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The Most Popular PoE 3.2 Builds

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PoE 3.2: The Bestiary league and Hardcore Bestiary league are the upcoming challenge leagues. PoE 3.2 released on March 2, 2018. In this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy will share The Most Popular PoE 3.2 Builds for you.

The Most Popular PoE 3.2 Builds

NO.1 [PoE 3.2 Witch Build] Burning Spectres - Torch the Atlas - HC Shaper, Elder, Uber Atziri - 10k+ EHP, 70/70 block

Raise Spectre based summoners to plow through nasty maps and bosses with minimal investment. Defense is easy to scale, and offense scales with the level of your Raise Spectres, the number of links you can provide them, and to a lesser extent your gear. 10k EHP soaks up all but the most devastating one-shot mechanics, and in the end game you can max out both block and spell block. Need a cheap 6-link? A Tabula Rasa can take you all the way to Shaper.

This build focuses on two types of Raise Spectres that benefit from all of the same support gems:
Tukohama's Vanguards cast a tanky Scorching Ray totem that deals massive damage if the burning gets to stack up. The Totems also lower the fire resist their targets by -1% per burn application, down to -24%. This stacks with the -50% fire resist from Elemental Equilibrium.
While the resistance penalty from the Tukohama's Vanguards' totems will not exceed -24%, regardless of the number of Totems, each Totem will contribute a Raise Spectre damage over time system. So the more totems, the more Damage.

Wicker Men are giant bears that use Righteous Fire to deal AoE damage to everything around them. They were balanced in 3.1, but are still somewhat relevant in this setup. Their RF auras do not stack, but they provide excellent AoE coverage for evident speed. They are excellent for clearing out the trash mobs so the Vanguards can focus on the tanky stuff.

Also, we use Animate Guardian wielding 2 x Dyadus Axes, which will make enemies take 200% more burning damage when chilled. Dyadus also has the effect of chilling enemies for 1 second or 2.5 seconds with the Icetomb chest piece.

PoE 3.2 UpLoad:
GAINS: 2% minion Life Regen, 20% minion Damage and Life, 50% reduced Convocation cooldown. Zombie's slam cannot be evaded. Endgame bosses can be taunted! Phantasms for leveling!
LOSSES: 17% block and spell block and ~300 life on the block.
FIX BLOCK WITH: Block passives, Advancing fortress, Shaper Amulet/Shield, Reckless Defense Jewels + Ahn's Contempt + Belt of the Deceiver + Indomitable passive. Other options: Tempest Shield, The Anvil, Rumi's, The Red Nightmare, hybrid Dodge/Block.

+ Cheap to get started
+ Outstanding league starter
+ Extremely HC viable
+ Easy going on the FPS
+ 10k+ Effective HP with MoM
+ Excels at doing hard high-level content including Guardians, Shaper, Uber Atziri, and Elder
+ Can do any map mod
+ Reflect immune
+ Crit immune with Reckless Defense setup
+ Spectres are close to immortal due to their HP and boosted life regeneration
+ Max block and spell block, with 300+ life, gained on the block
+ Do Uber lab with ease

- Map evident speed is not top tier. Can quickly change to a Solar Guard setup for clear speed
- The animated guardian can die if you play sloppy or neglect to give it the appropriate defenses
- Chayula's Domain is a bit difficult due to Raise Spectre mobility and pathfinding. But the actual boss is a joke.

Creator: Natt

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfloEodGnKA

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/whALtFBA

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/9PVdTC

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1971585

NO.2 [PoE 3.2 Templar Build] Glacial Cascade Totems - Inquisitor and Hierophant

If you don't run King Kaom roots, stibnite is the best thing to run it on, since it has the lowest cost (10 charges), the most uses (3), and is tied for the most extended base duration (5s). Running out of applications on stibnite is tough.
But of course, if you're running King Kaom roots stibnite becomes useless. If you aren't, it is a great defense flask.

