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Top-Rate Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Ranger

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The Path Of Exile Ranger is Path of Exile's pure dexterity class, which befits her slim and graceful appearance. She is agile and rapidly, darting in and out of combat to deliver vicious vital strikes that frequently fell her enemies inside a single blow. Within this Report, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share you the Top-Rate Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Ranger 


Top-Rate Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Ranger

NO.1 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Ben's Breach Melter [All Guardians Deathless & Uber Atziri!]

After a lot of testing, This Build has finally decided that yes indeed "fire pen" is better than "added fire."
It seems that the flat-out DPS is relatively the same.
However, the one benefit we get from fire pen that added fire cannot ever give us is that fire pen helps with EE maps, fire res maps, and fire res specific mobs.

Say you have no penetration and are hitting a mob with 70 reses. The MOB is taking 30% of the damage. Say you then have 30% penetration against the same 70-res mob. That MOB is now efficiently having 40 reses, so is taking 60% of the damage. In this case, 30% pen doubled your actual damage dealt (from 30% of the listed cost to 60%).
Now, look at the same situation against a 0-res monster. With no penetration, you're dealing 100% damage. With 30% penetration, you're dealing 130% damage - only a 30% increase compared to the doubling in the previous example.

- We don't want to run rip map mods so that we don't get one shot with 6k life
- When you lose frenzy charges, and you are wearing Dark Ray, you become potato slow

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NO.2 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Queenliness Wanderfinder - Shaper Down in Abyss Day 7/8

This Build can have a pretty good budget versions, especially with the Elemental wand and Elemental bow. Wand version would love that essence only crit gloves. I think people would much appreciate a league-oriented budget version of it (5l, no Vessel of Vinktar, cheap wand, no rats, malis, etc.).
It could take 100, but you would have to invest in different mana reservation setup, like grace + curse(s) for example. 5k life with this structure won't cut it, and character will die eventually from many reasons in maps [volatile blood, DD].
This Build has the perfect Synergy of Defense, Offense and Movement Speed, Using Queen of the Forest as the Core Item.

+ Fast
+ Reliable
+ Everything Viable
+ Reflect Safe (without Vinktar! But with Jade and Stibnite *duh!)
+ Well Balanced if not ideally regarding DPS/Def/Speed
+ Good League Starter (requires basic knowledge of generating currency fast)
+ Level 100 Viable
+ HC Viable

- Weak Single Target until you get the Key Item's
- Essential Items are expensive (Dying Sun, 6l Queen of the Forest)
- You need Dying sun and 6 Link as early as Possible
- Expensive towards the Endgame since you want T1 Life on every Item possible (+1 Barrage Enchant)
- Sometimes too fast
- Chromatic-Hungry ( Use the Jeweler Method for Coloring)
- Not Idiot/ Noob Proof

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NO.3 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Ultimate EleBuzzsaw (Easily Clear All Content U-Lab/U-Atziri/Shaper etc.)

Looking for "Top Tier" in a build have many requirements that must be Use this build. If you want a build that can clear ALL content (maps/shaper/lab/Atziri + Uber etc.). It must be FUN and ENGAGING, not cost an extraordinary amount of currency, and can be a league starter with the ability to do all content later on as you upgrade and invest in your character. On top of this, it must have fast movement or move skills and not have to worry about any weird issues that ruin builds for me (such as running out of mana, dying in one hit, not lacking in single target capability, etc.)

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Spectral Throw MTX (buzzsaw or reaver) both look amazing! (Hope to get Lunaris boss from act 8 MTX at some point!!)
+ Breakneck pace build
+ Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
+ One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down
+ Amazing Single Target capabilities as well
+ Vaal Haste + Vaal Haste take it yet another step further
+ Free frenzy charge generation via ascendancy class
+ Vaal pact + insane damage gives ridiculous amounts of leech
+ Can do almost all map mods (avoid no leech, Elemental reflect)
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber Atziri, all labs, shaper, and guardians)
+ Phasing on your character makes him look badass
+ Nice defensive capabilities
+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more Poe currency

- Ele Reflect maps are NOT plausible
- Can not leech maps are NOT possible
- Can be moderately expensive to fully min/max for endgame gear
- All leech is Elemental dmg, so any physical leech from tree/jewels/gear does not work

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NO.4 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Ashland/Lioneye 7 Link Raider - 3.1 - All Guardians & Shaper Down in Abyss

This Build is a Hybrid Elemental conversion / Crit build meaning we have around ~60% crit. Some builds skip crit altogether, others go full crit. This build mainly picks the best Ele Dmg, Crit and Life nodes creating a hybrid.
This build has excellent map clear with TS and colossal barrage DPS with seven link - amazing at killing bosses. You can shoot all the content in PoE very, very fast without spending a lot. This build has around ~ 5k hp and relies on manual skills when dodging boss one-shots. Having ~50% attack dodge chance and 40% for spell dodge chance helps plenty (75% with Vaal grace).

