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PoE 3.9 Challenge Complete Guide

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The challenges reward of PoE 3.9 has attracted the attention of many players, especially the very cool green portal. Do you also want to get these rewards quickly? Here is a detailed guide to PoE 3.9 Challenges, we believe it will help you !

PoE 3.9 Challenge Complete Guide


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1. Use Currency

Armourer's Scrap - Can be use to improve your equipment base stats.

Blacksmith's Whetstone - Can be use to improve your weapon base stats.

Orb of Alteration - Can be use to reforge your magic item into random mods.

Orb of Augmentation - Can be use to improve magic item with addition mod(prefix/suffix) if there's space for it.

Orb of Chance - Can be use to improve your normal item rarity into magic/rare and even unique(low chance) if you're lucky.

Orb of Transmutation - Can be use to improve your normal item into magic rarity.

OVERALL: Very Easy. These are basic currencies that can be found very often from monster drops, can improve your gears very drastically at early levels.

2. Complete Metamorph Encounters I

OVERALL: Very Easy. 

3. Complete these Quests

The Dweller of the Deep - In Act1, kill THE DEEP DWELLER in the Flooded Depths(from the Lower Submerged Passage).

Through Sacred Ground - In Act2, retrieve THE HAND from The Crypt Level 2.

A Swig of Hope - In Act3, retrieve DECANTER SPIRITUS from an Ornate Chest in the Marketplace, then deliver to Captain Fairgraves in The Docks, then retrieve the next item CHITUS' PLUM on a tree in Imperial Gardens, then deliver to him again.

An Indomitable Spirit - In Act4, free the SPIRIT in The Mines Level 2.

In Service to Science - In Act5, retrieve MIASMETER in Control Blocks.

OVERALL: Easy. All of these quest are side quest from Act1 to Act5, mostly have valuable reward such as extra passive points and skill gems, so is worth doing instead of skipping them.

4. Defeat these Act Bosses I

OVERALL: Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the first-half of the act bosses. Also, you can find orthers help by party

5. Complete these Encounters I

Defeat a Rogue Exile

Is a monster that looks like a player, and they will drop a set of equipment when slained, and can be easily found everywhere.

Defeat a Tormented Spirit

Is a monster that looks like green-ghostly-spirit the roam that will run away from when u near them, also can touch/possesses monster that causing those infected monsters to gain new ability and also drop more loots.

Defeat an Essence Monster

Is a pack of monster that's frozen, player have to click them 3 times to release them, and will drop essences when slained that can be use to craft normal item into rare with 1 gurante mod.

Open an Abyssal Trove

Ies from abyss encounter which you'll start encounter them after Act 6 onward. Upon walking over an abyss encounter, a crack will form on the ground, and a small number of monsters will spawn out of it, the crack will expand till end with a pit which spawn more monsters from the pit. After you clear fast enough monster from the pit, it may start a new crack from the pit, OR a abyss chest spawn that drop some item including Abyssal Jewel that can be use on ur passive tree, OR if you're lucky enough an Abyssal Depth will spawn that contain more treasure with greater challenge.

OVERALL: Easy. These are introduction of past-league-mechanic which had been added to the core game for a long time.

6. Complete Metamorph Encounters II

OVERALL: Easy. Combining metamortph samples and defeat the boss.

7. Complete Vendor Recipes

Cartographer's Chisel - Vendor a Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality, and a map.

Catalyst - Vendor 3 same type of catalyst.

Chaos Orb - Vendor a full set rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.

Gemcutter's Prism - Vendor a set of gems with total of 40% quality.

Hybrid Flask - Vendor an orb of fusing, a life flask, and a mana flask.

Orb of Chance - Vendor 2 identified rare items with same name(easily obtain from strongbox with mirror mod) OR a full set rare item with their item level 59 below OR 4 kind rarity of a same item(etc:normal,magic,rare,unique amulet)

OVERALL: Very Easy. 

