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[Duelist] PoE 3.8 Cyclone Champion Cheap Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)

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This PoE 3.8 Cyclone Champion Duelist Build have big damage in combination with solid movementspeed. You can use it as your league starter, just start of leveling with cleave or sunder and use the support gems that are described in the build early on. Swap to cyclone at level 28.

[Duelist] PoE 3.8 Cyclone Champion Cheap Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Runs fast
  • + Has insane amounts of damage
  • + Clears bosses like its nothing
  • + Abuses OP mechanic
  • + Cheap
  • + Almost no Uniques
  • + Really versatile
  • + Spinny boy
  • + Vacuum Cleaner with Vaal Cyclone
  • + Slayer version so you can tank even more damage in maps
  • + Upgradable over a whole league
  • + Slayerversion can do all maps except for no Leech (Insanely rare)
  • + Utilizing new Timeless Jewels
  • - Not 100% certain the champion version is HC friendly (added Tanky versions tho)
  • - Lab doable but not a "I run into everything and don't die"-build
  • - Not many Uniques, so things can get pricy to max out


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Master of Metal -> Conqueror -> Worthy Foe -> Inspirational


Minor Gods: Soul of Gruthkul

Major Gods: Soul of Solaris if you do many bosses, Soul of Lunaris if your main goal is to map a lot.

Bandit: Kill all, but Alira is also fine.

Passive Tree & PoB

[Duelist] PoE 3.8 Cyclone Champion Skill Tree


Path of Building Link

DPS Champion Version: https://pastebin.com/1X9uupKH

Tanky Champion Version: https://pastebin.com/NyRg45xM



Gems Setup

"+" means linked, "-" means unlinked

Body Armour

Cyclone + Brutality Support + Melee Physical Damage Support + Impale Support + Close Combat + Infused Channelling Support

Other options:

  • Pulverise Support if you want more area, less damage tho
  • Fortify Support slightly less damage but adds defensive utility.
  • Rage Support Adds overall lots of damage for maps, mostly useless for bosses


Blood Rage + Flesh and Stone + Maim Support

Dread Banner - Pride - Blood and Sand


Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Phase Run + Increased Duration + Vaal Haste


Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify Support + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun


(Vorici-Craft 4link 4R) Immortal Call(11) + Cast when Damage Taken Support(9) + Summon Lightning Golem(11) + Punishment(12)


Gear Setup

Move the mouse on the bold poe equipment to see more information

Weapons: 1h Swords (370+ DPS each) - Preferably Jewelled Foils:

Increased Physical Damage > Adds # to # Physical Damage > Attack Speed > Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Multiplier

Helmet (40% Cyclone Damage, 15% Cyclone Attackspeed or 12% Attack Speed with Blood Rage): Starkonja's Head

if you don't want the extra defense you can also go with: Rat's Nest

if you wanna go full ham but lose quite a bit of def, you can also go: Abyssus

if you go abyssus you should focus on getting armour gear to increase physical damage reduction, maybe drop acrobatics if you feel confident enough.

Body ArmourBronn's Lithe

For slighty more movementspeed but roughly 10-15% less damage you can also go Queen of the Forest or for more life overall Belly of the Beast

Gloves: Maximum Life 70+ > Resistances > Attack Speed > Evasion/Armour

Boots: Maximum Life 70+ > Resistances > Movement Speed 20%+ > Evasion/Armour

Belt: With Glorious Vanity + a keystone-node skilled we take Soul Tether, otherwise we go Belt of the Deceiver or for more defense but slightly less damage

Stygian Vise Belt: Max Life 80+ > Resistances

Murderous Eye Abyss Jewel: Max Life 27+ > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks / Adds # to # Physical Damage to Sword Attacks

Rings: Get 1 ring with -7 or -8 total Cost of Mana Skills!!

Diamond or Steelrings: Maximum Life 50+ > Resistances > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks

1 or 2 Rings with Intelligence (30+), depending on your amulet

Amulet: Anything that fixes your attributes (prbly Lapis Amulet for int): Maximum Life 60+ > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks > Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Multiplier 

Alternative: Daresso's Salute Cheap for the start, exchange it later to fix int problems


Basically you want Freeze Immunity, Bleed Immunity, Curse Immunity and increased duration. 1 Movementspeed roll is also mandatory, don't get multiple tho, they don't stack!

Chemist's Diamond Flask of Heat

Your Critical Strike Chance is Lucky
Requires Level 27
23% reduced Charges used
Immunity to Freeze and Chill during Flask effect
Removes Freeze and Chill on use

Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Reflexes

40% increased Movement Speed
Requires Level 16
97% increased Evasion Rating during Flask effect
35% increased Duration

Ample Silver Flask of Reflexes

+13 to Maximum Charges
88% increased Evasion Rating during Flask effect

Lion's Roar Granite Flask

+3000 to Armour
Requires Level 27
Adds Knockback to Melee Attacks during Flask effect
Knocks Back Enemies in an Area when you use a Flask
75% chance to cause Enemies to Flee on use
24% more Melee Physical Damage during effect

Perpetual Basalt Flask of Warding

15% additional Physical Damage Reduction
20% of Melee Physical Damage taken reflected to Attacker
Requires Level 40
36% increased Charge Recovery
Immune to Curses during Flask effect
Removes Curses on use

Chemist's Jade Flask of Reflexes

+3000 to Evasion Rating
Requires Level 27
22% reduced Charges used
68% increased Evasion Rating during Flask effect


BiS: Watcher's Eye with Prides mod: Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride
Increased Life % > Critical Strike Multiplier > Physical Damage > Crit Chance
also an option is to put a Tempered Flesh in the jewel slot on the left side of the tree (Marauder Area)
Also to consider for jewel: Glorious Vanity: with Soul Tether



BiS Item for Leveling is a Praxis Ring who will completely remove cyclone cost with 6 links for the entirety of leveling! Just look out for the "-to Total Mana Cost of Skills" roll, this should be 7 or higher

For Leveling we'll start of with Cleave and grab Chance to Bleed on level 1

At Level 4 we take Ruthless and swap out Chance to Bleed for it

At Level 8 We take Maim Support or Added Fire Support for our 3link. Depending on if you prefer leveling the gems that you need later on or want to be a bit smoother earlygame with the fire damage.

At Level 10 we grab Leap Slam and later Support it with Faster Attacks Support

At Level 16 we pick up Flesh and Stone and support it with Maim Support. Now you can grab another Maim Support for our DPS if you felt like attack speed was okay, otherwise we take Faster Attack Support for our 3-link dps so we're a bit faster.

At Level 18 we pick up Close Combat Support and throw it in our weapon swap.

At Level 24 we pick up Pride and Dread Banner. I suggest not using Pride right away tho, cause cleave will cost you some mana, once you swapped to cyclone and got the mana leech node, you'll be fine tho(level 28)

At Level 28 we can transition to Cyclone with  Melee Physical Damage Support + Close Combat

If you're running into Mana issues, take Spirit Void until you got enough damage to sustain mana without it.

At Level 31 we pick up Impale Support use it as 4th link.

If we got a 5link at 35+ we'll throw in Brutality Support aswell.

Now leveling should be a breeze. After 3rd lab we throw in Infused Channelling Support.

Leveling uniques (Ignore Gems + Colors): The Princess, GoldrimTabula RasaString of Servitude


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