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PoE 3.9 Duelist Lacerate Gladiator Tanky Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Gladiator thanks to the bleed explosion, has an amazing game feeling, it is very rewarding. Thanks to Perfect Form and Cold Resist stacking, we are able to pull out 50,000+ Evasion in HO and a lot come when Increased from the talent tree works in fight.

PoE 3.9 Duelist Lacerate Gladiator Tanky Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)


Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Can do all content
  • + Budget
  • Good survivability (Alot of Evasion/nice armor/a lot of damage reduction)
  • + Solid clearspeed (Reave looks like top tier, Double Strike a bit slower)
  • + Based on interesting and unusual mechanics
  • + Great Lab Farmer
  • + Amazing feeling and the pleasure of playing
  • + Possibility to choose a skill we like, build works with virtually any physical melee that can be used with a sword.
  • - Hard to Check real DPS (Impale or Bleed, don't work well in PoB)
  • - This is not a facetank, we have to be careful about the toughest contents.
  • - Reading the guide is very important. Itemes must be very carefully and carefully selected. It's easy to make the build work poorly when you pick items wrong.
  • -A lot of possibilities, it's hard sometimes to decide where to go. 


Skill Tree 

Ascendancy: Blood in the Eyes -> Gratuitous Violence -> Challenger Arena -> Outmatch and Outlast

Bandits: kill all


Major: Soul of Solaris

Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

Passive Tree & PoB

PoE 3.9 Duelist Lacerate Gladiator Skill Tree


Path of Building Link

https://pastebin.com/tR7L06t9 -> Starter PoB (pre Perfect Form regular Dreamfeather, progress trees - 35/55/75/95/115)

https://pastebin.com/2UJGCSJ0 -> End game PoB (Perfect Form, Corrupted Dreamfeather)


Gems Setup

Lacerate / Double Strike (6 link)

Main Skill -> Rage -> Multistrike -> Brutality -> Melee Physical Damage/Fortify -> Ruthless

However, at the early stage of the league and the development of the character itself, when we do not have Ascendancy and other important keystone may be useful games such as Chance to Bleed / Maim / Faster Attack (instead of Multistrike/Ruthless which needs a lot of attack speed to run smoothly) will work very well and help us go to maps.

And Fortify, the difference between using Fortify or Melee Physical Damage is not significant. So you can easily use these games alternately, Fortify in the main setup is an interesting option. But that does not change my mind about the Ramparts wheel. I think it is overrated, it will give us 4% more reduction from Fortify and attack speed but you must have 6 passives, better go in Soul of Steal if you think about def (3 point need) and Berserking (3 point need) if you think about Attack speed.

We also do not know how Rage will behave in practice (keeping stacks, stacking him on the boss), but this gem looks amazing on paper. If it comes out differently in practice, it will be replaced for Fortify / Chance to Bleed or Maim

Auras/Buffs (4 link*)

1. Grace 50% (when you set up a dreamfather, you do not need it before

2. Flesh and Stone + Maim Supprot 28% - Amazing DPS boost in Blood, a lot of additional survival in Sand, you only need to be well positioned on bosses in blood.

3. Blood and Sand 10% - (necessary to change stance)

4. Vulnerability Curse Aura – Free (when we have Impresence Amulet dont use it bifore You can make a setup with CWDT and curse on hit on early game)

5. Arctic Armour - Free (when we have Perfect Form, dont use it before)

If we can afford, we buy Enlighten 3/4 lvl, our links look like this:

Arctic Armour - Blood and Sand - Blasphemy + Vulnerability (4 link)

Mana reserve 3 auras, Grace, Flash and Stone and Blood and Sand total 88% or 82% if we have Enlighten. If you feel that you are weak with mana and you need a little more, it can be felt at the beginning we give up Blood and Sand.

Vaal Grace (Grace on, Vaal Grace for use when we need) + Flesh and Stone + Maim* + Enlighten (4 link)

Flesh and Stone can be combined with Maim Support for a total increased damage taken of 30% (16+14) on enemies.

And it works, Maim Support only affects Flash and Stone in this boots, as they are the two biggest auras they are linked with Enlighten (Flash and Stone + Maim takes 28%, with Enlighten 26%).

