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[3.10] PoE Delirium Shadow CoC Ice Nova Assassin 7M+ DPS Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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This PoE 3.10 Assassin CoC Ice Nova build, we have 7m+ Shaper DPS with quite good survivability ! We doesn't need to look for much attribute on gear and almost no mana issues, even without Enlighten. When you spin up, you can kill any enemy in map!

[3.10] PoE Delirium Shadow CoC Ice Nova Assassin 7M+ DPS Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Pros & Cons

  • + High mobility with Cyclone
  • + High movement speed
  • + Almost no mana issues, even without Enlighten
  • + Doesn't need to look for much attribute on gear (just needs some dexterity and a little strength - we'll probably get them on Helmet and Jewel, respectively)
  • + 100% hit chance, no accuracy needed on gear
  • + 7m+ Shaper DPS with quite good survivability
  • - Melee build, possibly hard to avoid some mechanics in the beginning
  • - Messy effects, possibly laggy (~22.5 casts per second, ignites and Herald of Ash explosions, Vortex effects)


Skill Tree


Help Alira. Everything she gives us is useful. Kill all can also be an option if you prefer to.


For leveling, my preferred order for ascendancy notables is Opportunistic > Ambush and Assassinate. After Merciless lab, remove Ambush and Assassinate and pick Unstable Infusion and Deadly Infusion. For Uber lab, pick Mistwalker.

Below, there's an explanation about our choices.


Major: Lunaris

Minor: Any one will work well, depending on your preference. I'd recommend Garukhan for general use, and Ryslatha for lab (as we have no/low base health regen).

Passive Skill Tree & PoB


PoE 3.10 Shadow CoC Ice Nova Assassin Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Cospri 1: Frostbolt setup

Frostbolt - Cold to Fire Support - Combustion Support

Frostbolt shall be placed on the mainhand Cospri. Cold to Fire is the best support for us. Combustion reduces enemies fire resistances, benefitting all of our damage gems.

Cospri 2: Ice Nova setup

Ice Nova - Cold to Fire Support - Elemental Focus Support

Ice Nova shall be placed on the offhand Cospri. Concentrated Effect is slightly better than Elemental Focus, but the reduced AOE from it (and the already too high damage) made me keep Elemental Focus. It can be better for bosses, though.

Chest: COC setup

Cyclone - Wave of Conviction - Increased Critical Strikes - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Cast On Critical Strike

Differently from the original version, in which we had two Ice Nova gems, here we have a third spell on our 6link: Wave of Conviction. As we only deal fire damage, Wave of Conviction will always apply fire exposure, increasing all damage dealt for all skills (as we use Avatar of Fire). You can also remove Fortify from this setup and place on the mobility setup (commented below).

4link: Mobility

Whirling Blades - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

I'd say Leap Slam and Faster Attacks are mandatory here. The other two gems are up to you. My current setup is Leap Slam + Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Culling Strike. Leap Slam is highly recommender for mapping because of cliffs and other obstacles. For the open slots, I've tested gems such as Whirling Blades, Culling Strike, Fortify, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, Summon Ice Golem, Vaal Grace, ... It highly depends on your playstyle.

4link: Auras

Herald of Ash - Flesh and Stone - Precision - Summon Skitterbots

Flesh and Stone is mandatory to guarantee us 100% hit chance. Herald of Ash is extremely strong, clearing packs with its area effect and giving us a "more spell damage" effect. Precision 1 gives us a nice critical strike chance and some awesome Watcher's Eye mods for a 22 mana reservation cost. Skitterbots will slow and shock nearby enemies, effectively increasing our damage output.

4link: Utility

Vortex - Arcane Surge - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration

Vortex will deal fire damage because of Avatar of Fire, but its AOE will still chill enemies, making it safer for us and increasing our critical strike chance (from Cospri affix). As we'll be casting Vortex a lot without mana problems, Arcane Surge will have a 100% uptime (be sure not to overlevel Arcane Surge, keep it at a level you can guarantee its buff with a single Vortex cast). Vaal Righteous Fire is here to benefit from Increased Duration.