8. Defeat these Act Bosses II

OVERALL: Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the second-half of the act bosses. Also, you can find orthers help by party

9. Build a Map Device

OVERALL: Easy. You will encounter an new npc called Kirac in Epilogue

10. Complete these Encounters II

Open a Unique Strongbox - This can be easily found in Obas Cursed Trove unique map, or from Zana's Mission that asked for opening unique strongboxes, or Haku in fortification division can spawn unique strongboxes too. You can also test your lucky by using orb of chance on strongbox and hopping it'll turn unique. NOTE: Only player who touch the box can get the challenge, thus 1ppl per box.

Complete a Legion Encounter - Legion is a giant purple crystal that release 2 pack of monster side-by-side. Damaging the enemies while they are in stasis will free them when time resumes, where they can be fought and killed for loot. Legion encounter can only be found in end game map.

Complete a Betrayal Safehouse - This is part of betrayal league mechanic which you'll start encounter them after Act9 with Jun Ortoi, Veiled Master assisting you throughout your adventure by fighting those immortal syndicate alongside with you. Upon successfully defeating all syndicate(if spawn more than one), they can then be either interrogated or bargained with, which allows the player to gradually gather intelligence about their mastermind location information. Some may also drop veiled item that can be unveil by Jun and may grant you new crafting option from your crafting benches in your hideout. Here's a cheast sheet regarding syndicate rewards.

Upgrade an item to a Fated Item - This is part of prophecy league mechanic which introduced by Navali in Act1 town after you rescued her in The Climb. This challenge require prophecy that says "Kill ??? in ??? while holding a ???.", which can upgrade your unique item item fated version after you kill the required boss while having the item in your inventory ... and yes you don't need to wear it to do this.


11. Modify Maps

Open a Map Area that is affected by a Sextant Modifier. - With the new atlas system, you're have to use sextant on your watchstone instead, then place the watchstone into the citadel in your atlas UI, then the sextant mod will applied all the map in that region. Watchstone can be obtain after you slain an Atlas Conqueror

Use a Scarab in your Map Device. - Scarabs are primarily found from syndicate encounters rewards, which works like a map fragment that can be use together with a map in your map device to force spawn certain league mechanic.

Complete a Map that has at least 8 modifiers. - Map with 8 modifiers can only be obtain from corrupting a map by using a vaal orb.

Complete a Map that has at least 20% Quality. - Map with 20% quality can be obtain from using Cartographer's Chisel on map. TIPS: Try use chisel on white rarity map instead before crafting them into higher rarity, this is because using chisel on normal rarity can improve their quality faster(Normal gain 5% per use, Magic gain 2% per use, Rare gain 1% per use)

OVERALL: Normal. These challenges are basics guide on how to craft your maps for better reward.

12. Craft Modifiers

OVERALL: Easy. A good introduction of crafting-bench to newbies that can be use in your hideout (after claimed from Helena in Act2), and their recipe can be obtainable act zone and syndicate's veiled mod. Click HERE to check the list of recipe's unlock location.

13. Turn in Divination Cards

Corrupted Gem: Volatile Power, The Rite of Elements

Item Level 100 Item: Destined to Crumble

Jewel: Shard of Fate, The Endurance

Map: The Encroaching Darkness

Prophecy: Akil's Prophecy, The Mad King

Rare Item: The Lover, Destined to Crumbl

OVERALL: Normal. Old player might remember how hideous this challenge is in the old days, not exactly the same but pretty much they improve it BETTER! Nice work GGG!! Also note that this challenge require card that reward SPECIFIC reward type as requested, so those wild reward like The Void won't work on this challenge.

14. Complete these Encounters III

Erythrophagia - Tier4+ Phantasmagoria Map, this challenge can be easily be done by using flask that remove/immune to curse temporally, so when the boss is about to die just remember to use ur immunity curse flask while killing to complete this challenge.

Sebbert, Crescent's Point - Tier3+ Moon Temple Map, Dark Vortex is the dark-cloudy-ground that cast by the blue-ball-thing at the middle of boss arena. It will cast it every few second at certain zone, so just stand on it when you about to kill the boss.

Legius Garhall - Tier3 Ancient City Map, this a bit tricky for clear speed build to do ... have to kite out the primary boss out from his gang to only kill it to complete this challenge.

