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Top-Best Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Shadow

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Poe Shadow is a hybrid class aligned with two of the primary attributes: Dexterity and Intelligence.He prefers to use fast-hitting weapons such as daggers or claws to dart in and out of battle while laying Traps or Remote Mines and controlling the flow of combat. He makes medical use of offensive spells while dodging attacks, always outmaneuvering his opponents.The Shadow is one of the more difficult classes to play due to his fragility, but more than makes up for it if handled with skill. His hit-and-run style of combat makes the most of his natural Evasion and Energy Shield and rewards strategic coordination of attacks, spells, and Traps. In this Guides PoecurrencyBuy will share Path of exile 3.1 Shadow Builds with Essence Drain, Scorching Ray, Spirit Burst, Volatile Dead / Detonate Dead, Caustic Arrow, Cast on Crit, Kinetic Blast Mines, Traps, Magma orb Mines for you


Top-Best Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Shadow

NO.1 [Poe 3.1 - Spellcaster - Essence Drain] SC/HC Essence Drain Progression - Currently MoM ED/Blight/Contagion

This build was affected by the changes in 3.1. We will lose some mana due to the Mind over Matter changes, which will affect our survivability. The result should be around 150-200 lower effective health, but considering a well-geared character had around 9k, this is not a big deal. Our boss damage will also be slightly smaller, now that Wither only provides 90% increased damage taken instead of 140%. This Build results in us being able to drop a support gem from the Wither totem setup, and the new curse should be able to compensate for the changes as well. The build is still stable and able to do all content, but it might require a bit more finesse against the guardians and Shaper since the kills will now take a few more seconds.

This Build focused on going MoM before transitioning to LL - Where the LL part included for the adventurous players. This makes Trickster pretty much the only choice. The occultist is also an active contender, but occultists focus much more on energy shield and are better suited for hybrid life/ES than MoM. If that is your jam, I am sure the witch forums can help you out. Occultist remains the ED choice with technically best boss DPS as well if that is what you want to achieve.

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NO.2 [Poe 3.1 - Spellcaster - Scorching Ray] TRICKSTER Scorching Ray + Righteous Fire MoM Boss farmer 1.8 mil trash DPS

This build made starter build in 3.0, and it worked out so well I decided to level it to 100. Which was pretty comfortable with Beachhead maps.
Anyway, if you're looking for a build that quickly and reliably farm Shaper, guardians, uber Izaro, etc., this is the build for you. Mapping speed is pretty good too, although it isn't as fast as your wander or flicker striker or similar map clearing build.

+ Very tanky
+ Melts all bosses in the game
+ quick boss farmer due to using shield charge + having
+ 600k RF DPS on trash / 280k on Shaper
+ 1.2 MIL Scorching Ray DPS on trash / 590k on Shaper
+ 9-9.5K EHP (7.5-8k HP + 1.5k mana)
+ Immune to all reflect
+ Can do all map mods (on lower regen or -max, you just run maps without RF on)

- Hard to min-max life and mana regen without decent gear
- NOT a budget build
- Can't think of any other TBH

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NO.3 [Poe 3.1 - Spellcaster - Spirit Burst] Death's Oath Spirit Burst Trickster Clearspeed Build

Lightpoacher is the obvious unique to use for the explicit speed meta in 3.1, and Lightpoacher's potential expands far past just EK nova: there's room for improvement. EK nova's evident speed suffers even if only slightly because of it being self-cast. Death's Aura traverses this disadvantage by being an apparent fast speed build on its while also having little to no need to stop moving while mapping.

