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Poe 3.2 Duelist Melee Builds With Blade Flurry, Reave, Sunder

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For melee Duelist, numerous further percentages can be obtained from gems like Added Accuracy Good quality, that is vital especially when you're looking for a great deal of essential damage. Also, it is crucial for elemental melee builds, which might be pretty devastating when performed properly. You do not desire to miss a lot of things when you happen to be facing hard mobs of enemies that elemental melee builds have a tendency to be met up. In This Post, you can find Poe 3.2 Duelist Melee Builds With Blade Flurry, Reave, Sunder.


Poe 3.2 Duelist Melee Builds With Blade Flurry, Reave, Sunder


NO.1 [Duelist][Champion][Blade Flurry] Uncomplicated to Build and Gearing - The Swordmaster - Dual-wield crit Champion

The building mechanic remains the identical but Slayer ascendancy took some adjustments right after the revamp, he no longer has stun immunity while leeching, this requires you to have no less than ~6k life to stop being stun when Facetanking bosses and to not get your leech interrupted. Nonetheless, it's nonetheless an extremely fantastic Ascendancy.

However, Champion is hunting pretty sweet now, 100% opportunity to apply Taunt on the hit against monsters and bosses, make them take improved harm and unable to evade your attack, this really is incredibly fantastic if your build has low accuracy and crit strike possibility. You may drop some accuracy on jewelry to obtain anything else you like. Verify out the Ascendancy in Skill Tree section; you are able to now play as either Slayer or Champion within this patch.

In Bestiary league, PoeCurrencyBuy Gamer employed it till reached level 90; you'll be able to switch in between Scaeva and Ahn's may possibly although leveling, they are each viable solutions. Relating to your gem setting, our gamer also swaps out Inc AOE for Concentrated Effect Assistance even though in bosses, but for mapping, you can replace Inc AOE with anything you like (Inc crit multi, Innervate for instance). That rare sword you might have is ok, ideal crit and attack speed, however, the DPS is as well low, at this point, it is not greater than Scaeva or Ahn's may considerably. so our gamer suggested just stick to the above for the time being and find yet another rare sword with no less than 300pdps and 7+ crit for endgame.

+ Uncomplicated to build and to gear, no bleed/poison abuse, just pure Phys.
+ Versatile with skills, can use all 1h melee sword skill, I mainly use Blade flurry for bosses and Ice crash/lacerate/cyclone for mapping.
+ High quality of life with stun/bleed immunity, 20% culling, and endless leech if playing as Slayer. Enhanced Fortify and stun resistance with Champion.
+ 6-7 jewels, enough to fill in what you lack on gear.
+ No flask spamming in every 2 sec

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixI08nLm69w
PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/8T6DM0C2
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/jLK83M
Instance Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2036681

NO.2 [Duelist][Champion][Blade Flurry] Low-cost Bleed-Explo Blocker Gladiator Bladeflurry - High Clearspeed and Survivability

This Build chooses Gladiator because of comfortable setup max block 75/75 and also have alternative+better explosion effect 10% monster hp from Gratuitous Violence in comparison with Abyssal Cry 8%. Plus you no must spam warcry as Abyssal Cry build does to possess proc-explosion impact, is usually passive.

Overall gladiator ascendancy got buffed lots generating all of its nodes are worth to take, thus it gives us additional choice to choose how we desire to play our builds.

Ascendancy Selections
- At present deciding on Gratuitous Violence path is because of organic setup gear with larger clear speed explosions
- If you need a lot more top block(82%) but you nonetheless wish to have bleed-explosion effect, you can pick Violent Retaliation giving up Gratuitous Violence then wear Haemophilia unique glove to have exactly the same influence but slightly significantly less potent than the ascendancy node had
- When you are currently playing with Haemophilia but does not care about obtaining the high block likelihood(remain 75%), you could possibly spend your point toward Outmatch and Outcast to have 10% more dmg and Blood inside the Eyes for bleed effectiveness.