+ Do it all. Any map mod. Any boss. If you want to fill out your atlas and see all the content in the game with one character, then this is a good build play.
+ Safe. Totems by nature are safe because of distance and reflect going to Totems instead of the Templar. On top of that Glacial Cascade is a massive area of effect spell that freezes.
+ Mind over Matter. Speaking of safe, MoM is one of the best defensive Keystones and is straightforward to gear for.
+ Beginner and League-Starter friendly. Leveling, mapping, and progressing the build feels smooth.
+ Huge Single Target Damage. The mechanics of Glacial Cascade can hit the same enemy more than once with the same cast. Swapping of skill gems can lead to “More” multipliers if needed.
- Totems are not for everyone. Players seem to love or hate them. That being said, this version of Totems can be a lot more “active” than other Totem builds. I obviously love Totems and maybe you will too after playing this build!
- Have not personally tested Hardcore. Some people on this thread have mentioned a variation in the guide for Hardcore which involves dropping the Shadow crit area for the scion life wheel.

Poe 3.2 Updates:
New YouTube video! Deathless Shaper Kill!
Added Support for Hierophant! The guide has gone through a bit of a revamp since the Ascendancies have as well. Quick reference, Gems, and Links are all updated with considerations to Hiero.
Inquisitor remained relatively untouched. The skills, gear, and jewels stay the same while a few new items now appear as alternatives for the build.
Added Atziri's Reflection to Shields Section
Added a "League Start" at the bottom of Tips and Tricks. Hierophants look for Hrimsorrow to allow the use of sharp pen!
Added notes about Hierophant vs. Inquisitor in the Questions section
Changed all references to "Threshold Jewel" to "The Long Winter Jewel" to avoid confusion.
Added Notes for Cold Pen in light of Hiero in the Gems Section as well as Vaal Clarity and mention of a 4-link Lightning Warp Setup!
Added snapshot of my final Gear at the end of 3.1 Abyss League in the Gear Section.

Creator: thi3n

Beginner Video Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KySuXStiNzg
Talking about 3.2 Updates over our Deathless Shaper Kill - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdVoxFfjBQo

PoB Link:
Inquis - https://pastebin.com/PbrkFsjc
Hiero - https://pastebin.com/36r2B0b3

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/ZqMNHq

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1976479

NO.3 [PoE 3.2 Marauder Build] Ahn's Might Juggernaut - Uber Lab Farmer - League Starter - Shaper + End Game

This build is a more balanced approach to uber lab farming that allows us to have a character that can efficiently map. We utilize fortify, and endurance charges over typical flat Armour are scaling to get our defenses for Izaro. The Juggernaut ascendancy gives us bonuses to endurance charges and also has the option of providing us rewards to fortify as well. This means that we won't be able to face roll through traps, but we still have plenty of defense for Izaro without sacrificing too hard on the damage side of the build.

The strengths of Ahn's Might with the Juggernaut ascendancy means that we're able to get around the low attack speed base by allowing us to scale accuracy to help with attack speed (which Ahn's might provides). Ahn's Might also provides the area to help out with Cleave's typically lousy area of effect to help with mapping and speed clearing. Lastly, we get around the low crit base of Ahn's Might by using all of the bonuses to crit for dual wielding in the Marauder and Duelist sides of the skill tree and later the sword nodes in the Ranger section. Lastly the high flat physical damage the swords provide means that our best means of scaling damage is through % bonuses to damage and crit multi as well as using sources of extra physical damage as elements.

The build uses cleave as our main skill. This is due to Cleave using both hands on attacks (as opposed to other abilities that alternate between main hand and offhand) and having a high base for damage. Cleave also gives us fortify on hit with the threshold jewel as well as Area of effect to help with clearing.

Poe 3.2 Updated:
This build is viable in 3.2 and, if anything, got some nice buffs from the Juggernaut Ascendancy changes. Pending new uniques or any dominant passive tree changes the gearing, and passive tree of the build will most likely be the same. The Juggernaut buffs give us some nice boosts in damage, defense, and utility which should make the build a bit smoother to play overall.