+ Top tier clear speed
+ A massive aura that can deal up to 60k DPS to anyone who steps into it that takes up half the screen
+ Flexibility in gear choice for things like magic find
+ High life regeneration
+ Buffed up despair and temporal chains curses that cover most of the screen
+ What you use as a single target skill can be flexible
+ No six link is used anywhere in the build, so it has a relatively lower ceiling to max out the character currency wise, and starting out is relatively cheap (under 10c)

- Boss killing damage/potential is only average
- Very very socket heavy: both the chest and helmet slots are used up to make this work, leaving little room for everything else. This Build is by far the most confusing and biggest challenge the build has to overcome, so not recommended for a first-time build or beginners.
- Can't run Hexproof or zero life regeneration maps. Physical reflect from Spirit Burst can be a problem, but there's a workaround that will be explained later in the guide.
- A 5 off-color Death's Oath is needed and will typically run up a cost of 1000-1500 jewelers using the vorici jeweler method. Death's Oath isn't worth using until you have 3 off colors and 4 sockets total, so a vorici 4 is needed to start off and a vorici 6 to complete it, -Spirit Burst from Lightpoacher is the only eye candy provided while mapping, Death's Aura is invisible, so Spirit Burst is the only skill you'll be seeing most of the time.

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NO.4 [Poe 3.1 - Spellcaster - Volatile Dead / Detonate Dead] MoM Detonate/Volatile Dead Trickster! (Great league starter!)

For those who followed this build from the beginning, this build has been overhauled. But dont worry! The transition is very easy and wont cost you $$$ except for a few Chromatics
See changes below!

I see most are going for Inquisitor. While Inquisitor probably gives you abit more DPS from Inevitable Judgement, Trickster gives you better defense (evasion, mana regen), power and frenzy charge generation and more speed overall. If you really want to, i guess you could use this exact tree and go for Inquisitor or Elementalist if you wish

+ Defensive (MoM, Evasion, Leech)
+ High Damage
+ Fast
+ Frenzy and Power charge on kill
+ Cheap, no mandatory uniques (altough a few recommended)
+ Great mana and life sustain
+ Generates Power Charges reliably on bosses
+ Very active playstyle
+ Cost effective
+ LOTS of explosions!

- Mana hungry build (No problem for Tricksters though!)
- Not immortal. Heavy physical hits and DoTs can kill you if they get past your defenses.
- Not reflect immune
- Relies on corpses to deal damage
- Active playstyle. Not your typical 1 button build

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NO.5 [Poe 3.1 - Ranged - Caustic Arrow] Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow (CA) Destroy Shaper and Elder Maps
This build focuses on damage over time mechanics in the game while also having AMAZING ES regen start time/speed
If you enjoy being able to rush into massive packs and kill them all without trying and not ever coming close to death then this is the build for you. This build farms Uber lab and all map tiers, no doubt in my mind that it would also farm shaper. So im going to say now this build can clear all content but not without a decent wallet. There is also a budget version below as well.

+ Not that expensive to get going
+ Super relaxed play style
+ High content with low gear

- Boring without MTX
- Slower playstyle
- To min max will cost you a lot of currency
- Crafting the god bow is tons of RNG

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NO.6 [Poe 3.1 - Other - Cast on Crit] Fire Nova Mine - Perfect League Starter - Low Budget - FAST - HC Viable

Usually Mine builds don't have the best reputation, many people tell you they are too clunky and therefore not fun at all.
By going Saboteur we get some damage and tons of utility which removes the clunkyness and makes Mine Builds feel super smooth.
Fire Nova Mines is the most enjoyable build I've played so far. The combination of fast clearspeed, very cheap equipment and the possibility to run every single Map Mod without a problem makes this build the perfect first Character for a new league. You can get rich early on to farm up for your 2nd, more expensive, character.

Nerfhammer successfully dodged, maybe we are lucky and even get a slight buff? Let's wait for the full patch notes.

Patch Notes have arrived:
Absolutely no changes to FNM. Everything stays exactly the same - so we can officially call this guide a 3.1 guide now (was hoping for a little saboteur buff, but that might come with later patches).
As far as I've seen, the new support gems don't help us either.
FNM seems to be really good for the Abyss League mechanic since you can place your mines along the floor cracks even before you've seen any mobs, once they pop out you can easily destroy them, just like strong boxes, breaches etc. Pretty good, gonna play FNM myself this league and keep you updated with my current gear.

