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PoE 3.8 Summon Slave Driver Complete Guide

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In PoE 3.8, the summon skills have been greatly improved and improved. Many player choose to summon as their league starter classs. This Slave Driver guide does not give specific builds, but introduces the summon gameplay through detailed explanations.


PoE 3.8 Summon Slave Driver Complete Guide



The Slave Driver is a pure electric and spell spirit, does not use normal attack and any other elemental skills, the skill tag is spell, lightning, range effect, it is a pure spell spirit (so relative to other spirits, it seem weak and easy to die in the early stage).

First of all, I personally suggest that the necessary skills have Minion Damage Support (50% MORE, when have high damage can be exchanged with Minion Speed Support and other skills), Feeding Frenzy Support, and Spell Echo Support (if not have, the casting speed is too slow, it will greatly affect the efficiency of farming), Concentrated Effect Support (55% MORE damage, can be resident when damage is insufficient in early stage, and can be exchanged with Increased Area of Effect Support or Faster Casting Support in late stage)

Optional Skills

[Elemental Focus Support]: 50% MORE damage effect is great. The disadvantage is that it can't cause Elemental Ailments, that is, it can't Sap. If you want to achieve perfect effect, you need to cooperate with Summon Skitterbots.

[Lightning Penetration Support]: Penetrate monsters with 38% lightning resistance.

[Faster Casting Support]: 50% of the casting speed is increased, the best choice when farming, reducing cooling time for the spirit because of Spell Echo Support.

[Minion Speed Support]: Same as above.

[Deathmark Support]: For Boss

[Empower Support]: It is used for increase gems level only when the equipment has "+% to Level " mod. If the spirit up to level 31, it will add another number of spirits. 

[Controlled Destruction Support]: Not recommended.

[Increased Critical Strikes Support]: If your spirit can get Power charge stably, you can choose to use

Aura Skills

[Summon Skitterbots]: Shocking Skitterbot's Aura Shocks Enemies near it. Increased damage taken by 20% MORE. Skill gems quality increase 20% effect of shock (4% MORE). So you can increase 24% MORE damage.

Because Skitterbots will not attack the monsters, they will only make the monsters shock. If there are mines, the mines will be triggered once more, so even link other gems will not have any effect, but will increase mana reservation

So Don't Link Any Gems With Summon Skitterbots

[Wrath]: For the large aura of the electric, it is recommended to link with Generosity Support.

[Zealotry]: For the great aura of all spells, there are some crit chances. If you don't have enough mana reservation can choose one between Wrath and Zealotry, but it is recommended to link with Enlighten Support. Of cause, you can choose both two aura with The Devouring Diadem (Socketed Gems have 20% reduced Mana Reservation). 

[Flesh and Stone]: Nearby Enemies are Blinded while in Sand Stance. You take (9–11)% less Damage from Attacks from Enemies that aren't nearby while in Sand Stance. This is a defensive aura.

Support Skills

[Offering skills]: Farming with Flesh Offering, use Bone Offering for boss, use Spirit Offering if you like special gameplay, the choice to see yourself, but remember to activate Mistress of Sacrifice.

[Summon Stone or Carrion Golem]: Personally recommend Summon Stone

[Convocation]: Frequent use of the Convocation can greatly reduce the chance death of spectre when Boss fight (especially T17, T18).

[Movement Skills]: Flame Dash is strongly recommended here.

Trigger Skills

I believe that no one is willing to spell Desecrate and Offering manually. Mostly in conjunction with Cast while Channelling Support (the other is master enchantment "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Attack with this Weapon" , this is simpler, put the skill gems that you don't want to release manually to this item.). Here are a few recommended skills to trigger.

[Cyclone]: While Cycloning, the player is immune to stun and knockback. You can move while attacking. This is our preferred skill

[Storm Burst]: We need to stand still, the advantage is not close to BOSS, the range of attack is large, suitable for Boss fight, must be used with Avatar of Fire.

[Divine Ire]: Need to stand still, the range is too large but can only attack 5 monsters around. Must be used with Avatar of Fire.


[Bone Armour]: This skill does not have the corresponding skill gems. It is the skill attached to the ascendancy Bone Barrier. It can give you and your minions an additional offset of more than 2200 damage, and at the same time, immune to bleeding and corrupted blood. It is recommended to choose this. This ascendancy point not only has skills, but also 30% all elemental resistances, 10% physical damage reduction, life recovery rate, and 20% more maximum life of minion.

[Bone Offering]: Re-recommendation

[The Jinxed Juju]: 10% of Damage from Hits is taken from your Spectres' Life before you. (10–15)% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills.

[Phase Run]: Running skills, optional.

[The Devouring Diadem]: Consume a number of corpses around you every 5 seconds. Gain 400 Life per corpse Consumed, and Consumes up to 10 corpses.

[Mind Over Matter]: If you equip The Devouring Diadem, it is recommended to active

[Quartz Pharmacy]: Avoid being surrounded by monsters and unable to get out. 10% chance to Dodge Attack and Spell Hits

[Rumi's Concoction]: If your block chance is not enough, you can choose this flask.

[Blind Support]: It can link with zombie or skeleton gems

[Fortify Support]: reduce 20% hit damage. It can link with Animate Guardian or Cyclone, Leap Slam

[Summon Stone Golem]: Stone Golem powerful slam can also taunt enemies. And taunt can be very useful sometimes.

[Convocation]: Recalls minions to fend off damage for players.

[Pantheon]: Lunaris is recommended

[Map Mod]: It is not recommended to enter a map with "#% reduced Chance to Block" and "reflect #% of Elemental Damage"

Recommend Skill Link

WeaponRaise Spectre -Feeding Frenzy Support -Minion Damage Support (Faster Casting Support for farming ) -Spell Echo Support-Elemental Focus Support -Concentrated Effect Support (Increased Area of Effect Support for Farming)

ArmourRaise Zombie -Feeding Frenzy Support -Minion Damage Support (Minion Speed Support for farming )-Brutality Support-Melee Physical Damage Support -Empower Support

HelmetWrath -Zealotry -Generosity Support -Summon Skitterbots

GlovesCyclone -Cast while Channelling Support -Desecrate - Offering Skills

BootSummon Stone Golem -Elemental Army Support -Feeding Frenzy Support / Precision (gems) Do not link Precision and Elemental Army here, it will increase mana reservation


Ring2Flame Dash

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