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POE Elementalist Witch Build for Incursion Flashback

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The occupation of BD is the witch, its ascendancy is Elementalist and skill is Incinerate. This is the BD of a self-casting method. It has been a joke for a long time because there is not enough defense means to survive and there is no effective absorbing means and magic reply. I believe that many people have heard the cold joke that arc which is invincible, and many people love and regret the self-casting method.


POE Elementalist Witch Build for Incursion Flashback


GGG is quietly improving the environment of self-casting, the elements enable sublimation to absorb blood, although a little less but finally have the means to absorb. A lot of Spell skills have been improved in 3.3. Although it seems to be prepared for traps, the damage has increased exponentially, and the simplicity and roughness have brought new vitality to the self-casting method.


This BD uses the new belt of 3.3, which is regarded as low blood when it is cursed by level 20 vulnerability, which reminds me of a shield of Daresso. Low blood 120 block changes to spell block, 20 spell block and 20 attack block have been added recently, and the solid aura of Prismatic Jewel is not affected by Vulnerability effects. In this way, the shield is 30 blocks, and the talent is 5 blocks. Add a bottle of Rumi's Concoction, which has an attack block of 20 and a spell block of 9. This will provide 55 attack blocks and 75 spell blocks during the potion period. If you block one spell, the attacking block will also reach 75 to complete 75 double blocks and false stops.

The skill is Incinerate, which is a 3.3 version skill. The addition of projectiles has been changed to a continuous cast, which is like the blade dance of the spell system. The damage is very good. It's important to note that the 4th and 8th floors will give you a hint, and the 8th floors will give you very high damage, so pay attention to the rhythm.

In terms of survival, apart from the block, there are about 7 responses per second, and the element makes 0.5 blood sucker. Because the Incinerate casting speed is fast, more than 10 times per second, so 20% blood sucker per second and 2% bloodsucker per second ensures survival.


Most of this passive skill is allocated to life, magic, and regeneration, leaving little to damage and a lot of room for improvement in equipment and passive.


Equipment configuration


The core is not replaceable

1 Belt, national service called the Coward's legacy. It is an upgraded version of the chain belt, upgraded with a conclusion bottle in the temple. The size of the roll does not matter, as long as you have this belt.


 chain belt


2 Shield requires a block rate of 30%. Please refer to the Baroque  Round Shield for the national costume. The thorium is called the Daresso's Courage.




3 Boots: Kao's Roots, the higher of life the better.




4 Prismatic Jewel:

Its firm aura is not affected by the vulnerability. You can use the skill back to blue when you are clear, so you can save a lot of magical points to get some damage, but the price is very high. The physical flame on this jewel has no meaning and does not require this attribute.




Other equipment:

1. Weapons, national costumes called rusted swords, are an upgraded version of the prophecy. Its firm aura is not affected by the vulnerability. You can use the skill back to blue when you are clear, so you can save a lot of magical points to get some damage, but the price is very high. The physical flame on this jewel has no meaning and does not require this attribute. Later, you can change incursion weapons such as short sticks with affixes, add a lot of fire damage, spells add fire damage, and use the high-speed weapon instead.




If the price of the rusted sword is higher than the queen's stick, then you can use the queen stick.



A short stick of the graduation type, paying attention to the foundation is not necessarily the foundation. Its attributes are a high percentage of fire damage, high casting speed, high spells plus fire damage, and can also enchant fire damage or spell damage to the short stick, the temple is much more. So there is no need to chase the price of the rusted sword and the queen stick.




2. Helmet increase life and resistance


PAIN Reaver


3. Amulet: Its base is a coral amulet, an upgraded version of the prophecy of the hidden spirit, which is cheap and practical. After all, it is bought with 5c, plus a lot of fire damage and a little life resistance second back, note that we have been in a low blood state, so this 1% second back is always there. In the early stage, this amulet can rarely be used with a yellow amulet to add resistance and life attributes, as long as there is a percentage of fire damage. If the price is high in the early stage of this amulet, don't use it. Use yellow instead.




4. Ring: It is best to be an opal base, attribute selection increases the percentage of fire damage, life, magic recovery speed, resistance, etc.




5. Gloves, the base of silk gloves, add life resistance. In the later stage, you can change the Queen's Gloves, which comes with the Vaal pact to increase survival.




The temple will have the suffix of igniting the enemy with additional fire damage, such as the following, which can increase the damage.




6.Chest:  the 6L of the basics of the intelligence, because it is 6L, so it is good to wash color. It can wash the life shield and resistance, and the Rift Shroud can be used later.




The Passive Tree


Level 88 passive skill, go up first, go to the left to add blood, and finally go to the right.


xingtu 1


Level 100 talent, continue to upgrade to point to the jewelry slot, there are 3 jewelry slots available.




The order of ascendancy Elementalist  Paragon of Calamity - Pendulum of Destruction - Mastermind of Discord - liege of the Primordial






1. Prismatic Jewel:Its firm aura is not affected by the vulnerability. You can use the skill back to blue when you are clear, so you can save a lot of magical points to get some damage, but the price is very high. The physical flame on this jewel has no meaning and does not require this attribute.


<img src='https://dhost1.mmomiss.com/uploads/201808/CLT.jpg' alt='POE Elementalist Witch Build for Incursion Flashback'/>


2. Yellow jewels, I still have no holes to slot, if you are high level, you can find life, spell damage, spell speed similar to the affix.


Gems and Links


Chest of 6L: Incinerate - Fast Cast - Chance Ignite - Controlled Destruction - Sacrifice - Increased Area of Effect


Helmets of 4L: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify -- End


Gloves of 4L: Determination of 20 level - Herald Of Ash of 20 level - Clarity - Decoy 

Totem of 20 level


Weapon of 3L: Released on the injury of 2 level - Immortal Call of 4 level - Flammability of 6 level


Shield of 3L: Released on the injury of 20 - Summon Lightning Gole of 20 level - Summon Flame Golem of 20 level



Kill all for two point




1. You need to choose the divine life flask of 60, which allows the blood of low to instantly recover and dissolve the frozen. We need to unfreeze before we have not a Kaom's roots. We have been in a low blood state after molding. So your blood any time to drink this is an instant reply, don't wait until low blood and drink again. Glassblower's Bauble is full of quality.




2. Rumi’s concoction:it is the core equipment, It's best to use 20 attack blocks and 9 spell blocks. Glassblower's Bauble is full of quality.




3. Atziri's Promise, 15 elements turn chaos into the highest, physical ignore. Glassblower's Bauble is full of quality.




4.Sulphur Flask: Its effect is to remove the bleeding effect. Glassblower's Bauble is full of quality.




5.The wise oak: it highest is 15, ensure fire resistance is highest, Glassblower's Bauble is full of quality.




Maze enchanted


The helmet is to be filled, I have not enchanted it.


Gloves xx series


Boots recently defeated 16-speed or 10 penetrations




The soul of the sun


Conservatory Map + 8% reduction


T9 Tempel Map + Recent critical strike multiplier without injury


T13 Park + 50% immune element

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