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Top 5 Arc Traps Saboteur Builds for PoE 3.3

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Saboteur would be one of the most popular Ascendancy Class in Path of Exile 3.3 Incursion league, thousands of players are looking for a suitable build for Saboteur. In this article, PoecurrencyBuy will list 5 best Arc Traps builds, there builds are the most popular in PoE community. Moreover, you can Buy Poe Currency from us, so that you can finish your Saboteur build as soon as possible.


Top 5 Arc Traps Saboteur Builds for PoE 3.3


1. [PoE 3.3] ARC/SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build (2-3 MILLION DPS)

2. [PoE 3.3] Arc (Or Any Spell) Trapper – Uber-Lab-CARRY/Runner @ Lvl 75 (Bladefall also Showcased)

3. [PoE 3.3] Saboteur Arc/Lightning Spire Trapper - Low Budget Starter Build Guide


4. [PoE 3.3] Noodle's Arc Trap + Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur (Budget 2.2M+ Shaper DPS)

5. [3.3] Stored Lightning Bolt Trapper Build


1. [PoE 3.3] ARC/SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build (2-3 MILLION DPS)


So, since many people could be playing TRAPS and ARC in Incursion, I suppose you're ready to share the build which i produced and performed in Harbinger. Yes, I performed Arc Trapper in Harbinger. Lengthy before it grew to become the "meta" in Incursion.


How does it work, in general?

1) Trap Support doesn't have cooldown now in 3.3 and you may throw 15 Traps rather of three (within the finish-game you could have around 23 traps at any given time on the floor). This Can Be A BUFF, now it is all about your Tossing Speed + cooldown for extended 8 seconds Traps.


2) Arc is really a lightning, chaining spell using the greatest quantity of chains hanging around. Chain means it'll "zap" between opponents. In 3.3 Arc does 15% MORE damage per remaining chain. If 1 enemy is on the watch's screen it will likely be 105% more damage, that is Double the amount of damage. Therefore it is now good against just one target.


We'll use Arc Trap inside a shaper 5L mitts for clearing maps and eight second fat Lightning Spire Trap inside a 6L for bosses.


3) Play, throw traps, don't encounter packs or else you will die. For the similar reason, I haven't got a dagger along with a shield here. Despite Acrobatics, this really is still a fairly low HP build. Going ES route is really same, perhaps a little better.


Don't stand near bosses or else you will die.



+great map clear speed

+serious firepower with very low investment

+end-game viable (need very good reflexes for end-game though!)

+massive life regen (up to 20% per second and even more with Tinkerskin)



-Squishy as low Life pool (hard to go over 5k)

-Pretty slow with a wand and Flame Dash

-sketchy for HC


For Ascendancy: Pyromaniac, Perfect Crime, Chain Reaction, Explosive Expert (SC), or Born in the Shadows (HC)

Bandits: Alira or Kill All. (i always choose Alira)




1) What about MoM ?

MoM is great, but not required. Mostly usable with Eldritch Battery and a decent amount of ES. 


2) Why is Arc in 5L And Spire in 6L?

Since Trap limit was elevated from fundamental 3 to fifteen, it's much simpler to complete damage with arc now, as well as for Spire it is simply 3 charges, so that they Had Better Be STRONK :)


3) And what about Eldritch Battery?

It's really useful in pair with Tinkerskin. You can use it to reserve mana and spam traps infinitely. Not so easy to reach though, and without Tinkerskin it's pretty pointless. 


Path of building: https://pastebin.com/32HMUKrk


Check full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2151195



2. [PoE 3.3] Arc (Or Any Spell) Trapper – Uber-Lab-CARRY/Runner @ Lvl 75 (Bladefall also Showcased)

The goal of this build is to help you probably the most Currency through Transporting and Running through Lazaro's Uber Lab before you hit lvl 75, on a tight budget of just one.5Ex - 2Ex at the start of the League(You can buy exalted orbs from our websites now). You read that right… You *Should* have the ability to do Uber Lab Carries like a service at level 75 consistently and securely. My first Uber lab was completed my try, at level 73. And Izaro Never Hit me… Not once… With Gargoyles and Charge Disrupter’s Active. Further, I’m still running it on the 5-Link Queen from the Forest.




