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What's Your Atlas Strategy Now

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Yes, it's the world of Incursion now, but I still want to know what's your Atlas strategy? Ok, I'll share my strategy first - as a Windripper MF, I'd like to us Precinct, why? Because MS and TS are both broken, so I need to do this with Atlas, I currently have my atlas setup to have no other tier 10s, no tier 11s, and Eldered Promenade.


T10 is a comfortable range for a full MF Windripper builds, just enough damage to tackle the relatively hard bosses on the map.


The most insane thing about this map: The Cards.


Undaunted (28-32c), Saint's Treasure (14c now, almost double earlier when exalts are high priced) BOTH drop in this one map.




I get one of these cards every 8-10 maps on average. Monstrous Treasure + Strongbox 500% Sextant gives you 3-4 of these cards 80%+ of the time. I made my money back doing that combo on Precinct 9/10 times because of the cards.


It also has a chance to spawn a lot of bosses so it's a great map to Vaal assuming you can handle the exile bosses.


I chisel to 20%, alch, pick out the ones with 85%+ quant and good pack size and run them as is, and corrupt all the badly rolled rares. I sell the ones that turn into Promenade and the Precincts that stayed bad.


Yes, the layout is kind of bad but you get used to it after a while. There seem to be two distinct patterns: 1 is like 4 islands connected with narrow bridges, and the other is kind of like a pretzel.


Plus if you run a QotF or a Brightbeak Shield Charge build particularly with Inspired Learnings you move very quickly around the map.


Density isn't bad. Good with 3 sextants (1 red 2 yellow). Sextant costs are cheap but I have been consistently running these maps with massive profit so I don't care if I need to spend 150+ chaos to buy sextants after 25 maps.


Plus T10 Precinct sells for 3c each.


Plus, I think some people underestimate red sextants. The mod "nemesis monsters drop 3 additional Poe currency" is rare but if you behave and slot in high quant corrupted maps with more rare monsters + rare monsters have nemesis mod roll, you get at LEAST 25c drops with Beyond rolled into the map.


I haven't explored Shaped Precinct or Elder Precinct. Sextant cost should be similar and a higher tier can drop more high tier maps, so the earning potential should be higher. But I'm not sure if a squishy full MF Windripper can handle a T15/16, especially with that boss. Possibly build a stronger partial MF character to tackle that content?


So specifically for this league, I chose:


T11 Underground Sea - Extremely easy access. This was the main selling point, it is incredibly easy to purchase for a kickstart or to fix your pool since lots of people like this map. Super easy map, sea witches and first phase Merveil, I can clear most of the monsters in this map just by walking. Got some decent div cards.


T12 Ramparts - Was in between this and Underground River. Straight line layout, easy and quick to run. The main reason I went for this is that it made a line with the maps I chose. This makes ping-ponging easier when going up/down tiers of maps.


T13 Armoury - I love the layout of this map. It has really good density and a great chest from the boss (usually boss loot is shit, but I often times get 2-3 map drops from this boss). Masters and Alva also spawn right at the entrance, which is great.


T14 Vault - Amazing div cards. I dropped Abandoned Wealth earlier in the league which alone got me 55c IIRC, a nice kickstart. Other div cards aren't bad. Boss room has piles of treasure and lots of pots, whilst I don't get maps from them I have gotten Exalts.


T15 Orchard - Initially I wanted to go for Belfry, but Orchard fell perfectly in a line with the other maps I had chosen. Also, Emperor's Luck is quite fun at the very least, even if it often doesn't give returns. I also like the density here. I have had a single elder influenced Orchard to drop me 3 shaped Orchards alone, not to mention a couple other lower maps.


Anyway, what are your alternative strategies? Some of my friends, farming Torture Chamber with Flicker Strike, which would be a very good idea too, different people would have very different ideas with Atlas strategy, what's yours? Moreover, you must know that we are the Poe Currency selling website - you can buy exalted orbs, chaos orbs and many other orbs from https://www.poecurrencybuy.com/, this is important, we can always be your best support.

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