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Vaal Themed Uniques List for Vaal Reliquary Keys

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PoE 3.14 Ultimatum brings a new tradable poe currency - Vaal Reliquary Keys. Use it to open a portal to an ancient vault which contains a special foil version of a Vaal-themed Unique item.

Here is a list of Vaal Themed Uniques, hope this will be useful to you!

Vaal Themed Uniques List for Vaal Reliquary Keys



Atziri's DisfavourAtziri's Disfavour, Doomfletch's Prism, Bloodseeker, Allure (?), Quecholli, Panquetzaliztli, Cerberus Limb, Doryani's Catalyst, Story of the Vaal, Fate of the Vaal, Rebuke of the Vaal, Cane of Unravelling, Pledge of HandsAtziri's Rule


Doryani's Prototype, Shadowstitch, Atziri's Splendour,


Doryani's Delusion, Atziri's Step,


Atziri's Acuity, Doryani's Fist, Demon Stitcher, Vaal Caress, Offering to the Serpent,


Maw of Conquest, Mask of the Spirit Drinker (?), Mask of the Stitched Demon, The Vertex, Glimpse of Chaos

Off Hand

Atziri's Mirror, Atziri's Reflection, Rathpith Globe, Zeel's Amplifier, Rearguard, DrillneckMahuxotl's Machination


Atziri's Foible, Blood of Corruption, Perquil's Toe (?), Sacrificial Heart, Zerphi's Heart,


String of Servitude, Soulthirst, Soul Tether, Coward's Legacy (?), Doryani's Invitation,


Timeclasp, Timetwist, Dream Fragments, Mark of Submission,


Doryani's Machinarium, Vaults of Atziri,


Glorious Vanity, Ancient Waystones, Atziri's Reign, Chill of Corruption, Sacrificial Harvest, Vaal Sentencing,


Zerphi's Last Breath, Soul Catcher (?), Soul Ripper, Atziri's Promise, Rumi's Concoction


Items with a (?) are either related to the Vaal or Vaal Skills, or another connected item is linked to the Vaal, but doesn't have a reference on the item itself.

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