You will reach 4-5M DPS in clearing (including splash from gloves) and 4M on single targets (including totems), which will be enough to cut through conquerors in seconds.
  • Enough for ilvl86 bases farming in juiced up T19 maps
  • The build is now mostly complete and can do pretty much all game content

Gearing-up – Sky is the limit! (Lvl 95+ - 100Ex+ budget)

What to buy/do:

  • Bottled Faith (7-12 Ex, +25% DPS). Replaces your life flask, get a corrupted blood immunity jewel to keep up this bleed immunity.
  • Cinderswallow's Urn once you are happy with your evade chance without the Jade flask (3-5ex, +10% DPS)
  • "Perfect" clusters, you can look for a third notable on your large one (Martial Prowess, Smite the Weak), a bit of extra stats (int!) or chaos res.
  • Tailwind or Tailwind/Elusive boots (From 5EX, +10% DPS)
  • An extra curse Hunter's chest along an Assassin's Mark ring (30-50Ex, +40% DPS)
  • +1Strike and +1Frenzy gloves from Awakener Orb crafting (20Ex - +10% DPS)
  • A 2-stat Watcher’s Eye (Fire Pen + Crit multi with Anger or Precision) (20-30Ex, +10%DPS)
  • Awakened multistrike support(20-40Ex, +10% DPS)
  • 6L your chest for totems
  • A second 6L corrupted Oro’s to switch to a 4M+ DPS Cyclone on weapon swap – because, why not?
  • %increased life, AS/incDmg and 2x crit multi jewels (8-10Ex each, +3-4% DPS each)

Examples of excellent endgame gear for this build :

Spiked Gloves
20% increased Melee Damage
+587 to Accuracy Rating
Regenerate 6.6 Life per second
+6 Mana gained on Kill
+1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges
Strike Skills target 1 additional nearby Enemy
+70 to maximum Life

Slink Boots
Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently
+89 to maximum Life
+48% to Lightning Resistance
35% increased Movement Speed
8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
9% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike
You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently

Stygian Vise
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
+52 to Strength
+112 to maximum Life
12% increased maximum Life
+44% to Fire Resistance
+46% to Cold Resistance
42% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills


Watcher's Eye
4% increased maximum Energy Shield
6% increased maximum Life
4% increased maximum Mana
+39% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
Damage Penetrates 15% Fire Resistance while affected by Anger

Rare Jewel
16% increased Fire Damage
+12% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+14% to Melee Critical Strike Multiplier
7% increased maximum Life

Choosing rares - stats to look for

This section will help you to choose between different rares once you start to min/max your character with expensive pieces.

The values below are indicative only and will change for your own character, so when in doubt, refer to your own POB !

Defensive stats

+500 Evasion: +4% evade chance - huge boost, but caps a 95% evade chance. You'll need approx 2200 evasion rating on gear to reach the cap without a Jade flask
+500 Armour: +1% Phys reduction, almost useless
+20 Life (on gear): +60 Total HP
+5% Increased Max Life = +100 Total HP

Offensive stats

+10% Global Accuracy Rating: +3,9% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)
+100 Accuracy: +1,8% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)

The 100% hit chance cap will be achieved with roughly +700-750 Accuracy on your gear if you stick to the suggested tree.

+10% critical strike multiplier: +2% DPS
+5% Fire Penetration: +4% DPS

+10% increased damage (Fire, Elemental, Melee, with Swords, with 2H...): +1,4% DPS
+10% critical strike chance: +0,9% DPS
+5% Attack Speed: +1.5% DPS (beware of mana issues!)


Best helmet enchant is 9% Flicker Strike damage/frenzy, which will net you 63% increased damage on 7 frenzies. 40% increased damage is good value as well.

Several boot enchants are very nice for the build, so I'd suggest to use your divine fonts on them. Flat Fire damage or Attack speed if you killed recently are both good for mapping, Movespeed if not hit is always great, and extra Spell Dodge or 80% stun avoidance are very good if you like running super rippy delirious maps. Finally, extra Elemental Damage Penetration if you have not killed recently is excellent for bossing.

While nice, these enchants remain entirely optional. Don't waste time or money chasing them if you do not yet have a multi-ex item equipped in every slot.


Leveling Tips

If it's your first league character and only have a 4L to level with, I recommend you to use Frost Blades : Frost Blades - Onslaught - Ancestral Call - Added Cold Damage.

Swap out Ancestral Call for Ruthless in boss fights for more DPS.

Onslaught can be later replaced by Elemental Damage with Attacks if colors are more convenient, or once you get your first Silver Flask.

Add Herald of Ice and Flesh and Stone auras as you unlock them

All these gems are available very early (Act1 for main link - don't forget all gems can be purchased from Siosa in the Library area from ActIII) and will carry you to the Blood Aqueducts (Act 9) without much issues on SSF gear. Use the best physical 1H or 2H swords you can grab for maximum damage. At lvl 44, you can buy a Rigwald's Charge 2H sword for a couple alchs if you want to feel more comfortable.

The Tribal Fury notable (Strike skill have 1 additional target, bottom left of the tree) is a big powerspike if if you use Frost Blades, and can be worth pathing quite early for it. You are also likely to miss a bit of strenght at early levels, so look for some on the gear you equip.

Basic lvl 40ish leveling tree : www.poeurl.com/cSSj. Adapt to your tastes and to your loot (have you found decent swords or not, etc...).

You can also consider skills like Cyclone or Bladestorm if they have your preference. If you have access to a Tabula, you can use Flicker Strike from lvl 28, but you will lack damage with only a 4L.

Recommended first ascendancy : Way of the Poacher for 4 frenzy charges. Get Onslaught from a Silver flask if you stumble upon one.

Once in the Blood Aqueducts (first Act 9 zone), farm up to lvl 67 and do a few chaos recipes. Congrats, you can now equip your Oro's Sacrifice, respec the few leveling passives you do not need anymore and start owning :D


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