Another possibility is to run a CWDT setup instead of an Arcane Surge setup. For example, you can run Cast when Damage Taken 1 - Immortal Call 3 - Increased Duration - Vaal Righteous Fire.
With this change, we lose some "more spell damage", mana regen (which we don't really need) and chill effect (from Vortex) and gain some physical damage reduction, which we lack. The damage loss is quite considerable (my numbers changed, but it's around 11% DPS loss - we still keep around 7.4m DPS) but we gain some toughness. I still like Arcane Surge but that's an option if you like it safer (and maybe if Vortex lags you). :P


Gear Setup



Cospri's Malice: Not much to say about them. Just need to say they're not mandatory to start running the build. Check the leveling section for more info.



Both Devoto and Starkonja are pretty good unique options. They both gives us many useful status and the dexterity we need to use Cospri, and are relatively easier to find an enchanted or corrupted one with fire leech

Rare affixes

maximum life
you have shocking conflux for 3 seconds every 8 seconds (hunter)

critical strike multiplier (warlord)
regenerate #% of life per second (warlord)
nearby enemies have -#% to fire resistance (delve)



maximum life
resistances (optional - can make the item too expensive, you can get it on other items)
#% increased maximum life (elder/hunter)
attacks have #% to critical strike chance (elder/hunter)

recover #% of life on kill (elder/warlord - optional)
nearby enemies are blinded (redeemer - replaces Flesh and Blood)
#% chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit (redeemer)

Loreweave and Carcass Jack are some good unique options if you lack currency for a rare chest. Anyways, the best piece is a rare chest (preferably evasion - Assassin's Garb is the best base for more evasion and implicit, but any evasion one will work). Just be careful to pick an armour piece you have attributes enough to use. :)



maximum life
attack speed
#% increased global critical strike chance (crusader)

adds # to # fire damage if you've dealt a critical strike recently (redeemer)
#% chance to evade attacks (redeemer)
#% chance to unnerve enemies for # seconds on hit (hunter)
#% increased spell damage (warlord)

An awesome option for our build is Atziri's Acuity. This item gives us some life, crit chance and Vaal Pact. By default, we can leech a maximum of 20% of our maximum life per second. Vaal Pact doubles this value, so we can get up to 40% per second, and it removes our default life regen (which we already don't have). It's an awesome option for sustain, but it can make a little harder for us to fit resistances. As usual, rare gloves are also a good option.


maximum life
movement speed (would recommend at least 30% - maybe 25% is ok)
open prefix (to craft immunity to freeze when you're on endgame gear)

#% increased cooldown recovery speed (shaper/crusader - at least 14% on boots or belt)
#% chance to dodge attack hits (shaper/redeemer)
#% chance to dodge spell hits (elder/redeemer)

Rare boots are the best option here. You must get a minimum of 14% cooldown recovery speed on either boots or belt. Maybe Atziri's Step would be a good unique, but it would probably make it harder for you to fit resistances.


maximum life
#% increased cooldown recovery speed (shaper/crusader - at least 14% on boots or belt)
#% increased spell damage during any flask effect (shaper/crusader)
#% increased maximum life (elder/hunter)

#% increased attack speed during any flask effect (elder/redeemer)
#% increased critical strike chance against shocked enemies (crusader)
#% increased critical strike chance against chilled enemies (redeemer)
#% increased fire damage (warlord/delve)

Again, rare is the best option here. You must get a minimum of 14% cooldown recovery speed on either boots or belt. If you're getting it on belt, Leather Belt is the best base. If you're getting it on boots, then Stygian Belt is the best base.


The Effigon: Mandatory item to run the build. We also benefit from its dexterity, fire resistance, evasion and fire penetration. Try to get one with a "0.5% of fire damage leeched as life" corruption for sustain. Until then, replace the Elemental Focus on Ice Nova setup for a Life Leech Support (placing it on Frostbolt is bad because Frostbolt doesn't always hit a monster before you kill it).


maximum life
open prefix (to craft reduced mana cost of channelling skills)
#% increased attack speed
#% increased fire damage
#% increased spell damage (shaper/crusader)
curses enemies with level # assassin's mark on hit (shaper)
adds # to # fire damage to spells and attacks (elder)
#% to global critical strike multiplier (elder/warlord)

curses enemies with level # poacher's mark on hit (elder)
curses enemies with level # warlord's mark on hit (elder)
#% chance to evade attacks (elder/delve)
# life gained for each enemy hit by your spells (crusader)
adds # to # fire damage against ignited enemies (warlord)
curses enemies with level # flammability on hit (warlord)
#% of fire damage leeched as life (delve)
#% increased elemental damage (delve)

