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PoE 3.3 Ranger Starter Builds - Deadeye | Raider | Pathfinder

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How do you feel about Incursion league? Do you want some cool PoE 3.3 Ranger builds for a better start? Then you are in the right place, Poecurrencybuy can not only provide you safe Path of Exile Currency but also some great PoE builds 3.3. Ok, this article will show you some starter builds for Ranger(Deadeye, Raider, Pathfinder) players.


PoE 3.3 Ranger Starter Builds - Deadeye | Raider | Pathfinder


Ranger Deadeye 


1. [PoE 3.3] MF Windripper Deadeye | TS and Barrage | PoB Link


2. [PoE 3.3] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]

3. [PoE 3.3] SPECTRAL SHIELD THROW DeadEye (100% Phys and 90% ELE. 1,5-2M DPS REALISTIC GEAR non-crit!)


1. [PoE 3.3] MF Windripper Deadeye | TS and Barrage | PoB Link




I see these questions quite often.


Q. Why is my life so low? 


A. Make certain you've 30+ life in your abyss jewels or any other bits of gear if you wish to quit Item Quantity.


Q. Why is my DPS so low?


A. Make certain you've flat elemental damage on all of your jewellery or Abyss Jewels. Make certain you're level 85  as well as your gems are level 18. Additionally, you desire a 5 or 6L of some type for the primary map clearing skill


Q. How are you sustaining mana?


A. Grabbing Essence Sap will fix your mana issues until you can get better Abyss jewels/Gear. More Damage = More Mana Leech 


Q. Why Lioneye's Fall?


A. Because we use it to convert the claw leech and Crit Chance/Multi to Bow modifiers which are an insane damage boost.


If you cannot afford the Lioneye's jewel. Instead get the duelist leech nodes and remove the claw nodes.


Q. Do I Need A Headhunter?


A. No! Its just an insane QOL


Q. Why is your character page a lot different from the guide?


A. That's because I test a lot of variations for the guide including skills gems and skill tree changes.




A. I like playing standard with the legacy MF gear. I do not use any legacy damage products, therefore the video showcases are achievable within the Incursion league when it comes to mapping clearing and DPS.


Q. Can I use Drillneck?


A. We scale elemental damage and Drillneck has none of this except life and Attack Speed. Just use a  1 Drillneck for the Chinsol should you cant afford a good shaper quiver.



+ Nice clearspeed 

+ The sound of shatter 

+ Up to 64/40% dodge! 

+ Shaper Viable 

+ Insane Movespeed! 



- Can be VERY expensive 

- Vaal Pact means No regen

- Cannot do Elemental Reflect Maps

- Not Beginner Friendly


Ascendancy Points:


Deadeye Ascendancy: Gathering Winds > Farshot > Ricochet > Endless Munitions 




We take +2 Skillpoints or Alira. Roughly the same in terms of power. Alira gives +15% All Res, Mana Regen and Crit Multi




For Major God: Max Upgraded Soul of Lunaris

For Minor God: Upgraded Soul of Shakari for Poison immunity





1-2 Additional Tornado Shot Projectiles 

1 Additional Barrage Projectile 

25-40% increased Tornado Shot Damage

25-40% increased Barrage Damage

Lightning Arrow hits 2 additional Enemies



16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently

0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently

1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't killed Recently

Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently



Commandment Of Fury 


Level 93 Deadeye Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/iRRokk


Path Of Building: https://pastebin.com/LheFeRXp


Check full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1995053/



2. [PoE 3.3] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]

Whats up guys. I'm a brand new player who originated from D3 when 3.2 got released. I made my first guide in Incursion League for Glacial Cascade Totems and farmed up some currency to provide Wander with a go. I fell deeply in love with Kinetic Blast as well as in Abyss League I needed to acceptability so far as it might go. My Atlas Strategy ended up being to farm Formed Vaults very fast which desire coupled with my passion for Kinetic Blast arrived me about this build.



+  Fast and powerful. One tap packs. Fly through maps. Kinetic Blast clears everything in your screen... and often things around corners or off-screen.

+  Magic Find. Does not take much with this build to become effective. You are able to realistically use KB on less than a 4-link or (most barrage-for-single-target-setups already do that). The combo of speed clearing and stacking Elevated Item Quantity (IIQ) get this to building well suited for chaining maps.

+  Single Target. Once the boss is against a wall or around mobs then KB absolutely shreds.

+  Evasion and Dodge. Without getting an excessive amount of into the nitty gritty this stuff offers a similar experience but different defensive layers. If you would like an in-depth explanation to visit the Questions section. Rapid from the lengthy is the fact that we rarely get hit two times consecutively so when coupled with a higher leech and leech rate we fill up before you take another hit.

