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Path of Exile Traps Guide (2018)

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I just want to share some personal experience on Traps, I have been playing Path of Exile for a long time, I play flashback now, and I will join the feast of Incursion league, which is the main content of POE 3.3. If you are not unfamiliar with Traps, you should read the article carefully.


Like a fairly experienced trapper, I wanna put this out exist for individuals less acquainted with the mechanics, since I am aware of the perception of no cooldown traps will make people think they are able to just stack tossing speed and hold lower their trap skill answer to DPS ad nauseam while poking fun at self-casters.


This won't be the situation. There are additional factors to consider. There it's still a worldwide limit on the number of traps you could have in play at the same time, and trap tossing speed doesn't accelerate the whole from the trap-setting process.


Path of Exile Traps Guide (2018)


Traps make time to traverse the environment and achieve their target it does not matter what lengths they travel either, takes the equivalent time to allow them to land whether you are tossing in all directions or tossing them at theft. In addition, despite they visually land, they still have a brief time for you to the arm.


Neither of the delays is being influenced by trap tossing speed. And all in all, time as soon as the trap leaves your exile's hands (and becomes formally in play) before the trap lands and arms take roughly 0.93 seconds.


Trap tossing speed essentially just shortens the stall time before you act freely again after tossing a trap, there you have it. Yes, this may mean you are able to throw another group of traps faster when you get more trap tossing speed, however, it does not accelerate the flight from the trap, also it does not decrease the arming delay after it lands.


However, there's still a worldwide trap limit to think about. You are able to have only a lot of traps in play at any given time, whether they are on the floor (armed or otherwise) or still flying. Should you even start to throw traps which will exceed the worldwide limit, existing traps you've set is going to be immediately destroyed.


This global limit coupled with individuals united nations-reduceable delays before traps can trigger 's the reason you will not have the ability to hold lower your trap key for large DPS should you make an effort to throw a lot of traps too quickly, you'll exceed the limit and destroy your earlier traps before they actually have an opportunity to arm and trigger. In case your limit is low enough or perhaps your tossing speed sufficient, you can really destroy every last trap you place before them ever trigger simply by trying to secure your trap key lower.


For reference, even less than 8% elevated trap tossing speed may cause another group of traps tossed consecutively to get 'in play' prior to the first set has finished arming, i.e. when the third set would exceed your global limit, it'll start destroying traps out of your first set before they are able to possibly trigger (including triggering from sunblast/100% reduced duration).


Traps possess a base tossing speed of .5 seconds. Using the guaranteed delay being .93 seconds, if you wish to have the ability to throw traps as quickly as you possibly can without destroying any in the global limit, you need to make certain to balance your tossing speed as well as your max limit.



I have done some of the legwork for you personally here. Essentially, if you'll have a certain quantity of full teams of traps out at the same time (in which a full set may be the final amount of traps tossed from your skill... therefore if your skill throws 4 and you've got a worldwide limit of 12 traps, you are able to throw 3 full sets without exceeding the limit), your tossing speed shouldn't exceed a particular value if you wish to junk e-mail traps as quickly as possible:


If you're able to have only 2 full sets out at the same time, don't exceed 7% elevated trap tossing speed


If you're able to have 3 full sets out at the same time, don't exceed 61%.


If you're able to have 4 full sets, don't exceed 115%.


Doubt you'll need to bother about going any more, even having 3 full sets out at the same time takes some effort presuming you are using clutter trap. And bear in mind, these figures are suitable for in case your traps trigger soon after becoming armed, i.e. they are immediately detonated from expiration (usually because of sun blast tactics) or likely to enemy already standing on the top of these every time they are (or maybe a series reaction causes these to proc immediately, but frankly that's hard to rely on). Without having them detonating immediately, you would slow things lower too.


Simply because cooldown gating is finished, don't assume zero-cd traps are totally unrestrained. You are gonna get burned should you just attempt to stack tossing speed hoping for excellent DPS.


And don't misunderstand me, I am not attempting to dump around the rework or anything. The gating of the global limit-tossing speed dynamic causes is much friendlier compared to gating enforced by cooldowns (especially on trap support, 4 seconds is/was brutal). I simply desired to make certain people know what to anticipate.


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