Avatar of the Huntress, Skies, and Forge - Tier3 Arena Map, these trio-boss challenge is kinda easy to do as they are pretty soft thus easy kill, but becareful in high tier when killing 2 of them will enrage the last one even stronger.

OVERALL: Normal. These challenges are mostly straight-forward, simple to accomplish.

15. Obtain Itemised Samples

OVERALL: Normal. These unique/itemised samples can be obtain from metamorph monster that have maximum gauge, these can be easily achieve in end game maps. Note that only 1 itemised samples can be obtain per map, that's mean if the map have multiple unique boss then you can have multiple choice of picking which part of samples u wanna take from metamorph monster when slained. Putting more than one unique samples into metamorph will result drop randomly pick base on what you've inserted and still, only one will drop. 

16. Complete these Encounters IV

Delve to Depth 100 in your Azurite Mine - At depth 100, monster level will be 76(Tier9) which is reachable for most builds, just need a bit more grind for those sulphite.

Defeat a Bestiary Boss - To do this challenge just buy any cheap unique beast(Saqawine Rhex, Craicic Spider Crab, Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid, or Farric Tiger Alpha) then spawn in ur blood altar, complete the fight then you'll complete this challenge, or hunt them yourself. here's the details:

  • Saqawal, First of the Sky - It's recipe require Saqawine Rhex that only appears in Tier 5+ maps. This DINOSAUR boss not that dangerous but try don't stand in the tornadoes, they hurt more than anything else in the encounter
  • Craiceann, First of the Deep - It's recipe require Craicic Spider Crab that only appears in Tier 7+ maps. This CRAB boss same like bird boss are just loot pinatas tbh, haven't seen them alive long enough to do anything.
  • Fenumus, First of the Night - It's recipe require Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid that only appears in Tier 10+ maps. This SPIDER boss deal a lot of chaos damage, so bring chaos resist flask, and dont stand in the stuff on the ground.
  • Farrul, First of the Plains - It's recipe require Farric Tiger Alpha that only appears in Tier 13+ maps. This TIGER boss deal a lot of phys damage, so bring phys reduction flask, bleed immunity flask and dodge the stampede.

Defeat an Abyssal Lich - This boss only can spawn from end game map's abyssal depths, they are easy to fight but their spawn rate kinda rare.

Defeat a Breachlord - To gain access to kill Breachlord, you have to collect a stack of 100 splinters which will automatically turn into Breachstone. Most of the boss are kinda hard to fight, you can find orthers help by party

OVERALL: Normal. Require couple of weeks in map grind to finish this.

17. Complete Twinned Maps

Not all maps can have "twinned" modifier, for example Kitava or Innocence boss.

Normal. Surprisingly they change from require specific map to have twinned challenge, to more broad choices ... interesting change GGG, nonetheless some map boss are more tricky to do when two of them in a small room, you can try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod so make the fight easier. If still can't, just ask someone else to help kill when u got them.

18. Complete Metamorph Encounters III

Normal. This require a bit more grind on metamoprh monster to complete, still achievable within a month of grinding.

19. Complete Unidentified Maps

Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. You can obtain unidentified rare map by doing the map vendor recipe which also effect the rarity too, etc: vendor 3 same rare map you'll get +1 tier rare map OR corrupting rare map have a chance turning into unidentified(safer since you know the mods before hand). If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map.

Normal. Surprisingly they make this challenge easier from doing all(16) last few leagues, to only 10 this league .. well thanks GGG! =D

20. Achieve Ascension

Normal Difficulty: Act1 The Lower Prison, Act2 The Crypt Level 1, Act2 The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act3 The Crematorium, Act3 The Catacombs, Act3 The Imperial Gardens

Cruel Difficulty: Act6 The Prison, Act7 The Crypt, Act7 The Chamber of Sins Level 2

Merciless Difficulty: Act8 The Bath House, Act9 The Tunnel, Act10 The Ossuary

Uber/Eternal Difficulty: Random spawn in end game maps

OVERALL: Easy. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more, if your build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it ;)

21. Use Catalysts

  • Abrasive Catalyst - Enhance attack modifiers.
  • Fertile Catalyst - Enhance life and mana modifiers.
  • Imbued Catalyst - Enhance caster modifiers.
  • Intrinsic Catalyst - Enhance attribute modifiers.
  • Prismatic Catalyst - Enhance resistance modifiers.
  • Tempering Catalyst - Enhance defense modifiers.
  • Turbulent Catalyst - Enhance elemental damage modifiers.

