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Path of exile 3.1.0 Duelist Slayer Builds

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Slayer is undoubtedly one of most effective lab runners, zero is never a challenge, but its Vaal pact that makes you can't regen is kind of annoying against traps, you may just disable Vaal pact and run it like any other builds. Maps are no trouble; it is possible to cruise via anything in case you comply with this short article. Now PoeCurrencyBuy.com Will share 4 Path of exile 3.1.0 Duelist Slayer Builds for you

Path of exile 3.1.0 Duelist Slayer Builds

No.4 [Poe3.1 Build] Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone - 3.1WIP Anything Will probably be Fine - 100% Pure Phys

This Build create guide made in regular with GG gear at endgame, but you could do league-based/cheaper iterations and still obtain incredible damage.
This isn't a "Path of Building-Warrior" type develop. PoB does not calculate the damage correctly on this construct at all. I have been playing Cyclone for almost five years within this excellent game, and I can assure you this is one of the most satisfying, smoothest, tank 2H cyclone make I've ever played.
Cool make. Looks incredibly intriguing. I'm at the moment doing ffoDs physical cyclone, nearly identical to this, except you concentrate purely on phys+bleed.
I'm not at all sure this is a tanker in any way vs. bosses, I lose like 1k life with this make compared to. I'm not confident if the single target with this develops is improved, it looks like it, but what about map evident speed?
It is best to throw a video up, having a map clear of gorge, shaped atoll or guardian just to show evident speed :)
Quick Melee Build
Really Tanky
No Viktor Flask
No Atziri Flask
No Taste of Hate Flask
No Sin's Rebirth Flask
Good Uber Lab Farmer
Satisfying Shaper Farmer
Classic ARPG Cyclone/Whirlwind play-style
Excellent for chaining maps and doing all bosses
No Gem Swap needed for boss fights

Create hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1995010

No.3 [Poe3.1 Build] Dark Pact Slayer (Good for newbies,+9k Life, +1000hp regen/sec, Below 200c)
Despair is often a new Intelligence gem that should replace current copies of Vulnerability. It reduces Chaos Resistance, increases Damage more than Time taken, and grants added Chaos Harm to hits against cursed enemies. (This gem is not counted as among the ten new ones in 3.1.0). This may grant a substantial DPS improve, will have to view in what way it will be used together with the scaling it is going to grant.
All around I'm not thoroughly shocked, and a lot of those changes had been within a significant aspect as a consequence of Marauder/Vaal Pact working with Dark Pact. On the surface we received nerfs but on the vibrant side the alterations could have already been more extreme, almost everything will very likely perform out as soon as you factor inside the new Elder/Shaper gear and also other changes coming in the patch notes.
- Smooth leveling (Can kill Gruthkul solo at level 54 and Act 10 Kitava solo at level 70)
- Unusual evident speed (200-240mil exp/hr on tier 8 maps at Level 83, uses shield charge and huge AoE)
- Decent single target harm.
- At present 9.2k hp at level 87 without having an amulet (Bisco's is viable in the event you can afford it).
- Low price range gear, 6L corrupt chest cost 35c, rippling thought expense 20c, most crucial gear amongst 5-10c
- High regen tends to make it quite comfy for newbies (800hp/sec regen though moving, over 1khp/sec regen standing still)

- *Maps* Don't run any leech, no regen, hexproof or much less life recovery mods. These can all be risky/lethal, for those who can stay away from them do so.
- Leech life sustain on single target require some decent harm to comfortable, Cherubim's Maleficence and Brutal Fervour shore this up considerably.
- Without the need of instant leech, some bosses are often tricky devoid of better gear/levels.
- Min/Max late game becomes incredibly highly-priced (5B/1G Cherubim's Maleficence required). Shout out to Mario Bugelnig for creating this video to show how its performed

Develop hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1988679

No.2 [Poe3.1 Build] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, Finish Game Viable)
This is pretty much a different Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone make.The powers supplied by the major and minor gods are situation based. The construct can switch them within your hideout before engaging boss of a specific map.I just like the concept with the atziri gloves, but construct needs to unspec resolute approach for them to work and get some crit possibility. There is also the elemental overload keystone within the witch location that will be quite good if create use these gloves.
- Substantial harm enhance from Elemental Overload
- Without having to pop Ruby flask, it is possible to effortlessly one shot yourself against elemental reflect
- Significantly less tanky as you drop two endurance charges and 2 seconds of endurance duration
- You may need at the least 300 accuracies on gears to get your opportunity to hit above 80%, for optimal possibility to catch, you may need at the least 900 to acquire it to 90% (essential)

No.1 [Poe3.1 Build] The Swordmaster - dual-wield crit slayer - all content material down/videos up - 5c starter pack
That's it guys; there is no secret godly buff, each skill is prospective to reach the endgame, this creates very versatile, I have an elemental conversion and 1H+Shield version of Slayer in store, will see how it goes just before I post it. Anyway, hope you have a good time, will update with FAQ section later. Get in touch with me in-game at @Shieldwithasword
- Effortless to construct and gearing, no bleed/poison abuse, just pure Phys.
- Versatile with skills, can use all 1h melee sword ability, I primarily use Blade flurry for bosses and Ice crash/lacerate/cyclone for mapping.
- The top quality of life with slayer stun/bleed immune, 20% culling, and endless leech.
- 6-7 jewels, sufficient to fill in what you lack on gear.
- No flask spamming in each two sec

Create link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2036681

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