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By Far The Most Well-Known Poe 3.2 Builds For Marauder

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The Path of Exile Marauder is Path of Exile's pure strength class, which implies that he's terrific at taking hits, and also far better at dishing out punishment. His melee skills encompass a wide range of assault, from enormous single target damage to the devastating region of impact. In this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy will list The most Popular Poe 3.2 Builds for Marauder three Ascendancy classes Juggernaut, Berserker and Chieftain Build for you.


By Far The Most Well-Known Poe 3.2 Builds For Marauder

NO.1 [PoE 3.2 Juggernaut Build] Cyclone primarily based Mjolner with Elemental Equilibrium chain - excellent Boss kill speed

This build makes use of difficult and matured mechanics with numerous optimization procedure involved in its improvement.

This build is just not RF build and thus it can be not designed to sustain RF each of the time (but it is usually invested in that location if somebody desires that). RF is to be applied together with ruby flask vs. bosses. Provided that you'll be discharging vs. boss, your Kingsguard will preserve you alive. Life regen nodes, ruby flask, level 20 purity of fire, 0.2% life regen per endurance charge node close to marauder, waffles +max resistances, +1 max to fire res from the tree, life regen under fortify juggernaut passive all of those are only employed to minimize RF life drop. When outdoors in combat it might drop but should drop slowly. If it loses rapidly outdoors in combat than you're doing something incorrect and far better does a checklist of factors just described.

This Build is pretty exciting and all content viable, I will say even farmable.
Nasty mods? Ok no dilemma, Tough hitting bosses? No difficulty. The build can Facetank pretty much
Killed shaper deathless, Facetanked beam, balls, even couple of slams for science, was funny. DMG was not that terrible as ppl often say. For me, it was fast and not dumb run like this all DPS builds.

Build highlights:
+ Cyclone primarily based Mjolner with Elemental Equilibrium chain for -50% resistance on Bosses
+ exceptional clear speed
+ great Boss kill speed
+ 84/83/83 max resistances Unflasked
+ 90/83/89 Flasked
+ Fortify
+ 650+ life regeneration with 50%+ chaos resistance to help with countering the DoTs and sustain RF
+ 10k + armour Unflasked
+ 5/7 charges
+ Elemental Overload that may be consistently on
+ superb life recovery by way of Kingsguard alone (7 endurance charges 25% on the time, 5 endurance charges 25% of your time)
+ 60k+ tooltip per Discharge in the final build (with RF, EO and max charges)
+ 4-5 Discharges per second (according to belt becoming made use of)
+ count on 300k+ sustainable Shaper DPS (according to my calculations with EO and RF active - see under), 380k from maxed build
+ 5.8k - 6k+ life pool around level 92 (based on gear level)
+ Faceroll typical Atziri
+ Faceroll T15s
+ Faceroll Uber Lab
+ Faceroll T16 Guardians (outside of Phoenix that is broken)
+ Uber Atziri deathless
+ Shaper (deathless in the event you know boss mechanics and may dodge some attacks)
+ Faceroll Elder's Guardians
+ 3.two Elder Bosses information to become added (as they received some buffs).

Creator: RicoKGB

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa2b_U1QYDk

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/e5etK9i6

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/bDZskM

Example Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362

NO.2 [PoE 3.2 Juggernaut Build] Rapid evident speed up to T10, Quick Uber Lab and low-cost

This build is intended to complete 3 things. Quick evident speed up to T10, Straightforward Uber Lab and low-cost. So far it has done that and exceeded my expectations!
For those who are using Daresso's they, stay complete all of the time using the refresh on kill. In the event you are employing a different piece, you will bounce up and down till Unyielding recharges them. At present applying for an astral plate and anytime in packs full charges up.
If you are having challenges maintaining the charges up, modify your gems. It is possible to have CwDT + Warlords + Ice Golem all level 1

+ Low-cost (for one of the most element)
+ Terrific clear speed
+ Can do up to Tier ten maps simply
+ Can use a lot of diverse gear
+ Simple mode for Uber lab
- Can get high priced for the 6L chest setup
- Can't-do reflect magic/physical maps
- Caps out about 700k DPS +/- a handful of
- Not as strong as the 2H builds

Creator: LessCowBell

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ms8js6mOHU

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/sptxdRfh

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/cbK3AC

Instance Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2102975

NO.3 [PoE 3.2 Berserker Build] More than 6K Life And Tough to Die - Perfect For Tough Bosses - Ulab/Uatziri/Guardians/Shaper

Played this build the final league and I am playing it this league again each as Berserker. The only difference in PoE 3.2 and the significant 1 is Rage. It really is a great DPS addition. The degen doesn't even tickle.
But have noticed a single downside, is the fact that you happen to be reliant on your regen. Just ran a map with the No Regen mod. It wasn't an issue last league, so I just went for it, but continuously almost dying ahead of figured out it was the Rage degen.
Berserker for me continues to be an ought to. I can not go without the Warcry heals; it is as well excellent. For mapping, also utilizing Deidbellow for the reason that it's just more movement speed, and with max Rage stacks, adrenaline quicksilver, onslaught, boots, it is the fastest you have ever noticed a 7 foot 350-pound muscle man run.