Abyss jewels , good mods are: Maxmimum Life, Fire /Cold/Lightning Damage to spells, Fire/Cold/Lightning damage to spells while holding a shield, Resistances and if you go crit then global crit multiplier and global crit chance .
Phys and chaos damage to spells isn't that good because they don't get scaled up by the %elemental damage we skill in the tree and from our gear.

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NO.7 [Poe 3.1 - Other - Kinetic Blast Mines] 3.1 Kinetic Blast Mines MoM Saboteur (Viable for 100 in HC)

Why no Belly?
Costs ~550 chaos 6linked with proper colors for ~300 life and poor resists. Not worth for me.

Guardian/Shaper viable?
Maybe Mino/Chimera.

Can I get more damage?
Thunderfists, Lioneye's chest piece. If SC, drop scion life + travel nodes for wand wheel/power charge(s).

Probably works well with an aurabot

Pathfinder? Inquisitor?
Might look better on the tooltip/in PoB but is going to be horrible to play without Demo & Bomb specialist nodes.

Plugged in to PoB, a blue prophecy wand with tier 3 lightning and crafted %crit is better than Piscators (on both a 5 and 6-link).

Why pierce gem and not nodes?
I just like it personally. You can use another damage gem and get the pierce nodes on the tree instead (drop some jewels or small damage nodes) but I found the damage wasn't really an issue.

+ Great clear speed (KB pierce)
+ Safe (~9k EHP at level 96, shatters, solid avoidance, offscreen clear)
+ Can do any map mod
+ Good in groups / with aurabots

- Single target requires some setup with AoE overlap
- Can be expensive
- Bottlenecked by movement speed



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NO.8 [Poe 3.1 - Other - Magma orb Mines] Vieira's MoM Magma Orb Miner Saboteur (Insane clear area / Guardians, Shaper and Uber viable)

On 3.1 the only thing that changed for that build was the MoM nerf. Since we use it just as an aditional defense, the nerf barelly change anything.
You can now get "place an aditional mine" in shaped itens. If this is not local (and doesn't seems to be) This is a huge buff. Instead of 3 mines at once you can place 4. It's a 33% damage boost.

+ You can do literally any map mod.
+ Really insane clear speed.
+ Gigantic aoe.
+ Viable with really cheap equipment.
+ Insane DPS on bosses.
+ Can do guardians/uber/shaper.
+ Can do hall of grandmasters.
+ PvP viable (trust me, they won't see it coming)
+ + You are not a berserker as everybody else.
It's beautiful.

- It's a little flask dependable.
- You have to press a lot of buttons.
- Guardians on HC will probably be a problem.

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NO.9 [Poe 3.1 - Other - Traps] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! - Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build

A new mod via the Shaper items has been introduced for gloves, namely causing a rare item to give Trap Support to a skill as well as Trap Damage. There is also Increased Trap Damage Support + Trap Damage, both very fancy to own. With the first, one can skip out on Deerstalker while with the latter Ice Trap would also be turned into a 5-link.
Well, the Mana nodes behind Mind over Matter got nerfed. Quite a whiplash, but skilling a big Mana node instead of two small life nodes should even this back out.
Past that, no buffs to traps or the Saboteur, essentially keeping it all the same.
Maybe a unique or two will be handy, though I keep my expectations low.

+ Can run pretty much any Map mod (Although no Life and Mana reg can be a major pain)
+ 'Mandatory' gear is cheap
+ Fast screen-clearing
+ Can get a decently high life and ES pool (5k+ life and 2.5k-3.5k ES(Depending on your gear)
+ Atziri, Izaro and High Tier Maps ain't no problem!
+ Can deal with every Guardian! (See Video's for each below)
+ Shaper viable! (See Video below)
+ Loads of fun to play!
+ Everyone loves a Shocker!

- Viable for HC, but can be a pain early on, as this build tends to be pretty squishy in its early stages.
- Mana heavy without Mind over Matter, meaning you need a Mana Flask if you don't skill it.
- The high amount of giant Shock Novas and Ice Traps can get on ones eyes quickly
- Your fingers can get stiff from constantly smashing the keyboard

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