+  Far Shot Playstyle. This really is literally the alternative playstyle of Point Blank. Naturally, standing farther away from the harm means you die.



-  A bad "all-around" build. This build isn't made to see all of the content hanging around. I chose to make this build in 3.1 with the aim of being an excellent Formed Vault player.

-  Need to reroll some map mods. Reflect isn't feasible and steer clear of Ailments is doable but significantly less satisfying because of Herald of Ice shatters.

-  Single Target. When the boss is not against a wall or otherwise around other mobs it's really a discomfort.

-  Haven't tested Hardcore. Not likely hardcore viable. I would not wish to roll a dodge based character in Hardcore. You'd most likely wish to go max block or life stacking after which you are missing out on lots of quality of life this build is made for.

-  Could be high budget. This will depend about how a lot of content you need to farm. Balancing Life pool, defence, and IIQ will dictate how a lot of maps you are able to run. Insane Jewels and Headhunter can min-max this build and you can easily spend over 200 exalts.



No uniques are needed because this build is okay for any league start - but when this is not the first character from the league then these can result in the process simpler: Goldrim, Tabula, Wanderlust, Prismweave, Silverbranch, Hyrri's Bite, Storm Cloud, Storm Prison, Locational Caress, Karui Ward, Blackheart, Thief's Torment, Elreon -Mana Cost jewelery (resists/int an advantage!), and purchasing skill/support gems with quality prepared to be socketed in!


NOTE: Rangers don't get used of Added Lightning or Kinetic Blast so purchase them on another character or trade on their behalf! Kinetic Blast can be bought from Siosa in Act 3 for SSF.


NOTE: It needs to be stated again: MAKE SURE YOU USE BARRAGE FOR LEVELING. Kinetic Blast will be miserable against some bosses.


Alternatives: If you have a favourite way of levelling (Abernathy Hooves, Poets Pen, Sunder, etc.) then do that!


PoB: https://pastebin.com/Zm5JqGFs


Read the full build details: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2074126



3. [PoE 3.3] SPECTRAL SHIELD THROW DeadEye (100% Phys and 90% ELE. 1,5-2M DPS REALISTIC GEAR non-crit!)

Hello guys! I already began Incursion league and that I desired to finalize the 3.3 build for everybody to fool around and employ! The figures are fine from 1.5 million with 10 chaos shield to around two million with 10 exalt shield.



1) Good clearspeed when you get that last Chain from Ascendancy

2) Good toughness for mapping and against many bosses (high ES and block)

3) Cheap (and by cheap I mean you can do red maps in 20-30c gear)



1)People complain that it's slow for levelling. Well of cause there are MANY skills that can do it faster. I had no dramatic problems during levelling at all.

2)Boss damage is mediocre. And mobile bosses who relocate can be a bitch to kill. Shield projectile speed is still pretty slow even with investment. 

3) 2100 armour shields with LIFE are hard to buy and craft. 


The first version is almost 100% pure Phys scaling version with potentially changing to Slayer for leech or Duelist (for bleeds).

Phys version has better leech, but less life. 


PoB: https://pastebin.com/xc9B1tuw


2 Chains. 6500 life. 


FOR 5L: Drop Added Fire


The second version base skill tree is not entirely mine, but I added items and extra nodes. It is a 90% Phys to ele conversion with further ELE damage scaling (much like classic Frost Blades build). Elemental Overload is there and we have a trick to proc it very often as well.


PoB: https://pastebin.com/zAKGTCjj


3 chains. 7200 life.


For 5L: Drop Maim


Find the example build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2094220



Ranger Raider 


1. [PoE 3.3 Raider] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone - Raider Edition!


2. [PoE 3.3][HC] Semi-MF Caustic Arrow Raider + ED Swap | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

3. [PoE 3.3] ELE LIGHTNING STRIKE - ALL T16s, Shaper, Uber Atziri, HOGM, Chayula, Elder


1. [PoE 3.3 Raider] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone - Raider Edition!

3.3 Changes: Nothing core has been changed but there are some changes to a few existing support gems we use that are nice. Also, some new ones that could make this builds damage even higher.


I'd the concept with this build after playing some of the popular cyclones builds in 3. Harbinger(mainly Ngamahu's flame/Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone) to see things I loved and disliked about the subject. The Ngamahu's flame builds, while very good, did not sense just like a 'cyclone' build but much more of a magma ball build. Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone build was the best before one and that I really don't have any dislikes(I still listen to it!). After playing an actual build for such a long time I needed to possess a similarly hard-hitting build but getting as near to 100% elemental damage when i could manage.