OVERALL: Easy. These catalyst can be use to enhance your ring, amulet, and belt modifiers, and most of these catalyst are not that rare to obtain, can be from a normal metamorph encounter with it's reward, or from a special metamorph that created in Tane Octavius's Lab.

22. Complete these Encounters V

Activate 200 Shrines - Can be farm-able from Zana's Domination map modifier, which unlock after completing tier 2 map.

Defeat 50 Beyond Unique Bosses - Can be farm-able from Zana's Beyond map modifier.

Open 50 Legion Monoliths - Can be farm-able from Zana's Legion map modifier.

Open 30 Maps with Fortune Favours the Brave - This challenge is exclusively from Zana's map modifier only, which unlock after completing tier 3 map.

OVERALL: Normal, most of these are grind are available from Zana's map device modifier, so completing these challenge will be faster if using her map device.

23. Complete Blight Encounters

Fully upgrade a Tower - Easily achieve this challenge as long you focusing on one tower upgrade, also all tier 4 tower will change their tower's ability.

Anoint a Ring with a Tower Enchantment - Oils that obtained from blight encounter can be use to anoint your ring through Cassia, which improve tower's ability even more.

Anoint an Amulet with a Notable passive - Oil also can be use to anoint your amulet which grant you notable stat(the medium-size-node from passive), you can lookup in your passive tree to see the notable node u wanted require what kind of oil combination to create.

Complete a Blighted Map - Obtaining the map are easy now with the help of metamorph and also improved drop rate from integrating the mechanic into the core game. Blighted map fight are a bit chaotic, require a descent clear speed build to do it.

OVERALL: Normal, this challenge inform us how they integrated blight mechanic into the core game.

24. Reach level 90

OVERALL: Normal. This .... require a decent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that die a lot then .... maybe then need around a month+

25. Obtain Rewards from Metamorphs

When choose samples for metamorphs, the rarest one(most left) doesn't mean is the most rewarding, instead is also depends on the samples reward type ... yes even the normal samples can be more rewarding than unique samples! But choosing higher rarity samples also helps fill up the gauge even faster so .... is all depends what u from the metamorph.

OVERALL: Normal, none of the metamorph's reward are hard to get.

26. Identify Influenced Items

OVERALL: Normal, with the new atlas system we're now getting watchstone from each corner outside region, and when beating those conqueror(for the watchstone) they will drop their own influenced item.

27. Defeat Shaper & Elder Guardians

  • Guardian of the Chimera
  • Guardian of the Hydra
  • Guardian of the Minotaur
  • Guardian of the Phoenix
  • The Constrictor
  • The Enslaver
  • The Eradicator
  • The Purifier

With the new atlas system, you can only access elder and shaper content through zana's mission or zana's vendor, and also from map boss with at least awaken level1(small chance). Zana will start giving those maps when you reach Tier13 maps.

OVERALL: Normal. These boss is slightly harder than the conqueror, if you build can't really kill them then just ask for experience player to help you kill them off when u got the map to spawn them.

28. Complete Metamorph Encounters IV

  • Amalgam of Nightmares - Tier16 Carcass Map
  • Eater of Souls - Tier11+ Core Map
  • Nightmare Manifest - Tier14+ Malformation Map
  • Shadow of the Vaal - Tier9+ Maze Map
  • Skullbeak - Tier3+ Bog Map
  • Suncaller Asha - Tier4+ Park Map
  • The Blacksmith - Tier3+ Dunes Map
  • The Brittle Emperor - Tier3+ Wasteland Map
  • The Goddess - Tier4+ Plaza Map
  • The Sanguine Siren - Tier14+ Crimson Temple Map

NOTE: You don't need a full set of the boss organ, just 1 piece of the samples boss then the rest is mix up will satisfy this challenge condition. Also this challenge require metamorph in Tane Octavius's Lab, not in map.