The build isn't as cheap as advertised, but this is easily the best character I've ever had 3 days in a league. Not that I hold the cost against OP here, it seems like this build blew up since it was written.
All that said, my character is ~200 chaos worth of gear give or take at this point, and he blows through yellow maps without issue.
I tried doing my uber lab earlier today without success; charges were just too much for me to handle.
Resists and life are on the low end, with my life sitting around 4200, and an upgrade from here will likely be in the dozens of chaos range.
Some good, some bad for me so far, but the power is there once you get things in place.

Creator: SCamera

Shaper Deathless: https://youtu.be/6Lb7_pGVQQE
All Shaper Guardians Deathless: https://youtu.be/0zEY5-H0Q7w
Uber Lab: https://youtu.be/ISYIMrca_Uo
T11 Waterways: https://youtu.be/ftckaMm2BbA

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/1evRJZuc

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/rT5LMX

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2048886

NO.4 [PoE 3.2 Templar Build] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Hierophant! [Hugely buffed in 3.2! Guide fully updated!

Flameblast charges up while you channel it, increasing in damage and AoE the longer you hold it before releasing. Traditional Flameblast builds have struggled with the awkwardness of standing still for such an extended period. This build does away with that by having totems do it for us, letting us run around at our leisure while our Totems blow up the whole screen. We can take advantage of Flameblast's massive damage without compromise, and add on a solid defensive foundation through Mind over Matter and high quality of life through Hierophant.

+ High damage. 500k shaper DPS is achievable with reasonable gear. Every hit in a typical clearing setup deals >100k damage even with average Gear, + one-shotting everything without fail.
+ Large area of effect, enough to single entire packs of monsters.
+ Can do all map mods.
+ Can do all content up to and including Shaper quickly and safely (see videos section).
+ Totems are naturally safe - you reflect immune, don't have to stand still to deal damage, and have extreme range. This build supports safety that with 8k EHP and vast amounts of regeneration.
+ No unique items required.
+ Straightforward, hardcore viable, beginner friendly, self-found friendly build. If you're new to Path of Exile and have any extra questions or don't follow anything in this guide, PM me and I'll do my best to help!
- Very, very dependent on cast speed due to needing to hit 10 Flameblast stacks before the totem releases. Can feel quite clunky without sufficiently increased cast speed (pretty much anything under 100%).
- Quite a similar playstyle, stats, etc. to Glacial Cascade totems, but GC does not suffer from the cast speed problems noted above.
- Totem playstyle is offputting to many people. Hopefully, I can win a few of you over with this build!

3.2 Update:
New Hierophant is a huge boon for this build. It now deals more damage than Inquis, has better survivability than Inquis, and has way better quality of life than Inquis. So that's pretty cool.

Playing mixed totems in the campaign now and it's incredibly fast and fun!
Frostbolt totem for clearing and Flameblast totem for bosses and other toughies. This way you get the best of both worlds: Frostbolt is fantastic for removing but bad against tough mobs, and Flameblast is excellent against bosses, etc. but lacks evident speed.
It's so good that I encourage everyone who reads this to give it a try. You need 2x Frozen Trail jewels for Frostbolt but go for it as soon as you can afford them (and have two 4L items and two jewel sockets). After all, we have plenty of free Sockets.
I'm pretty convinced that this is the way to go, at least for playing the campaign (can't tell yet how viable it is for maps and endgame).
On a side note, this also makes it easier to capture beasties.

Creator: viperesque

Shaper Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdqnr4ljPc8
Uber Atziri Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yP-d-TLyng

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/jm9NBFJ4

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/5ZRU6i

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1730745

[PoE 3.2 Duelist Build] [Slayer/Reave/Blade Flurry] Embrace the Madness [Oni-Goroshi/Budget to End Game]

When Oni-Goroshi was added to the game, I read a lot of good and evil things about it, so I decided to try it myself. I usually base my characters on current builds that I customize to my needs. This time I couldn't find a build that I wanted to play, so I decided to create one myself. I wanted it to be able to handle all content: maps/bosses / uber lab...
That's what this build can do (I know some hater is going to pass by and say it's a lie because this build can't do HoGM but I don't care).

