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PoE 3.7 Legion Question and Answer

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Waiting for the release of PoE 3.7 Legion? Before that, let's take a look at GGG's answer to the 3.7 questions for players. Let's take a closer look!

PoE 3.7 Legion Question and Answer


When can we expect the changes to the Map Tab that specifically help Standard users?

We expect to deploy these changes before 3.7.0 launches. We don't have a specific date lined up yet but will let you know when we do.

Do the new Legion Jewels change the passive skills within the radius of the jewel on the Passive Skill Tree, or just the Keystone?

We're careful to tease these in a way that helps you understand their potential over time, but I can confirm that at least one of the Legion Jewels does change every single passive within the radius.

When can we see changes to some of the melee-based Ascendancy Classes? Also, we've seen a lot of non-melee reveals so far, will we see some melee ones soon?

Hopefully soon. Just putting the finishing touches on them and then we will reveal!

Are you making any balance change to 2H weapons?

There are buffs to added damage on weapons, improvements to many 2h weapon passives, and some new mechanics are available that benefit more from the higher hit damage relative to the slower base attack time of 2h weapons.

Will the changes to melee apply to monsters?

Generally, yes. This prompted a lot of rebalance of early campaign areas. Monsters and bosses now signal their damage better with slower wind-ups and do more damage when they hit. 

Are you making any changes to Armour?

Not the core mechanic or base types, but there are some improvements to armour skills on the passive skill tree, and Molten Shell now directly rewards armour investment. In addition, new melee mobility improvements are a massive benefit to your defenses.

Will Winter Orb survive 3.7.0?

It has received balance adjustments to bring its power slightly closer to other skills. The main change being that it fires less frequently when not channelling, though there are other adjustments too.

Can items be traded while they have Incubators on them?

Yes, Incubators can be traded in all cases.

Will a Divination Card Incubator drop a Divination Card based on what area you're in at the time?

When a Divination Card Incubator spawns the card, it does so ignoring whatever map you're in at the time. You get a random card.

Will incubation items stack? Will we have to micromanage Incubators?

Incubators are valuable rewards from Legion content. While it's certainly possible to spend your currency trading for a lot of them if that's what you desire, the average player won't be overflowing with Incubators. The number of kills required to trigger one generally takes a handful of maps (more for the valuable ones), so we don't expect micromanagement to be a problem. They do not stack on your items.

Will incubation items work with worms and other free monsters?

No, they only work with kills that grant experience/items.

Are Incubator kills shared with your nearby party members?

Yes. If you would gain experience from a kill, you'll get Incubator credit.

Will there be an indication of how much time is left on the monolith?

We plan to add a timer to make it clear how long is left before the effect ends.

Does the Monolith effect always last for the same duration?

It lasts for a bit longer in early game and slightly shorter in the late game.

Is it possible to free all the Legion monsters before the effect wears off?

It's possible, for a sufficiently powerful build running into a set of monsters that are all spawned close together, but we don't think it'll be likely* early in the league. Note that you do actually have to deal enough damage to the monsters to break them out, so it's quite tricky to hit that many monsters that hard in that short a time.

*Despite this, I somehow suspect I'll be watching twitch with a concerned look on my face as someone manages to do exactly this, as it's not unusual for the community to exceed our expectations.

How do you break out Legion monsters with minions/totems/stormbrands/traps?

These skills all work like normal and target the frozen monsters until you have dealt enough damage to them and they are broken out, at which point the skills target the next monsters like they normally would.

Does breaking an enemy out trigger on-kill effects?

Generally speaking, we have tried where possible to have these on-kill effects trigger. These have had to be added on a case-by-case basis, so we have hit the most popular ones first. There are several technicalities like corpse destruction effects not occurring (because no corpse is destroyed). If we missed some cases then we'll look into the practicality of solving those post-release.

Patch Notes When?

I just asked her. They'll be posted in the evening of Tuesday June 4, US time.


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