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What Bugs Is going to be Fixed in Path of Exile 3.1.2 January 19

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Path of Exile plans to deploy the 3.1.2 update that introduces bug fixes and more! In the meantime, Poe prepared an early look at the patch notes for this update to keep you in the loop! New Attributes now a UI alternative named "Advanced Mod Descriptions" which shows more details about items once you press Alt. It breaks down the mods of your Item into separate prefixes and suffixes, shows their possible ranges and what tiers they are. Please note that the Tiers shown include all available base kinds. For instance, if Tier 5 of a mod is definitely the highest which can seem on a ring, then it'll be listed as Tier 5 as an alternative to Tier 1 on that ring. Within this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share What Bugs Will probably Fixed in path of exile 3.1.2 Tomorrow

What Bugs Is going to be Fixed in Path of Exile 3.1.2 January 19

Fixed a bug where the "Prefixes Can't be Changed" and "Suffixes Can't be Changed" mods had been capable of becoming crafted onto Abyss Jewels.
Fixed a bug where players were in some cases capable of getting as well a lot of enchantments from a Divine Font inside the Labyrinth.
Fixed a bug exactly where the "Gain x% of Maximum Mana as Added Maximum Power Shield while impacted by Clarity" Watcher's Eye mod was granting new Power Shield than intended.
Fixed a bug that from time to time prevented completion on the Twilight Temple map.
Fixed a bug where all Corrupted Side Areas, Mission Areas, Everyday Regions and some Act 10 locations could drop Maps higher than Tier 1.
Fixed bugs (including crashes) that could occur when playing in the Abyssal Depths in a map with an Elder Guardian in it.
Fixed a bug where corrupting a Shaped Tier 15 map could turn into an Unshaped Tier 11 Map.
Fixed a bug exactly where Ichimonji's "Allies' Aura Buffs don't affect you" triggered Zana's protection field in the Elder encounter not to affect you.
Fixed a bug exactly where the "Socketed Gems Supported by Level X Immolate" Elder mod was granting Burning Damage instead.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Grace and Discipline auras would not grant the life regeneration from the Unwavering Faith ascendancy passive.
Fixed a bug where Atlas base variety items had been in some cases in a position to drop from non-map places.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Atlas would sometimes incorrectly display that a Map contained a Memory Fragment.
Fixed a bug where Shaper amulets could roll a mod which enhanced attribute requirements for gems and items. Divining existing Items will now lower these specifications.
Fixed an uncommon bug where a Legacy of Zeal bloodline packed spawned by a Null Portal could turn into immune to harm.
Fixed a bug exactly where Agents with the Void could spawn on the non-walkable terrain in a variety of endgame Maps.
Fixed a bug where the boss arena within the Ghetto Map was unreachable.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Leyline Map could from time to time produce other return portals than intended.
Fixed a bug where a pile of stones blocked a path in the Castle Ruins map.
Fixed a bug exactly where the door within the Vaal Pyramid boss area would not unlock when The Elder killed the boss.
Fixed a bug exactly where resurrecting at the checkpoint within the Temple of Decay Level two could at times spawn the player in terrain.
Fixed a bug exactly where skills that removed in the ability bar would return upon altering instances when utilizing The Poet's Pen.
Fixed a bug where you can carry out attack skills while you had a disabled main-hand weapon, but an enabled off-hand weapon.
Fixed a bug where looking the stash by "tier" wouldn't highlight Shaped Maps.
Fixed a bug exactly where scrolling with the house mouse wheel he Map Stash Tab was inversed.
Fixed a bug exactly where map tiers and map bases weren't highlighted appropriately when browsing in the Map Stash Tab.
Fixed a bug where flasks that were clicked did not show a duration bar.
Fixed a bug where flask duration bars wouldn't freeze when the instance was frozen by The Shaper.
Fixed a bug where skills that trigger when a player uses a skill were not triggering when throwing traps, putting totems or placing mines.
Fixed a bug where Shakari, Queen of the Sands was capable to obtain stuck in walls.
Fixed a bug where Herald on the Obelisk totems could at times not be removed properly.
Fixed a bug exactly where Offering skills weren't impacted by some duration modifiers correctly.
Fixed a bug exactly where Arctic Armour could chill you whenever you take harm from the Eye of Innocence amulet.
Fixed a bug where Arctic Armour was not supportable by Unbound Ailments.
Fixed a bug exactly where Explosive Arrows fired by Mirage Archers wouldn't disappear in situations where they could not explode.
Fixed a bug exactly where Ancestral Call was able to assistance triggered skills, for instance Riposte.
Fixed a bug exactly where the "x% elevated Frenzy Harm per Frenzy Charge" enchantment wouldn't apply to ailments applied by Frenzy.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Phasing effect was not visible to other players.
Fixed a bug where the impact on the player from Blood Offering was incorrect.
Fixed a bug where Cremation utilized by Ulaman, Sovereign on the Effectively did not remove corpses appropriately.
Fixed a bug exactly where the buff icons for Physical and Elemental Thorns were not displayed correctly.
Fixed a bug where a variety of monsters found within the Vastiri Desert were not able to become desecrated.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Reliquarian monster was not capable to be desecrated.
Fixed a bug where the Vulnerability aura used inside the Doedre encounters in Act 4, the Core map, along with the Phantasmagoria map have been nonetheless applying the older version of Vulnerability.
Fixed a bug where some minions had been able to deal damage with ground effects while the player was dead.
Fixed a bug where the Temporal Chains aura from Unending Lethargy too because the Enfeeble aura from Litanius, the Black Prayer were invisible.
Fixed a bug causing the music in Acton's Nightmare to not quit playing when the bosses were killed.
Fixed a bug where some Oni-Goroshi dialogue would repeat itself.
Fixed a bug where some Oni-Goroshi dialogue would repeat itself.
Fixed a bug where rates for point packs in Steam customers only displayed 1 decimal spot.
Fixed a bug exactly where items listed for trade using the Spanish client had Spanish translations for the cost, causing trade web sites to not realize them. Spanish items re-priced soon after this patch will now seem properly in these sites.
Fixed two client crashes, including by far the most typical 1.
Fixed one particular instance crash.

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