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Which Build Top the Ranking In Incursion League?

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If you play the Path of Exile, you must want to be the best players in this game, so you need to choose a powerful and practical build to achieve your Number 1 dream, this is exactly what I want o to discuss in this article, I will analyze the build that top the ranking in Incursion.


Which Build Top the Ranking In Incursion League?


As we all know, the Incursion league has been started for more a month, and some of the players have already reached the top of this league, for example, CoolsPointyShiningWand, which would be the Top player in PoE 3.3 season, do you know what build he is using now and why would choose a Deadeye to rank first among thousands of players?


First, let's have a look on the full stats of CoolsPointyShiningWand's Deadeye build




Energy Shield


Evasion Rating











E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 3


What can you find from these stats? To be honest, I have no ideas about his basic data, so I would like to see what skills CoolsPointyShiningWand is using in this build:


1. Blink Arrow: 

Attack, Minion, Duration, Movement, Bow

Level 20 (Max)

Mana Cost 20

Cooldown Time 3.00 sec

Quality +23%

Requires Level 70, Dex

Fires an arrow at the target destin.. 

Base duration is 3.00 seconds


114% increased Minion Damage


57% increased Minion Maximum Life


34% increased Arrow Speed


Minions deal 75% more Damage


2. Vaal Clarity:

Aura, Vaal, Spell, AoE, Duration

Radius: 36

Souls Per Use: 30 (N) / 

Can Store 1 Use(s)

Soul Gain Prevention: 12.000 sec

Cast Time: 0.60 sec

Requires Level 10

Casts a temporary aura that lets you and your allies cast skills without paying their mana costs.

Per 1% Quality:

1% increased Area of Effect

Base duration is (8-9.9) seconds

Your and nearby allies' Skills Cost no Mana

+(0-19) to radius


3. Herald of Thunder:

Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Herald

Level 20 (Max)

Mana Reserved 25%

Cooldown Time 1.00 sec

Cast Time 1.00 sec

Effectiveness of Added Damage 120%

Quality +23%

Requires Level 70, Int

Channel lightning through your hand..  

Deals 27 to 1303 Lightning Damage


Cannot apply Shock


Base duration is 6.00 seconds


Adds 19 to 76 Lightning Damage to Attacks


17% increased Lightning Damage


Adds 19 to 76 Lightning Damage to Spells


4. Tornado Shot:

Attack, Bow

Level 20 (Max)

Mana Cost 10

Effectiveness of Added Damage 109%

Quality +20%

Requires Level 70, Dex

Fires a piercing shot that travels ..  

Deals 109% of Base Damage


20% increased Projectile Damage


Fires 3 secondary Projectiles


5. Herald of Ice:

Spell, AoE, Cold, Herald

Level 21 (Max)

Mana Reserved 25%

Cooldown Time 1.00 sec

Cast Time 1.00 sec

The effectiveness of Added Damage 80%

Quality +20%

Requires Level 72, Dex 100, Int

Channel ice through your hands, add..  

Deals 337 to 505 Cold Damage


Adds 40 to 61 Cold Damage to Attacks


Damage cannot be Reflected


Adds 40 to 61 Cold Damage to Spells


15% increased Cold Damage


6. Volatile Dead:

Spell, AoE, Fire

Level 19

Mana Cost 30

Cast Time 0.80 sec

Critical Strike Chance 5.00%

Effectiveness of Added Damage 120%

Requires Level 68, Dex 95, Int

Corpses near the targeted location ..  

Deals 487 to 730 Fire Damage


Destroys up to 3 Corpses


Explosion deals base Fire Damage equal to 3% of the corpse's maximum Life


7. Frost Blades: 

Projectile, Attack, Melee, Cold

Level 18

Mana Cost 6

Effectiveness of Added Damage 137%

Quality +20%

Requires Level 64, Dex

Attack an enemy with increased rang.. 

60% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage


Deals 137.4% of Base Damage


Fires 7 additional Projectiles


20% increased Projectile Damage


17% increased Projectile Speed


+21 to Melee Weapon Range


Skill 1


Most of Deadeye players would like to choose some of these skills to create their build, but CoolsPointyShiningWand use all of them, is this the secret he rank number 1 in Incursion league? I don't think so, we need to have a look at his passive skill tree: https://bit.ly/2NEDGKt


Tree 1


Then we should check the strength and weakness of his build: 



+ Nice clearspeed 

+ The sound of shatter 

+ High Quantity Gear

+ Beginners Friendly

+ Shaper Viable 

+ Insane Movespeed! 

+ Full Elemental damage



- Can be VERY expensive 

- Vaal Pact means No regen

- Cannot do Elemental Reflect Maps

- Low Energy Shield

- Low Life

- Have not tested Hardcore.


Now you can make a judgment that whether you need this build, and what do you feel with its cons and pros, whether you can accept the weakness and is the Strength good for you? 


Next, we should have some impression on his Gears/Flasks/Jewels, can you get these in the game? And do you have enough PoE currency to obtain these with your hard working? If you need some help on Path of Exile Currency/Items/Orbs, you can ask PoecurrencyBuy for help, we are professional PoE Service supplier after all. 


Gear 1


Finally, if you want to find more Path of Exile 3.3 builds, you can check this page: https://www.poecurrencybuy.com/poe-3-3-builds, where you can find some starter builds for your Incursion trip if you are new to this league. OK, that's all, have a good day, my friends. 

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