+ A Trapper without ANY MANA ISSUES to cast any of your spells.

+ Only one Required Unique which is Really Affordable: Slavedriver’s Hand – Ambush Mits, And one Highly recommended Unique Queen of the Forest to Run Fast.

+ Budget Uber Lab Runner/Uber Lab Carry Build @ Lvl 75

+ Nerf-Proof - When Arc is Nerfed, You do not need to respec Passives to Change Spells

+Insane Clear Speed and Map Running



- Usually Elemental is the best damage type/conversion. This can make reflect tough to deal with. Reflect maps need swaps/consideration, may be really challenging.

- Unsure of the Shaper/Elder/Late game potential at this point.

- Bleeding is a real thing to worry about.

- Strength needs to have gearing for or be had in the passive tree (yuck)

- Solo Self Found  



Simply take Saboteur and steer clear of the Mine specific nodes… they'll do nothing at all for you personally. Another nodes rely on your requirements. Regardless of what get “Born within the Shadows” and “Pyromaniac” as the first couple of. Then Most likely “Perfect Crime” Adopted by the selection of “Explosive Expert” or “Chain Reaction” 

Trust me… It will feel good to Beat your first Uber Izaro before you even hit lvl 75.


Passive Tree at ~65 *IMPORTANT* Don't Take Mind over Matter before you may take might Eldrich Batter simultaneously and also have some ES gearing for this. This will be relevant. There isn’t any need to hurry this switch before you feel you'll need the additional damage from another herald, or you will find the gear.


Final Thoughts:

Use Global 820 to obtain your trials done. It requires me to pay 6c to tip, and that I did all 6 of my trials (solved already) after my first Zana Mission within the Epilogue, i then ran Uber.

Go to offer your trials in Global 820 propose others which were inside your position too!


You now are good to go carry the folks through a lab that haven’t had the ability to pull through by level 85  You can make sure they feel Nervous regarding their Speed by Saying “Follow Me” And running just like a Cheetah… Or you might enable them to with traps if they’re newbies


Passive Tree at level 75: https://goo.gl/JdJaQ5


Read the full build details: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2161467



3. [PoE 3.3] Saboteur Arc/Lightning Spire Trapper - Low Budget Starter Build Guide


Hello, I am Durnz which is the build which I produced in Incursion League. This build is extremely cheap and may do all maps using the cheap gear. I wiped out all finish game bosses hanging around with this low-quality gear. The build is extremely strong and economical since you do not need a 6 link body armour.



+ Very cheap

+ Good map clear

+ Tanky (Evasion/Dodge/Block/MoM/Blind/High regen from Sab nodes + Tinkerskin armour)

+ Immune to Ignite and Shock

+ Can do most of the map mods (the only exception is No Life Regen mod. It's hard but still possible to be done.)



- Using Flame Dash is not the best movement skill.

- Some endgame items can be very expensive cause Arc is so hyped


Ascendancy Points: Perfect Crime > Chain Reaction > Pyromaniac > Born in the Shadows



Helmet: Arc Chains an additional time

Boots: Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently or Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently or 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently 


Bandits: Kill all.



Major God: Soul of Lunaris.

Minor God: you can use anything you like most. I personally like to use Soul of Ryslatha. The immunity to poison from Soul of Shakari is very good too.




The leveling of this build is very simple.

You can use Explosive Traps from the start till you kill Merveil where you can get Arc + Trap support + Multiple Traps.

In the act 2 you can get Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice if you're comfortable with 50% of mana reservation. For the fourth link of Arc Trap, you can use Added Lightning Damage.

