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[Duelist] PoE 3.8 Tornado Shot Champion Starter Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)

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This build pushes the limits of defense and DPS that a bow build can achieve. If you are looking for bow build that is much higher in defense while still having insane damage this build achieves just that.

[Duelist] PoE 3.8 Tornado Shot Champion Starter Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)


Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Clear speed
  • + Defense
  • + Single target
  • + Stun immune
  • + Great league starter
  • + High absorption Molten shell / Vaal molten shell
  • - Predictive mode is a must once you get fork, limiting HC viability
  • - Cant use Queen of the forest
  • - Laggy on lower end PCs
  • - Min-maxing can be expensive
  • - Arborix bow effect makes a lot of mtx look weird


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Inspirational, Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, Master of Metal

Bandit: Help Alira

Passive Tree & PoB

During a league start I recommend taking more damage early on and using the free regret points for 10-15 damage nodes.

If you have Lioneye's falls available take them as you pass by them

You should also refund the onslaught nodes (Graceful Assault) once you get a Onslaught on kill abyss jewel

level 45 tree - level 70 tree - level 90 tree

Feel free to take more damage, less life or more movespeed to your liking.

PoE Blight Tornado Shot Champion Skill Tree


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/GNjPPABR




Gems Setup

Barrage > Impale > Brutality > Maim > Vicious Projectiles > Slower Projectiles

Tornado shot > Mirage Archer > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Impale > Chain > Brutality

the 6th link can be changed for fork if you do not have rigwald's quills and also for maim if you have headhunter.

Useful 4 links

Dread banner > Enhance > Blood rage > Dash

enhance grants more damage for dread banner, attack speed for blood rage and cooldown for dash

Pride> Precision (level 1) > Flesh and Stone > enlighten

Chances are your character will be too dumb for enlighten, mana is fine without it

CwDT (level 6) > Vaal Molten shell (level 13) > increased duration

I use a level 6 cwdt because if you press vaal molten shell when molten shell is not on cooldown it can proc while you still have a large vaal molten shell active, having level 6 atleast lets you get 5-7k damage from the VMS before it procs.

You can not use cwdt and self cast molten shell, I actually advise it for things like shaper and hall of grandmasters.


Gear Setup

This is the tricky part because there are lots of options, I have 2 friends also playing this build and they both have made their own personal changes.

Move the mouse on the bold poe equipment to see more information

Arborix: Simply put the Arborix can not be beat, a 600 PDPS bow in path of building will only be roughly 10% at the most dps increase and that doesn't include the arborixs rotating passive. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to either 28% quality through hillock in syndicate transportation or 30% corrupt because the bow itself has a ton of flat added phys but no %phys so 1% quality is almost equal to 1% more damage. If you can some how get a 28% quality bow with a %phys corruption and high flat roll it will be unbeatable by mirror tier bows in terms of DPS

Cataclysm Shelter Pig-Faced Bascinet: If you have infinite currency I would always say devoto's but a rare helmet will be a lot more health and damage at a much lower cost. The helm enchant is very strong but you should focus on having a 6link chest and 5link arborix before looking into helm enchants

Oskarm, Tombfist, Haemophilia: There are many options in the glove slot, vuln on hit is a luxury and not needed at all but is something you could eventually go for. I personally just like haemophilia's but tombfists are probably better overall. You could go for Rampage gloves or even just a nice rare piece if you want more life and resists.

Daresso's Defiance, Rapture Ward General's Brigandine: Another slot with a few options, if you go the vuln on hit gloves route I would still advice having assassin's mark on a ring so getting +1curse on chest isn't a bad idea. Daresso's Defiance is simply the only good chest we can use with movespeed on it because our bow gives us iron reflexes which removes our evasion

Rigwald's Quills: Rigwald's Quills looks like an obvious choice and it is good but if you craft a maim/attack crit chest you can get away with replacing brutality in tornado shot 6link with fork and get a quiver with lots of crit and health

Ryslatha's Coil, The Nomad, Headhunter: You probably knew it was coming but Headhunter is too good for clearing, there are a lot of options before that though. The nomad on league start cost me 4c for a high rolled belt and 3c for the prophecy to upgrade it and I used it until HeadHunter. However Ryslata's Coil is more damage and more health it just doesn't say so in Path of Building. It is around 17-20% more damage vs the nomad around 11-12% more damage. If you want to be tankier and need resists a fossil crafted stygian will be your best bet

Viper Rosary Gold Amulet, Agony Collar Spinefuse Talisman: If you want vuln on hit gloves you will need +1 curse as a corruption on your neck or crafted on your chest. I bought my neck for 2exa but the price of good +1 curse necks have gone up quite a bit. If you are not going duo curse you want Crit multi/% Damage craft with life and resists

Blood Loop Two-Stone Ring, Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring: Assassin's mark will feel the best for clearing and you can get it either from a shaper ring or the oskarm gloves. You should try and have at least a +400 accuracy roll on one of your pieces of gear as it will take your chance to hit from around 94-96% to 100%



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