Movement (4 link*)

Whirling Blades/Leap Slam - Faster Attack - Fortify - Blood Magic

Free slot if you use Fortify in your main skill

CWDT Setup (3 link)

CWDT - Summon Flame Golem - Increased Duration - Immortal Call

It seems the best option, we have almost all the time 3 endu charge, so the duratuion its nice, but if you prefer, you can easily use Steelskin or Vaal Molten Shell (Molten Shell will proc from CWDT and Vaal you can use when you need!)

Utility (3 link)

Berserk - Ancestral Protector




Bleed it's not calculated from hit DPS just from your base Physical DMG (weapon dmg*skill base dmg + flat dmg from gear) So on Rare items we looks for Flat Physical DMG! I will link my actual gear.

So Stats priority it's: Resist Cap/HP/Flat Physical Damage/Evasion



Dreamfeather * 2  is our core items, we stack Eva and get 2% Attack Damage every 450 evasion, Attack Speed, flat Evasion, Movement Speed.

We are looking for corruption Resolute Technique to save some points and Fortify on hit.


The Perfect Form. Best for endgame, when we wear it we want to have cold resistance on every item, on every jewel, on everything. Additionally, he gives us Phase Acrobatic and Arctic Armor! The only problem is that we need a 5r 1g socket so you need to have a supply of jewelers orb it is worth looking for a replacement at an early stage of the league.


Daresso's Defiance. High Evasion and Armour, Leech, Dodge chance, HP, Onslaught (up time it's really good)

Rare option means as many links as possible and Evasion, good at the beginning of the league. You can look for a cheap Corrupt with links and colors.


Storm Dome Lion Pelt

+14 to Dexterity
90% increased Evasion Rating
+97 to maximum Life
+42% to Fire Resistance
+39% to Cold Resistance
39% increased Evasion Rating
+25 to maximum Life

Foe Grip Slink Gloves

74% increased Evasion Rating
+84 to maximum Life
+43% to Cold Resistance
+25% to Lightning Resistance
+20% to Cold and Lightning Resistances

Spirit Urge Stealth Boots

+47 to Dexterity
87% increased Evasion Rating
+85 to maximum Life
+43% to Cold Resistance

+31% to Lightning Resistance
39% increased Evasion Rating
+26 to maximum Life

As much Evasion as you can, of course Life and Cold resist which multiplayer our evasion.


Impresence / Rare with Life / Resist /% Evasion / Flat Evasion

It's Best option for us, we get Flat Physical DMG, Life, Maddening Presence (10% slow and reduce dmg from enemy), Free Vulnerability.

Before getting this, we take the rare (Life / Resist /% Evasion / Flat Evasion etc)


Perseverance. The best belt when we have Perfect Form, a lot of Flat Evasion, Cold Resist,% life and Onslaught which we always have thanks to Fortify.

Belt of the Deceiver. Good option it's have corruption [Grace has XX% increased aura effect] it's really cheap not much build use Grace aura! Works well early league when we dont have Perfect Form.


We are looking for Cold Resist, Life, Flat Evasion, other resist, an additional advantage is Flat phy damage.

Storm Knuckle Unset Ring

+45 to Intelligence
Adds 3 to 5 Physical Damage to Attacks
+127 to Evasion Rating
+75 to maximum Life
+42% to Fire Resistance
+9% to all Elemental Resistances

Poison caused by Melee Hits

+25 to maximum Mana
+11 to Dexterity
Adds 9 to 14 Physical Damage to Attacks
+77 to maximum Life
+31% to Fire Resistance
+34% to Cold Resistance

Two Really cheap Ring for start pre perfect form.


One instant Life flask is enough for a crisis situation, we have much leech, no more life flask are needed. The rest find Flat Evasion flask /% Evasion Flask (Witchfire which also increases Bleed DMG) / Damage Flask (work on hit and bleed) and Cold Resist Flask which we use as we have Perfect Form for multiplayer evasion


For a more detailed of gear, please refer to the PoB Link. The gear selected in the PoB is not mandatory if it is not stated. It is recommended that the player check the affix of the gear and make a better choice.


You look for

  • -% Life
  • -% Increased Damage
  • -% Increased Damage with Bleeding
  • -% Increased Damage Over Time

Abyss option

  • - flat life
  • - flat Physical Damage

Watcher's Eye for Grace it's Really cheap and can give you %Life and some defence node (more Evasion or Blind).



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