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POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide

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POE 3.6 introduces a new npc - Cavas. The theme of this league is around the cavas. Players need to help cavas find lost memories and explore the truth behind them. This guide is a simple explanation of the gameplay related to PoE 3.6 Synthesis. It is written to help players plan their routes reasonably and get the rewards you want!

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide


Find memory

In Synthesis league, the player needs to help the cavas find his lost memory. A portal with a cavas logo appears at random locations on the map. After entering the portal, the player must find the memory stabilisers for a limited time. When the player finds the memory stabilisers, click to get memory fragments. Here are some notes about the quest.

Memory stabilisers

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Memory Stabilisers

As shown in the picture, and the stabilisers is at least 2 (one entry), when the player is swallowed by the decay, it will be sent back to the cavas, the quest fails.

Drop item

Items dropped by the player after killing the monster in this area, if swallowed by the decay, will fall around the player after the mission is over. Players can also choose to manually capture, but the items that have not been picked up and are not swallowed at the end of the mission cannot be obtained.

Skip Button

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Skip Button

When the player finds the last memory stabilisers, there will be a skip button in the lower right corner. Clicking this button will quickly decay all remaining areas.

This button helps the player to capture all the items dropped in the area (see 'Drop item' ). Please use it properly.


Memory Map

Memory Fragment

When you finish finding the memory stabilisers and complete the above quest, you will find that you have obtained some memory fragments. Press 'V' to view.

Each memory fragment will have its own attributes. The numbers below represent the number of times this memory fragment can enter.

It should be noted that when the number of memory fragment more than one, it will not decay (or a little bit). If there is no decay, it will not help you pick things up ( see 'Drop item'). Remember to pick up the items you need. When there is one time left, there will decay.

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Locations

Click on one of the memory fragments in the right panel, and the memory map will show all the locations where this memory fragment can be placed (left of the picture). The orange prism on the memory fragments identifies the player's current location.

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Memory Fragments 01.jpg

Click on a location to place the memory fragment here. At this point, a virtual image will be displayed on the memory map, which means that the memory fragment can be recycled, right click to recycle, and memory fragment will be returned to the right panel.

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Remove Memory Fragment

If the memory stabilisers of the memory fragment has been started once, it cannot be recycled, and the right button can choose to remove the memory fragment.

Memory Modifier

The idea is to connect as many of these locations in one long chain as you can.  When you activate a Modifier Node, that modifier applies to any Node it's connected to, allowing you to easily build up modifiers on inactive Nodes. This is how you can stack 10 or more mods on a single Memory. And with the already high pack density, scaling that with more mods, then throwing more currency into the mix, has some insane potential for loot.

Reward Node

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Reward Node

On the memory map, there will be random reward node, indicating what items will be obtained, then after connecting, enter to find the reward point. There are many rewards, prophecies, armor, weapons, essence, scarab, boss, and one of the most special is the affixed node.

Memory Amplifier

The Memory Amplifier will add an additional global mod from the existing pool to a Fragment placed on that location. The Modifier Nodes will have a yellow color when you mouse over them, so be on the lookout for that.

Memory Nexus

POE 3.6 Synthesis Beginner Guide Memory Nexus

Talk to the cavas, enter Memory Nexus, and follow the route you planned. Pay attention to the number of remaining entries in memory fragments. When there is only one time left, you will encounter decay. If you accidentally die in memory fragments, you can choose to return to the beginning of this fragment (memory stabilisers)


At last

Plan a route, link as many reward node as possible, then put all the planned fragment down and consume all the unused fragment. Next, continue to get the fragment, plan another route, link the affixed node as much as possible, then connect the two routes together and place all the fragment. After confirming that the route has been fully connected, return to destroy all the affixed node, then go to the other half of the route and the reward space, then see if the newly refreshed reward node can be connected to the old affixed route. If you can connect, accumulate as many affixes as possible.


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