At level 28 you can get Lightning Spire Trap linked to Added Lightning Damage, Trap and Mine Damage and Controlled Destruction (Auto 2). 


After that just go through the acts and get the other gems showed in the Gems Links section.


Full Tree: https://goo.gl/mTW842


Example build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2157161



4. [PoE 3.3] Noodle's Arc Trap + Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur (Budget 2.2M+ Shaper DPS)


Arc Traps is definitely an insane method to both obvious rooms and kill bosses. If you wish to complete an Incursion with 20 seconds left to operate around, here's your build. Even on the 4 link, this build booms. While trap mechanics might be challenging for many (hint: stop encountering the centre of those) the build is super rewarding, fun, and scales insanely well from leveling to finish the sport.


Basic gameplay: Throw lower your orb of storms, along with billion traps. Repeat all over again. Watch packs and bosses alike melt before you decide to. Use lightning spire to have an added single target.



+ Great clear speed

+ Insane boss killing

+ Low-Cost gear

+ Watching Arc clear a pack is Kreygasm



- Shadow has a hard time getting a life

- High mana cost

- Everyone is doing Arc something



1. Perfect Crime

2. Chain Reaction

3. Pyromaniac

4. Born in the Shadows

I am in Softcore, so in Hardcore, you may want to take Pyromaniac first, for the life regen, then Perfect Crime->Chain Reaction->Born in the Shadows.



Take Alira for them sweet Crit multis and mana regen. Mana sustain can be tough as a trapper, especially when we are throwing up to 23 traps at a time.



Abyss jewels, especially Hypnotic Eye Jewels, are ideal. We want things with:

1. Flat life / % increased life

2. Flat lightning damage to spells

3. Flat elemental damage to spells

4. % increased lightning damage

5. % increased critical multiplier for lightning/spells

6. % increased spell damage

7. Mana regen/mana cost reduction


Level 90 tree: www.poeurl.com/bXPB


Check full build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2156300



5. [3.3] Stored Lightning Bolt Trapper Build


Next league this, or something like that enjoys it, is probably likely to be among the meta builds using the Trap buffs. May as well get accustomed to the playstyle. Knowing what you are doing, it really works fabulously even today, but it'll be truly monstrous next league...



Can run any map mod.

Acrobatics + Blind + Arrow Dancing.

Spell Block + Dodge (effective 46.8% total for spells).

Temporal Chains + Aspect of the Spider (Hinder).

Freeze and shatter while clearing (no porcupine issues).

Clears fast, can use Brightbeak.

Vaporizes bosses, doesn't kite them for hours.

Unique playstyle.

Fairly safe if you play smart.

Scales well with currency spent.

Cheap to start.



DON'T ENCHANT YOUR GLOVES! Some of those enchants can crit. This will hurt you. Badly.

No good movement skill for bosses. Lightning Warp takes getting used to. Sorry.

No Leech, or Vaal Pact. Sorry.

Not cheap for late end-game. Not sorry.

No more than 6K life pool, so if you try to tank risky things you might die. Don't tank things as a Trapper, dummy. Not sorry.



One shot with Lighting Trap for clear.

One shot with Ball Lightning Trap for bosses.



Help Alira



Major: Soul of the Brine King / Soul of Solaris

Minor: Soul of Ryslatha 



Normal Lab: Perfect Crime

Cruel Lab: Chain Reaction

Merc Lab: Born in the Shadows

Uber Lab: Pyromaniac


Enchantments / Vaal:

Helmet: Reduced Ball Lightning Projectile Speed if Ball Lightning, Addition Geyser if Cremation, Additional Corpse Use if Volatile Dead (and most likely apply it to head gear for the reason that situation), Additional Chains if Magma Orb.

Boots: 120% Crit, Flat Lightning, or Ele Pen. Which is best depends on gear.


PoB for MoM Explosive Trap - https://pastebin.com/ZRmCRLuM


Find the full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2129715


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