+ Cheap Only expensive thing could be the Surrender shield, 5-Link viable
+ Higher clear speed in maps
+ High survivability
+ Simple to play
+ Can do most map mods, even Phys/elemental reflect maps
+ Less expensive compared to ES build
- Cant run minimize armor/block map mod
- Life-based
- Need Chayula distinctive shield to become this tanky as a Life Build

Solo Esh's Breachlord - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDYXhOUQL3w
Solo Atziri - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqThYEM7WZQ
PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/TJM5pjBS
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/kkPZAT
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1830602

NO.3 [Duelist][Champion][Reave] Affordable Bleed-Explo Blocker Bladeflurry - High Clearspeed and survivability

This build attacks with Reave for raw physical damage, but in addition supports four Zombies augmented by Mon'tregul's Grasp and as much as 20 utility-specific Spectral Wolves in the Scourge. What this build also revolves about the Champion ascendancy is for its one of a kind interactions with selected skills and items.

+ Straightforward to play and new player friendly! You only actively use two skills (Reave and Whirling Blades) in combat, therefore enabling you to far better focus on your character's actions.
+ It really is cheap! The necessary items for this build cost around 20c in Typical.
+ As of now, I can full T12 maps relatively conveniently; my furthest push was T15.
+ I made this build purely for exciting :) As such, I take a far more casual approach to this build, and I probably won't make it a life objective to push it to be Shaper viable (or something in the sort). You are able to view this as either a constructive or negative (lol).
- As with many other summoners builds, it is slow to level. It's also a late bloomer as the key items within this build can't be equipped till Level 70.
- It does not do effectively in groups with other players that Taunt. Due to the fact, Taunt can be a crucial mechanic in this build, you want to become Taunting anything.
- If you are looking for a build that will clear the end-end-game content material, this most likely isn't for you personally as this build is not created to handle uber bosses.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyjMHqBKC_I
PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/QUi7aQ3L
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/48Gjiz
Example Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1942669

NO.4 [Duelist][Gladiator][Reave] Beginner Friendly - Low Entry & Higher Scaling - Shaper & MFing

This Build is not a crazy or weird or silly build; it really is merely a powerful, fast and engaging all about melee build.
This Reave build has no expected chase uniques or super significant highly-priced power spikes. You could finish all content material on a two EX budget, but you'll be able to also massively improve your gear to insane levels of DPS to farm Overmodded Guardians or take on Uber Elder.

> Can smoothly farm and finish all content material
> Mapping is leading tier in speed and smoothness
> Extremely versatile and might be modified however you desire
> No gem swaps needed for bosses, even Shaper!
> Kill bosses fast at the high range - You are able to kill Forge with the Phoenix boss at 75% of your field with Vaal Reave whilst he channels his explosion.
> No dangerous mobs or mob mods that will kill you - I've never died to an Abyss spinner!
> Able to switch off to full quantity gear( 66%) and farm Vault / Spider forest
> 2 weeks of no lifting nevertheless hasn't burned me out when other builds may take one day to become boring even among my favorite classes
> With Leap Slam could even speedrun Shaper
> Cool as HECK dual wield!
> Extremely defensive whilst still possessing 1+ mil Shaper DPS - 79%+ Spell Block & Block, 60%+ Evade, 70%+ Phys reduction, 50%+ Base resistances, Immortal Call, 6K+ HP and a lot more!
> Hardcore and solo self-found viable
> Giant half screen range - biggest melee AOE in the game

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPHntjOy65k
PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/k6ghtHZe
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/fg6Cd3
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2064695

NO.5 [Duelist][Sunder] Fast and Tanky Builds - U-Lab Speed Crusher / Mapper / High Harm Mitigation

This Build is effortless to use Duellist character with the chosen ascendancy of Slayer. It needs minimal effort to use, won’t give your wrists RSI and only needs a few keys or buttons to press. It’s simple around the eyes, can do most content material quickly and won’t melt your FPS. It’s noob friendly, it’s fantastic for casual gamers, and the additional experienced will be able to min-max the bejeezus out of it. It’s an exclusive mix of higher defensive capabilities across the board, with decent DPS and faster than average move speed. It’s the most reliable and most comfy starting build I’ve used within the 3+ years I’ve been playing this game. The build can solo the Uber Lab with ease by the time you hit level 70 and nevertheless have lower leveled gems - you are able to again do this relatively quick even without any of the four cheap unique’s that the build uses. It is an excellent all-rounder that will allow you to speed-farm the Uber Lab; farm map’s as much as T13 and all other mid-tier content material in the game at a fast rate. It decimates breaches, can tank exiles, beyond mobs and invasion bosses, as nicely as survive explosive strongbox and ghost encounters - creating this one with the best all-around low-priced builds there is.

