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How to get path of exile Jeweller`s Orb

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Hi poe fans,Jeweller's Orbs can be found from slain enemies and Arcanist's Strongboxes. there are four method to get Jeweller`s Orb, first you can farming by yourself, there are some suggest for you to farming Jeweller`s Orb. second you can trade Jeweller`s Orb from poe.trade. third you can Vendor Recipe Jeweller`s Orb from NPC, fourth you can buy Jeweller`s Orb from poecurrencybuy.com, now i will Details of these four methods.



1. What is poe Jeweller`s Orb

poe Jeweller`s Orb a currency item that can be used to re-roll the number of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour. The maximum number of sockets is still limited by the type of equipment and item level. Jeweller's Orbs are primarily used to randomly change the number of sockets an item, subject to the limitations enforced by the item's item level. If an item has some quality, each 1% quality improves the result by 1%. The sockets of an item reforged by a Jeweller's Orb also come with random links and colors. A Jeweller's orb will always roll a different number of sockets then the item had originally, but will not reroll an item with maximum sockets.


2. How to farming poe Jeweller`s Orb

They cost 2 Alteration Orbs and can be bought at vendors, save up those Alteration Orbs and buy a bunch!
Selling unidentified blue/rares will net you Orbs of Transmutation.
Selling identified blue/rares will net you Orbs of Alteration.

In this Path of Exile Video I go over the Jewelers Orb, what it does, what it is used for and so forth.Since this is a tutorial video, please, if you see a new player send them the link to this video or teach them what you have learned. It is important for a gaming community to have cool people helping new players, builds a more knowledgeable and more enjoyable community for everyone.


Path of Exile - Crafting - How to waste 200 Jeweller's Orbs


PathOfExile how to 6 socket item with 1 jeweller's orb


3. How to trade poe Jeweller`s Orb form poe.trade

As for PoE.trade, just like div cards, prices are always for a unit of 1. If you want to sell a stack of a currency, do like sarno said, and use the Shop manager. Or you set your ratio in fractions of a single unit.

trade Jeweller`s Orb from poe.trade first you need select what you want trade and what you have now? 

How to get path of exile Jeweller`s Orb

Trade Jeweller`s Orb Example Use poe chaos orb, click here to read more


4. Vendor Recipe poe Jeweller`s Orb from NPC

They can be purchased by selling 2 Orbs of Alteration to Yeena. One can also sell an item with 6 sockets to any vendor for 7 Jeweller's Orbs. A level 6 Elreon will also sell 20 Jeweller's Orbs in exchange for 32 Orbs of Alteration once daily.

Divination Card
A set of 5 Emperor's Luck1 can be exchanged for five Jeweller's Orbs.


5. Buy Jeweller`s Orb From PoeCurrencyBuy.com

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Easy Way to Farming Poe Currency

You can pick and choose which maps to complete on the atlas to manipulate which maps will drops poe currrency for you. There are several guides out there for this already, and multiple variations so you won't go into too much detail on this part.

How to get poe Gemcutter's Prism?

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Path of Exile Chromatic Orb Farming Guides

Path of Exile Chromatic Orb Farming Guides

A Chromatic Orb is a poe currency item that can be used to re-roll the colour of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour.Šccording to vendor recipes we get Chromatic Orb x1 from item (linked red, green, and blue sockets) x1.so here is the trick you buy from vendor linked red-green-blue items with low level currency (Blacksmith's Whetstone, Scroll of Wisdom, Orb of Transmutation) and sell it back for chromatic!