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[3.10] PoE Delirium Mauarder Blade Vortex Chieftain Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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This PoE 3.10 Mauarder Blade Vortex Build utilize 3 mandatory unique items that give us crazy bonuses for each point of Strength. With Geofri's Sanctuary and Shaper's Touch, we can get a crazy amount of flat Energy Shield, from Doon Cuebiyari we get over 300% Increase Damage boost!

[3.10] PoE Delirium Mauarder Blade Vortex Chieftain Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Affordable to start (Around 10-15Ex required to get build going, No legacy gear required)
  • + Exceptional boss killer: Uber-elder in 2-3 minutes with just unique items 
  • + Extremely tanky with no currency investment
  • + Not a stereotype type of a build (we play as 15k ES Marauder who stacks strength and spell damage)
  • + Non-meta build (till 3.9 it was a hipster build, however we will see how it will look like at the end of Metamorph league) So far low chance for nerfs
  • - Not SSF friendly due to Unique item requirements
  • - Clear-speed could be better
  • - Blade Vortex is not for everyone (you need to recast it every few seconds)


Skill Tree


Tasalio, Cleansing Water -> Ngamahu, Flame's Advance -> Hinekora, Death's Fury -> Ramako, Sun's Light

Pantheon: Soul of Solaris and Soul of Garukhan

Bandit: Kill All (recommended) OR spare Oak

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/ExfLKxYj

PoE 3.10 Mauarder Blade Vortex Chieftain Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Chest (6 link)

Blade Vortex - Iron Will - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Unleash - Increased Area of Effect

Use Conc Effect for difficult boss fights for example Uber Elder

Alternatively, if you don't want to swap gems around before boss fights etc. you can drop Increased Area of Effect and use Intensify 

Weapon/Shield (3 links)

1) CWDT - Immortal - Increased Duration

2) CWDT - Wave of Conviction - Combustion

Helmet/Boots/Gloves (4 links)

1) Righteous Fire - Efficacy - Swift Affliction - Elemental Focus

Note that I get, 30% more elemental damage from the helmet, as well as Level 20 Conc Effect and level 20 Burning Damage (If you don't like this approach you can skip using Vaal Righteous Fury)

2) Faster Attacks - Shield Charge - Fortify - Clarity

If you prefer Flame Dash, you can use it instead of Shield Charge/Faster Attacks/Fortify setup. In that case you want to have: Flame Dash level 20, Faster Casting support level 20 and Arcane Surge level 1-6 

3) Anger - Enlighten - Herald of Ash - Vaal Discipline

Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) - Wave of Conviction (level 1) - Curse on Hit (level 20) - Enfeeble/Flammability (Level 20)

When you are hit for more than 528 damage, Cast when Damage Taken will trigger Wave of Conviction (Aoe/Cone spell that applies -25% enemy fire res by itself) and triggers Curse on Hit setup with Enfeeble (I choose Enfeeble for Survi, you can replace it with Flammability for more damage). Remember that order matters! Cast on Damage taken needs to be in top left socket and Curse (Enfeeble or Flammability) needs to be in bottom left socket! otherwise this won't work properly.


Gear Setup

Stat priorities on rare items:

Flat Strength
% Increase Attributes
% Increase Strength
Energy Shield

Starting gear with prices


Doon Cuebiyari, 1c


Black Sun Crest, 1c


Astramentis, 15c


Alberon's Warpath, 1C


Geofri's Sanctuary, 5 Chaos + small amount of jeweler orbs and fusings to make it 4-5 Link


Shaper's Touch, 1C

Shield 35C

21% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
+85 to maximum Energy Shield
84% increased Energy Shield

+48 to maximum Mana
+12% to all Elemental Resistances
+36% to Fire Resistance

Ring 30C +30C

+24% to Cold Resistance
+51 to Strength
Adds 4 to 10 Physical Damage to Attacks
+49 to maximum Mana
+13% to Cold Resistance
+34% to Lightning Resistance

+24% to Cold Resistance
+51 to Strength
Adds 4 to 10 Physical Damage to Attacks
+49 to maximum Mana
+13% to Cold Resistance
+34% to Lightning Resistance
-5 to Total Mana Cost of Skills

Belt 6C

+34 to Strength
+54 to Strength
+45 to Armour
+45 to maximum Energy Shield

+42 to maximum Life
+10% to Fire Resistance
+17% to Lightning Resistance

For endgame selection of gear, please refer to the PoB Link.


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