+ No legacy Gear
+ No Abyssus
+ No weapon swap
+ No Mirrored items
+ 5,4 mil DPS
+ Clears all content

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NO.5 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Zerphi EA Pathfinder - Instant Heal / Magic Find / HoGM / PvP

In this Build, you can see an overview of the Zerphi Explosive Arrow build that I'm currently playing and enjoying. It's an excellent build. The core mechanic of the build is the interaction of Blood Rage, Mind over Matters, Blood Magic and Zerphi's Last Breath. When Blood Rage is active, your mana will slowly decrease. This Build enables you to use Zerphi's Last Breath. Zerphi heals you for 800% of mana costs/attack. You can attack over seven times/second which will result in massive healing. Blood Magic within your links allows you to spam Explosive Arrow and also increases the mana (life) costs of Explosive Arrow which benefits the healing.
This build is an excellent Hall of Grandmasters farmer, and one of the current top-tier PvP builds.
This build is NOT an all-around mapper. It's NOT a beginner friendly build either. You can complete Atlas with it up to T16, but you will struggle to kill bosses that you can't get next to a wall/object. That's because of the terrible single target DPS of Explosive Arrow. If you can manage to get the boss next to a wall, shoot the wall and the AoE of Explosive Arrow will kill it quite fast though.

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NO.6 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Frozen Lava - Frost Blades & Molten Strike Raider

With the nerf to Vaal Pact in 3.1, this build required a full change. Here it is. It now dual wields claws and uses a multi-purpose link.

+ Good clear speed
+ Good single target
+ Fast, nice QoL
+ High defenses

- Relying on dodge, which is RNG
- Not HC viable
- Not the best league starter

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NO.7 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Elemental spectral throw pathfinder, good endgame and maps farmer

Cause with slower projectiles; projectiles won't travel too significant distance, so, they always will deal ~50% more damage. But yes, on GMP sometimes cost will be lower with PB, than without, but... This build has a lot of damage, so, even with 50% less damage, trash on t16 will die almost instantly. But a difference in single target damage on slower projectiles with point blank and without is vast. You can test this by yourself :)

+ Good Area of effect explicit and sole target damage
+ Fun to play
+ Can clear all content
+ 6k+ life for right side of the tree
+ Good league starter

- Bad build for SSFHCBTW
- Looks terrible without MTX

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NO.8 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] Sidefx Frost Blades - FAST MAPPER, Can boss! Who needs Vaal Pact?

Added New PoB w/ updated tree/gems, added a "3.1 so Far" section, Uploaded my current gear and some explanations on Gear I have tested. Updated the Gem link section!! Also, upload the new Skilltree. Any questions, please ask. More updates in the future as we progress.

+ Perma freeze most mobs - ESP BOSSES in 3.1 **
+ High DPS
+ Super fast map clear
+ good Life Leech w/ out Old Vaal pact

- Can be expensive, esp to min max
- glass cannon, You need to learn to position 100% hit move hit move, etc.
- can run into problems with the single target (bosses)

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NO.9 [Poe 3.1 Ranger Build] TheAmigoShotz! -Life-based Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed + Deathless Shaper!

If you are one of the lucky guys in possession of a Windripper, this might be the build for you.
TheAmigoShotz is capable of clearing end game maps, Atziri + Shaper, the endgame labyrinth and most map mods. The build also has two options, a Raider version and a Pathfinder version (not that in-depth).

This Build is not friendly for beginners. Some of the gear can be a little expensive and require knowledge to know what stats you want on your rares. So would not recommend this as a complete starter build. If you are a new Player, I'd recommend checking out the Beginner's Guide by Zizaran. I would also not play this as a league-starter, as the ranger is currently not that good for leveling with lousy gear. But once you have currency in the league this is a very nice build!

+ A little lower evident speed
+ Keep your frenzy charges in boss fights!
+ Free rarity and quantity from the wind ripped
+ Uber Lab farmer
+ Up to 64/40% dodge!
+ Can reach over 7k life with Kaoms!
+ Shaper Viable

- Can be VERY expensive
- Cannot do Reflect Maps
- Vaal Pact means No regen

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