OVERALL: Normal, obtaining them are easy not much RNG needed just remember to pick them up when you slain the map boss, but fighting them in Tane Octavius's Lab would be a problem, so try bring an experience player to help you fight the metamorph if you're build aren't capable enough to defeat them.

29. Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 15 out of 19, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.

30. Awaken the Atlas

Check out Grimro video on how to obtain watchstones

There's 3 phases on how to upgrade full your atlas:

First 4 watchstones is from doing the maps at the corner region of your atlas. When you do your first map in those region, the conqueror will spawn in say something to you then portal back out, then your map will fill with the conqueror adds, and also in atlas UI that region will be colored depending of the conqueror. After u do 2 more map(must be different), then Kirac NPC will have a quest for you asking you to talk with Zana open the map for you that can fight with the conqueror itself. Repeat this process in 4 other corner region to get the first 4 watchstones.

Next 16 watchstones is from doing a region of map with their condition fulfilled. Previous 4 doesn't need condition that's why the conqueror can spawn. To know what's their conditon to spawn them, you can mouse over your watchstone invetory slots then it will show what it need and also highlight the region that the slots represent. With enough watchstone socketed in your citadel, the conqueror will spawn in if you run their appropriate map tier in that region 3 times(can't run other tier even is the same map). And after you got your 12 watchstone, Zana will invite you to kill Sirus, Awakener of Worlds boss.

Last 12 watchstones is pretty much the same with previous phase except this time conqueror will have CHANCE to spawn in after complete a map with their influence in a region, instead of previous phase grantee spawn after 3 maps. Also now u can now farm conqueror by spawning them again to farm their influenced item but not their wathcstone(if obtained already).

Side note, to get a citadel in a region you have to find them just by clearing any map till the boss open a portal which brings you to a small room with zana and an altar at the middle of the room, click the altar then you'll unlock citadel in your region.

OVERALL: Normal, this challenge require you to awaken all 8 region, that's mean need 32 watchstone socketed in your atlas.

31. Defeat Awakened Bosses

  • Konley, the Unrepentant - Tier16 Basilica Map
  • Mephod, the Earth Scorcher - Tier16 Summit Map
  • Eater of Souls - Tier15 Core Map
  • Portentia, the Foul - Tier14 Waste Pool Map
  • Bazur - Tier16 Tower Map
  • The Cursed King - Tier16 Dark Forest Map

OVERALL: Normal. This challenge require you to kill specific map boss with 1 condition, which is at awakened level 8(fully socketed wathcstone atlas).

32. Defeat Conquerors of the Atlas

/u/stropi had made a good guide on how to beat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds very easily on any build. Sirus maybe the biggest boss in atlas, a much more mechanical fight but surprisingly is still easier compare with Uber Elder fight. Just try learn the guide from stropi then you'll be good with fighting Sirius in no time :D

Normal, you can defeat all these new conqueror boss in awakened level 1, so should be easy enough. If you really can defeat Sirius then can try invite experience player to help you kill it after you spawn it(after 20 watchstone).

33. Defeat Shaper and Elder

Normal, you can access these boss domain after collected their complete set map fragments, that can be obtained from slaying their guardian which given by zana's mission or zana's vendor, or map boss with at least awakened level 1 but with a low chance.

34. Defeat 1500 Map Bosses(40/40)

Hard, this seems another big improvement from previous league map grind challenge(atlas mission), you can farm map that have multiple bosses such as Arena Map, or Courthouse Map and so on ... or even unique map like Hallowed Ground with many unique bosses to speed up this challenge even faster. This challenge is roughly require you to farm 500 maps considering you're farming all the map have 3 bosses.

35. Defeat Conquerors Conditionally

Defeat Baran, The Crusader after every square of the arena has become a Mana Rune and without having been affected by Mana Rune.

He transforms tiles into glowing runes like here, bring him to low life wait for him to transform all tiles into those and try to remember which he already transformed, just try to avoid those are degen areas or else you'll fail this challenge(you will be notified).

Defeat Veritania, The Redeemer without being hit by any Tornadoes or entering the Hurricane.

She will spawn small tornadoes which are easy to avoid if you stand a bit further away from her. The hurricane is much like the brine king's one and you should not be hit by it, it may requires some skill to dodge those but should be doable at any boss level.

