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Path of exile "How to" FAQ for beginner

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In this Post, Our Path of exile team Organizes How to Poe Trade, How to link Poe items, How to reset Poe zone, Poe How To Get Exalted Orbs, Poe How To Level Fast, Poe How To Calculate Weapon DPS. those questions answer is Verified Answer in the path of exile by our gamer. And if you have some problem cannot solve, you can send to our editor mail: [email protected], If we see your email we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Path of exile "How to" FAQ for beginner


NO.1 How to Poe Trade
Typically, the etiquette is not to bother people too much, don't tell them your life story, they want to trade. And they want to do it fast.
Have the currency ready, ideally before you whisper them. Have enough free inventory to receive the item. Accept party invite and trade request quick and join their hideout fast upon party invite.
Sidenote: Do not mention latency towards the hideout server, you'll be on their turf and just accept that you connect to somewhere around the globe resulting in half a second delay, should that be the case. You don't need to move there anyway if you plan accordingly.
There typically isn't too much talking, but you do say thanks, and especially on hardcore a "ss" for "stay safe." Some traders may require you to wait a while ("after his map"), use common sense to answer, try again after a while if they don't come back to you (this is varied by user and reason for delay if they will or not).
If you try to bargain, make that clear, I like to append it to the whisper I send (blah... would you accept xc?), otherwise you may get an invite before you tried to and at that point, you accepted the price on an honor system. Do NOT try to be sneaky by changing the amount listed in the whisper message.

How it works:
Whisper player about the trade (use the whisper function on Poe.trade to copy to clipboard, ctrl+v it in ingame chat).
Wait for the invite, join their hideout, accept trade request, check and confirm, say thanks and stay safe (as short as "ty ss" in some cases) and be gone. Leave group on your own if you're not kicked fast enough after the trade, leave hideout via wp (or by typing in /hideout to visit your Hideout).

A fair warning:
Sellers can spot newbies, and be it just by them dragging their currency somewhere into the trade window instead of ctrl-clicking it. They might be trying to scam you. CHECK the entire trade window before you hit accept, your side for mistakes and their side for each item with all specs you saw listed.
It's not uncommon for scammers to re-initiate trades to try to lower your guard and use other items in the trade then.
Worse rolled ones with same graphics, un-upgraded uniques when you want the upgraded one, carrion crows if you tried to get a divination card, a 6S instead of 6L, lower item level, that sort of stuff. CHECK each item for ALL relevant stats.
Note that some players won't answer trade whispers, be it to manipulate the market, because they're AFK or offline, etc. Offline could mean in load screen, try again in 10 s then. Just move on, especially later in a league where supply is (theoretically) there.

NO.2 How to link Poe items
right click could solve that and streamline character sheet stat checks at the same time.
alt + left click = link to chat
alt + right click = equip (assuming you use alt to show sockets, it could just as easily be right click)
I would consider making the shortcut for chat links Ctrl+click again and replacing the stash and vendor transitions with a simple right click; it is possible to use right clicks in town without side effects.


NO.3 How to reset Poe zone
Hold CTRL and then click on the 'entrance' to an instance. The 'entrance' can be a door or a waypoint. In this example, I will use the waypoint thingy.
Step 1: Open the waypoint thingy
Step 2: Hold CTRL, and click on the waypoint you want to go to (while holding CTRL!). That also works when clicking on the door to an instance.
Step 3: Profit
Easy as pie!

NO.4 Poe How To Get Exalted Orbs
The best place to farm Poe currency is Maps since you don't get the penalty and you get the quantity bonus. Everything else is a waste of time. Blue 66 - 70 are good enough.

