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PoE 3.9 Mauarder Cyclone Berserker Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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This PoE 3.9 Mauarder Cyclone Build mapping very smooth with satifying boombooms from shockwave and speed from cyclone w/ big boi AOE. Ggood clear with solid bossing. Any Content in the Game. Any map mods 

PoE 3.9 Mauarder Cyclone Berserker Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Pros & Cons

+ Relatively budget build to start (SSF viable!). Uber Elder is relatively cheap

+ Able to scale to crazy levels with proper investment.

+ Super Flexible Build: good clear with solid bossing. Any Content in the Game. Any map mods (as long as both reflects are not together, any mod is doable with proper swaps).

+ Able to 5 Emblem Carry with full 6-man Party (w/ proper pepega gear).

+ Smooth Mapping with satifying boombooms from shockwave and speed from cyclone w/ big boi AOE.

+ Strong Boss Killer: Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Aul, etc. with vaal double strike + impale.

+ Fast and fun Delving (still testing 500+ depth).

+ Any map (including Hall of Grandmasters).

+ Any map map mod: Physical Reflect - swap in Hrimsorrow/burn + Physical to Lightning Support. Elemental Reflect - swap in Brutality Support. Both Reflect - Cry.

+ Shockwave is super satisfying burst while cyclone provides smooth movement through packs, they work very well together.

+ Shockwave can bypass proximity shield (since the origin of the shockwave is from the monster).

+ Great sustain with multiple sources: regen, leech, high effectiveness blood of karui (up to 3k/s), warcry with warbringer (25%/1.74s).

+ Layered defenses with atk block, spell block, fortify, 5 endurance charges, armor, evasion, immortal call.

+ 0 mana cost for skills so you can 100% reserve your mana. also don’t have to worry about no regen.

- Complex character with a lot of mechanics that work together. not having proper links, mechanics active will be a big hindrance.

- Need to swap a lot of gear for different types of content (for reflect, etc).

- The super pepega version can be quite expensive to min max (as it usually is with most builds).

- Very socket intensive (ideally able to do with 2 unset rings).



This new support gem is a core mechanic of the build!

Supports melee attack skills. Cannot support Triggered attacks, skills used by Totems, or skills which create minions.

It's a support gem that triggers when you hit a monster every 0.71 seconds (gains cool down reduction with level).

Shockwave benefits from the support gems linked to the trigger skill (i.e. Cyclone).

Therefore, we maximize the benefit of shockwave by only linking gems that work with both cyclone and shockwave. This means that shockwave benefits off the increased + more aoe from support gems + skill tree.

It provides amazing clear by extending the effective aoe of your attacks as well as providing burst damage.

It's super satisfying! you can jump into a pack, tap cyclone once, and it EXPLODES!


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Aspect of Carnage -> Crave the Slaughter -> Rite of Ruin -> War Bringer


Major General Mapping: Soul of Lunaris

Maybe Boss: Soul of Solaris

Minor General Mapping: Soul of Ryslatha.

Emblems Carries/Max Speed: Soul of Garukhan

Bandit: Help Alira (20% Multi, 5 Mana Regen, 15 All Resist).

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/NmwJyuWj

PoE 3.9 Mauarder Cyclone Berserker Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Cyclone / Shockwave (AoE Clear) 

Cyclone + Shockwave + Pulverize + *Fortify + Rage + Melee Physical Damage + *Energy Leech/*Increased Area of Effect

If you have a white socket (via vorici research), you can try using impale for more single target (ie uber elder + deep delve bossing).

WHY NO INFUSED CHANNELING?! Infused channeling is great for pure cyclone but shockwave is not a channeling skill so it doesn't support it (we want to double dip ;P).


Vaal Double Strike + Damage on Full Life + Melee Physical Damage + Impale + Ruthless + Increased Critical Damage or Maim (dependent on your colors and crit chance)

Vaal Double Strike is a great single target skill because you can still cyclone/shockwave while it is active. Thus, you are hitting the boss/tough monster with a 7L cyclone + 6L shockwave + 6L vds at max girth.


Blood and Sand, Pride, Flesh and Stone + Maim, Dread Banner, Precision (lv1)

Flesh and Stone + Maim is a very powerful combination (only extra 3% reservation). Really cool mechanic where maim adds on to the effectiveness of Flesh and Stone (blood stance).


Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + *Blood Rage + *Assassin's Mark/Enfeeble (if space + no curse on hit ring) + *Increased Duration (if space)

Lv1 CWDT means you can use a Lv3 Immortal Call. Even though it’s low level, it’s still quite effective.

Use a lv7 blood rage if you don’t want to manually cast it. Otherwise, a lv20 blood rage will give a bit more attack speed + you have more control.


Leap Slam + Faster Attacks 


Enduring Cry or Rallying Cry

With staff’s Smashing Strikes Notable (10% endurance charge on melee crit), we generate sufficient endurance charges to be fully active + immortal call consumption. However, you can still opt to use it for more consistency in single target situation + the great regen.

Rallying Cry is pretty straight forward for just pure damage


Gear Setup

For a more detailed selection of gear, please refer to the PoB Link. The gear selected in the PoB is not mandatory if it is not stated.


Leveling and Early Map Gear

If leveling as Solo Self Found or no budget, progress as normal with any two hander.

Use the whetstone + rustic sash recipe to craft decent % phys weapon on usable bases

Generic twink items: tabula rasa, wanderlust, goldrim, praxis (or any elreon jewelry), wyrmsign, belt of the deceiver, sacrificial heart, seven league steps

Twink weapons: (almost any usable uniques/high dps weps for their level) ie geofris baptism, stormheart

Focus on maxing out your resistances, then getting more life. The build has more than enough damage from the ascendancy + passives so survival is key!

Grabbing Resolute Technique early on while leveling helps with accuracy. When you transition to crit though, remember to unspec out of it! If you are having accuracy issues, take Eagle Eye and/or Reflexes on the tree. You can also get accuracy on amulet, helmet, rings, or abyssal jewels as a suffix.

Basic Budget Uber Elder Viable Transition

Gloves: Wyrmsign/Shadow & Dust → Null and Void

Weapon: Hegemony's Era → Fortify Staff

Chest: Tabula Rasa/Any 6L (even vaaled) with proper colors/5L Carcass Jack (basically divine) → 6L Carcass

Helm: Starkonja/regular rare helm, can craft +1 range (my personal favorite enchant is Immortal Call duration, though the new Berserk enchant looks really nice)

Amulet: Open prefix (to craft +1 Range) + Life + Crit Multi + Stats (3-6c)

Rings: (-) mana cost (tier 2 cost 3c for -6 to 7) rings/praxis → (-) mana cost unset ring + Assassin's Mark on hit ring

Belt: Belt of the Deceiver → 19+ % reduced flask charges stygian (+ unholy might on kill + onslaught on kill)

Boots: Regular (25%+ Movespeed) Rare boots (with resists and Dexterity/Intelligence) → Cannot be Frozen + 30% move speed + life + resists + stats

Flasks (super important): Blood of the Karui, Chemist’s Jade of Warding (use the Menagerie), Lion’s Roar/Rumi's Concoction, Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Staunching (of Heat if no anti freeze boots), Alchemist’s Quicksilver of Adrenaline

Jewels: Lethal Pride with Kiloava

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