Defeat Al-Hezmin, The Hunter without causing any Tunnelling Vipers to emerge.

Tunnelling Vipers is the snakes that spawn around the edge of the arena, not the one spawn from the center arena with him saying "i am not alone". Tunnelling Vipers will spawn after 50 seconds since the fight start, so try defeat him within that time period to avoid them spawning that'll fail this challenge, will be easier to do at lower levels. Tips: In case you fight the boss for longer than 50 seconds, try staying in the middle of the triangle-pool to fight the boss, this is because those vipers only spawn when you're standing outside the pool.

Defeat Drox, The Warlord after having destroyed at least 10 Vexillum Immortalis bubbles.

Vexillumm Immortailis are the flags which he drops that will make allies immune to damage, so you have to kill them before you can damage him or the add spawns. He will spawns a ton on higher levels and should be very easy.

OVERALL: Normal, all of these are very straightforward and are easier to complete when they first spawn than in later stages..

36. Complete these Encounters VI(40/40)

  • Unique Watchstone - Obtained from Sirius at awakened level 8.
  • Guardian's Exalted Orb - Obtained from any Conqueror at any awakened level.
  • Awakened Gem - Obtained from any Conqueror at any awakened level.
  • Awakener's Orb - Obtained from Sirius at any awakened level.

Hard, these is pretty much RNG challenge from farming those new bosses. But you plan to choose killing Sirius 75 times for end game grind .... then perhaps u might wanna do this challenge, maybe buy from other player if you're having bad RNG getting them.

37. Defeat Sirus Conditionally

Defeat Sirus without being affected by the Inner Deatomization Storm

Inner Deatomization Storm is the big giant-black-storm that spawn around arena, it has aggro towards player when near them, also with the new patch Sirius will sometime push the storm away. To do this challenge safely is better to kite the storm away when fighting with Sirius because sometime the storm aggro is faster than Sirius pushing them back.

Defeat Sirus without being affected by Desolation of the Awakener

Desolation of the Awakener is the cloudy-storm-ground-effect thing that will shock and deal degen damage when you step on it. So try avoid this when fighting with Sirius to do this challenge.

Defeat Sirus without being hit by any Spinning Negation Beams

Spinning Negation Beams is the cross-laser then spawn in the 3rd phase fight, just start running counter-clockwise when you saw 4 of the dark-version-sirius-clone spawn in then start shooting thick-laser in one place.

Defeat Sirus without being hit by any of his corridor lasers and without causing him to interrupt the skill

Corridor Lasers is the skill that Sirius summon with 2 straight-wall side by side then he will shoot out projectile skill in sequence., you can stop this skill by jumping out or dash behind Sirius with will interrupt this skill. To do this challenge, you CANNOT escape this skill but to play along with Sirius skill, by dodging his projectile left to right in sequence till the wall break down.

Overall: Normal, if you learn the guide from stropi, Sirius fight is pretty much easy even with this conditional challenge, try do them at awakened level 1 to make this challenge easier.

38. Complete Deadly Encounters(40/40)

Uber Elder - you can access this boss domain by combining 2 shaper fragment(Shape & Knowledge) and 2 elder fragment(Emptiness & Terror).

Mastermind at an area level of 83 - This is the last boss of syndicate hierarchy, you can access the mastermind safehouse after fill the information bar to full from killing captains of each safehouse divisions. It's full fight is all about running around the arena avoid the middle laser beam and the burning arena from 4 edges. Getting a level 84 mastermind shouldn't be a problem as long you keep negotiating syndicate in high tier map, it will also replace ur old progression if u done some negotiation in the past low tier maps.

Chayula, who Dreamt in their Domain - This is one of the breachlord variant, a chaos type. To gain access to kill this Chaos Breachlord, you have to collect a stack of 100 Splinters of Chayula which will automatically turn into Chayula's Breachstone. This boss are the hardest among the other breachlord, just ask for help to deal with this.

Abaxoth, the End of All That Is - This boss only spawn from beyond map's mod. He's hardly spawn but you can increase the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the original map's mod together with zana's map device Beyond Mod but BE WARN this boss is freaking dangerous, so advice try spawn him in low tier map.