Mark of the Shaper + elder ring with Poacher's Mark is a common option. Another possible option is to run a Circle of Anguish instead of Mark of the Shaper. This increases our damage quite a lot, but we'll lose some toughness and it's quite expensive. Still, it's a strong option, and it doesn't require you to use an elder ring.


Frozen Trail

The only mandatory jewel. Later on the game you can look for one with the "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" implicit (or on another jewel you'll use). It's quite expensive but believe me, as a Cyclone user who attacks 15 times per second, it'll save you a lot against those Nemesis monsters.

Watcher's Eye

Look for the affix "attack speed while affected by precision". It'll make easier for you to get to the 15 APS cap. This is the only really recommended affix. Double precision is quite expensive. The affix "gain a flask charge when you deal a critical strike while affected by precision" is a useful option, but even this one is already a bit expensive. The affix "#% to critical strike multiplier while affected by precision" is the best possible for a double precision jewel, but it's really, really expensive.

You can also look for precision attack speed coupled with another aura's effect (such as Hatred, Anger or Zealotry), but it would require you to place an Enlighten on the aura setup.


% maximum life
increased damage
increased area damage
increased fire damage
increased cold damage
increased spell damage

increased spell damage while dual wielding
global critical strike multiplier
critical strike multiplier for spells
critical strike multiplier with cold skills
critical strike multiplier with elemental skills
critical strike multiplier while dual wielding

I'd recommend to get a single jewel with strength (to help fill strength requirement for gems). If you're trying to fit resistances, specially if you're trying to equal all 3 to fully benefit from Wise Oak, you can look for resists on two or three of them.

For the other affixes, our desired ones are related to damage, area damage, cold skills, fire damage, cold damage, spell damage, critical strike multiplier. Below are the affixes I've been looking for. There may be other useful ones.



Divine Life Flask or Eternal Life Flask

  • Prefix: Bubbling/Seething/Panicked (up to your preference)
  • Suffix: of Staunching

Quartz Flask

  • Prefix: Chemist's
  • Suffix: of Heat (if you don't have boots craft), of Reflexes (if you do)

Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask

  • Prefix: Experimenter's (Alchemist's prefix is also good but lasts for almost half the time)
  • Suffix: Adrenaline

Diamond Flask

  • Prefix: Experimenter's
  • Suffix: of Warding

Eternal Mana Flask (replace Quartz Flask for "no mana regen" maps)

  • Prefix: Enduring
  • Suffix: same as Quartz Flask

The Wise Oak

To be sure you're using it right, check your resistances on your character sheet. The higher value (between parenthesis) is your uncapped resistance. To benefit from it, you need your highest uncapped resistance to be fire. To fully benefit from it, you need all of your uncapped resistances to be equal. In this case, all elements will both be highest and lowest, meaning that you will receive less damage from all of them (and still deal more damage with fire).

For more gear details, see poe link




15% increased Cyclone attack speed (possibly the best option, makes it even easier to get to 15 APS but it's quite expensive)

Wave of Conviction's Exposure applies -6% Elemental Resistance (it seems quite rare, but increases your damage for every skill, so it's an option if you're done on APS)

40% increased Ice Nova damage (not so cheap but it's an alternative if you're low on currency)


Damage penetrates 10% resistances if you haven't killed recently (it'll basically only apply to bosses, but the rest will die too quickly, so it's by far the best option)
Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently (will basically only increase our damage during clear, but is still a strong option)
Those two are the strongest ones but there are some other options, not too strong but useful. Life regen, spell dodge, attack dodge, attack and cast speed, leech, movement speed. They're all good enchants you can opt to keep while equipping your character.


I recommend "of Reflection" (creates a copy of you) or "of Spite" (nova of projectiles leaving chilled ground) enchantments. They both help your survivability. Still, I'd say this is more personal than the others, so feel free to pick whatever you want.

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