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POE3.0 Build Very Budget 854K DMG For All Class

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1. Build Pros | 2. Build  Cons | 3. Build FAQ | 4. Current Essentials
5. Dont hit Ele Reflect and no leech maps | 6. SSF And Extra

POE3.0 Build Very Budget 854K DMG For All Class lose +1 power charge from bandit reward try look +1 power charge corruption on the bow , not essential but its nice to have it.Or Instead Of Power Charge if you manage find "Culling Strike" you can always turn into Alternative Version if Assasin Bothers you.

1. Build Pros
- Insane barrage damage and %70 shock chance with split arrow , you never run out shock
- Cheaper than almost any build
- A lot of options exist you dont need assasin , check second post
- Life leech is very good
- Has huge crit even on non-crit Ele.Overload alternatives you still have %10 crit base
- Not depends on flasks you can play without them all of them for survivability improvement
- This build series doesnt based on point blank that means you are safe shoot whenever you want distance doesnt matter (Except tanky alternatives)
- You dont need a certain body armour anything is ok
- Only a few items are essential , even market goes insane you most likely be safe
- Not based on ignite or poison mechanic pure lightning damage
- Lightning flat damage is very easy to buy and craft they are very common and cheap
- Lighting penetration overkill
- Except skill tree and essentials anything is customizeable

2. Build  Cons
- Being bow build , that means you need extra effort to get fortify check "SSF And Extra"
- You need 2 6L item and you cant wear kaoms heart
- Levelling could be hard if you are not familiar with fastlevel
- Needs some certain skill to play or practice blink arrow very often
- Every league start voideye gonna be expensive since its league only item , you need to wait at lest 2 weeks to buy for a fair price
- Cant do Reflect , even with new pantheon system if you barrage a reflect map you are dead or no leech
- Limited jewel sockets
- There are no video about gameplay for now im using potato backup pc , if anyone sends it im gonna update or when my computer comes back from service


3. Build FAQ

Hc or SSF Viable ?
> SSf YES HC most likely NO , Juggernaut or Champion alternative maybe can im not sure.

Why tempest bow ?
> i heard this a lot its cheap has massive as and has %100 inc light dmg this is stack with basicly everything. This is the only bow works with that gear and aura.With This skill tree and RotC you loss 114K Dps , with voltaxic 330K less dps no they wont become better. (Tested RotC is 3.0 Perfect rolls same as voltoxic)

Arent you say its budget ?
> its budget , only exalt worthy items are vinktar and choir of the storm.Voideye ring usualy expensive at first week of new leagues but they become less than 10c after people turning on div cards.

Why Assasin ?
> I create alternative editions of this build , if you dont like assasin pick one just look at the detailed table and decide with your own priority (second post)

Why req 2 6L ?
> First one is barrage its for single target , second is split arrow is for farming it also works as Innervate bonus (except Elementalist) try to hit with split arrow as much as possible

4. Current Essentials
- 1 Tempest Bow With 50% Attack Speed Or Storm Cloud (Later Upgrade With Prophecy)
- 1 Voideye Ring
- 1 %10 Light Pen. Vinktar
- 1 Wise Oak
- 1 6 Link Armour (On Endgame You must also 6L The Tempest for max efficiency)
- 1 Opal Ring
- 1 Basalt Flasks
- One static electricty next to vaal pact
- Other Else is rare gears , i pick perfect ones you can see on the next pictures


POE3.0 Build Very Budget 854K DMG For All Class

Look Elemental Dmg with attacks , Life and evasion armour on gear , then full the resists.
Stats used are more than average T1 rolls. With perfect gear and fully buffed you get 2.4M-2.5

5. Dont hit Ele Reflect and no leech maps
+ Without Flasks Light Pen is %50 With (20 lvl Light Pen) With Flasks %70-75.
+ Now Has stun immunity
+ Now has Immunity to life leech
+ And more tanky than ever
+ More Life & More Crit Multi
+ Druid Rite Added Now Flask %40 Charge & %20 Duration Total. (NEW 3.0)
+ Less Reserve mana , old one was little bit hard to sustain with barrage
+ Iron Reflexes
+ Vaal Light trap So you shock atziri
+ Assasin's Free Culling Strike on crit
+ Auto Golem summon & bloodrage , you also get frenzy charges.
- Other than static ele. jewels removed from path of builder for more clean dps
- ice golem , vaal haste & bloodrage dmg not added
- 1 Power Charge path removed for better things

6. SSF And Extra
Use those "Advancing Fortress" and "Jaws Of Agony" as secondary weapon , this will greatly increase your power charge generation without risk and gives you fortify source.Fast swapping could be difficult.You need little practice to use effective.Also you can use use smoke mine as well its very effective agaisnt bosses and gives massive movement speed bonus.

Divination cards you should looking for listed here Except "Thunderous skies" all are voideye source.Thunderous skies is for finding Storm cloud on SSF , without SSF you can use as Max attack speed roll storm cloud source they are very common.You dont need those after voideye becomes cheaper than 10 chaos.For Choir of the storm i higly suggest buy voice of the storm and blessing most of cases this way you get cheaper or farm yourself.

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