Ascendancy adjustments revealed. Simply calls for us to take exactly the same ascendancy choices, but in a different order. Have updated that order inside the build guide. All round we gain a 5% AOE boost, a 30% harm boost, 100% Phys reflect mitigation and for those massive boosts, all we lose is perma-stun mitigation - which we'll claw back a chunk from via the Pantheon system at this stage anyway.

+ Fast
+ Tanky.
+ Above-average DPS.
+ It really is a Phys-attack build that will run Phys reflect maps.
+ Completely immune to Phys indicate enemies or maps.
+ The gear is low-cost as chips to obtain.
+ Levelling is effortless, as is definitely the final Kitava kill without the require for Twink good quality gear.
+ You are able to face-tank the entire Uber Lab in under five min’s even though collecting keys and shrines along the main path. You are able to do this over and over and over again with primarily no risk of death.
+ Uber-Lab farming will make you filthy rich in some different ways, all through the length of a season. Then back in common mode, also. This Build is applicable even in 7-day+ race leagues, also.
- This Build is not a Guardian-stomping mega-DPS build. You may clear the Guardians and Shaper deathless with an excellent understanding in the boss mechanics over the course of 2-4min’s, but most casual players will die at the very least once or twice in those encounters, particularly in they have lower level/quality gem’s, or attempt to completely face-tank the fights.
- It is not as fast as wand builds due to the fact It doesn’t have 600% movement speed. It is nevertheless really fast none the much less though.
- It’s not as utterly screen-shattering because the 1-shot trash clearing mega-AOE-sized Kinetic Blast builds. It always clears trash quite fast none the significantly less though.
- The DPS drop’s off noticeably against T14 map bosses and above. It’s not like you can’t kill them, it’s just extra like the bosses go from taking 1-10 seconds, to around 30-90 seconds. The Gorge Map boss on T13 is also a full pain inside the ass due to the constant jumping all over the screen and getting able to 2-shot you with his quick leap slams. Getting said that though, they are nonetheless straightforward to kill deathless; they just take extra time.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IClg6j0Ujg
PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/6hsqGk01
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/YTDwUp
Example Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2032624

NO.6 [Duelist][Gladiator][Sunder] MoM`s bloody Gladiator: when bleed does the job

The main change of this update is Ascendancy rework. And we got severe buffs.
-Our ascendancies now allow us to maim by main attack skill, causing central gem on totem redundant
-we possess the small chance to blind by each hit, but ten % feels too little on bosses, so I suggest to keep blind gem up, but in general, we will see blind much more often
-25 % A lot more bleed damage-this can be a seriously huge boost, with dual curse setup and reasonable gear (6L and Calcaneus malleus) we will reach 350k+ effective DPS
- Only nerf is that our bleeding does not lower harm from enemies. How will it affect our survivability is an important question

+ low-cost to start
+ great survivability (MoM, block+spellblock, fortify, high mobility)
+ great clear speed
+ can do all content solo-Shaper deathless, Guardians simple, UberLab uncomplicated, UberAtziri killed
+ bleed would be the main source code of DPS
+ can do ANY COMBINATION of map mods by itself
- not god-tier single target dmg
- does not get a great deal from group auras
- I try hard to come across a different minus

Phoenix https://youtu.be/rfNTGzVbsfw
Minotaur https://youtu.be/lVaXT87oU6Y
Chimera https://youtu.be/h5eS9T_jNX0
Hydra https://youtu.be/FkYPbopoOq4
PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/u8pD97n2
Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bJG0
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1991349


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