Leveling Guides:
At level 1 take Ground Slam/Cleave/Molten Strike along with the Ruthless gem.
At level eight take Maim and take Added Accuracy till u get the "Resolute Technique" Note
At level ten take Shield Charge for Movement (that is also beautiful for leveling when you have some Facebreaker)
At level 12 Take Sunder rather of your level 1 gem until you might have the Warchief Totem (note: you cant use sunder with Facebreaker)
At level 16 take the Facebreaker. Should you never have some, choose a Rare/Unique 2Hand weapon with higher physical Dmg (With Facebreaker I favor leveling with Infernal Blow + Melee Splash/Ancestral Call and Shield Charge).
At level 18 take More quickly Attacks, Melee Physical Harm, Melee Damage on Complete Life and Concentrated Effect
At level 28 take Ancestral Warchief
At level 38 take improved Region of Impact

+ more than 6k Life
+ ~1000 life/s with an enduring cry and all charges (more than 15% life reg)
+ 73% Phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
+ tough to die since you stay behind your Totems
+ can do all map mods (reflect is usually a bit meh for the reason that your totems will kill themselves on hit)
+ at level 16+ (Facebreakers)
+ fantastic for tough bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
+ Stun immune with more than 25 Rage stacks

- clear speed is typical
- Totem playstyle will not be for everyone
- 10% life degen (but with ~15% life reg we nonetheless have 5% and don't degen)

Creator: guggelhupf

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBD_Ojb3QOE

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/a6m47h1S

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/xLohYg

Example Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250

NO.4 [PoE 3.2 Chieftain Build] Berserker - Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder - Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

The build is exceptional on Berserker. This Build relies mostly on Bloodseeker nevertheless possessing instant-leech and much less on something else. Provided that it is nonetheless alive, everyone can proceed to provide it a shot. I do imagine shaped items will probably be considerably more expensive now considering the fact that everybody knows how highly effective they may be. I would go with Relentless Fury as a stat-stick for clearing and Death's Hand once you can afford it (ought to be like 1c inside a few days from the league).
Upgrade to a shaper stat-stick if you can and if you cannot sustain each Blood Rage and Crave the Slaughter, get rid of blood rage. You do not need frenzy charges for clearing and for bosses you've frenzy anyways. Ascendancy points stay the same.

30% Dodge, 20% Evade, Insta-Leech, 6k+ life.
Should you never get 1 shot, you don't die. It is as uncomplicated as that.
The only items that will one-shot you will be super telegraphed moves like Shaper's slam or super un-telegraphed bullshitty moves like the Elder's boop.

We still leech 31k life/second, and I attempted testing if that is adequate by removing ascendancy nodes completely from my more pricey setup which brought me to a reduce overall DPS than the champion build and reduce life leech. I tested Shaper like that, and I killed him deathless whilst testing stuff like face-tanking his beam, so I do feel our life leech is a lot more than enough devoid of berserker. This can be the only reason I am not creating the full recommendation to switch over even though considering that I will not know for positive if it's enough until I play via with the comprehensive ascendancy.

Creator: Baldersh

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wj6nwGpk6Q

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/XzasAUR8

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/tMotUj

Instance Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050203

NO.5 [PoE 3.2 Chieftain Build]Izaro/Atziri/Shaper/Elder - Chieftain Dual Curse Crit Staff Tectonic Slam League Starter

Chieftain provides far more dmg than the juggernaut, and I feel the defensive capabilities from juggernaut are overkill. Chieftain also delivers a lot of life regen and fire res. The fire res allows us to gearing simpler initially and, inside the endgame, will enable us to put on extra uniques without having compromising res. Additionally, the cyclical dmg buff in the Ngamahu node plus the Covered in Ash from Hinekora can be a substantial DPS increase for bosses and more than makeup for having to make use of tec slam without the need of endurance charges.

The principle thing that would attract me to Juggernaut will be the endurance charge generation on single target considering the fact that it is among two ways to produce end charges sufficiently on a single target for tec slam. Even so, because states have the Smashing Strikes node, we usually do not require the juggernaut end charge generation for standard map bosses. That said, jug's sustain indicates you won't run out of endurance charges on longer bosses which include Izaro/Atziri/Shaper/Elder.

In addition, we get the 2nd aspect of your Phys/fire conversion that we have to have so we save two points that otherwise could be receiving Avatar of Fire. Considering that we're not AoF, we can use stuff like Taste of Hate and Atziri's Guarantee.

This build takes benefit of the extremely effective employees' crit nodes that, as much as this point, have mostly gone unused. Nevertheless, with Chieftain/Juggernaut getting buffed employees skills, for instance, Tec Slam and Sunder considerably can shine as crit staff builds. This will not be a fantastic looking guide, however, the info would be the outcome of a lot of believed, testing, frequent sense, and collaboration having a couple of mates.
Note this build is currently subject to lots of altering. I don't have infinite information of every exceptional in the game, and tectonic slam isn't even on the path of creating but.

This build mostly does not need any uniques because there's nothing on Hegemony's Era that enables the build or something; it is just a higher DPS up using a block and +1 power charges on a base that is notoriously tough to craft. You'll find, be having said that, a significant amount of uniques which are very excellent for this build. They are the ones I am considering/plan on making use of. One of the added benefits of chieftain would be the +100% fire res which enables you to be adding huge on uniques than we otherwise could.

Creator: Coil1

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/rstwdgw2

Instance Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093949



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