OVERALL: Hard, finding abaxoth may require a bit RNG but that's not a problem in this challenges, the BIG problem will be beating Uber Elder which use to be the hardest content in PoE beside the new content(Awakener Boss), so if you're build aren't capable enough to beat these bosses just invite experience player to help with when u can spawn this bosses.

39. Complete the Epilogue Questline

Normal, this quest is all about killing Sirus, Awakener of Worlds which is when you collected 16 watchstones from conquerors of the atlas. Can scroll up to No.30 challenge to know how to obtain all watchstones.

40. Complete Endgame Grinds(40/40)

Level 100

This is gonna be hardest of the rest challenges. If your build not very end game or dying often ... highly recommended to skip this.

Defeat 75 Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

If you keep farm on map, spawning him should be not a problem compare to old times spawn elder/uber elder is such a hassle. Killing him also not that hard if you read up stropi guide, compare to uber elder bullet hell fight is much more easier. Also you can kill Sirius at awakened level 1 to do this challenge so should be much easier a bit.

Open 500 Chests at the end of the Endgame Labyrinth

Owh no they change back from farming 100 Argus into this, which is the same since delve league ... and is BAD :( This challenge require us to farm roughly around 100 labyrinth run(bad RNG scenario, 5 keys per run), but we can lessen the total number if you can find more than 5 keys(good RNG) per run. The maximum number of keys u can get per run is 9, 3 from Izaro himself if he gets fully upgrade per phase(non of his adds turn down), 1 for Argus, 2 from Curious Lockboxes behind gauntlet or puzzle, 1 from darkshrine(chance)that's hidden behind wall, then the last 2 from treasure chest(chance) which is at the end of the labyrinth after defeating Izaro.

Defeat 175 Metamorphs in Tane's Laboratory

175 might be big number but ... when complete challenge No.34(1500 map boss) we should collected roughly around 100+ sets of samples, so we just need to buy a few more samples set from other players then we're able fill up the remaining numbers of this challenges easily. UNLESS you skipping the metamorph mechanic all the way then ... you might skip this challenge instead.

Reach Depth Level 600 in your Azurite Mine

Owh no they bring back the hideous challenge of delving ... Reaching depth level 300 above is much harder than t16 map because monster life and damage starting to scale up passively. Don't worry though it won't be dangerous as long you don't delve into deadly modifiers such ash penetration resist, more than two damage mod, and chance to steal charges if your build rely on charges like Righteous Fire Build. Best way to survive deep delve is bring couple of resist flask depending on delve modifiers, and with poison removable in case of "poison on hit" mod. Also you still can party up with end game build player to help get pass hard modifier delve.

Complete 200 Legion Encounters

200 is not a big number, just keep farming legion with zana map device's mod then this challenge shouldn't be a problem to complete.

OVERALL: Very hard.


In addition to challenges starter guide, we also have the best poe 3.9 builds and lagame guide for players' reference, please continue to pay attention to our website

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[3.10] PoE Delirium Shadow Ball Lightning Mine Saboteur Starter Build

[3.10] PoE Delirium Shadow Ball Lightning Mine Saboteur Starter Build

PoE 3.10 brings many new challenges, and the mist monsters of crazy attack need you to keep moving at all times. This PoE 3.10 Shadow Ball Lightning Starter Build have great damage and fast mapping speed. It is very friendly to league starter!

PoE 3.10 Delirium Currency and Item Starter Guide

PoE 3.10 Delirium Currency and Item Starter Guide

PoE 3.10 Delirium has been released. You have to get stronger quickly to meet these new challenges. This PoE Currency and Item Starter Guide is written to help you solve these problems.

PoE Delirium Challenge Rewards Preview

PoE Delirium Challenge Rewards Preview

PoE Delirium League Challenge Rewards have been announced, and as always there are a total of 40 challenges for you to unlock. Let's see what to expect!

[3.10] Best PoE Delirium League Starter Builds

[3.10] Best PoE Delirium League Starter Builds

There are best PoE 3.10 League Starter builds prepared for you by PoeCurrencyBuy! Cheap! simple! Safety!