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Path of exile 3.1 Build for Scion Ascendant

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The Poe Scion Ascendant presents flexibility extra than any other class by enabling the player to take passives based on different Ascendancy classes. These passives offer you comparable benefits representing the class's general tree, but with mitigated effects. Only one Ascendancy class passive can be taken from every base class.The Ascendant can allocate as much as two Ascendancy class passives and can further invest onto 1 class's path to obtain the capability to use that class's beginning point on the passive skill tree as a second beginning point. This Article Poecurrencybuy editor sort up 5 Path of exile 3.1 Create for Scion Ascendant

Path of exile 3.1 Build for Scion Ascendant

NO.5 [POE 3.1 Build] Bloody Explosive Cyclone With Disfavour + Haemophilia (Not a Vaal Pact Construct)


Soon after attaining 40/40 challenges and 126/126 atlas completion in SSF Harbinger league, I decided to test out a simple physical Cyclone setup as Scion utilizing Disfavour + Haemophilia for the bleed explosion and with no relying on Vaal Pact.The map clearing speed is fantastic. The higher the density, the more rapidly it gets cleared.This Build Make also in a position to perform Hydra Guardian deathless using the sub-optimal 5L setup on Belly chest (the appropriate gem setup of Cyclone need to be in Disfavour, but I've yet to 6L it).
+ High leech from physical harm makes it doable to drop Vaal Pact
+ Because you don't run Vaal Pact, traps in Uber Lab becomes no concern (mainly when you put on Death's Door boots)
+ The exclusive flask that you just will need is Lion's Roar

- Physical reflect can take a single shot you if you are not making use of Sibyl's lament + Soul of Yugul
- Can do no leech map
- Require int and dex on rings/amulet

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NO.4 [POE 3.1 Build] For Scion - Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone (Uber Lab Runner, Finish Game Viable as Slayer & Raider)


The Uber lab run was made making use of gears moved over from his Slayer character (except the rings, his character level is too low to equip them).At level 70, Scion's Cyclone damage is already at the same level as his level 90 Slayer.
+ Can do Uber Lab with just the axe and a 5L chest
+ Champion provide permanent fortify, allowing you to replace Fortify gem with Added Fire Damage gem in 5/6L chest slot
+ You may be able to clear Uber Lab by level 75
+ Can do any map mods (with Sibyl's Lament + Elementalist, you have 90% elemental reflect reduction) except no leech
+ 6 jewel sockets

- Leveling to level 55 could be a chore, but from there onward it is a breeze
- Requires some refund points to respect the tree as you progress larger in your level
- Rely on Vaal Pact for survival, thus losing the life regen
- Can't-do no life no mana leech map



NO.3 [POE 3.1 Build] Mace DW Phys Crit Sunder - Shaper Down | All Guardians Deathless


This is a Physical Critical Sunder build using a high PDPS crit 1H Mace. It does all content.With the Vaal Pact nerf, we're now forced to go over leech with Slayer. This means foregoing the Raider ascendancy altogether, which is a significant loss in DPS, but it's still worth it IMO.

+ Viable as league starter
+ Sunder is a mechanically sublime talent
+ Very simple and effective
+ All content
+ Highest damage cap Sunder develop in the game

- Probably not HC viable due to having low block/dodge
- Crit mace is niche and may be hard to buy
- Blood Rage + Vaal Pact is uncomfortable

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NO.2 [POE 3.1 Build] Tri Dark Pact Totems ~1M+ DPS~ 8k+ EHP~ Cheap and beginner friendly~ All content viable


This Build creates built for general map clearing mainly(getting attack speed and totem placement speed over damage) but still has perfect single target damage.(1M+ DPS) It can do all content on HHC as well devoid of any issue.

+ High damage, Higher mobility, Higher survivability
+ Totems can tank damage for you
+ High hp + mana regen
+ Cheap and easy to play
+ Can easily use Bisco's neck
+ Curse immune
+ Can do any map mods easily
+ Still harming when evading mechanics

- Totems sometimes die quickly
- Switching your gear is usually hard if correctly capped on resist
- Requires you to stand still to get maximum harm output
- Needs three unique items to work(not very good for SSF)
- Bosses that moves a lot can be annoying to deal with

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NO.1 [POE 3.1 Build] Ezio's Crit-Ele Blade Vortex Ascendant/1.1M+ DPS/600k+ Shaper/5k+ Life - Cheap League Starter

while it may not have the best-unobstructed speed, nor be the fastest boss killer, it is still a solid build with decent survivability. As a quick FYI, I'm to the point. I'm blunt. No donuts and cake wedges await you at the end of this rainbow, kiddo.All information regarding the equipment and skill tree could be found in the PoB Pastebin, but I will summarize most everything in this guide.
+ Good harm
+ High Crit Chance (PoB is saying 90% or higher)
+ Consistent ailments, such as shock and freeze, because of conversion and Heralds
+ Life Leech that doesn't rely on Vaal Pact ¨C while you may still die if not careful (this is not a face tank construct ¨C use some common sense) you have enough to deal together with the occasional hit. We use Whirling Blades as our movement ability to provide a quick way of avoiding most forms of damage. Considering the changes to VP for 3.1, casters are going to have to up their dodge-game A LOT.
+ Either way, the vast majority of enemies are either frozen or chilled from your crits, so most trash mobs shouldn't even be a problem.
+ Cheap to gear ¨C perfect for league start. While we use several uniques in the make, none of them are necessary. Must you have them, however, I consider them BiS.
+ At the finish of the day, you know what you're here for ¨C HoI is BaE. Thunk. Boom. Tinkle. SHATTER.
+ Create IS hardcore viable. Take out a few harm nodes, and add around 1-1.5k far more lives. You can probably do with less crit, as 90% w/o a Diamond Flask is pretty overkill.

- No VP ¨C try not to stand in Shaper's beam, eh?
- Blade-Vortex ¨C the AoE hurts.
- Blade-Vortex ¨C will have to keep them up, as I haven't added any increased duration. On the plus side, we have excellent cast speed.
- Hillock is SOOO much slower with Spectral Throw :P
- Hardcore can still be a bitch. Yes, I'm staring daggers at you, Detonate Dead douchebag hiding behind the only rock in the entire room.

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