After searching at the different choices and passives easily become on routes I needed to consider, I chosen cold damage. The thought of Cycloning via a pack and watching them shatter to dust when I passed sounded pretty fun and so I began building upon that concept.


I've been in a position to easily obvious all maps, run my ascendancy labs at or underneath the level needed(lvl 70 Uber on the 7c budget), normal Atziri, all guardians/Shaper and all sorts of elder guardians/all Elder tiers. I actually do have plans to do uber Atziri but it is not at the top of my priorities.


This is actually the first build I have produced myself if you have ideas or suggestions you can publish them and I'll look it over. Just read!



+ Fast clear speed

+ Cyclone kills as you move, no stopping

+ Frozen things can't hit you

+ Melee build, see their frozen faces before they shatter

+ Immune to most elemental effects

+ 3c budget gets you farming maps

+ No corpses left behind to be raised/detonated

+ As of 3.1 even bosses freeze! Frozen shaper anyone?



- Melee build, gotta get up close and personal

- Min/max End game items will be very expensive

- Requires one specific unique which makes SSF hard to go full cold.



Zone into the map, hit a quicksilver flask then spin to win anytime a pack is near. Elemental reflect is no longer a thing so we have even less to worry about. 


With bosses, drop totem and employ flasks Vaal haste when you are able. As always with Cyclone make certain not to lock yourself in to the animation whenever a boss does something particularly nasty. Once they make a move nasty, LEAP you fool! Then leap to get Fortify. If you're a work hard you are able to leap to maintain Fortify.


PoB link of lvl88 tree: https://pastebin.com/dCK00aVk


Check full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2033057



2. [PoE 3.3][HC] Semi-MF Caustic Arrow Raider + ED Swap | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

Starting with the most important question: "Why Raider of all classes?"

For speed, defensive abilities and large QoL features. The build's purpose would be to rapidly tell you maps safe from most of ailments while remaining mobile against bosses without getting to depend on utility flasks. CA is not a great boss killing skill in the end, to ensure that needs time to work in high tier maps. That's also where Erectile dysfunction weapon swap is available in, to consider them lower within minutes.


The build may be the tanky endgame, with more than 6k life pool, above ~35k evasion (jade flask up), 46% dodge and 40% spell dodge. When you get hit, you are able to instantly heal with flasks to counter the harm and move ahead. Unless of course, you take a really deadly map or terribly ruin, it's difficult to die with this particular build.


I have been playing Caustic Arrow since 2. league (around 2.five years ago!). Following a lengthy time evolution, I am sure that this form of CA build may be the most powerful, smoothest and many versatile of all of them. Everything with the potential of going MF.



* Cheap starting cost, can be used as league starter

* Very easy to play

* Tanky end game, 6k life without life from the quiver

* Fast without flasks (over 70% ms, high AS)

* Flexible build, adjust how much you want to go MF / damage / tanky

* Can run literally any map mod, including "No regen"

* Capable of clearing all end game content

* 79% max res while mapping (Divination Distillate)

* Permanent flask uptime while mapping (except bosses)



* Expensive end game gear (+3 Chaos Staff, 2x Empower)

* Weapon swap might be annoying

* CA damage might feel a bit lacklustre in abyss/breaches


Passive Tree 

My suggested tree for that finished game. Have a observe that I respect an life wheel between Duelist and Ranger place to get jewel slot and life recovery from flask node below Scion. You want to do it after you have enough jewels. At that time, you need to easily have 6k life and without individuals nodes, the life potions do not feel good any longer.


From that point, you can use passive points however you want.


Bandit Reward: Oak (my choice) OR 2 passive points


Ascendancy: Avatar of Veil (Phasing) + Avatar of Slaughter/Chase (Frenzy/Onslaught)


Frenzy path is the default. Reliable, standalone, easy to gear up. Always start a character with it. 


Onslaught path is extremely strong endgame option. Best employed for pure mapping, however, it works against endgame bosses too. The part more costly, optional, lvl 90  only.



Major God: Soul of Lunaris 


Nuff said, straight up has the best synergy with the build. Others barely do anything except few specific cases.


Minor God: Soul of Shakari OR Ryslatha OR Garukhan


The 3 seem to be very good, but my own favourite is Shakari. Getting full condition immunity simply feels great. Utilize it only when you upgraded it.


