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Attention! PoE May Flashback Event Comes

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Hi, guys, welcome to PoecurrencyBuy. Last week, GGG has announced a new event in May - Flashback Event, which will run in parallel to the Bestiary League and will also be enabled on the event, yes, you can continue your challenge progression. This May Event would be a great chance to win some amazing prize too, so you guys should take part in the event right now.


Attention! PoE May Flashback Event Comes


Event Time:


9 am Saturday, May 5th (NZT) - 10 am Tuesday, May 29th (NZT)

Event Prizes:


Reach Level 35 Sin And Innocence Mystery Box (one Per Account) 

Reach Level 45 - Random Draw 

500 Vampiric Footprints 

500 Lightning Footprints 

500 Gore Footprints 

500 Necrotic Footprints 


PoE May Flashback Event Comes PIC 1


Reach Level 55 - Random Draw 500 Arctic Helmet 

500 Infernal Helmet 

500 Lightning Helmet 

500 Ghostflame Helmet 

500 Gore Helmet 


Reach Level 65 - Random Draw 

250 Daresso Portal 

250 Kaom Portal 

250 Gore Portal 

250 Classic Purple Portal 


Reach Level 75 - Random Draw 

250 Hooded Cloak 

250 Demon King Wings 

250 Mana Wurm 


PoE May Flashback Event Comes PIC 2


Reach Level 85 - Random Draw 

250 Raven Wings 

250 Arctic Wings 

250 Infernal Wings 


Reach Level 95 - Random Draw 

250 Bear Armour Pack 

250 Lunaris Armour Pack 

250 Bleached Demon King Armour Pack


PoE May Flashback Event Comes PIC 3


In the event you achieve level 35 inside the Flashback Event you will be instantly awarded a criminal offense and Innocence Mystery Box. This can be only possible once per account. Leveling multiple figures to level 35 will not grant additional mystery boxes.


On my pc versions in the event, we're awarding another Art Demigod's Dominance to the top level 3 players of each and every Ascendancy Class. Ranks 4-10 will receive a normal Demigod's Dominance. Each type of the wedding (Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF, Hardcore SSF) will their particular Demigod's Dominance prize pool.


The Xbox One users can also be getting their particular Demigod's it is their versions in the event. Really the only difference is there exists a smaller sized community on Xbox One and supplying out 10 Demigod's per event version will most likely be lots of. The most effective 2 of each and every Ascendancy Class can get another Art Demigod's Dominance and ranks 3-5 will receive a normal Demigod's Dominance.


Grinding Gear Games can also be awarding the prizes below based on your character level within the finish in the event. For example, in the event, you achieve level 85 with one character you would be inside the draw to win the prizes within the level 45-85 range. You'll be able to win several prizes per account.


Event Details


The Flashback Event might have three random mods from popular past leagues activated simultaneously. The range of mods will persist at the base for starters hour as well as the range of mods will change around. After an hour or so approximately is long gone the mods will randomize for each area again. Each area may also get the Bestiary league enabled meaning you can preserve to accomplish your challenges whenever you compete inside the Flashback Event.


The possibility league mods you can see inside an instance alongside Bestiary are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Enemy, Bloodlines, Abyss, and Harbinger.


For instance, the Dried Lake may have Bestiary, Breach, Beyond and Harbinger active for starters hour and may then randomize to a new assortment like Bestiary, Ambush, Perandus, Invasion and however to Bestiary, Ambush, Beyond, Torment and so on.


Flashback mods will probably be disabled for a lot of areas that aren't suitable for which contains multiple of those. These areas are the Oba's Cursed Trove and Untainted Paradise unique maps. Other similar maps may be excluded also after GGG continues their testing with this particular event. Flashback can also be disabled in small side areas like Aspirant's Trial, Vaal areas, along with a couple of Tora missions.


These are important details of this PoE May Flashback Event, it will begin in a day, os it's time to buy some Poe Currency from our site, which would be a great help in this event, I think you can reach Level 95 easily with our help. 

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