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POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit

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Just a few days to the releasing of Incursion league, Grinding Gear Games has revamped a new skill - Elemental Hit, which will be added in Path of Exile 3.3 patch. They are also making some enhancements to Elemental Hit! In this article, you will get more information Elemental Hit, yes, with a trailer video from ZiggyD. 


Elemental Hit gets large mechanical changes plus some damage adjustments with the aim of getting it consistent with other impactful skills. It'll still select a random component of damage to cope with each attack, but it'll not deal any other kind of harm with this attack. For instance, if Cold damage is selected, the attack is only going to deal Cold damage. You'll want to note, Elemental Hit cannot deal exactly the same kind of damage sequentially unless of course, it may only deal one sort of damage more about that later.


POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit


We've elevated the opportunity to Freeze, Shock and Ignite. At level 1, it's now 30% and scales as much as 49% at level 20.


Each hit from Elemental Hit leads to a small explosion which deals damage within an area surrounding the monster. Hits against monsters that are influenced by a Condition from the selected Element may cause much bigger explosions. For instance, should you hit a frozen monster with Cold damage, it'll produce a much bigger explosion.


Elemental Hit attacks deal 10% more Damage per Elemental Condition around the Enemy. Which means that for those who have all Elemental Ailments in your target, you will be dealing 40% more Damage.


You might be wondering how you concentrate on some your decision. The solution is based on a brand new jewel that we are including Content Update 3.3.0 that has three variations. Each variation from the jewel supports Elemental Hit inside a different but similar way.


Each variation from the jewel includes a unique property that restricts the kind of damage that Elemental Hit can deal. Socket a couple of these jewels to your tree and also you all of a sudden come with an Elemental Hit have a tendency to deals Fire Damage. However, socket one of these jewels and all of a sudden you are playing an art that just deals Fire and Cold damage. Keep in mind that we noted it can't deal exactly the same kind of damage sequentially? All of a sudden you've got a skill that pairs very nicely with Elemental Equilibrium, as each attack will alternate between the kind of damage it deals, taking full benefit of the lower resistance.


POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit PIC 1

POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit PIC 2

POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit PIC 3

POE 3.3 SKill Revamp - Elemental Hit PIC 4


Finally, the days are gone of the Elemental Hit that lacks unique visual effects. We've added new effects for each one of the elements in addition to effects for that explosion that occurs around monsters. Search for a preview below!


There are yet sated your appetite for more information about skill gems in Content Update 3.3.0, you are fortunate! While Ziggy is at Nz he prepared a job interview with Senior Game Designer, Rory Rackham, about Vaal Skills! Take a look below.


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