Ryslatha is the second most helpful minor god, I apply it any finish game boss encounter. It is good for labyrinth too or overall best option if you won't want to take a look at pantheon again.


Garukhan is another great choice for defence during mapping. Additional evade chance is extremely effective coupled with high evasion.


Level 95 - End game tree: http://poeurl.com/bWlX


Read full build information: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2077932



3. [PoE 3.3] ELE LIGHTNING STRIKE - ALL T16s, Shaper, Uber Atziri, HOGM, Chayula, Elder


Special because of everybody who performed my old lightning strike build from 1.2 and 1.3! I've been playing my crit facebreakers develop my Ranger, but now I'm to a lightning strike.


This is actually the latest version of my lightning strike that we were attempting to build in different ways - utilizing an elemental dagger (dagger with flat lightning), as opposed to a Phys dagger.


I didn't get this to build to visit Pork on DPS - you will get much greater DPS on lightning strike with a decent Phys dagger and building for Phys and also the melee hit or possibly building HaWA or whatever that claw factor is known as.



I don't like putting levelling guides as people like to level in many different ways and it also depends on what gear you can get!


If you wish to level as ele dagger, hard part is you are most likely have to medium difficulty ele dagger (rare) for like levels 40-60 because Ungil's Gauche may be the only elemental dagger you should use earliesh beginning from level 20, however, ofc it will disappear in DPS as you become nearer to mid-game.


Important: Things I recommend individuals to do because they play my build would be to personalize, there's you don't need to follow things I do 100%. If you wish to level as Phys then change to ele - that's totally fine. You might finish up liking Phys many choose to build this way. If you would like more defence - spec Avatar of Veil rather of Avatar of Slaughter, drop the craze nodes, grab more existence, placed on a Belly from the Animal, etc. If you wish to obvious even faster - placed on Ancestral Call. If you want to farm certain maps like HoGM or Alluring Abyss - result in the customizations I suggest right in front. If you want claws or you get a great ele claw for finish-game - spec claw nodes rather of the dagger.


Passive skill tree: https://goo.gl/rTfR6X


PoB: https://pastebin.com/iRwt7Ws1


Example build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/503727



Ranger Pathfinder


1. [PoE 3.3] 100% Ele Charged Dash Pathfinder Build


2. (PoE 3.3) Queenliness Wanderfinder  

3. [PoE 3.3] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods


1. [PoE 3.3] 100% Ele Charged Dash Pathfinder Build

3.3 Update: With Charged Dash receiving some changes in 3.3, I will be updating the build to reflect new changes. I'm looking forward to using this skill again as I do enjoy the mechanics of the skill.


Until I receive the build ready to go I will not be updating the whole build for the time being. Because of the new changes with the way the regions of damage works in 3.3 the build will slightly change (Mainly weapons/gems) but before the patch there's hardly any I'm able to do in order to justify altering the build for the time being, regardless I am searching for a possible dual Cream feather setup and taking out the Corporation AoE jewel (Removing this jewel is a big 50/50 as it might still assist the build in obvious). To describe it really, the twin Grelwood Shanks gave a much greater overlap of areas for damage because of shedding your movement speed lower to below 100% and since it does not remove your evasion on movement you can move around 180%, it is a seriously under-rated combo which will come 3.3 won't be needed as mentioned over the areas no more overlap.



+ Skill effect looks amazing

+ Does a surprising amount of damage

+ Can clear with relative speed

+ Cheap to start, scales well with gear

+ Can be used as a league starter



- Does no damage if you miss

- Can be frustrating if played with high ping

- Bosses can be highly aggravating if you mess up


Overview of build

This build is dependant on the Pathfinder Ascendancy due to how strong both presently are. The primary problem with Billed Dash is the fact that Movement speed is both good & harmful to the straightforward reason from it increases how rapidly you cast Billed Dash but probably lower the AoE effect for that skill, and so I haven't pressed an excessive amount of for top levels of Movement speed sufficient for this not to hinder the skill. I truly benefit from the skill it features a fair quantity of glaring issues but I have been able to do as much as red tier maps to date that is greater than I'd initially wished for, I want some focus on killing bosses difficult to know if its because of the skill or my potato mouse control at occasions.



- Channel Charged Dash to maximum/near max

- Pop flasks & Let go

- Watch mobs die

- Rinse & Repeat


3.3 PoB link: https://pastebin.com/g8PzSmDx 


The full build is here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1948189



2. (PoE 3.3) Queenliness Wanderfinder  

Hello and Thanks for visiting my Existence Based Elemental Wander Guide.

This Build has got the perfect Synergy of Defense, Offense and Movement Speed,

Using Queen from the Forest because of the Core Item.