The result is surprisingly sturdy! Even with low budget gear, this build has excellent evident speed, amazing single target DPS, and high survivability. I was lucky to get two swords in about 6-7 hours of farming, and they were strictly identical, so I decided to have one for map clearing and one for single target and to swap according to the situation.

+ good clear speed
+ amazing single target DPS melts bosses
+ invincible in uber lab
+ budget friendly because you get your 6L for free
+ Slayer ascendancy + Her Embrace makes you immune to almost everything
+ can do all content (99% of it)
+ very high leech will let you Facetank a lot of things
- can't do these map mods :
- no leech
- no regen
- 60% less recovery
- elemental reflect
- physical reflect (unless you can equip Sibyl's Lament)

PoE 3.2 updated:
The only thing that could be considered as a nerf is Bane of Legends being moved after Headsman. This only means that we won't be able to level up with 20% life culling strike and free onslaught anymore. This will make leveling a bit slower, but it's not that bad. Life Leech effects are not removed on full life has been moved to Brutal Fervour so we won't be able to have it as soon as before but it's not a nerf since we still have it.

The buffs are :
Headstand -> can't take reflected physical damage. Yay! Now we can stop rerolling indicated physical damage on maps :)
Brutal Fervour -> 30% increased cost while leeching. Nice to have as you'll always be leeching, so it's like a Perma buff.
Endless Hunger -> immune to bleeding while leeching. We won't have to bother about bleeding during leveling!
This slightly changes the order I suggest you spend your ascendancy points in :
Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends
(more details in the Ascendancy section)

Creator: those

T14 Dark Forest - http://youtu.be/035ZBI6kkUc
Chimera - https://youtu.be/IVwt5zeSaMY

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/uYLVAe

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2072492

NO.5 [PoE 3.2 Shadow Build] The Snowblind Cospri CoC Assassin - Projectile based CoC

This build is using both a Cospri's Malice as well as a 6-link Cast on crit link both with Frostbolt and Freezing Pulse. Because of not going with Discharge, we are not bound to use Voll's Devotion amulet, and can instead use The Pandemonius to blind everything we touch, adding the layer of defense to the build, hence the Snowblind name.

Poe 3.2 updated:
The build is better than ever with the new Assassin buffs. We got some high survivability against bosses from the Opportunistic ascendancy node, as well as a sweet 100% inc. Single target damage.
The offensive stats section is not updated with the new buffs yet, but it only went up.
There are perhaps some new uniques that might be better for the build that is going to be discovered as we progress further into the league, but at the moment I will keep the same gear setup for the guide.

Creator: Crovaxx

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdhg69vMD08

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/1EZX8XPq

Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y8kejr96

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1625254

NO.6 [PoE 3.2 Ranger Build] Sidefx Frost Blades - FAST t1-15 MAPPER, AMAZING League Starter!

This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of chaining projectiles with 86% cold pen, high crit chance and fantastic attack speed in an almost 360 radius around you, killing everything that dares come close.
The weapon range increases with each level of Frost Blades, so even if it is a melee skill, with proper positioning, you will be out of harms way most of the times you`re in a fight.
It is a full Elemental build at 100% raw conversion, dealing no physical damage, therefore physical reflect mods will not affect you.
Evident speed wise, while not competing with Vaal Spark (dead), it is faster than most builds out there and somewhat cheaper.
Just a 4-Link setup can get you up to T10 maps if you`re careful.
This is a Softcore build. If you want to play Hardcore, just make sure you pick more Life nodes rather than Damage nodes.

Poe 3.2 updated:
The changes in Poe 3.2 hardly affected the build, all we lost was 12% move speed from ascendancy which honestly isn't that big of a deal as we still FLY through maps. ** Updated the Final skill tree, and all the living trees before it is just fine. Gear section will be updated over the league as We see what new items/old items we can use on the build

+ Perma freeze most mobs
+ High DPS
+ Super fast map clear
+ good Life Leech w/ out Old Vaal pact
- Can be expensive, esp to min max
- glass cannon, You need to learn to position 100% hit move hit move etc.
- can run into problems with a single target (bosses)

Creator: Sidefx06

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI7sdTmca0A

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/Qaz03Ttv

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bIpU

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1848749


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