NO.5 Poe How To Get Rich
That is a guide aimed at new players more than anyone so when reading this keep that in mind.
When it comes to POE, there is only one rule to remember, Storage SPACE = WEALTH. Yup, that's it and let me show you why.
Before we go any further only one thing needed besides storage, a character in act 3 merciless. YES, you need to get a character to this point to do anything I have written below.
DON'T wine and complain that your broke when you don't play a character for more than one day. Just pick a build you like on the forums and run with it. You can experiment later when you can afford to purchase build enabling uniques.
The most potent thing in POE is vendor recipes, and I'm going to focus on the two most natural Recipes to simplify things. Here is a link to the entire list if you want to see Vendor recipe.
1st is the chaos recipe which is one of every item slot on a character with an item level between the levels of 60-74. You can get two chaos if you don't identify them. (But I have to roll my rings man, just got to....)
The chaos recipe requires a full set of rare items between the levels of 60-74. You can check this by picking up the Item on your cursor, then typing /item level in the chat box. A full set is capable of filling all item slots in the inventory screen (not including flasks, the alternate weapon set, or a quiver). Precisely, it consists of the following:
**1x Two-Handed Weapon (including bows, quiver not required) OR 1x One-Handed Weapon ×1 and Shield OR 2x One-Handed Weapon
1x Helmet 1x Body Armour 1x Gloves 1x Boots 1x Belt 1x Amulet 2x Ring **
2nd is the Gemcutter's Prism recipe. Merely collect quality gems till you hit 40% total quality and sell them for a Gemcutter's Prism. It's simple and takes almost no space to store. Plus a GCP on average will sell for AT-LEAST 2 chaos in any league, usually more.
As you can see, the most significant mistake players make is vending their rare items when they should be storing them up to sell in these sets.
Example: I have two dump tabs for farming and 1tab for weapons, boots/gloves, body armor, helmets/belts and one for rings/amulets.
Since you only have four tabs to start with that means you need to do something to get more space. Here is my list of options -
1. Buy more Tabs.. duh (I usually w8 till they are on sale) BUT GG has earned our support here so please buy Tabs if you can.
2.Make mule characters. You can use level one characters just to store items. However, this is the slowest way of storing items due to continually reloading aspects.
3. Make a mule account if your computer can handle two games open at the same time. You can have a double mind just hanging out in your hideout to store gear and either trade or use a guild stash to transfer items. HINT (only take two characters to create a guild). GGG already said it was ok to have two accounts active at the same time on one pc as long as the use of issues the command and not a script or bot.

NO.6 Poe How To Level Fast
1-30 kill only blue packs and heavy packs, skip all sidequests except quicksilver flask and never. Stop. Running. Kill shit when your quicksilver is on cooldown, run otherwise.
30-60 transition into a useful build and be more careful with your judgment to kill mobs. If your build is healthy at this point feel free to shoot any decent pack in 1-2 shots and if not just keep running and farm XP. Whenever you feel low in power go back and pick up passive points.
Always try to stay a couple of levels under the zone level in 1-60. If you need to grind XP do it in the highest possible of one of the following zones: ledge, riverways, the city of sarn, docks, dried lake.
60-75 farm drained the lake, except on day 1 in a new league where you get stuck if you don't immediately start building a map pool.
75-90 map anything, running your highest non-red Map you can afford to roll.
90-95 try to Build a High map pool and farm mad currency.
95-100 buy t12-14s regularly and run them non-stop. If you have a quick clearing setup (e.g., garden + support) you will get similar XP in the gorge, canyon (yes, a 75 map is competitive in XP with an 80 map even at level 99, just because you kill so much at once), dry lake and plateau. This stage costs a lot of currency, and you will pull your hairs out if you ever end up dying.

NO.7 Poe How To Calculate Weapon DPS
You take the weapon's minimum and max dmg, add together, divide by two, multiply by attack speed, there's the weapon's DPS.
In this case, you end up with a weapon doing 129.6 to 243. The attack speed is 1.725.
186.3 * 1.725 = 321.3675 DPS, with some rounding here and there you can expect ~321-322 DPS.

NO.8 Poe How To Check Item Level
You can check the level of every item, even a vendor. Hover your cursor over the item and press ctrl+c. Press ctrl+v in chat/notepad/whatever. Congrats, you now know the trick everyone reading patch notes knows.

NO.9 Poe How To Check Bandit Rewards
Look in your completed quest log, it should tell you there.

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