The primary focus of the build is fast endgame map clearing, there's no witchcraft needed to obvious low tier content like a wander.


About Power Siphon in 3.3!


Nope so far no changes!


For Power Siphon i will use/ recommend most likely following links:


Vaal Power Siphon - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage and Pierce.




Vaal Power Siphon - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Chain - Fork or Added Lightning Damage.


Use Lightning Pen. if you are wearing Thunderfists.


I don't see any viable option using it as a Singletarget, Barrage got a Nerf but it's still going to be the strongest single target we have.


Also with PE 3.3 we get Vaal and normal Power Siphon with one gem. Which should be fun.

We will see. I will update as soon as I got more info on how it plays out.


Maybe there is gonna be some fun with Elemental Hit for singletarget but that needs some more research.





-Everything Viable (Uber Elder requires high DPS gear, everything else is doable with 1.3 mill Dps.)

-Well Balanced if not perfectly in terms of DPS/Def./Speed

-Good League Starter (requires basic knowledge of generating currency fast) 

-Level 100 Viable

-HC Viable



-Weak Single Target until you get the Key Items

-Key Items are expensive (Dying Sun, +1 Barrage Helmet)

-You need Dying sun and 6 Link as early as Possible, to get a decent single target damage.

-Expensive towards the Endgame since you want T1 Life on every Item possible

-Sometimes too fast

-Chromatic-Hungry ( Use the Jeweler Method for Coloring)

-Not Idiot/ Noob Proof


Some Stats 3.0

Quite Tanky for a ~6kish Life and Evasion based build and Fast!


Crit. Chance:

Barrage : 42.2% with charges : 53.8%

Kinetic Blast : 57.5% with charges : 73.3%


Diamond Flask takes to care for the rest of the crit. chance.


PoB link: https://pastebin.com/ggDiQhds


Read full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075



3. [PoE 3.3] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

3.3 notes: nothing changed, still good to go.

Shaper, T15 Elder and Uber Atziri easily cleared at around 5ex budget.

Uber Elder down on around 12 ex budget (may be possible with a 5 link, not tested).


Quick notables about this Build:

permanent 99% lightning and cold resistance

permanent 90% fire resistance

permanent 70% reduction of physical hits (80% with +20ex budget, 100% with legacy gear)

500 to 4k (flask) life regeneration per second and 7,5k lifepool (at around lvl 95)

350k to 400k shaper dps

150% movementspeed, 27% IIQ and 80% IIR without mf gear

capable of doing no reg / -max res / less recovery maps with RF 

immune to elemental ailnments

immune to curses (if needed / looses some movespeed)



Using pathfinders 3 flask charges every 3 seconds coupled with flask cost reductions, duration and elevated charges acquired this build makes most flasks permanent.

The Overflowing Chalice can be used to do this.

With this particular, a topaz and azure are utilized to boost the maximum elemental resistance.

Further Divination Distillate and all sorts of three elemental wholesomeness auras are utilized to achieve 99% resistance.



Why not use a ruby flask? / Why do I have no mana? / Why is Distillate stoping?

To get divination distillates 4% max res because of its full duration, it must not finish. Since its a hybrid flask it restores mana and health insurance and ends once both of them are full.

The secret would be to keep your mana empty by utilizing righteous fire and mind over matter, which transfers 30% of RFs self-harm to mana. This is exactly why the mana is empty which way distillate can run its full duration. A ruby flask reduces RFs damage with a lot which cuts down on the degeneration of mana with Mother. This can lead to full mana which stops distillate.

Some other reasons for distillate stoping could be an excessive amount of mana regeneration on gear, the lab boot enchants which provides 2% mana per second if hit lately coupled with quality on distillate or party people more powerful wholesomeness of fireside or clearness.

Some shrines stop this interaction as well such as the regeneration or resist shrine.


Is this build a good league starter?

Sadly no, this will depend on the couple uniques to begin and must be near to the enemy requiring capped resists and a minimum of a granite flask. This build feels bad if either of the conditions isn't satisfied and league starters will have a problem doing this. Nevertheless, it's a great second build, after you have a few Chaos Orb and also the needed uniques, can be found.


Current PoB: https://pastebin.com/70YdYcXA


Find more details on https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2110966


Hope these Ranger builds could help a lot in new PoE 3.3 patch, and you guys will have a really good start. Whatever you want to get in Path of Exile, you can find them on www.poecurrencybuy.com - you can buy Poe Currency and Orbs, and you can also find some useful tips and builds for Incursion league.

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